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P/L: Telic becomes better acquainted with her newfound "brother".  The two start an

unlikely friendship as they begin to realize that their interests are virtually the same.

                                     Daredevil/X-men                28 novembre, 2002  

An Unlikely Friendship


       Telic sighed in contempt.  Crossing her arms, Telic sighed, "Let me guess, you

need a place to stay.  Am I right?"

       Bullseye simply stared at her.  He showed neither anger nor amusement from

Telic's cross attitude.  Bullseye seemed to rather be accustomed to the harsh treatment he

was receiving from the mutant for he hardly complained.  The super villain seemed to

follow Telic's commands precisely without argument.  At times this made Telic wonder

if he was acting out of courtesy or fear.

       "Hello," Telic breathed heavily, glaring at Bullseye. "I asked you a question!  Do

you need a place to stay?"

       Bullseye gave Telic a gentle smile and replied steadily, "Yes, I believe so."

       Telic was about to reply that he could board up with her in her studio apartment,

but then thought of a sarcastic comment.  Telic glowered, "Rent a motel room."

       "Well that's a fine 'how-do-you-do'," Bullseye smirked, continuing to give Telic

an amused grin.  "I thought mutants like you were more kind-hearted, gentle, and


       "You want gentle?" Telic questioned crossly.  She spat, "Get a dog!"  She then

sighed, looking at the third-class apartment building in front of her.  Telic then looked

back at Bullseye and said, "Come with me, you can stay at my place."

       Telic started towards the building, Bullseye at her side, staring at the dark white

paint peeling off the building.  Telic continued, "This is the best they've got in the slums. 

Perks of being a mutant in a low-paying job."

       "You have a trade?" Bullseye inquired, suddenly interested. "Who do you work

for?  Are you a murder-for-hire as well?"

       Telic gave Bullseye a disgusted scoff and ignored his comment.  She pushed open

the door leading to the stair well.  Telic told Bullseye as they walked up the five flights of

stairs, "I work down in the lobby, cleaning and all that sort.  That's how I can afford to

stay here.  Plus, I earn a little extra to buy food to live off of."

       Telic came to a halt at the top of the stair case and pushed open her door. 

Stepping inside, Telic flipped on the lights, exposing a light-yellow tinted room.  There

weren't any rooms; just one large open space.  To the right of the entrance stood a dark

oak door that led to the bathroom.  Next to there was the small walk-through kitchen. 

       A large, ten-foot section of the wall opposite of the entrance was actually a

window that overlooked the city of New York.  And in front of the window lay a twin

bed that was covered in an olive wool blanket.  Adjacent to the bed was a brown-plaid

couch that needed the support of four wooden blocks to sit off the ground.  A large wire

spool was used for a makeshift nightstand.

       "Cozy," Bullseye remarked, noting the plainness of the room with a nod.

       "I know it isn't the Waldorf or the Plaza," Telic remarked, making her way to the

couch.  She turned back to Bullseye and smiled gently, "But it's the only thing I have. 

The view, at least, is spectacular."

       Bullseye continued to look about the room in wonder.  Telic asked, "Are you tired

at all?"

       Shaking his head, Bullseye replied, "Not really.  I might just rest for a second. 

I've had a long day."

       "Well, when you do, you get the couch," Telic stated flatly.  She glanced at her

watch and cursed, "Oh no, not again!"

       "What's wrong?" Bullseye asked, making his way over to her.

       Telic threw off her cloak and dived over the bed.  Disappearing momentarily,

Telic began a frantic search for a missing item.  Bullseye inquisitively tried to peer over

the bed but only saw some clothes flying up on the bed.

       Finally, Telic reemerged from behind the bed, a watch in her mouth and a pink

blouse and skirt in her hands.  Telic climbed over her bed and raced to the bathroom. 

Flinging open the door, Telic hollered behind her, "I'm late!"

       Bullseye raised an eyebrow at Telic.  When the door slammed shut, Bullseye

strolled over the window and gazed outside.  The city was bustling, even though that they

were on the outskirts of the slums.  Bullseye gazed at the empty space where the two

Twin Towers used to stand proudly against the Manhattan sky-line and thought, "How

horrible were those that killed so many innocent people!"

       Just then Telic reemerged from the bathroom.  Her hair was in a tight bun and her

dark apparel had been replaced by the light pink uniform provided for work at the local

diner.  Telic saw Bullseye's attempt at not laughing and gave him a scoff, "Haha, laugh it

up human!  At least some of us have to do the grunt work in order to get through life."

       "Yes, in a pink dress," Bullseye sniggered.

       "Thank you very much," Telic hissed.  She told Bullseye, opening the door, "I

will be out for awhile,"

       "Secret rendez-vous?" Bullseye prodded jokingly.

       "None of your business!" Telic responded with a resounding hiss at the end of

"business".  Telic continued, "And don't bother trying to find me 'cause you won't.  Just

stay here where the police aren't looking for you!"

       At that Telic left the room and slammed the door shut, leaving Bullseye alone in

the room.

*      *      *      *      *      *      *      *

       "Pick up!" Telic called loudly over the commotion in the diner.  She slid the plate

of grilled cheese and fries over to the expectant customer.

       Telic then went to the ordering part of the counter and met a muscular man

dressed in dark garments.  Telic asked in a polite but weary voice, "What can I get you


       "I'll take the 'Fish 'n' Chips," the man replied in a low, husky voice.

       Telic quickly wrote the information on her pad of paper and asked, "Anything to

drink, Mister?"

       "Coffee," the man stated.

       "Okay," Telic replied, jotting down the order.  She turned away from him and

posted the message on a revolving order tray, stating loudly to the cooks in the back

room, "One order of gills and tots!  And make it snappy this time!  And for heaven's

sake, don't give the fish a smiley face!  It terrifies the customers!"

       Telic turned back to the man.  But instead of the man, Bullseye stood in front of

her.  He wore a dusky overcoat with a cotton black beanie covering the Bullseye scar in

the center of his forehead. 

       "What are you doing here?" Telic hissed, gasping from shock.

       Bullseye ignored Telic's question.  As he glanced around, Bullseye commented,

"Lovely place this is.  Catchy name too.  The Gay Sixty-Niners, gotta love it."

       Telic rolled her eyes and sighed.  She hissed, "What do you want?  Why are you

here and why are you following me?"

       "Whoa, I'm not here for you," Bullseye told her.  He noted Telic's frizzled state

and laughed, "Although, you do look lie a train wreck right about now."

       "Real sweet," Telic laughed sarcastically.  She waved to the man standing beside

Bullseye and said, "Excuse me but you're being rude!  This man was here first."

       "Oh, this lad?" Bullseye questioned, looking at the guy next to him. "He's me

chum from Los Angeles.  Say hello to Prosperous!"

       "Charmed," Telic grumbled, nodding at the man.

       Bullseye continued, "Prosperous has been my New York correspondent.  He tells

me when and where I need to strike.  I hope I get an opportunity to strike again sometime


       Prosperous spoke up, "You will get your chance my friend.  Tomorrow morning

we strike at Don Pavarotti's place.  Kingpin says that Pavarotti has hammered him on a

false deal and Kingpin wants Pavarotti out of the picture if you get what I'm saying'."

       "Oh, I read you loud and clear," Bullseye replied with a smile. "I get to rid the

world of a greedy tycoon bastered and I get paid for it too.  What's not to understand?"

       "Good," Prosperous nodded. "Where can I meet you tomorrow morning?  Are

you staying with Magneto and Mystique?"

       "Nope," Bullseye replied. "I'm staying with Telic.  She's one of us now.  She's an

assassin too.  She lives in a rustic apartment complex just as you enter the slums here. 

You can't miss it.  The gray paint is falling off.  It's the room at the top of the stairs.  I'll

see you at six o'clock then won't I?"

       Prosperous barely had a chance to speak when Bullseye patted him on the

shoulder and said, "Good, I'll see you then.  Take care now."

       "Right then," Prosperous noted.  He threw a couple bills on the counter and exited

the diner.

       "He ordered it and he didn't even want it!" Telic exclaimed.  The dish was sitting

on the counter a couple feet from her.  Telic retrieved the plate and set it in front of

Bullseye.  Telic sighed, "Here, you take it.  It would be a shame to waste this food."

       "Why, are there more unfortunate people out there than us?" Bullseye inquired,

giving Telic a soft smile.

       "Yes, the homeless, the depraved, the poor wretched scums of this earth who have

been beaten down by the likes of Don Pavarotti, Dennis Crobobble, and Damian Zanus!"

       "Are you a vigilante by any chance?" Bullseye questioned, resting his head in his

hands as he peered at Telic, observing her closely.

       "I'd like to think so," Telic replied slowly. "Those are the people I most want to

destroy.  Bring them down in the dirt like they've done to others."

       "Well, that makes two of us," Bullseye replied quietly. 

*      *      *      *      *      *      *

       Telic stepped outside the diner just as a cloud burst drained its weight upon the

city.  Telic put up her hood and began a slight jog towards her residence.  For the past

month Telic had been living on the outskirts of the slums, Telic had a particular fear of

the area.  Many times she had been nearly beaten to death by a mob of delinquents and

was almost forced to use her telekinetic powers to get herself out of trouble.

       Only one suggestion came to mind when Telic pondered why she couldn't bring

herself to kill them.  The thought of Jim and Nuka, two wonderful men who had saved

her from the terrible slings and arrows of humanity kept Telic from releasing her wrath

upon the delinquents. 

       Tears began sliding down her face in remembrance of Nuka, the one who was

going to marry her and join the X-men.  Horribly, Nuka's existence was snubbed out one

fateful day when the X-men came down upon Nuka's residence, killing his mother,

wounding his sister Calico, and killing him.  The whole incident was a supposed accident

where Nuka and Calico were in the wrong place at the wrong time.  But Telic could never

forgive the X-men for killing her fiancé.

       Just then, Telic received a hard blow against the side of her head.  Telic fell to the

wet pavement where she lay in the growing puddle of water, unwilling to move from her

spot.  Telic heard the jeering from the delinquents and suspected what they wanted to do

to her.  But Telic didn't care.  Death would seem like a welcome rather than a


       Telic closed her eyes and waited for the inevitable.  She then heard a slight

scuffling and the sound of flesh being cut mixed with the sounds of agonizing pain and

death.  The rain continued to fall heavily on the city.  Telic opened her eyes and glanced

upwards.  She saw Bullseye standing next to her, peering at her curiously.

       Slowly, Telic rose to a standing position and murmured, "Normally I'm not the

one to say this but, thank you.  Thank you for saving my life."

       Bullseye nodded and looked at the dying victims.  He hid his shurikens,

sharpened metal stars, in his overcoat.  Bullseye turned back to Telic and told her quietly,

"Those goons won't be hurting you anymore."

       Telic looked from Bullseye to the dying depraved and then back to Bullseye. 

Telic let out a nervous sigh and then embraced Bullseye.  She closed her eyes and cried

gently, "Why can't I do it?  Why can't I do it?"

       Bullseye peered at the mutant hugging him.  He straightened himself some, as if

trying to impose more self-pride.  Bullseye commented, "You sure had me whipped back

in that alley earlier today."

       "That's because I was mad," Telic replied, keeping her eyes shut.

       "Why did you look at me as if you were afraid of me?"

       "I was.  But then I saw you were more afraid of me than I was afraid of you so I

used that to my advantage and pinned you up against the wall."

       "Huh," came Bullseye's response.  He gave an impatient sigh.

       Telic then realized she was still embracing Bullseye.  Quickly pulling away from

him, Telic brushed back a couple strands of hair and suggested, "Why don't we head to

my place now."

       "Good idea," Bullseye agreed, scratching his beanie.

       Together the two started off towards the apartment.  Telic commented, "Golly!  I

haven't had anything to eat since breakfast!"

       "Well let me cook you up something," Bullseye offered.

       Telic laughed, "Oh no!  I can just imagine what you gourmet chef can produce!"

       "Fine," Bullseye laughed, continuing in his joking manner, "You can just diet

then!  See what I care!"

       "Are you calling me fat?" Telic questioned, poking Bullseye playfully in the arm.

       "Of course not," Bullseye replied.  Telic nodded approvingly.  Bullseye then

added, elbowing Telic gently in the arm, "For an elephant!

       Telic's mouth dropped open as she gasped in mock anger.  She exclaimed, "Oh I

know you didn't just go there!"

       "Oh yeah?" Bullseye asked, playfully poking Telic in the arm, "What are you

going to do about it huh?  What are you going to do about it?"

       "This!" Telic exclaimed.  She stuck her right arm out and swiftly flicked her wrist

in her direction.  A wall of standing water suddenly lifted off the pavement and drenched

Bullseye.  Telic beamed at the gasping Bullseye.  Giving a perky giggle, Telic chuckled,

"That's what I'm going to do!"

       "Oy, it's getting cold out here," Bullseye replied, obviously trying to ignore

Telic's victory remark. 

       "Then let us to my warm house where you can warm up by the roaring fire," Telic

smiled pleasantly.

       "You have a fireplace?" Bullseye questioned, raising an eyebrow.

       "Actually no," Telic replied. "Unless of course you consider the gas stove a

make-shift fire place to roast marshmallows over."

       Bullseye chuckled softly.  The two continued walking to the apartment.  As Telic

opened the door, Bullseye remarked, "I still can't believe you hugged me."

       "I know," Telic replied. "That was some rather nasty business wasn't it?"  She

gave Bullseye a wink, continuing, "Hugging you that is.  I actually touched you!"

       "Oh, that's low," Bullseye commented, pretending that he was hurt by her


       "I know, but, so are we," Telic smiled.  Bullseye entered the door way and shut

the door behind him.