DareDevil:BeliEver or not

                     By: Andreas Steino


Matt Murdock is a blind lawyer who is a hero in the nigh called the Daredevil and his watching the hells kitchen like a guardian devil. But this nigh some tragic accident happened. Daredevil heard a scream in the west of Hells Kitchen when he got there a boy was a attacking by a villain who calling himself the Death. Daredevil was fighting with the Death and the Death was throwing a axe Daredevil duck from the axe and the axe hit the boy.

Daredevil was so angry and kill the Death with rage.

Daredevil saw the boy dead and a women come out and saw the Daredevil with the boy the women scream and the Daredevil was gone. On the TV afternoon they say that Daredevil is the killer. Matt Murdock has lost his fate and start drinking. And now he promise himself to never but on the suite again. Matt did go to the church to talk to a priest. And the priest sad that wasn't your fault Matthew and Matt be live in the priest words. Now he have fate again now he a watches on Hells Kitchen like a guardian Devil!!!