Daredevil: Daredevil's Beginning

By Jean Paich

Plot/Synopsis: Comic book prequel to the Daredevil movie starring Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner, Michael Clarke Duncan and Colin Farrell. Matt Murdock lost his father to the mob run by Eddie Fallon (AKA The Fixer) for not throwing a fight in the boxing match. Matt is under the care of priest Father William Everett. Matt Murdock has to testify against Fallon for his crimes. Matt under goes training by a blind man named Stick. Matt with Stick go after Fallon and his gang. Let's find out what happens to Fallon. Matt Murdock had recently lost his sight to a radioactive spill and was given a radar sense where he can visualize things around him.


At the church in the morning. 12 year old Matt Murdock as at the church placed under care and comforting by Father William Everett. 6 police officers with Captain Benjamin Affleck (45 year old man with a goatee and short brown hair) shows up at the door. They run into Father Everett. Captain Affleck: "Father. I am looking for Matt Murdock. I heard that you have him under your care. He has to testify against Eddie Fallon. I suspect that it was Fallon's gang behind the murder of Jack Murdock." Father Everett: "Yes. Matt is in the sanctuary by the altar next to the casket with his father in it. In 2 days I preach the funeral service for Jack Murdock." Captain Affleck: "Fallon is being charged with racketeering. My officers and I couldn't bother him much. DA Peter Sade needs to see Matt." Father Everett: "You officers wait here. I'll tell Matt that you are here for him." Father Everett goes to the sanctuary.

At the sanctuary is Matt Murdock near his father's casket. Matt has on dark glasses with his red and white cane. Father Everett: "Matt. Captain Affleck of the NY PD is here to see you." Matt: "I'm coming." Matt and Father Everett go to the front of the church.

At the Church Lobby Matt Murdock appears to the police. Captain Affleck: "Hi Matt. I need you to see the District Attorney. Peter Slade. He needs you to testify against Fallon." Matt: "I know that he had my father killed." Captain Affleck: "I will investigate your father's murder. That won't be easy." Matt goes outside with the cops.

Outside the church. Captain Affleck sees 3 thugs. Captain Affleck: "Officers. There's 3 of Fallon's boys. Get Matt to safety." The other cops leave in their cars and one of them takes Matt to the DA's office. Captain Affleck draws his gun. Captain Affleck: "NY PD. Hold it right there." The 3 hoods draw their guns and open fire on Captain Affleck. Affleck fires back on the 3 hoods. Captain Affleck shoots a gangster dead. Hood #2: "You mess with Fallon and you're dead." Captain Affleck shoots 2 more of the men. Captain Affleck gets into his own car. Captain Affleck owns a red 1970 Plymouth.

At the district attorney's office. Matt Murdock walks over to the DA's office into a chair tapping his cane. District Attorney Peter Slade (man with short brown hair in his late 30's) sits down at his desk with pen and paper. Slade: "Matt. I will need you to testify to prove connections that Eddie Fallon had. I know that he owned boxers and your father was one of them." Matt: "The kids accused my dad of working for Fallon again. They hit me for it. I saw my dad roughing up one of Fallon's men and I ran. That's when an accident happened that made me blind for the rest of my life. I was going to show my dad my report card. I know that Fallon is responsible for killing my father. I don't know which one of Fallon's thugs killed my father." Slade: "Captain Ben Affleck of The NY PD is trying to get Fallon's men to give him up if I could prove his crimes. I don't have enough evidence to prosecute Fallon for his crimes. Now with your testimony we could put Fallon away for a long time. You can go now." Matt: "I'll walk back. I want Fallon and all of his men for killing my father." Slade: "We could never get all of Fallon's men identified." Matt leaves the DA's place.

On the streets of New York. Matt: "Who ever you are that killed my father. You will pay for it." A man approaches Matt. It is Stick (middle age man with short brown hair with a beard and mustache and is wearing clothes that make him look like a janitor). Stick: "Matt. I knew that you swore justice on the guilty." Matt: "Who are you?" Stick: "My name is Stick. I am blind like you. I am not pure blind. I could train you with martial arts. I'll train you on swinging." Matt: "I'll call myself Daredevil." Stick: "I'll train you with swinging buildings and leaping. I know that you will never be able to drive if you are going to be blind for the rest of your life. Even if you have this radar like ability you could still be a bad driver because of your blindness. You won't be as bad of a driver as any other blind person is. I never drove in my life." Matt: "I lost my sight to a radioactive spill. I would still not want to drive even if I was seeing. I'd still never apply for a license. I wouldn't even bother to take a written test. I had learned to see in a whole new way." Stick: "I was part blind my whole life. I got around by swinging and leaping. I have never even applied for a driver's license. So I never had a permit or have never taken any of the tests for getting a license." Stick escorts Matt somewhere for training.

The next night. At a gymnasium. A gymnastics sign is posted up at a door there. There are 6 guys who work for Fallon there. Fallon Thug #1: "Jack Murdock had to die because he didn't take the dive. Now his son is an orphan."

Outside from on the roof is a Matt Murdock dressed in his black clothes with gloves and a cowl covering his eyes. Matt bursts in.

Back inside are the thugs hanging out in the gymnasium. Matt bursts in. Fallon Thug #2: "Who are you?" Matt: "I am Daredevil. I am going to stop you guys." Daredevil is visualizing all those men. Daredevil jump kicks a thug with a bottle. Another one attacks. Daredevil roundhouse kicks him. One thug pulls a knife and Daredevil throws a billy club at him and knocks the knife out of his hand. On the boxing training ring Daredevil kicks 2 more thugs down. Daredevil trips the 6th thug with a jump rope that he took. Daredevil beats up on 6 thugs that get back up. They are all incapacitated. Daredevil leaves the gym and swings out in the Hell's Kitchen.

Outside in Hell's Kitchen. Daredevil runs into Stick. Daredevil visualizes Stick. Daredevil: "I caught 6 of Fallon's thugs in the gymnasium." Stick: "You and I will double team Fallon on the docks. I think that Fallon is on the dock where you lost your sight." Daredevil: "That was the last place that I ever saw." Daredevil and Stick swing down the streets of NYC to the docks.

At the gymnasium. Several cops show up and take out Fallon's thugs in handcuffs. They go outside with police cars parked. Captain Affleck sees the 6 thugs captured. Captain Affleck: "Escort these men to the police station. All those who work on the docks work for Fallon. I think that Fallon is on the docks. We got Matt Murdock's testimony from the DA." Captain Affleck leaves for the docks with a few other police officers.

On the docks. Fallon is there with his same clothes that he had on the other night. Fallon has the docks protected by his bodyguards. There are no men working on the docks. Daredevil and Stick are swinging and show up on the docks. Daredevil and Stick show up. 5 of Fallon's bodyguards are there blocking Daredevil and Stick. Fallon's bodyguard #1: "Beat it. This dock is closed." Stick: "We are looking for Fallon. I want to talk to him." The bodyguards throw punches on Daredevil and Stick. Stick does a roundhouse kick on a bodyguard. Daredevil clobbers 2 of them from behind his back. Stick double kicks 2 more. Matt throws a punch on a bodyguard. Stick kicks 3 of them as they get back up. Daredevil bangs 3 of the bodyguards into each other. They are all down. Stick: "All 5 of you men get out of here." They all leave. Daredevil visualizes Fallon. Daredevil: "Fallon." Fallon: "Who ever you are I am out of here." Fallon starts running on the docks. Stick: "Let's split up." Daredevil sprints after Fallon while Stick sneaks around the docks. Fallon almost loses Daredevil. Fallon bumps into Stick. Fallon: "Out of my way old man." Stick: "Hello Fallon." Fallon: "Who are you?" Stick: "I am your worst enemy. You were involved in the Jack Murdock murder. I know it and the cops are going to arrest you." Fallon: "Jack was supposed to stay down. Now out of my way before I kick your butt." Fallon throws a punch on Stick. Stick kicks Fallon in the stomach. Fallon: "You won't take me down. I'll fix you good. I am The Fixer." Fallon throws another punch. Matt finds Fallon and watches the fight. Stick then 3 times kicks Fallon in the stomach. Matt grabs boating ropes. Stick lays a hard kick on Fallon and Daredevil ties up The Fixer Fallon to a pole. Daredevil: "I am Daredevil Fixer." Matt and Stick leave just as the police show up. Captain Affleck gets out of the car and goes over to The Fixer. Captain Affleck unties Fallon and puts his handcuffs on him. Captain Affleck: "Eddie Fallon. You are under arrest for the murder of Jack Murdock. I want to know which of your thugs did it." Fallon: "I don't know which one. Honestly I saw Jack Murdock dead and he was supposed to stay down. He didn't stay down." Captain Affleck: "You will face murder charges and charges of alleged organized crime." Captain Affleck sees 2 cops. Captain Affleck: "Have Fallon booked." The 2 cops take Fallon away.

3 days later in the courtroom. Matt Murdock with District Attorney Peter Slade are sitting on the witness stand. Fallon is sitting somewhere in the courtroom in a suit and tie. Captain Ben Affleck is also in the courtroom. The judge is in his position. The Judge is named Manuel Smith (man a part bald head, short brown hair with a bald spot on the head). Several people who work for Fallon including the dock workers (with the dock supervisor) in the court room on trial too. Stick is somewhere in the courtroom. Judge Smith: "Eddie Fallon. You have been found guilty of criminal charges of racketeering and the murder of boxer Jack Murdock. You had him killed for not throwing the fight. You will be sentenced to life in jail and you may be eligible for parole not less than 10-15 years from now. The court finds Eddie Fallon and his goons here guilty of alleged organized crime. Bailiffs remove the prisoners. " The guards take Fallon and his captured goons away.

Outside the courtroom. Fallon and his boys in shackles walk by Matt Murdock and Stick. Fallon: "You'll regret this Matt. Your father was a bum." Matt: "You'll pay for this Fallon and so will who ever killed him." Matt goes outside.

5 days later. Wilson Fisk (big fat black man with a bald head) is at a large tower with other of Fallon's thugs that didn't get captured. Fisk: "I run the show now. I am the Kingpin. Fallon got arrested. I take his place. I will recruit other criminals out there. People who join me join for life. If they quit they are dead."

Later on in the city at night. Matt Murdock now has a costume that's red and yellow (the same costume that he had on in the Daredevil: Yellow comics). Stick is there too. Matt/ Daredevil: "I am going to try to find out my father's killer. I will bring down who ever did it." Stick: "Fallon will be put into a retirement home if he is ever on parole. I heard about from a friend." Daredevil swings down the streets patrolling the city.


These are comic book ideas for writers Kevin Smith or the man who wrote the movie… Mark Steven Johnson.