The following is a script sample of Daredevils first confrontation with

     Deadpool .



  Panel picture #1:  Daredevil leaping down (view from DDs back) Deadpool is facing DD with one of his             gloves off ,clipping his fingernails.


     DDs Thought:    Smell,…….gunpowder ,……oil from a sharpening stone,……evaporating sweat over

scar tissue,………DEADPOOL !


   DD speaking: What are you doing here?

  DP speaking:  My manicurist isn't open this late.

  DD--:  I want to know why you're here !

  DP--:  Geez,….What is it with you man ?


  Panel picture #2 : Deadpool's arms raised with an "oh well" type of gesture. Daredevils arms folded awaiting a mature answer.


    DDs thought:  Why is he so close to Parkers house,….he never comes around here.


 DP--: I mean ,…. here I am minding my own business ,…an,an,and  you come swishing along in your high-school mascott uniform,…..demonstrating all of the skills that you've acquired in a 7th grade girls tumbling class,….I mean , don't get me wrong….it's very impressive,…..especially the way you can leap around and still hold onto your jump-rope the entire time….very cool!…can you "double-dutch"?


Panel picture #3 : DD walking towards Deadpool gritting his teeth (from reverse view)

DD--: Answer NOW !!

DP--:  I'm here to mop the street with a kiddie porn king,…you know , some

           sicko that collects pictures of cats doin it & stuff….bad news.

Panel picture #4 : Deadpool lowering his sawwed-off shot gun & aiming it at Daredevil.

 DDs thought : This guy's an idiot , he won't shoot…..his heart rate hasn't changed though…better let

him talk , he'll back off in a minu….


DP--:  So , you're a thinking man , huh?….you got awful quiet all of a sudden. While you're thinking,….think about this : This is a 12 guage shot-gun , so…..once I pull the trigger ,  none of  your "pep-rally type" tumbling moves will stop the buck-shot from opening you up !…..Plus , it's "stingy"

and….you wouldn't like it.


Panel picture #5 Daredevil quickly throwing a traning stick at Deadpool , hitting him in the forehead and

                           Causing him to drop his gun.


DD--: I don't have time for this!   Who sent you ?


  Panel picture #6 : Deadpool attempting to reach his samurai sword on his back.


   Panel picture #7 : Daredevil ("continuous motion" picture) leaping above Deadpool and landing

                        with his feet on the handle of Deadpools sword (while it's still in the sheath), pushing it 

                         down into the roof-top…..pinning Deadpool to the roof on his butt.


DP--: Wait !……Do over !


     Panel picture# 8 : Deadpool sitting with his arms crossed over his knees , very embarrassed. Daredevil

                                  stands over him pointing his finger at DPs face.


DD--: I know why you're here,….the guy you're after is just a kid,….I know

          Him !….someone fed you a load of crap….

DP--: More like , gave me a load of money.

DD--: You're a scumbag !… kill people for money !

DP--:  Bullseye did it for free….so , if you think about it..


     Panel picture # 9 : Close-up of Daredevil gritting his teeth so hard that one of them actually chips.

     Panel picture # 10 : Daredevil repeatedly punching and kicking Deadpool , while he's still pinned on

                                      His butt.


DD--:  You think that's funny !?….ahhhhh !

DP--:   stop,….listen!….okay!…..gurglreelrrr


   Panel picture # 11 : Daredevil stands behind Deadpool & wraps his training sticks around DPs throat


DD--:  How's my "jump rope" feel now ?

DP--:   (Cough….choke…gag)….a lot worse than your knee in my back. 


DDs thought : Man , it just doesn't end with this guy.


DP--: I can't tell you how I know,…but , I swear,…..I have physical 

          evidence that this guy,s into and has done some real disturbing

          stuff,….I don't just kill innocent people !…..I can't help it that he's

           a friend of yours….every child molester that you see on the news

           is followed up with taped interviews of his friends & family ,…

           saying "what a great guy he was"…."he always treated the kids

           great"…."he was an active member of the church",..blah ,blah

           ,blaaaahhhhhh !…..So don't blame me that you're blind to his

            sick interests !


   Panel picture # 12 : Daredevil collapsing against Deadpools back (the way an exhausted boxer does

                                     during a fight)


          DDs thought :  Blind,…..there's that word again……am I ?….this just can't  be.  How could

                                   Pete,….I mean , I've known him….was there a mistake? Or did his computer

                                    get some virus that sent out images that really do belong to him?

     DP--:  Uh,….what're you doing back there ?


  Panel Picture #13 : Daredevil stands up & gives Deadpool a little smack on the back of the head.

   Panel picture # 14 : Daredevil  leaps off of the roof-top.

   Panel picture # 15 :  Front view of Daredevil with an angry look swinging forward


    DDs thought : I'm coming for ya "Spidey"….I pray to God that  you have some answers !