Bleed for Me

by Sirrena
Bullseye lay in the hospital bed. He was all f****d up from the fall. Daredevil had pushed him out the church window. Now he was stuck in this old, smelly hospital. He was so sore. He couldn't move, could rarely talk, and he was starting to get bored. Bullseye looked around the room. Nothing, just plain, white walls surrounding him.  He looked out the little window on the door. He could see two security guards standing in front of it. He sighed in disappointment. Right now, he could be killing them. He could be throwing needles and s**t at them and having fun. But no, Devil had to go and push him out the f***ing window just because he killed that dumb chick with the knives. "Stupid Devil" he thought.

Daredevil slash Matt stay sitting on the floor of his house. He was off in another world. He hated the real world. He hated it so much. He didn't want to go back to reality. He couldn't, it wasn't worth it.  So far in reality, he had lost his dad, his sight, and now, Elektra. Just wasn't fair. Its like every time he finds some happiness, some one comes along and takes it away from him. Bullseye, oh how he wished he could fight him again, and this time, kill him, for good.

It had been awhile since the fall for Bullseye. He lay in the bed, ready to leave. He felt better, but his thigh was really aching. He sat up, trying not to put pressure on it. He looked over at his hands. They were cuffed to the bars on the bed. He tried pulling on them, making rattling sounds, but it didn't work. He glared at the cuffs. Just then, Bullseye heard some footsteps coming towards his room. He looked eagerly in to the little window in the door. He saw a nurse coming up. "Oh, yeah, she is alone, good, time to have a little fun" he thought. The nurse opened the door. She peeped her head in. The nurse looked so scared. This amused Bullseye. He had a mischievous look on his face. The nurse walked over to the bed, cautiously, along with two security guards. The guards walked over to the bed, too. They both stood on either side of Bullseye.         "Oh, great, he thought, "More fun".  The nurse had a nervous look on her face. Bullseye smiled at her. She tried to crack
 a smile back, but fear corrupted her. She took out a syringe full of some clear looking liquid. Bullseye's eyes widened. "What the hell is that?" he thought. "What is that?" he asked the nurse. The nurse just ignored him. She took his arm. Bullseye tried to jerk it back, but the cuffs kept him from moving it away. "Hey, hey, no, don't" he said. He started to raise his voice. "Hey, what the fuck, I said no, what the hell did I just say, NO" yelled. He started to kick his feet. He started to jerk his arms away from the nurse. He managed to scare her and she fell back. 

The syringe fell across the floor and under the bed. The security guards took his feet and kept them down. Bullseye started to yell. The nurse got up quickly and looked for the syringe. While the nurse was on the crawling around the floor, the two security guards struggled to keep Bullseye from kicking them. "Hey, calm down buddy, stop it, now" one of the yelled. Bullseye didn't listen. He managed to get one of his legs loose and kicked the guard in the chin. The guard covered his face, cursing. He fell back to the floor, on top of the nurse. Then Bullseye kicked the other guard in the face. He fell back on the bed. The nurse pushed the other guard off and ran out the door, yelling. Bullseye laughed and looked over at the guard lying on the bed. He kicked him, to make sure he was out. The guard didn't move. Bullseye wrapped his leg around the guard and brought him closer to his hand. When the guard was close enough, Bullseye grabbed the keys of the guy's belt. He quickly unlocked one of his cuffs, then the other.

Down the hall, the nurse was yelling for people to come and help the guards. Some more security guards came running down the hall.

Bullseye ran out the room. He looked down the hall. He could hear footsteps coming his way. He looked around nervously for a place to hide. A closet next to another hospital room was wide open. Bullseye ran in to it and locked the door. He stood in there impatiently, waiting for the security to pass by.

The security ran down to Bullseyes room. When they learned that he wasn't in there, they went haywire. They started down the other rooms, looking everywhere, except the closet. Bullseye rolled his dark eyes at how dumb they were. "Of course, they wouldn't look in the closet", he thought," no, the bad guy wouldn't hide in that place".

Bullseye peeked out the door. No one was there. He crept out slowly and headed down the hall. "Now, how in the hell am I going to get out of here?" he thought. He couldn't just walk out and not have all the people see him like this. He stood in the middle of the hall for a moment, looking around. He saw a doctor coming out of a patient's room. The doctor walked down the hall towarsd Bulsseye. He was reading a paper on his clipboard. Bullseye smiled and fell to the floor. "Help me, doctor, help," he said helplessly. The doctor looked up and saw Bullseye lying on the floor. "Hey, you, are you okay?" the doctor asked as he ran over to Bullseye. Bullseye shook his head. "No" he said. The doctor crouched down next to him. "What's the matter?" he asked. Bullseye looked up slowly at the doctor with a smirk on his face.

Matt walked down the street to his office. He wanted to take the day off. He wanted to take all the days off, forever. But, he couldn't. He had lost his other cane; so today he had a different one. Pretty crappy one to be exact.

Matt opened the door to the place, sat down, and didn't move. He really just wanted to sit home, lay in bed. So that's exactly what he did. Matt walked on out and left the place. Didn't even bother to call and say that he wasn't going to be there that day.

Kingpin sat in his office. The police had let him out. He didn't tell them about the blind daredevil thing. He deiced to keep it to himself, for a while. He spun around in his chair and looked out the window. It was a lovely evening. He sat there, pondering about something. He didn't know if he should go out and kill Bullseye for failing, or, make use of him, again. Kingpin knew Bullseye would some how escape from the police sometime. Probably go out and find a place to hide out until they gave up on trying to find him."Hhhmm" he thought, "I could use him again". Then he decided that he would use Bullseye, for something. It was going to be pretty hard for Bullseye, but he knew that he could do it.

Bullseye walked the streets, dodging glances from every one he passed. He hated it when people looked at him, thinking that he was some freak. He just wanted people to just mind there own fucking business and leave him alone, or he'll rip there fucking head off. He turned a corner down in to an ally. He walked down it and stopped. He sat down on the ground. There was nowhere he could go. He had no friends. They were all dead. Had no family. They had deserted him a long time ago. "Damm it" he said aloud. "Nowhere to go" he thought. Bullseye got up and walked down the ally.

Bullseye stopped at the sidewalk, waiting for the cars to go by. A blue corvette drove by. As it did, some ass hole stuck his ahead out and yelled at Bullseye. "Freak show!" he said. Bullseye lifted his head and eyed the car. He took out one of his blades and threw it. The blade cut through the side of the car. The dude inside was history. The car swerved and hit a couple of trash cans. Bullseye spit on the ground, and walked down the cross walk.
Bullseye stopped at some phone booths. He laid back on one of them. He looked at the people walking up and down the streets. He watched a little girl eat ice cream, he saw a lady holding a baby, and he saw some guy hitting on a hooker. Then, he saw a girl flash before his eyes. Bullseye jumped a little. He looked around quickly. Bullseye looked up and down the streets. "Where did the girl go?" he thought. But she wasn't there, no sign of her being there. It was like a flash back, except he had never seen the girl before. Maybe it was from an old dream, but he couldn't remember. He assumed that he had to get some sleep. Maybe he was too tired.  Just then, the phone rang. The phone that was next to him. Bullseye stared at it. He looked around wondering if any one would notice and picked it up. "Hello?" he asked. "Bullseye, I need you to come down to my office," the man said. Bullseye raised and eyebrow. "What, Kingpin, that you?" he asked. The Kingpin sighed annoyingly.  "Just  get your Irish ass down here now" Kingpin said and hung up. Bullseye put the phone down and reluctantly walked down the street.

Bullseye walked into the office. All the guards there were terrified of him. They knew what he had done to the other guard, last time he was here. Kingpin sat in his chair. "Well, well, Bullseye" he said. Bullseye eyed each of the guards darkly. "I have another job for you" Kingpin said.  Bullseye stared at the guards still. "Yeah, whom do you want dead" he said. Kingpin shook is head. "No, no killing, I need you for some thing else.." he trailed off. Bullseye looked over at Kingpin curiously. "Then what you want me for?" he asked inquisitively. Kingpin turned in his chair to the window. "I need you to protect some one." He said. Bullseye laughed. "Your kidding right?" he chuckled. Kingpin turned around again. "No, I'm not kidding, I need you to protect some one, for me" he aid. Kingpin took out a picture of a girl. Bullseye looked down at it. "A girl, why in the fuck do you think I can do that?" he said angrily. Kingpin put his cigar down. "Because, there is a good reward if you do" he said. Kingpin picked up a suitcase full of money. He set it on the desk and opened it. Bulseye's eyes widened. "Okay, what do you want me to do?" he asked eagerly. Kingpin grinned. "Hah, I knew I could count on you" he said. Bullseye gave him a fake smile.

"Now, she is 16 years old, she has been living with me for awhile." Kingpin told Bullseye. He pointed to the picture." She is my pride and Joy right now, so you're going to take care of her" he said. Bullseye rolled his eyes and nodded. "I'm serious Bullseye, don't do no crap to her, you got that," he said. Bullseye nodded. Bullseye took the picture. "What's so important about her, she ain't your kid," he said. He looked at the girl. In the picture, she was walking down a street with some other girls." Lets just say, she is my new little project" Kingpin said. Bullseye looked up with a wry look on his face. "What, what you up to?" he said. Kingpin spun around in his chair. "You will find out soon," he said. Bullseye frowned. "Well then, when do I start?" he asked. Kingpin turned to him." You will start tomorrow night, come back here and there will be a limo waiting for you," he said. Bullseye nodded. "What time?" he asked. Kingpin thought for a moment. "Be here before 8:00 pm, ok?" he said. Bullseye nodded and started to leave. "Oh, wait a sec Bullseye" Kingpin said suddenly. Bullseye stopped and turned to Kingpin. "Do the police know you're loose?" he asked. Bullseye grinned. "Na, they think I'm dead," he said with a smiling. As he walked to the door, he stopped at one of the guards. Bullseye towered over the little dude. The guy started to sweat. Bullseye gave him a mean look and smacked him up side the head. The guard winced and stayed still until Bullseye was far away. Bullseye walked off, whistling to himself.

Kingpin smiled at Bullseye's behavior. "This is going to be good," he thought.

Kingpin looked down at his desk. "Where was the picture?" he thought. He looked all around the desk. He even looked under the desk. It wasn't there. "Now where the hell did I do with it?" he said aloud.

Bullseye walked down the street. That was a lot of money Kingpin was giving him to protect some girl." She must be really important," he thought. Bullseye pulled out the picture of her. He had slipped it into his jacket when Kingpin wasn't looking. He stared at it. The chick looks so familiar, but he couldn't remember anytime seeing her. He shoved it back into his jacket and walked over to a strip club. Maybe he could get a place to sleep to night.

In the morning, Bullseye slipped out of a girl's house. That night he got a place to sleep at some stripper's apartment. He walked down the stairs and out the door. It was pretty chilly this morning. It was 7:39 am, so he had plenty of time till he had to go over to Kingpin's place. He walked over to a Star Bucks to get some coffee.

Bullseye sat in the window, looking in his coffee. He took a sip. He made a face at it. It taste like crap. "Why the hell did I come here for drink?" he thought to himself. He rather have a beer. So Bullseye got up and threw it away. Bullseye stormed out the Star Bucks. He strolled down the street, looking for a pub.

Kingpin got ready for the party that night. Kingpin looked over at the clock. It was 7:45; Bullseye would at his office any minute now. Kingpin hadn't told then girl about Bullseye yet. He didn't want her to be nervous about it. Plus, she had to perform tonight, in front of the wealthiest people in town. Kingpin looked in the mirror. He adjusted his tie. He smiled in the mirror, thinking about the look on Bullseye's face when he saw her. "Hey, honey, it's almost time to go," he yelled. "Okay, Kingpin" the girl said. Her voice was beautiful, even when she wasn't singing. She was getting ready in the other room.

Bullseye sat on the curb, waiting for the limo. "God damm it, where the f**k is it" he said under his breath. He looked at the watch he had stolen from some homeless dude. It was almost 8:00 o' clock. He looked down the street, looking for the limo. He was starting to lose his patients when it pulled up. Bullseye opened the door, got in, and slammed the door shut.  The driver looked at Bullseye with a disturbed look on his face. He was shocked that Kingpin wanted him to bring this guy to the Grand party. Bullseye kicked the driver's seat. "Go ass hole, your late" he yelled. The driver turned quickly and stepped on the gas. Bullseye sat back and closed his eyes.

Kingpin sat at a table along with a few other people. Every thing was a white, cream color. There were thousands of people there. They were all drinking, laughing, eating and talking. It was some ones birthday, and the girl Bullseye was supposed to protect had to sing for that person. She sat next to Kingpin. "Kingpin, when am I going up?" she asked nervously. Kingpin looked over at her and smiled. "Oh, It wont be long, don't be nervous, soon it will be over" he said politely. She smiled. Her name was Serena. As people walked by, they all asked for Serena to take a picture with them. She was looking beautiful that night. Serena soon got tired of getting up, so Kingpin told every one that came by to not ask her to get up.

Bullseye jumped out the limo and ran up the stairs. He went to the desk and asked where Kingpin was. The man at the desk raised an eyebrow. "May I have your name sir?" he asked. Bullseye thought for a moment. Just then, another man came up to the other guy and whispered something in his ear. Then he nodded and turned to Bullseye. "Um, Mr. Bullseye, come right this way" he said. Bullseye looked around and followed him. They went up some stars, then an elevator, and soon, he found himself in a White Ball room. Rich people everywhere. Bullseye was starting to like it here. He then was escorted to Kingpin.  He was seated at the table. Kingpin smiled and looked at his watch. "Your 5 minutes late" he said casually. Bullseye gave him another fake smile. "I know, your dumb ass driver came late," he said as he took a drink of wine. Kingpin cocked his head. "So, where the hell is this chick" he said. Kingpin snapped his fingers at Bullseye. "Don't you ever call her a chick, you got that?" he said fiercely. Bullseye put his hands up and nodded. "Yeah, yeah, what ever you say, King" he said sarcastically.  Kingpin sat back in his chair. "So, you wan to see her?" he asked. Bullseye eyed him. "Yeah, why?" he asked. Kingpin put his cigar in his mouth and pointed. Bullseye looked to where he pointed. There, in the crowd of people dancing, was a girl, wearing red. The dress she was wearing had little roses on them. She had red hair that was curly, white skin, with freckles all over her. Bullseye stared in aw at her. Kingpin noticed this. "Now, Bullseye, she is only 16, and is not ready for any of the s**t your thinking about" he said with a smirk on his face. Bullseye gave him an evil look from the corner of his eye. "Yeah, I know, I'm not going to hit on her, why the hell would I do that" he said with a gross look on his face. Kingpin raised an eyebrow. "You don't think she is pretty tonight?" he asked with a twinkle of anger in his eyes. Bullseye saw that and  immediately changed his mind, even though he never thought she was ugly. "Oh, she looks ravishing tonight" he said smiling.

Bullseye sat, watching the girl. "Hey, never did tell me her name" he said to Kingpin. "Oh, I'm sorry, her name is Serena" he said. Bullseye gave him a queer look. "Sabrina?" he asked. Kingpin rolled his eyes. "No, Ser-e-na, Serena, got it?" he asked. Bullseye nodded, and turned his gaze to "Serena".  "Serena" he whispered to himself. "Got to remember it, ok," Kingpin said to him. Bullseye said yes, while still looking at her.

Bullseye watched all the people dance, talk, eat, every thing. He eyed all the women, all the men. Shot mean looks to everyone who looked at him. He was starting to get a little mad at them, making faces at him. Bullseye fingered the fork, then the knife. His finger's twitched. He looked up at the people around him. They all looked back. They had looks of disgust on their faces. Bullseye looked back down at the fork. He touched it. Then he made himself stop. He wasn't going to kill any one, no. "No, no, not now, wait" he thought. Bullseye looked up at Kingpin. "Whom am I supposed to protect her from?" he asked. Kingpin took his cigar out of his mouth. "There are people, around here, that want her dead, they don't like her," he said. He paused for a moment. "That's all you need to know" he said, and put the cigar back in his mouth. Bullseye wasn't satisfied. "Well, I think I should know just a little more, don't cha think?" he asked. Kingpin ignored him. He pretended that he couldn't hear him. Bullseye wasn't dumb, he noticed that. "King, tell me, i'm suppose to fucking protect her, I should know" he said, loudly. A few people looked over at them, both, and went on with there business. Kingpin slammed the cigar down on the table. "Shut the hell up!" he whispered viscously. Bullseye glared at him. "Don't you tell me to shut up!" he whispered. Kingpin smashed the rest of his cigar in the table, making a little, burnt hole in it. "Bullseye, if you let people know that you're her new body guard, they'll start to gossip and the bad guys will find out", he said. Bullseye giggled out how Kingpin said "Bad guys", so childish. "Bullseye, I'm dead serious, don't you think it's a joke, cuz it ain't," he said. Bullseye nodded. "Yeah, well I still think I should know some more" he said, "If you want her to stay alive".

Later on that night, Serena was to sing. She was so nervous. What if they didn't like her voice? What if she tripped while walking up? Or what if something terrible happened that night?

She tired to push all those bad thoughts out of her mind. "Just take deep breaths, and it will be fine," she said to herself. She looked around. People were watching her, waiting for her to get up and go to the stage that was set up in the middle of the Ballroom.  She turned her gaze to Kingpin. He was sitting there, with another cigar, talking to some ladies. Serena smiled. He was always popular with them, including her. But she looked up to him as a father. She never knew her really father. Then, something caught her eye, something black. She turned to the blackness. It was some ones coat, a mans coat. He was sitting across from Kingpin. He was just sitting there, gazing into his glass. Serena turned her chair around to get a better look. Now she could see all of him. It looked like he was bald, but couldn't tell, because he had a black beanie on. It covered his entire forehead. He looked kind of mad.

Serena was some how, stuck in a trance. She wanted to look away, cause she knew it must be impolite to stare, but she wanted to see all of his face. Just then, as if he had read her mind, he turned to her. He looked directly at her. His eyes were dark, dark brown. They were looked almost black. He had some facial hair all around his lips, covering his chin a little, but it didn't look old and rugged like. He was kind of startled to see her looking at him. His eyes widened a little when he saw her staring, but quickly changed, and his expression turned back to gloominess.

Serena broke the gaze and turned to her table. She was embarrassed now. She fingered the spoons, and the flower on the table. She could still feel his eyes on her. She was too afraid to look back now.  Then some one called her name. Serena looked up. It was time for her to sing. She got up, reluctantly. Serena walked slowly to the stage, when Kingpin called out. She stopped and whirled around, hoping that he changed his mind about the whole singing thing, and make some other person do it. But, no, He waved and through a white rose at her. Serena watched it fall to her feet. She bent down o pick it up. Kingpin grinned as Serena waved back at him. 

Serena looked over to the man in black. He was looking at her. He was lost in her gaze. She suddenly felt scared, like something bad was about to happen. She looked up, slowly to the ceiling. Then to the back of the room. She felt a feeling of death come upon her.

Bullseye saw Serena freeze, as if she had seen a ghost. He looked back at where she was staring. Nothing but a bunch of people dancing. Then he looked behind her. Nope, nothing. But then, he got a feeling of fear in him. He got nervous. Bullseye stood up and looked around quickly. "Where is it? Where is it?" he thought.  He looked up, down side to side, to the floor. All around. He couldn't see it, but he could feel it. Kingpin got a little panicky when he saw both Serena and Bullseye look around.

Then, boom! In from the window, came people in black. They had mask on, so you couldn't see them. They were armed with knives. Serena panicked and ran to Kingpin. Kingpin got up and ran to Serena, but then he stopped. "Serena, go back, run back" he yelled. Serena stopped and looked to her side. There came one of the people in the black suit. He charged after her.  Serena ran back over to the stage. Bullseye got up and jumped on the table. He picked up a fork and aimed at the man. "Got cha" he whispered and threw it. Bam! It hit the man in the back of the head. He fell back and squirmed on the floor, then stopped moving; Bullseye jumped off the table and ran after the other ones. "Bullseye, hey go aver Serena, save her" Kingpin yelled. Bullseye groaned, and turned to Serena, but she was long gone. After seeing Bullseye kill a person with a fork, Heck no! 

Serena ran down the hall, hoping to get to the elevator before men in black came after her. She looked over her shoulder. No body was there. She began to slow down a little. There were people in the hall, staring at her, wondering why she had been running. Just then, Bullseye flew down the hall towards her. Serena didn't notice him coming. Bullseye ran into people, tripping and getting close to falling over. "Out of my way" he yelled. Serena turned around when she heard him. "Oh, no" she said to herself, and ran. She kicked off her shoes, and left them in the middle of the hall. Bullseye stopped and looked behind him. Two men were coming after him. "Oh, wonderful" he thought.  He grabbed the lady next him and dug threw her purse the lady shrieked, and smacked him, but it didn't hurt Bullseye. He pulled out some lipstick. He took off the cap and aimed at the guy in the front. He through it directly at his neck. The lipstick flew in and out of the guy's neck and into the other ones. "Bullseye" Bullseye said under his breathe, and made his way through the crowd of people.

Serena ran down the stairs, trying hard not to slip. She had a long way to go. The star went on and on. They went around in a circle. She stopped for a moment and looked over the side of them. She could see all the people under her, walking in and out of the hotel, checking in and out, and just chatting.  Serena started down the stairs. Bullseye finally got to the stairs. He peered down them. He could see a lady in a red dress flying down them. "There she is" he said, and went down.  By the time Serena was down, she found Kingpin. "Kingpin" she said, and ran in his arms." Who were they, were they after me" she whispered. Kingpin shook his and no, and looked up to Bullseye. "Well, you did good Bullseye" he said to him. Serena turned around to see whom he was talking to. "Oh" she said. Bullseye was panting. "Yeah, yeah no problemo" he said warily. Serena was wide eyed. Kingpin let her go and introduce them. "Ah, Serena. This is Bullseye," he said. Bullseye looked up at her darkly. "And Bullseye, this is Serena" he said. Serena nodded and looked at Kingpin. "This is your new body guard" Kingpin said. Serena's mouth dropped open. She looked over at her new "Body guard". Bullseye put his hands on his knees and took deep breaths. Serena stared at him, and took Kingpins arm." OK, can we go home now?" she asked. Kingpin nodded. "Yes, we can, just wait here while I talk some business to Mr. Bullseye, ok?" he said. Serena nodded yes. Kingpin pulled Bullseye over to some chairs. "Well, Bullseye, you did good today" he said happily. Bullseye smiled a little, and sat down.

"I think she likes you already" Kingpin said, and waved at Serena. Bullseye quickly turned his head to her. She was staring at him, but turned away when he made eye contact with her. " Hmm, I think she's afraid of me" Bullseye said cheerfully. Kingpin sat up. "Well, you need to make her "not" afraid of you, got that?" he said strictly. Bullseye looked up at him with a frown on his face. "How the heck can I do that?" he asked confusedly. Kingpin walked away. " I don't know, make her laugh, she loves to laugh" he yelled, and walked to Serena. Bullseye sat there a little, and left fast when he saw some cops in the hotel. 

That night, Serena and Kingpin had a long talk. "So, I'm suppose to let some guy take care of me, I don't even know who he is" she said angrily. Kingpin sat in his big chair in the living room. "Serena, he is not bad, evil, or a crack head, I know him" he said kindly. Serena paced around the room. "Well, what did the police say about the break in?" she asked with a scared look on her face. "They said noting, it didn't have anything to do with us," he said. Serena walked over to the couch. " Then why did they chase me?" she asked nervously. She fell on the couch and stayed there for a while. Kingpin took in a big puff of smoke. "They think the men broke in for the valuable stuff at the party, they didn't think about us," he said, trying to sound reassuring.  Serena stay slouched on the couch.

Bullseye sit on the floor of his "new home". Kingpin had bought him an apartment not too far from his house. There was no furniture in it yet, Bullseye had to go get some himself. He had no money, how was going to get some? Bullseye didn't care at that time, he just wanted to sleep. Bullseye laid out a blanket he took at the thrift shop. He lay down on it, and tried to close his eyes. He couldn't get comfortable. The wooden floor was hard as stone. He decided to think about the things he had to do the next day. Lets see, he had to go out and get some money, or, he could asked Kingpin for some, then he had to buy some new clothes, because Kingpin thinks Serena does not like the way he dressed, and some more crap. Bullseye turned over on his back, and stared at the ceiling. It had a bunch of stains on it.  Bullseye rolled over onto his side. Now he was staring at the kitchen door way. He could see the sink. It was dirty, too, with brown stains on the faucet. Bullseye sighed heavily, and rolled over on his other side. Now, he was facing the wall. It didn't look so bad, except that there was a big hole in it.  It was probably has big as his fist.

After awhile of staring at the big hole in the wall, Bullseye fell asleep. He tossed and turned most of the time. He had no pillow, no bed, no money, no nothing.  Around 1:000, his cell phone rang. Bullseye ignored it and flopped on his stomach. It rang again. He snorted. It rang some more.

  He turned his head towards the cell phone glared at it. Finally, he grunted and got up." What kind of ass hole are?" he asked, referring to how late it was. " Bullseye, its me, you idiot" kingpin said. Bullseye laughed tiredly. "Ahh, so you are an ass hole" he said sarcastically. Kingpin said something under his breath that Bullseye could't hear. "Bullseye, I need you to come over now," he commanded. Bullseye raised his eyebrows. "Excuse me, but do you really think i'm gonna come over right now!" he said, mixed with anger and amazement. " Ugh, Bullseye, I need you to watch Serena, I have to go out for a meeting" he said. Bullseye walked into the kitchen, pretending to listen to Kingpin. "I have a big, special meeting to go to" Kingpin went on. Bullseye opened up the frig and took out a beer he bought with the last of his money." Uh huh, yeah, ok" Bullseye said, ignoring every word Kingpin said. "Bullseye, I'm not messing around, you remember our deal," he said in a low voice. Bullseye stopped drinking and sighed. " Yes, yes I'm know, but, don't you like have some nanny?" he asked.

Bullseye leaned against the wall. "No, I cant trust any one, except you" Kingpin said. Bullseye smirked. "Hey, how do you I ain't know spy or something?" he asked mischievously. "Bullseye, I know you aren't, besides, if you were I would have known by now, and you'd be dead" he said simply. Bullseye frowned.

"Well, I have no place to sleep over there, and I know your not going to let me sleep in your room." Bullseye said. " I have plenty of guest rooms," Kingpin said. Bullseye was silent, trying to think of other excuses. " Good, come over right now" Kingpin said happily, and hung up. Bullseye got his jacket and went out the door. "Just great" he thought. Bullseye walked out on the sidewalk, cold and tired. He walked past a few hookers, a homeless man, and some gangs.