Daredevil 3: Man Without Fear




In the day time. Somewhere on the streets of New York City. There is The Owl with his thugs. They are all gathered up. Owl: "The Kingpin runs the crime in New York City. We want to throw him out and take over his turf. We could hire Typhoid Mary and Bullseye." All of Owl's thugs: "Yeah!" Sometime earlier Kingpin and his assistant who's initials spell the word ‘wow' broke out of prison with a local street gang. They had gotten back together. Bullseye has also gotten out of prison. Over this time Bullseye had betrayed the Kingpin.


At the headquarters of The Kingpin. There is The Kingpin in his office with Wesley Owen Welch. Wesley: "A man named The Owl with his gang want to kill you all. They want to throw you out and take over." Kingpin: "Also Bullseye has betrayed me. The Owl is Leland Owsley." The Owl had started a turf war.


In an alley at night time. There is Turk and Grotto. Daredevil is swinging by. Daredevil jumps in. Daredevil: "I need information." Turk: "The Kingpin got out of jail again and a war will come." Grotto: "A man named The Owl started the war. His real name is Leland Owsley." Daredevil: "He's the client who I couldn't represent. I detected something suspicious about him." Turk: "They had also brought back a hit man named Bullseye." Daredevil: "I defeated Bullseye at a church years ago. He killed the Greek Ambassador Nicolas Natchios." Grotto: "Elektra might be back in the city." Daredevil: "Our cop friends are now going to college. They are going to police training after college to become official officers." Daredevil leaves the alley.


At the post at night time. Ben Urich is at his office. Daredevil jumps in. Urich: "It's you Matt." Daredevil: "Turk and Grotto informed me that a villain who calls himself The Owl has brought back Bullseye. They are going to fight The Kingpin in a turf war." Daredevil leaves the post.


Somewhere else in Manhattan the next few days there is Elektra. She is carrying a pair of sais. Elektra had heard somewhere in the post that Bullseye and The Kingpin are both back in New York City. Elektra: "You'll pay for my father killed years ago Kingpin!" Elektra walks down the streets of New York City.


Somewhere else in New York City. There is Owl and his thugs. Bullseye comes back. Owl: "You are the best assassin. I hired you to kill The Kingpin. I'll take his place then. He has people in his gang. We can take them out. This is war." Bullseye: "I'll kill Daredevil. He makes me miss and I never miss. I got shot through the hands by a cop years ago." Owl: "Maybe with me as your employer you will be able to kill Daredevil." Bullseye had done some time in prison after he was in the hospital.


In the office of Murdock and Nelson. Matt Murdock is with Foggy Nelson in their office. Matt: "Did you hear the news?" Foggy: "Yeah. Kingpin got out of prison again. A man named Owl is trying to kill The Kingpin. They started a war." Matt: "Daredevil with Detective Manolis will try to stop it together." Karen walks into the office. She is still a perky blonde hair babe. Karen: "You have a new client." Someone had just hired Matt Murdock and Franklin Nelson for lawyers.


Somewhere else in the city. On the streets of New York City. There is Elektra walking down the street. She runs into some gang members. A female and a few other males. Female Gang Member #1: "Hey. You must be the daughter of the Greek Ambassador Nikolas Natchios." Elektra: "That I am." Male Gang Member #1: "Let's go kick her butt." They pull chains and baseball bats on Elektra. They come up to her. The female throws a punch onto Elektra. Elektra high kicks the female thug. Others come up swinging chains as Elektra roundhouse kicks a male thug. Elektra fights the rest hand to hand. She strikes them back with their own weapons. She kicks their butt. Elektra incapacitates those thugs.


Another place in Hell's Kitchen. There is The Owl's thugs with The Kingpin's gang members with guns drawn. Many men and women thugs are at war with each other. Some others are being killed out there. 2 Owl thugs are being killed. Many of The Kingpin's gang members are being killed out there. It's a war zone. Some of the Kingpin's gang members survive. They betray their dead friends and come work for The Owl. Surviving Kingpin Thug #1: "We'd like to join The Owl. We give up on the rest of you." Owl Thug #1: "The Owl would gladly hire you if you betray The Kingpin." Surviving Kingpin Thug #2: "We would gladly betray The Kingpin."


Later on At the Fisk tower outside there is Owl with Bullseye. Owl: "Be careful. The Kingpin has security." Bullseye: "I got passed a guard once to get into The Kingpin's office." They go into The Fisk tower. Inside there is armed security who shoot at Bullseye. Bullseye throws some staples and paper clips into them. They go up to The Kingpin's office. The Owl dive attacks other security officers.


At the office of The Kingpin. Wesley is there with Wilson Fisk. Wesley: "There's been a problem." Kingpin: "My gang members that survived the war betrayed me." Wesley: "Correct." Kingpin: "I am retiring as The Kingpin of crime." The Owl and Bullseye comes in. They take out more security. Bullseye takes out a sharpened Cray Crayon. It's red as for blood. Bullseye throws the Crayola Crayon into Wesley's neck. Wesley falls dead. Kingpin: "Bullseye." Bullseye: "Kingpin. You will die." Kingpin: "You got passed my security again. You have failed me to kill Daredevil. Elektra is still alive." Bullseye takes out a pen from Wesley's dead body. He throws it into The Kingpin into his body. Owl: "We'll have my men take Fisk's dead body and throw it into the Hudson River. I am the new kingpin of crime." The Owl gets to The Kingpin's desk.


Later on by the Statue of Liberty. The Kingpin's body was thrown into the river by The Owl's henchmen. Elektra is jumping by the Statue of Liberty. The Kingpin gets out of the water. The Kingpin is at the top of the Statue of Liberty. Elektra: "You had my father killed years ago." Kingpin: "Your father betrayed me. He was going to get me arrested." Elektra: "You will die for having my father killed. You thought that I was dead. I was rescued." Kingpin: "Typhoid Mary. You thought that she was dead. You are dead wrong. She still lives." Elektra: "I'll kill you now. I came back to take down Bullseye." Elektra with her sai stabs The Kingpin in the back. She kicks him knocking him out of the statue of Liberty.


In Bogota, Columbia. There is the hut of the Chaste. There is Paul an Asian in the Chaste with Claw and Shaft (Paul is the Asian in the one of the deleted scenes in the Elektra movie). Abby Miller is there too now 19 years old. There are also several members of the Chaste there. They are working on their fighting skills. Shaft: "You Abby will be going back to school. You will soon learn to jump buildings." Abby: "I got suspended from school for sticking glue in another girl's shoe and then expelled for fighting. When I was 12 years old I was caught chewing bubble gum in class when I blew my bubble 6 inches and it popped around my mouth. I got in trouble for that." Claw: "Elektra killed The Kingpin of crime from New York City. She stabbed him with her sais. Kingpin was responsible for the murder of Green ambassador Nikolas Natchios. Bullseye did the work for him and then Elektra tried to kill Bullseye. Bullseye killed Elektra. She's back now." Abby leaves with Claw and Shaft.


Later on Master Roshi shows up there. Paul approaches Master Roshi. Paul: "I thought that you were dead Master Roshi when Stick knocked you off of the statue of liberty. Someone must've used kemogori." Roshi: "I never died when Stick knocked me off of the statue of liberty. I know that he's dead now and that man who killed Stick is in prison. I figured out kemogori. I will kill you now." Paul: "I'll stop you from bringing back the Hand Master Roshi." Roshi: "Stick absorbed the life out of my servant. I will kill you now." Master Roshi lays a kick on Paul. Paul kicks back. Paul fights Master Roshi in a martial arts fight. Master Roshi defeats Paul. Master Roshi breaks Paul's neck. Other members of The Chaste come after Master Roshi. Roshi: "Come and face me all of you. I will bring back my council." Master Roshi kicks some Chaste ninjas. One of the ninjas throws a punch at Master Roshi. Master Roshi throws Chaste ninjas into each other. Roshi: "If you all give up then I will spare your lives. The Chaste is no more." They all give up. Master Roshi then learns Kemogori.


Nearby the home of McCabe who was Elektra's employer in the woods. Green dust appears bringing back Stone and Kinkou. Stone: "It hurts to be hit on the head with a tree. It will be payback time for Elektra."


At the mansion of the Natchios family. Green dust appears at a well and in the bushes. Typhoid Mary and Tattoo along with their boss Kirigi also appear and come back to life. Typhoid Mary: "I killed that girl. I assume that she's back." Kirigi: "We must all go back to my father. He has taken the power of kemogori."


Days later. There is Master Roshi at his headquarters. There are all those he brought back. There is also Kirigi, Stone, Typhoid Mary, Tattoo and Kinkou. They are all brought back. Roshi: "You have all been brought back. You can all kill this Elektra Natchios. Also there is Daredevil. I faced him on the statue of liberty. Then I fought Stick. Stick knocked me off and thought that I was dead. I have done business with this Kingpin of crime Wilson Fisk. One of those working for him who is now in prison called Purple Man has killed Stick. I broke up The Chaste. You Stone and Kinkou and Tattoo will go to New York City. There is also Black Widow against us. You Kirigi will go to San Francisco with Typhoid Mary and a handful of ninjas." Kirigi and his minions leave.


Later on at night time in New York City. There is Daredevil swinging by. He goes in search for Bullseye and The Owl. Daredevil jumps by a place in Manhattan. Daredevil winds up nearby the museum of natural history. Bullseye is hiding some where there. Nick Manolis and his officers have been going after Bullseye. Daredevil runs into Bullseye somewhere at this museum. Bullseye: "Hey Devil. I will kill you this time." Daredevil: "Bullseye. You are back." Bullseye: "Yeah. Now the Owl runs all the crime in New York City." Daredevil: "After I take you down I am taking down the Owl." Bullseye pulls out more starts. Bullseye: "I won't miss this time." Daredevil has his billy clubs out. Bullseye throws a star and Daredevil blocks it with his billy club. Bullseye: "I missed again." Bullseye throws stars again. Daredevil blocks them with his billy club. Bullseye starts running. Daredevil goes in pursuit of Bullseye visualizing him on a sonar scan. Daredevil is somewhere else on the campus of the Museum of Natural History. They get into a hand to hand fight. They are beating each other up. Daredevil: "Elektra is back." Bullseye: "I'll kill her again. I didn't kill The Kingpin. I thought that I did. I believe that Elektra killed him for her father." Daredevil: "And I am taking you back down." Bullseye kicks Daredevil. Daredevil throws his billy club onto the target tattooed on Bullseye's forehead. Daredevil throws punches on Bullseye. Somewhere else on the campus Nick Manolis and his officers show up in their squad cars. The cops all get out of their squad cars. Daredevil defeats Bullseye. The cops aim their guns at Bullseye. Daredevil: "Hey Nick. Did you catch The Owl yet?" Manolis: "No." Daredevil goes and swings out.


Out on the streets of San Francisco in the day time. On a cable car. On the cable car there is Kirigi with thugs of his. They hold people hostage with swords. Kirigi: "Everyone this is a hijacking." One of the members of The Hand with his sword threatens the cable car driver. Kirigi: "I'll disappear when we hit our stop. Anyone who tries to stop me is dead." They get to somewhere in San Francisco. The Hand's leader goes over to the engineer. Kirigi: "I get off right here with my staff." The Hand gets off.


Somewhere else in San Francisco there is Shaft hanging out somewhere. Typhoid Mary shows up. Shaft sees Typhoid Mary. Shaft: "Typhoid Mary. I thought that you were dead. You fought Elektra." Typhoid Mary: "I came back just like Kirigi has been. We were resurrected by Master Roshi. Stick thought to have killed Master Roshi." They draw their swords. Shaft fights Typhoid Mary in sword fight. Shaft gets the typhoid disease when fighting Typhoid Mary. Typhoid Mary: "You should die now and never come back. You have the disease that I gave you." Shaft: "I'll kill you right here right now." Shaft tries to get back up. Typhoid Mary with her sword cuts up Shaft. Shaft dies. Typhoid Mary throws down her sword. Typhoid Mary: "I'm out of here."


Later on Black Widow with Claw and Stone swing by. They find Shaft dead. Black Widow: "Shaft. Who do you think did this?" Stone: "I think that it might've been a member of The Hand or Kirigi himself." Claw: "The Hand dies and comes back to life. They just can't stay dead." Stone: "Since Stick was killed by a small time mobster named Purple Man I became the new leader of The Chaste." Black Widow: "I see trouble coming." Stone: "The Hand. I once worked for The Hand. Elektra killed me and very recently Daredevil converted me over to your side. I came to here. Shaft was our new leader after the death of Stick." Black Widow: "I am on an assignment for the gang of ninja criminals." Some other members of The Hand show up. They battle with Black Widow, Stone and Claw. Claw fights some Hand Ninjas with his claw. Stone fights with a sword. Black Widow with her wrist guns shoots some ninja with swords who attack. Stone cuts up some ninjas. Stone: "Stay dead this time." All those ninjas are defeated.


Somewhere else in the streets of San Francisco. There are 3 assassins there. One of them worked for Eddie Fallon back then and was one of those first criminals hunted down by Matt Murdock/Daredevil named Slade (this is the thug played by Kane Hodder in the Daredevil movie). Stone: "They are 3 who were just recently recruited by Master Roshi. One of them was a thug named Slade. Who worked for The Fixer back in New York City. Those 2 others worked for The Fixer too." Black Widow: "How can you tell?" Stone: "That's because I was with the Hand and Master Roshi told me. Master Roshi is somewhere back into New York City." Black Widow fights one. Stone fights one. Claw fights one. One of them with a blade slices at Claw. Claw stabs him in the chest. This assassin falls dead. Stone in a sword fight kills another assassin. Slade: "I joined as a Hand assassin just as I got out of prison. I know that you are the ex-girlfriend of Matt Murdock the son of the late Jack Murdock who was owned by Fallon." Black Widow fights using martial arts with Slade who was an accomplice to the murder of Jack "The Devil" Murdock. Black breaks Slade's neck. Black Widow: "I am CIA trained. I know how to break necks.


Black Widow with Stone and Shaft walk down the streets of San Francisco. They run into Kirigi with more the Hand members who helped him hijack a cable car. Stone: "Kirigi." Kirigi: "Stone. Kill those 3." The 3 use their weapons on Kirigi's henchmen. Black Widow shoots them. Claw and Stone stab and cut them. Black Widow goes face to face with Kirigi as Stone and Claw are battling the rest of Kirigi's henchmen. Black Widow: "You 2 finish off the rest. I'll take Kirigi." Black Widow goes up to face Kirigi. Kirigi: "You must be ready to die Russian babe." Black Widow: "You are going to be the one to die." Black Widow fights Kirigi in a martial arts fight. They beat each other up. Kirigi: "I'll come back if you kill me." Black Widow does a good kick on The Hand's leader. Black widow pulls out a gun on The Hand's leader. She shoots him a few times as Stone and Claw finish off with the rest of Kirigi's thugs. Black Widow: "Die and stay dead." They regroup. Stone, Claw and Black Widow go out on the hunt for Typhoid Mary. Stone: "We have got to get Typhoid Mary." Black Widow: "We'll have to find her first."


5 days later at an airport. Stone and Claw see Black Widow. Stone: "So Typhoid Mary is in New York City?" Black Widow: "My director told me that she is. I am going there to catch her." Stone: "Some of the members of The Hand were working for a mobster named Eddie Fallon in New York City. Daredevil and Stick defeated them together before they were working for The Hand. Kirigi got came back to life with me. We were resurrected by Roshi. Stick before he died thought to have killed Master Roshi. He's back in New York City." Black Widow: "I think that a man named Wilson Fisk calling himself The Kingpin of crime killed Eddie Fallon." Claw: "This is when Stick with Matt Murdock together defeated Fallon's thugs and his body guard named Slade. We heard that The Kingpin killed Fallon. Me or Shaft or Stone didn't fight his gang. Stick did when he was training martial arts to Matt Murdock." They had found out that Typhoid Mary is going to New York City and is looking for work there. Black Widow gets onto her plane for New York City. Stone and Claw watch the plane take off.

Over this time Typhoid Mary is coming into New York City. Black Widow is going after Typhoid Mary on her CIA mission. Black Widow is back in New York City.

Later on at the office of The Owl. There is the Owl in his office. One of his men brings Mr. Fear and Typhoid Mary in. The Owl had gotten Mr. Fear out of prison. Mr. Fear: "I was another one who worked for Eddie Fallon. I betrayed The Kingpin. I can put fear in Daredevil." Typhoid Mary: "Elektra had thought that she had killed me a couple of years ago. She was wrong. I am Typhoid Mary. When I was a woman working for Eddie Fallon Daredevil in another costume knocked me out of a window." Owl: "You are officially hired Mr. Fear and Typhoid Mary." Mr. Fear and Typhoid Mary feel welcome into The Owl's office.


Somewhere on the streets of New York City. Daredevil is swinging out on patrol. He runs into Black Widow. Black Widow: "I am here to pursue Typhoid Mary. She killed Shaft. Elektra Natchios thought that she had killed her. 3 of the men in your father's mob joined the Hand. Master Roshi might be targeting Turk and Grotto who give you information. I killed a thug named Slade who was an accomplice to The Kingpin in killing your father." Daredevil: "The Kingpin was killed by Elektra Natchios. Nikolas Natchios was killed for his betrayal over the Kingpin." The swing out in Manhattan.

There's a jewelry store robbery in Manhattan in the day time. The men have no connection to The Owl. They are against the Owl. Jewel Thief #1: "Everyone get down or die."

Daredevil is swinging down Hell's Kitchen and detects on his radar sense that a jewelry store is being robbed.

Daredevil comes in and battles the robbers with his billy club knocking knives and clubs out of their hands. Chief Robber: "Who are you?" Daredevil: "I am Daredevil." Daredevil in a martial arts fight battles the chief robber.


Outside Nick Manolis shows up and arrests the gang of jewel thieves. The cops come in with guns drawn as Daredevil leaves. Manolis (to the jewel thieves): "You are all under arrest."

Somewhere else in Hell's Kitchen in the daytime in a nearby alley. Daredevil is interrogating Turk and Grotto about something going on with the Owl. Daredevil: "I need name of Mr. Fear's new employer. Who is replacing the Kingpin?" Turk: "The Owl is putting together criminals and is starting a war." Grotto: "The Owl has hired Typhoid Mary. You have gotten Bullseye but not Typhoid Mary. She was thought to be dead. Mary Walker. You once by accident knocked her out of a window when you were going after Gladiator." Turk: "The Kingpin is still alive. He's in Japan. He has retired." Grotto: "The Owl is starting a war. Mr. Fear is now one of those thugs that you didn't captured years ago who worked for Eddie Fallon." Turk: "Also The Hand is joining forces with The Owl and his gang. Master Roshi has brought back The Hand. Black Widow killed Kirigi over to there. Elektra's mother was killed by Kirigi and The Kingpin knew too that Kirigi was the one who murdered the wife of Greek Ambassador Nikolas Natchios." Daredevil: "I converted Stone to the good side. He was on an assignment to kill you." Grotto: "Master Roshi has also brought back Tattoo and Kinkou. They were killed by Elektra too." Daredevil leaves and swings in Hell's Kitchen.


Flashing back to when Master Roshi has brought back The Hand. At the headquarters of The Hand back in Japan. There is Roshi on the roof top. With him are Stone, Tattoo and Kinkou. There are other Hand ninjas with those 3 assassins. Roshi: "Typhoid Mary with my son Kirigi have left to San Francisco. The rest of us go to New York City. We have Black Widow on my tale. I have Typhoid Mary and Kirigi with 3 new recruits and a squad of ninjas there to kill Black Widow. I survived my fall off of the statue of liberty when Stick defeated me. Stick is dead and he thought that I was dead too." Tattoo: "With those animals coming off of my body I could kill Elektra." Roshi: "There is Daredevil who I dealt with years ago. There are 2 reformed crooks named Turk and Grotto who give information to Daredevil. Go kill them before Daredevil ever gets to me. He might've thought that I was dead when Stick knocked me off of the statue of liberty." Master Roshi with the rest of the hand leaves the office and head to New York City.


In New York City at night time at Josie's bar. Outside there is Turk and Grotto. They are walking down the street. Daredevil shows up and approaches Turk and Grotto. Daredevil: "I am here to protect you 2. I suspect that The Hand is targeting you 2." Turk: "The Hand. I heard of this legend. This must be to why the Kingpin kills his victim's entire family." Daredevil: "What's happening?" Grotto: "We don't know yet but I suspect that something is wrong." Stone and Kinkou appear. Stone: "You must be Daredevil." Daredevil: "I am." Kinkou: "You will die man without fear." Daredevil pulls out his billy clubs. He throws his onto Stone. Nothing happens. Stone: "I am a stone person. That's whey they call me Stone." Kinkou throws some punches onto Daredevil. Daredevil throws a kick onto Kinkou. Kinkou kicks back. Daredevil throws some punches back. Daredevil: "Get out of here Turk and Grotto. They'll kill you if you don't leave." The 2 former small time hoods leave the place. Kinkou is beating up on Daredevil. Kinkou: "You are supposed to kill those 2 informants to Daredevil." Kinkou pulls a knife on Daredevil. Stone comes up to Kinkou and grabs him. Kinkou: "What are you doing Stone? If you betrayed us you will die." Stone breaks Kinkou's back and drops him to the ground. Daredevil: "Why did you help me?" Stone: "I want to join the Chaste. I have decided to repent for the evil that I have done and fight against the rest of the Hand. Others are in California targeting Black Widow. I'll go over to there and stop Kirigi." Daredevil: "I'll hunt down any of The Hand here in New York City." Stone: "I was killed and then brought back by Master Roshi. I'll go to California." Stone and Daredevil leave the place.


At the building that used is owned by Wilson Fisk (AKA The Kingpin) The Owl is talking to Mr. Fear and Typhoid Mary. Mr. Fear and Typhoid Mary has also betrayed The Kingpin. Mr. Fear: "Years ago I worked for a man named Eddie Fallon. They called him The Fixer. He died at the hands of The Kingpin." Owl: "Typhoid Mary. Mr. Fear. You 2 can put fear into Daredevil. Go kill him. I want him dead." The Owl sends Mr. Fear and Typhoid Mary out in the city.


The next day at the office of Murdock and Nelson there is Turk and Grotto who are going to testify against this Mr. Fear. Karen Page is in the office. Karen Page is chewing pink bubble gum and is blowing bubbles and she sucks one back into her mouth. She is then chewing her gum. She blows one that pops and lands on her nose. Grotto: "Mr. Murdock. This new so called Mr. Fear was once working for Eddie Fallon The Fixer. Your father's fight manager for his comeback." In the background Karen Page blows another bubble with her gum up to her nose and sucks it back into her mouth. Matt: "10 years after my father was killed when I graduated college I was heading to law school. I went after Fallon and his gang. Fallon was found dead by Captain Affleck. There were others who worked for Fallon that I didn't get. Purple Man. Purple Man's assistant. Stilt Man and Mr. Fear. Kingpin after the death of Fallon recruited new criminals." Turk: "I've heard something about it. Mr. Fear is leading a drug deal on the pier."



Later on at a pier there is Mr. Fear with many of the Owl's men. There's a drug deal going on. Nick Manolis shows up with many of his officers. The cops all have their guns drawn. Ben Urich shows up in a mustang and he shows his ID to Nick Manolis. Urich: "I'm here to get a story." Manolis: "This is a cocaine bust." Manolis and his officers flash lights on the narcotic dealing gang. Manolis: "NY PD. You are all under arrest. Get those hands up or we will be forced to open fire." They open fire on Manolis and his officers. The cops fire back. Manolis kills a drug thug that fires on him. A few others are killed in the gun fight. Daredevil and Black Widow show up. A bunch of men open fire on Daredevil and Black Widow. Daredevil throws his billy club on the rest of the gang and Black Widow takes out a thug. Daredevil and Black Widow run into Mr. Fear. Black Widow: "Mr. Fear." Daredevil fights with Mr. Fear. Mr. Fear: "Stick. He must've helped you take down Fallon and his gang. You must be the guy with this man named Stick." Daredevil: "Stick is dead. He was killed by Purple Man." Mr. Fear throws Daredevil and Black Widow into the water and gets away as Nick Manolis is going after him. Daredevil is rescued by Nick Manolis. Manolis: "What happened to this Mr. Fear?" Daredevil: "He got away. I have the Owl to catch along with Mr. Fear. Turk and Grotto told me." Black Widow: "I'm after Typhoid Mary for an assassination attempt. She is working for The Owl. She was once killed by Elektra and then brought back by Master Roshi." Daredevil and Black Widow swing away.

Later on the next day at the office of The Owl there's the meeting with The Owl and Mr. Fear. Mr. Fear is standing in the office while The Owl is sitting at his desk. Owl: "Mr. Fear. What happened with the bust? I am more powerful than the Kingpin. I hope that Daredevil is dead." Mr. Fear: "The Kingpin is in Japan. He retired. He isn't dead like you thought. I through Daredevil and this woman who calls herself Black Widow into the water." Owl: "Get me the remnants of The Hand. Call to Master Roshi."


The next morning Matt Murdock is walking with Karen Page to Jo's Café. They are having breakfast there with Foggy Nelson. Natasha Romania is there too. Karen: "So tell us about yourself Ms. Romanovia." Natasha: "I'm from San Francisco. I was Matt Murdock's girlfriend when he was attending law school. I even gave him rides to school." Foggy: "Matt was never able to drive because he is blind. She and I used to give him rides back then too." Natasha: "I am CIA. I am here to catch Typhoid Mary for someone who she killed. She killed a man named Shaft.. She is doing a job for The Owl. She has been thought to be dead." Matt: "I heard about Daredevil and Black Widow taking out several men on the docks in a drug bust." Natasha: "This Mr. Fear is someone dressed sinister. Typhoid Mary has half of her face painted white." They get up and leave the place.


Somewhere else at office at Post headquarters is Ben Urich typing up the story on Mr. Fear at the docks on a drug ring.


At The Owl's office. There is the Owl with The Hand's remains. There is Master Roshi with Typhoid Mary. Owl: "Master Roshi. I understand that recently you were betrayed by Stone and that Turk and Grotto have been saved by Daredevil." Roshi: "Yes. Elektra was to kill the Millers. For the failure by the 2 ninjas of mine I have sent my son with 4 more assassins. Elektra killed them all. I brought them back. They died again. Typhoid Mary here is back." Typhoid Mary: "After I kill Daredevil and Black Widow I will kill Elektra next. Here's the remaining ninjas of our's." Roshi: "With them dead and Stone and Claw dead I will bring back my son Kirigi and Kinku we will kill the heroes. I have Tattoo by my side." An animal comes out of Tattoo on his body. It's a wolf. The wolf goes back in. Owl: "Impressive. You don't have an owl tattooed on yourself. I act like an owl and that's how I got my name." Roshi: "I'll split up with Typhoid Mary just as me and Tattoo with our left over ninjas and council members hunt down Daredevil. Also hunt down Turk and Grotto who give the information to Daredevil. Then no more of the Chaste. They won the war against us by Stick and Shaft are dead." Owl: "Go kill Daredevil and his 2 informants. Typhoid Mary will hunt down Black Widow." The Hand leaves Owl's office.


Later on Daredevil swings down Times Square. Hoodlum #1:"The Owl has our backs. Those women are pretty." They go up to them. 3 men are grabbing 3 lovely young woman that they like. Hoodlum #2: "Hey pretty lady." Hoodlum #3: "You women are so pretty!" Women victim #1: "Help!" Daredevil finds these 3 hoodlums. Daredevil: "Leave those young women alone. They are good women." A hood attacks Daredevil and Daredevil high kicks that hood. Daredevil battles 2 more with his hands and feet. Woman victim #3: "Thank you Daredevil." Daredevil: "Go call the police. I have to save more people." Daredevil swings as these lovely young women walk down Times Square. Daredevil goes over to an alley.


In an alley. There is Turk and Grotto. Daredevil appears on them. Daredevil: "You 2 are in danger. The Hand is after you now." Turk: "I could team with you Daredevil." Grotto: "We have knives." Turk and Grotto draw their knives. Daredevil: "It's your choice. I wanted you 2 to stay out of it." Turk: "I know that you are blind. I heard that you defeated the big boss in the Hand." Daredevil: "I fought him. He defeated me and tried to kill me. He fought Stick next and Stick defeated him." Roshi and his ninjas appear. Daredevil pulls out his billy clubs. Daredevil fights with Hand thugs again. Roshi: "We meet again Daredevil. My son was brought back to life by me. I survived my defeat at the hands of Stick." Daredevil: "I will take you down right here right now. I thought that you died Roshi when Stick defeated you at the Statue of Liberty." Daredevil fights some ninjas martial arts style. Daredevil is beating up on the Hand thugs. Turk and Grotto kill some ninjas carrying swords with their switch blades. Roshi: "Tattoo. Deal with Daredevil himself." Tattoo sends out a tiger from his chest. Daredevil radar scans for Tattoo. He visualizes the tiger. Daredevil shoots the tiger with a grappling hook from his billy club. Tattoo next sends snakes out of his body. Daredevil throws the billy club into Tattoo's face. Daredevil and Tattoo run up to each other. Turk and Grotto are fighting the rest of the ninjas in blade fights. Grotto: "We got your back Daredevil." Daredevil and Tattoo beat each other up. Daredevil and Tattoo fighting each other. Turk and Grotto shoot and kill Tattoo. Tattoo vaporizes as do the ninjas killed by Turk and Grotto. Grotto picks up a ninja's sword to finish off with the remaining ninjas.



Roshi vanishes as Daredevil radar scans for him. Roshi double kicks Turk and Grotto knocking them down. Daredevil runs up to Master Roshi. Master Roshi lays a kick on Daredevil pushing him aside. Roshi bangs Turk and Grotto into each other. Daredevil: "Come and face me Roshi." Roshi: "I will exactly. After I kill you I kill Turk and Grotto." Master Roshi throws a punch onto Daredevil. Daredevil kicks Master Roshi in the stomach. Daredevil throws some punches onto Master Roshi's face. Master Roshi throws Daredevil to the ground. Roshi goes for a sword from one of his dead ninjas. Roshi: "Now Daredevil. You and your 2 friends here will die." Turk and Grotto get back up. Daredevil pulls out picks up a sword from a dead hand ninja. Roshi and Daredevil are sword fighting each other. Daredevil slices down Roshi head of the Hand. Daredevil gets back up. Turk: "He should be dead now." Daredevil: "Good. Than no more of The Hand. Let's hope that they will stay dead for all time. I killed the leader." Grotto: "This man must've swam away when he fell to his doom and the Chaste thought that he was dead." Master Roshi vaporizes now. Turk: "I heard that the Hand is immortal. I never believed the legend in the battle between good and evil although we are 2 former two bit hoods." Daredevil with Turk and Grotto leave the alley. Daredevil: "Nick Manolis and his officers will take those men that I knocked unconscious."


Some time the next day there's Matt Murdock and Karen Page walking down Times Square on a night out when earlier in the day Matt: "Daredevil fought 3 hoodlums that are working for Owl. They attacked 3 women. Daredevil incapacitated them 3. Daredevil killed Roshi the leader of the Hand." Karen: "According to Turk and Grotto we should be able to bring fourth prosecution of The Owl and his crime syndicate." Matt Murdock is in love with Karen Page. They go to work. Foggy at the office. Matt and Karen get into the office. Karen gets to her desk. Foggy: "We have enough evidence to indict The Owl." Matt: "That's good." Foggy: "Matt. Are you taking Karen to Madison Square Garden at the ball?" Matt: "Most definitely yes."


There's a ball at Madison Square Garden in the hotel area. Matt Murdock goes with Karen Page. Matt dances with Karen. Foggy Nelson and reporter Ben Urich are there too. Urich: "I got the story that Daredevil is beat up on 3 street hoodlums. Do they have any connections to The Owl?" Foggy: "Yes. Daredevil even knocked them out. A patrolman brought them in." There's Mr. Fear without his costume and Leland Owsley (AKA The Owl). Foggy talks with Leland Owsley. Owsley: "It's me Leland Owsley. You remember me." Matt: "I don't recall you." Owsley: "I was looking for attorneys in Hell's Kitchen." Matt: "I don't represent you because I only take on innocent clients." Leland Owsley knows that Matt Murdock is the blind lawyer from Manhattan.



Later on at the ball The Owl talks to Mr. Fear. Owl: "Gather up who is left in our gang. We should have some fun." Matt Murdock sense something is wrong. Matt (to Karen): "Something has come up. I have to go." Matt Murdock transforms into Daredevil out of everyone's sight. Several men and a woman with guns burst in. Mr. Fear: "Everyone be cool. This is a robbery. If any of you try to stop us you will die." They are robbing people. A thug with a gun aims it at Ben Urich. Ben Urich informs this thug that he is a reporter working for The Post. Then Karen Page and Foggy Nelson are taken hostage. Black Widow and Daredevil burst in and everyone claps. Daredevil throws a billy club onto the gunmen holding Karen, Foggy and Urich hostage. The Owl disappears to somewhere in Manhattan. Daredevil with Black Widow battle with the rest of The Owl's thugs. Daredevil uses martial arts moves on the Owl's thugs. There's a female. Karen Page knocks that female thug out with a chair as she makes the move to attack Daredevil. Daredevil (to Karen): "Thank you." Daredevil tracks Mr. Fear on a radar scan. Daredevil: "Come out of hiding Mr. Fear." Daredevil and Black Widow chase Mr. Fear down the halls.

Daredevil and Mr. Fear battle it out. Black Widow battles Typhoid Mary. Typhoid Mary: "Black Widow. I'll be sure that I kill you." They beat each other up. Typhoid Mary tries to send a poison kiss to Black Widow. Black Widow defeats Typhoid Mary. Black Widow shoots and kills Typhoid Mary with the guns from around her wrists. Black Widow: "You're going to prison." Ben Urich goes to see what is going on to get a story. Typhoid Mary vaporizes. Urich: "Kick his butt Daredevil." Daredevil after this vicious battle defeats Mr. Fear. Daredevil and Black Widow go on the hunt for The Owl. Daredevil: "Nelson go call the police." Foggy: "Sure thing."



Out side on Times Square at a nearby ally are Turk and Grotto. They see The Owl. Owl: "You 2 men have been talking. The punishment for that is to be killed by my claws." They pull out their guns and the Owl dive bombs Turk and Grotto. The Owl swings his talons on the 2 former small time crooks. Daredevil butts in with Black Widow. Black Widow is knocked down by The Owl. Daredevil (to Black Widow): "Get Turk and Grotto to safety. I'll finish off The Owl." Daredevil battles The Owl. They beat each other up. Daredevil with a good round house kick defeats The Owl. Daredevil: "You'll be staying her un till the police come." Owl: "I'll be out and I will kill you. I'll bring back The Hand and you will pay for it." Daredevil swings out.

Later on The Owl defeated is arrested by Nick Manolis. Ben Urich is there too. Manolis: "Leland Owsley. You are under arrest." Owl: "I want my lawyer." Urich: "I am here to get a story. Did Daredevil kill the leader of The Hand?" Manolis: "He claims that he did. Grotto tells me that The Hand is no more. I brought in those Japanese Yakuza thugs. Turk is charged with illegally possessing fire arms as he is a convicted felon and Daredevil killed Roshi." The cops take The Owl away in handcuffs.

The next morning at a restaurant Foggy and Matt are eating breakfast with Karen Page at Jo's Cafe. Foggy: "Mr. Fear and the Owl are brought to justice by Daredevil and Black Widow." Matt: "Natasha should be coming shortly. She is heading back to San Francisco." Karen: "I am leaving. You have an opening for a new secretary in your office." They leave the restaurant.

The movie ends with Daredevil swinging out in the darkness.