Daredevil 2: Born Again




In Japan at the Hand's headquarters in the day time. There is Master Roshi sitting at a table with his remaining council members. Purple Man walks in to meet with Roshi. Roshi: "Purple Man. I have been expecting you." Purple Man gets seated at a table. Purple Man: "I am one of those who was working for Fallon back then. Fallon retired after his prison time. Fisk took his place. Daredevil was hunting us down. It was for the murder of boxer Jack Murdock. You are hired by me Master Roshi." Roshi: "Elektra was dead before. You could kill her again. They thought that the war between The Chaste and the Hand was over. We could deal with Stick himself. I will then bring back my gang who vaporized when Elektra killed them." Purple Man: "It must've been Daredevil who threw Mary out of the window when he went after Fallon." Roshi: "We are all going to New York City. Let's go hunt down this Daredevil. Stick might be there too."  They all get up and leave.



In New York City somewhere at night time. There is Daredevil on the Manhattan rooftops. Stick shows up. Daredevil visualizes Stick. Stick is there holding his stick. Daredevil: "Stick." Stick: "Elektra has come back to life. She killed the head assassin in a group called The Hand. I lead the Chaste. We fought against The Hand for many years. I one day became the leader as I was a master of martial arts. Elektra's mother was murdered by Kirigi and Elektra killed Kirigi. The remnants of the Hand are here in New York City. You and I could battle them together just as I fought Fallon's gang along side you when you went after Fallon himself." Daredevil: "The Kingpin was Wilson Fisk. I took him down and he is now in prison. He killed Fallon in greed and ambition to become The Kingpin." Stick: "The woman named Mary who you knocked out of the window when you were hunting down Gladiator who worked for Fallon was killed by Elektra. She was working for The Hand too. She could come back again. Roshi the who runs the Hand might be at the statue of Liberty. He is in league with Purple Man I think. Purple Man hired The Hand to kill you. Let's go after him there." Daredevil and Stick swing off to The Statue of Liberty.


At the Statue of Liberty at night time. There is Roshi and his counsel. Daredevil shows up. Roshi: "There is the so called Daredevil. Go kill him." One of the members of the counsel pulls out a gun. Daredevil with his smell of the gun powder throws his billy club into this Hand thug. Daredevil visualizes them and Master Roshi. Daredevil shoots his grappling hook onto another member of The Hand. Others come up to Daredevil. Master Roshi goes up to the top of the statue of Liberty. Daredevil throws martial arts kicks and punches onto The Hand thugs. Daredevil bangs 2 of them into each other. Daredevil incapacitates the rest of Roshi's thugs. Daredevil swings up to the top of the statue of liberty going after Master Roshi. Daredevil: "Master Roshi. Time to pay the devil his due." Roshi: "You have not killed my men but I will kill you." Roshi comes up to Daredevil. Daredevil smacks Master Roshi with his billy club. Daredevil sends a high kick onto Master Roshi. Master Roshi multiple times kicks Daredevil. Daredevil kicks Master Roshi on the knees. Master Roshi is beating up on Daredevil. Roshi: "I will kill you now Daredevil." Stick shows up at the statue of Liberty. Roshi: "Stick. Now we meet face to face." Stick: "Your son is dead and you will join him." A hand thug comes up to Stick with a blade. Stick puts his hand on this thug and absorbs his life essence. Stick jump kicks Roshi. Stick and Roshi fight each other in a martial arts fight. Roshi: "Too bad that you won't see me kill Daredevil." Roshi throws a punch back onto Stick. Roshi: "Purple Man is working with me and Kingpin. If you defeat me then you still have Purple Man who could kill you." Stick with his stick clobbers Roshi. Roshi grabs the Stick. He drags Stick over to the end of the statue of liberty. Roshi: "Now Stick you will die." Stick again hits Roshi with his stick and then throws The Hand's leader over his stick and Roshi falls to his doom on the statue of liberty. Daredevil gets back up. Daredevil: "Is he dead?" Stick: "He should be. The Hand members could easily come back to life. He had to have drowned. That means The Hand should be no more. I am training Abby Miller in the arts of The Chaste. She was a bratty girl. She is good in education. Her father is Mark Miller. Her mother was murdered by The Hand. Elektra is now going out with Mark Miller." Daredevil swings off. Stick: "I am going to deal with Purple Man. The Kingpin might've gotten out of prison. You go hunt him down. I hunt down Purple Man. The cops will arrest those men here that you incapacitated." Stick now vanishes.


Some time after the defeat of The Hand a gang of street hoodlums had gotten Wesley Owen Welch and Wilson Fisk the Kingpin of crime out of prison the next night. Purple Man and Heinrich Royce had also gotten out of prison. They are all back together. Somewhere on the roof top there is Stick. Stick is hanging out somewhere in New York City. Stick goes out into the city. Stick is on the roof of Madison Square Garden. Somewhere at Madison Square Garden. Purple Man and Heinrich with Jester, Man-Bull, Crossbow and a few other of Purple Man's minions are somewhere. They go onto the roof top secretly as Stick is on there. Heinrich Royce: "Stick." Purple Man: "I am going to take you on right now Stick. This time you die." Stick: "I thought that you were supposed to be in prison Purple Man." Purple Man: "I got out." Stick: "Daredevil defeated The Kingpin." Purple Man: "I'll take you on right now." Purple Man and Stick fight each other hand to hand. Heinrich Royce goes for a gun and Stick with his walking stick hits the gun and knocks down Heinrich Royce. Other members of the Chaste show up. There are several ninjas. Purple Man's minions take on Chaste ninjas. They throws kicks and punches on them. Crossbow shoots some arrows at them. Jester clobbers a Chaste ninja with his yo-yo. A ninja blocks Crossbow's arrows with his sword. Man-Bull: "I'll take them." Man-Bull rams down some ninjas. A chaste ninja kicks Man-Bull on the back. Another one strikes Crossbow with his nun chucks. Jester: "I got Stick covered for you Purple Man." Jester swings his yo-yo at Stick. A female Chaste ninja high kicks Jester. A few other Chaste ninjas beat up on Purple Man's minions. Heinrich throws some ninjas into each other. Purple Man throws a punch on Stick. Stick kicks back. Purple Man and Stick beat each other up. Stick: "You are going back to prison." Purple Man: "You have been wanting to take down Fallon. You took him down and than Wilson Fisk took over his business.." Stick: "I trained many martial artists. I didn't want any of my students to be owned by the mob. I got into Fallon's business. Typhoid Mary who was a member of The Hand was working for him. Elektra Natchios killed her. Master Roshi is dead. He fell to his doom fighting me at the statue of liberty." Purple Man: "Now you will die for it." Crossbow: "Die ninjas." Stick throws a kick on Purple man. Heinrich gets back up. He shoots Stick. Stick with his walking stick gets back up and hits the gun again. Purple Man kicks Stick on the chest. Stick gets back up and continues fighting Purple Man. Purple Man and Stick are near the end of the rooftop. Stick does a roundhouse kick on Purple Man. Purple Man throws more punches. Purple Man uses his powers on the Chaste ninjas. The Chaste ninjas knock each other out. Crossbow shoots Stick with an arrow in the chest. Purple Man knocks Stick off the rooftop. Stick falls to his death. Purple Man: "Let's inform The Kingpin that Stick is dead. You come with me Heinrich. We'll go report to The Kingpin. The rest of you deal with the police and Daredevil if he comes here." Purple Man and Heinrich Royce leave.


Later on near the building of Madison Square Garden. The Chaste ninjas have left the site. There is Nick Manolis with his officers. They find Stick on the ground dead. Manolis: "It looks like that someone has knocked this man off of the rooftop. Another man fell to his doom at the statue of Liberty. He must've been badly beaten and shot with an arrow." Daredevil shows up. Manolis: "Daredevil." Daredevil: "It looks like to me that Kingpin and his assistant Wesley Owen Welch have escaped from prison." Manolis: "We are having some undercover cops infiltrate gangs. We suspect that this Purple Man character and those gangs have sprung The Kingpin." Daredevil: "After you have put The Kingpin away I found out from Matt Murdock that he had taken Fallon's place as the boss after Fallon got arrested and than he retired. I was wearing different clothing back then. Kingpin also knows of my secret identity." There are coroners removing Stick's dead body. Jester out of no where throws his yo-yos onto the cop Nick Manolis. Man-Bull rams down other cops. Crossbow has his weapons aimed at Daredevil. Crossbow: "Die man without fear!" Daredevil sense Crossbow. Daredevil throws his billy clubs onto Crossbow hitting him on the head. The cops aim their guns at Crossbow. Jester swings his yo-yo hitting Daredevil on the head. Daredevil strikes Jester back with his billy clubs. Daredevil battles the rest of Purple Man's minions hand to hand with kicks and punches thrown at each other. Daredevil incapacitates them. Man-Bull: "It's me left to deal with you Daredevil." Man-Bull charges at Daredevil. Dared3evil throws a punch onto Man-Bull in the face. He knocks him out. The rest of the cops aim their guns at the other villains. Manolis: "Don't any of you move. You are all under arrest for assaulting police officers and murder of this blind old man." Daredevil: "I'll deal with them. Purple Man influenced the Chaste ninjas to knock each other out." Daredevil: "This man was also blind his whole life. He was my marital arts trainer. Kingpin is responsible for the murder of Nikolas Natchios and his daughter Elektra. I am going to find out about the Kingpin." Manolis: "Leave it to me and my officers to arrest Wilson Fisk and his gang." Daredevil: "You have 3 teens joining with you Detective Manolis who are members of the Chaste." Daredevil swings off into the night.


In a Nearby Alley at night time there is Turk hanging out. Daredevil shows up and visualizes Turk on this radar scan. Turk pulls out a knife. Daredevil grabs Turk by the hand and throws some kicks on him and knocks the knife out of his hand. Turk throws a punch on Daredevil and Daredevil throws kicks on Turk. Daredevil: "I need information Turk. What is going on?" Turk: "Wilson Fisk kingpin of crime is now out of prison. Wesley Owen Welch is also out. I think that Kingpin has brought back your old enemy named Purple Man. A bunch of local street thugs might've helped Wesley Owen Welch and Wilson Fisk escape from prison." Daredevil swings off into the night.


Later on at night at Matt Murdock's apartment. Matt Murdock comes in the door. Matt takes off his Daredevil costume. He goes over to his answering machine on the telephone and finds no messages

The next day at the office of Murdock and Nelson. There's Matt Murdock with Foggy Nelson and Karen Page who is currently his girl friend. 3 teens (in their later teenage years) enter the office of Murdock and Nelson. There's an 18 year old Hispanic girl who has long dark hair named Rosanna. There's a black male 19 with short black hair named Omar. A blonde hair white male 19 years old named Louis. Rosanna: "We 3 are the undercover cops to see Murdock and Nelson." Karen: "I'll direct you right to them." Karen Page brings the 3 under cover cops to Daredevil. Karen: "Matt. Foggy. There's the 3 undercover cops to see you." They meet with Murdock and Nelson. They are welcomed into Murdock and Nelson's office. Foggy Nelson goes to the 3 cops. Foggy: "I am Franklyn Nelson partner of Matt Murdock." Louis: "My name is Louis." Omar: "My name is Omar." Rosanna: "My name is Rosanna." Matt: "I'm the blind lawyer that you have heard about."

At the Fisk Tower during the day there is Kingpin with Wesley Owen Welch. In the office there is Nuke. Nuke has the American flag tattooed on his face. Nuke is carrying an assault rifle. Nuke's real name is Agent Simpson. Nuke has pills that are American colors. Kingpin: "Tell me about yourself Nuke." Nuke: "I have pills that explode with American colors. I fought in Desert Storm. I could with my bombs take out Daredevil." Kingpin: "I like that."

In Flash back in Iraq in the Desert Storm there is Sgt. Simpson with his officers fighting. There are American Soldiers and Iraqi soldiers shooting at each other. A few of Simpson's soldiers are killed in battle. Simpson picks up the wounded soldiers. Simpson: "You'll pay for those who you killed." Simpson kills some other Iraqi soldiers.

Back to the present day. Matt Murdock with Karen Page and Foggy Nelson on their days off from work are in Times Square walking down the street with the junior cops doing under cover work. They go into some stores and shop. Matt: "Do you see any good places to shop in?" Karen: "I think I do."

At NY PD headquarters at the office of Nick Manolis. The 3 under cover cops report to Nick Manolis. They are out on assignment. Manolis: "You 3 are going to infiltrate a street gang. I know that you 3 served a blind man named Stick in the Chaste. I know that you 3 fought the war against The Hand and your master named Stick killed Roshi the leader of The Hand. This street gang is even run by The Kingpin. I arrested Wesley Owen Welch for the murder of a prostitute. We suspect that those hoodlums has helped Welch and Fisk escape from prison."

Later on at night time there is Daredevil swinging down Hell's Kitchen. He visualizes 2 hoods on 2 women about to grab them. Those 2 hoods walk up to those 2 women. Hoodlum #1: "Hey pretty girl!" Hoodlum #2: "Let's go out to dinner." Pedestrian Girl #1: "No. You are nothing but criminals." Pedestrian Girl #2: "Leave us alone. You don't even know us." Hoodlum #2: "Let's have a little getting to know each other." Daredevil butts in. Daredevil: "Leave those young women alone." One hoodlum throws a punch on Daredevil. Daredevil kicks that hoodlum. Hoodlum #2: "You're the man who brought down The Kingpin. Is it true that you are Matt Murdock blind lawyer?" Another hoodlum comes up and attacks Daredevil. The 2 girls walk on. Daredevil throws punches and kicks on that hood. Daredevil: "That's not your business who I am." Daredevil knocks out those 2 hoodlums in a hand to hand fight with them. Daredevil swings off into Hell's Kitchen on patrol.

Later on at the Fisk tower there is Kingpin with Purple Man. Purple Man was also working for Fallon/The Fixer back in the old days. Purple Man didn't have any connections to the murder of Jack Murdock but was suspected too. Nuke shows up in the office. Kingpin: "Nuke this is Purple Man. He and I worked together when we were working for Fallon." Purple Man: "Fallon 10 years after the death of Battlin' Jack Murdock. A vigilante in black clothing went after Fallon. Fisk killed Fallon." Nuke: "I served in the US Army in Desert Storm." Purple Man: "Daredevil took me down once before. This was the first time The Kingpin went to prison when Daredevil defeated him. You and I worked for Fallon. He died in prison of kidney failure. I killed Stick after he killed Roshi. Daredevil took down my minions. Crossbow tried to shoot the cops. Daredevil knocked him out with his billy clubs. Jester struck Detective Manolis with his yo-yos. Daredevil stopped him and Ram-Man." Kingpin: "Daredevil is Matt Murdock the blind lawyer from Hell's Kitchen. I want him revealed to the public." They leave Kingpin's office.

At the Post there is Ben Urich typing up a story on Daredevil fighting a couple of street hoodlums who work for The Kingpin. Daredevil burst into the office of Ben Urich. Urich: "I see that you are back. Kingpin got out with Wesley Owen Welch." Daredevil: "I know. I am going after The Kingpin. He killed washed up prize fight Jack Murdock. I beat him before I will beat him again."

The next day at the office of Murdock and Nelson there is Turk. Turk: "I am here to see Murdock and Nelson. I have information to bring down The Kingpin." Karen: "I'll bring you tot them right now. What's your name?" Turk: "I am Turk and ex street crook." Karen Page escorts Turk to Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson. Karen: "Matt. Foggy. Turk is here to see you guys." Turk: (to Foggy) "Are you Franklyn Nelson partner of blind attorney Matt Murdock?" Foggy: "That I am." Turk: "The Kingpin has put together criminals who go by the names Nuke and Purple Man. Any of those names familiar to you?" Matt: "The Purple Man. His real name is Killgrave. He was a member of my father's mob. My father was killed by The Kingpin. Who is Nuke?" Turk: "Nuke is a terrorist. He was once in the US Army and served in Desert Storm. The Kingpin is also going to reveal the identity of Daredevil. 10 years after your father was killed his manager Fallon was killed by The Kingpin. Purple Man had killed Stick the blind martial arts master very recently. After him and Daredevil fought Roshi and other bosses of The Hand. Roshi and the hand council were in league with Purple Man. Purple Man and his minions have fought the chaste on the roof tops. Purple Man made those ninjas knock each other out. Purple Man killed Stick. Captain Affleck also served the chaste before he was in the NY PD and fought the hand. Elektra's mother was killed by a chief assassin for the Hand called Kirigi. Elektra killed Kirigi. Elektra also killed Typhoid Mary who Daredevil accidentially knocked out of the window and thought to have killed her when going after a thug that worked for Fallon who became Gladiator. Black Widow also defeated Stilt Man when you went off to law school."  

Later on at Josie's bar at night time there is Purple Man and Heinrich Royce with Nuke. There are several people in the bar. Turk is in the bar. Turk goes up to Nuke and Purple Man with Purple Man's assistant. Turk: "You 3 men who are working for The Kingpin. I was talking to Daredevil and Matt Murdock. I am going to kick your butts." Turk gets into a fight with Purple Man and his assistant. Turk gets beat up. Purple Man: "I am going to kill you Turk."

Outside there is Daredevil on Manhattan's rooftops. Daredevil hears fighting at Josie's Bar. Daredevil goes into the bar.

In the bar Daredevil bursts in. Daredevil: "Turk. You should get out of here. I will deal with them." Turk leaves. Nuke disappears. Daredevil battles Purple Man and Heinrich Royce. Purple Man: "Daredevil. I'll defeat you this time." By the voice. Daredevil recognizes and old enemy. Daredevil notices that it is Purple Man. Daredevil: "Purple Man. I am the same guy who went after Fallon when Fisk killed him ." Purple Man: "I killed Stick. He fought Fallon's men with you years ago. Stick fought Fallon. We betrayed him for new recruits of a criminal empire as the Kingpin now rules New York." Daredevil: "You're going back to prison Killgrave." Heinrich Royce comes up and fights Daredevil. Heinrich Royce: "I helped Purple Man kill Stick. Now we are going to kill you." He throws a punch on Daredevil. Daredevil throws a kick on him sending him into a pool table. Daredevil in the bar sprints after Purple Man. Purple Man with a pool stick attacks Daredevil. Daredevil blocks his blow and throws punches on Purple Man. Daredevil throws Purple Man down the stairs.

Later on the police arrive. Nick Manolis shows up and arrests Purple Man and Heinrich Royce. Manolis: " You 2 are under arrest for the murder of a blind man who calls himself Stick." Ben Urich shows up to get and shows his ID. Urich: "I am here to get the story on Daredevil. Who is this guy who has the American flag tattooed on his face?" Manolis: "We don't have any proof of this psycho." Purple Man and Heinrich Royce are taken away by Nick Manolis's officers.

At Matt Murdock's apartment there is Nuke outside. Nuke pulls out a red pill. Nuke: "Give me a red!" He blows open a door and breaks in. Nuke has his machine gun drawn. He raids Matt's apartment and finds nothing. Nuke: "Where are you Matt Murdock? I am going to kill you. I know that you are Daredevil."

Later on at the Fisk Tower Nuke comes while Wesley and The Kingpin are not present. 2 of The Kingpin's security tries to stop Nuke from coming into Fisk's office. Security guard #1: "You can't come in there." Nuke: "Try me." The security guys who for their guns. Nuke shoots the 2 men. He gets into Wilson Fisk's office and sits somewhere in there.

Later on at the police station there are the 3 teens helping Manolis with IA officers in Manolis's office. Nick Manolis briefs them on their under cover operation. Manolis: "You 3 will be wired. Daredevil is protecting you if your cover gets blown. You will get us enough evidence to bring them down."

Later on Turk is with Ben Urich on the streets of New York City. Turk is giving information to Ben Urich to his career. Urich: "Hi Turk." Turk: "I give Daredevil information. This killer with the American flag tattooed on his face is named Nuke. Daredevil had again brought down The Purple Man." Urich: "There's a rumor that Matt Murdock has had martial arts training years ago by a blind man named Stick. Stick trained Matt Murdock with martial arts mastering." Turk: "Matt Murdock is blind since he was 12 years old. I am nothing but a reformed street hoodlum."

Later in the office of Wilson Fisk. The Kingpin comes in with his assistant Wesley Owen Welch. The Kingpin sees something similar to Bullseye getting in. Nuke is sitting down. Kingpin: "Just like Bullseye. Was that needed?" Nuke: "No but I had to get past those 2 men." Wesley: "Bullseye had put pencils into another man's neck." Kingpin: "Could you find Daredevil?" Nuke: "He was no where."

Later on at Matt Murdock's apartment there is Matt Murdock with the 3 under cover ups. Rosanna Lopez sees a mess. Rosanna: "I guess that someone had broken into your apartment." Matt: "I can visualize things. I was blind by radiation when I was 12 years old. It had enhanced all my other senses. I trained my body and my senses. My father was killed for not throwing the fight by The Kingpin when The Kingpin was one of Fallon's men. Fallon was also known as The Fixer. Fallon died in prison of kidney failure. His arresting officer Captain Benjamin Affleck served with Stick in the chaste. The Kingpin bribed many local cops and 5 others were with him and one of them was Purple Man and one of his minions. They are all in prison now. I am Daredevil." Louis: "When we were in training as junior cops we had some martial arts training by Stick." Matt: "Stick and I together brought down Fallon's goons." Omar: "We are helping out Internal Affairs route out corruption. Nick Manolis's officers couldn't even be trusted." Matt: "I one time tried to drive the car of Robert McKenzie. I handcuffed him to his car. I never had driving experience really before. I never applied for a driver's license. I have a non driver ID. I found out that Officer McKenzie had a pacemaker. I can detect lies by a heartbeat. Elektra's mother was killed by a member of The Hand. Elektra killed Kirigi. His father was Roshi the leader. Stick and I fought him on the statue of liberty. Stick and I fought his council that were the bosses. Stick became leader of the Chaste when he started training me with martial arts and then Roshi killed the old leader of the Hand to take leadership. Stick went into competition with Roshi since then during the war."


Later on at Madison Square Garden at night time. There is Daredevil fighting some Kingpin thugs. Daredevil uses his billy club that knocks guns out of their hands. Daredevil kicks a Kingpin thug in the chest knocking him down. Daredevil throws punches and kicks on some other thugs. Daredevil runs into Turk again. Daredevil is talking to Turk. Daredevil: "I need more information Turk." Turk: "The Kingpin is connected to street gangs as we know. Nuke is still out there. You have taken down Purple Man twice. You are going to have to stop The Kingpin from telling the public who you really are." Daredevil: "I am Matt Murdock. Kingpin killed my father. I have been in the way of The Kingpin's gang since then." Turk: "Nuke is a former US Army officer. His real name is Agent Simpson."

Later at the police station. Rosanna, Louis and Omar are being wired by Nick Manolis. They walk down the halls of police headquarters. Manolis: "You are going to need to get to The Kingpin of crime. His real name is Wilson Fisk. I got out and freed Wesley his assistant. I arrested Wesley for the murder of Lisa Tazio a call girl."

On gang turf at night time in New York City. There are several young men and women who are white, Latino, black and Asian. The 3 undercover cops Louis, Omar and Rosanna are there too. They walk down the streets of Manhattan. Gang Member #1: "Are you ready to meet the big boss? He is The Kingpin." Rosanna: "I heard that The Kingpin knows who Daredevil really is." Gang Member #2: "Kingpin hasn't yet told us Daredevil's true identity." Gang Member #3: "What's your names?" Rosanna: "Rosanna." Omar: "Omar." Louis: "My name is Louis."

At the Fisk tower there is The Kingpin who meets with the 3 who he thinks are new recruits. There's Wesley with the 3 new recruits. Wesley Owen Welch has the 3 who are undercover cops. Wesley brings them to The Kingpin. Wesley: "Mr. Fisk. Those are your 3 new recruits. Rosanna. Omar. Louis." Kingpin: "Send them in." Omar: "You are The Kingpin then. I heard that Daredevil brought you down." Louis: "I also heard that you know who he is." Kingpin: "Daredevil is Matt Murdock the blind lawyer from Hell's Kitchen. I had once got beaten by a blind man." Rosanna: "I heard that you declared yourself The Kingpin after your boss arrested and you bribed the cop.." Kingpin: "Daredevil is born again. I was working for Fallon. After Fallon went to prison on racketeering charges he wasn't willing to give me up. Neither were my 2 accomplices. Fallon died of kidney failure 10 years later. Purple Man who now answers to me after Fallon was taken down hired The Hand to kill Daredevil. Daredevil and Stick defeated the Hand and then Stick killed Master Roshi."


The next day at the office of Murdock and Nelson. There is the 3 undercover amateur cops. Matt Murdock is there with Foggy Nelson. Foggy: "Have you met with The Kingpin yet?" Rosanna: "Yes." Matt: "The Kingpin better not reveal Daredevil's true identity yet." Louis: "He hasn't."

Later on the streets the gang members are at their turf along with the 3 undercover cops. Daredevil is hiding somewhere out there. He is listening to conversations. Nick Manolis is out in a van listening too with the help of Internal Affairs. Gang Member #4: "The Kingpin will soon tell the world that Daredevil is the blind lawyer from Hell's Kitchen. We all together helped Wesley Owen Welch and Wilson Fisk escape from prison." Louis: "The truth about me, Omar and Rosanna are that we are NY PD working for the police." Omar: "You are all under arrest." Gang Member #5: "Let's kick their butts." Rosanna: "We were trained by Stick." The gang members make the move to attack them with baseball bats and chains. The 3 youths get into hand to hand fights with the gangs. Daredevil shows up. Nick Manolis comes out with his gun drawn. A helicopter is in the sky carrying Nuke and his sidekick that is piloting the helicopter. Daredevil is fighting with the gangs too using his billy clubs. A helicopter shoots and Manolis's SWAT team is in a gun fight with the chopper as Nuke gets off. Nuke fires on Nick Manolis and Daredevil with his machine gun. Daredevil goes after Nuke with the help of Nick Manolis. Nuke: "Die you 2. Give me a blue." Nuke shoots a blue pill. Daredevil: "Stay back for safety." They avoid the blast. Manolis: "Put down the gun down and I won't have to kill you."

Over to the SWAT team vs. Nuke's sidekick. Nuke's sidekick comes out of the helicopter and gives up. Helicopter Pilot: "I give up." SWAT team member #1: "Get down on your knees and put your hands on your head."

Nuke fires on Daredevil and Nick Manolis as they run after him. Nick fires back. Nick and Daredevil have each other's backs. Daredevil: "Give yourself up Agent Simpson." In the gun fight Nick Manolis shoots Nuke in the chest and Daredevil with Nick Manolis gets to Nuke. Manolis: "You are under arrest." Nuke dies within a matter of seconds. Daredevil: "He's dead." Nick and his SWAT team go over to the gang members as the 3 under cover cops are fighting them with martial arts moves that they had learned from Stick. The SWAT team with Nick Manolis aim their guns at the gang members. Daredevil goes off after The Kingpin. Manolis: "Where are you going Daredevil?" Daredevil: "I am going to get The Kingpin and his assistant who murdered the hooker."

Somewhere in the Fisk tower Daredevil shows up and ‘sees' Wesley Owen Welch. Daredevil runs after Wesley. Daredevil: "You must be Wesley Owen Welch who murdered a hooker and framed Daunte Jackson." Wesley: "You again Daredevil." Wesley takes off. Daredevil shoots his grappling hook from his billy club as Wesley is running and hits him with it and knocks him down. Daredevil: "Stay there Wesley." Daredevil runs into The Kingpin. Daredevil goes to stop Kingpin from revealing to the public that he is blind lawyer Matt Murdock. Daredevil and The Kingpin go to beat each other up hand to hand. Daredevil: "I am bringing you down Kingpin." Kingpin: "Stick was butting in my business when I brought back Purple Man. I took over when Fallon was taken down by a cop who was in the chaste fighting the war against the Hand ." Kingpin throws a punch on Daredevil. Daredevil punches back. Daredevil: "You will pay for killing my father years ago." Daredevil throws some kicks on The Kingpin. Kingpin punches back. Kingpin: "You will die." Daredevil with his Billy club knocks out The Kingpin. He takes The Kingpin's cane again and strikes him with it. Daredevil: "You were beaten by a blind man twice. You are going back to Ryker's Island. You and Wesley stay here un till the police come." Daredevil leaves Wilson Fisk and Wesley Owen Welch to be taken away by police. The police come and take away Wilson Fisk and Wesley Owen Welch.

In the streets of New York the next day. There is Foggy Nelson walking to work with Matt Murdock and Karen Page. Foggy: "The 3 undercover cops again helped bring down The Kingpin again." Matt: "I believe that the cops taking bribes from The Kingpin have also been fired."

At night time on the streets of New York City. The 3 young cops (Rosanna, Omar and Louis) see Daredevil. Rosanna: "Those cops connected to The Kingpin have been arrested. Detective Manolis had them fired." Daredevil goes out and swings away.