Daredevil 4: Guardian Devil



At Eric Slaughter's turf. There is Eric Slaughter present. Also there is Paladin. Also there is Tsurayaba the new leader of the Hand. With him are American Samurai and Tekagi. Shotgun is also present. Eric Slaughter: "Wilson Fisk retired as the Kingpin of crime. I will in New York City take his place. Fisk killed Fallon years ago." Tsurayaba: "Daredevil  killed Master Roshi and than I declared myself the new leader of the Hand." American Samurai: "I have managed to raise many dead assassins for the Hand and Master Tsurayaba hired me." Tsurayaba: "Stone was part of the hand. Years ago he was killed by Kirigi one year before Stick with Claw and Shaft fought the Sewer King teaming with Daredevil. We brought Stone back to life and he joined with Kirigi." Eric Slaughter: "I am going with the Hand to New York City. Tekagi. Take a few ninjas with you and you could kill Skip Ash. He's a farmer with military training." They are going down to business. Eric Slaughter leaves the place with Tsurayaba and American Samurai with his band of ninjas.


In New York City the next day at the office of Murdock and Nelson. There are the 2 attorneys at their desk in the new office. The phone rings. It's General Skip Ash. They are talking. Skip Ash: "Matt Murdock. I know that you know Daredevil. The hand is targeting me. You once testified against mob boss Fallon but he won the court case right after the death of your father." Matt: "Yes. The cops took down Fallon on racketeering charges but he walked but 10 years later Wilson Fisk killed Fallon." Skip Ash: "My daughter Brandy 17 years old now just got her driver's license. I will have her drive you to my home. She has friends who know things about Eric Slaughter. Eric Slaughter was once trying to kill Fallon sometime after he got free and take over his turf." Matt: "I remember Eric Slaughter. I thought that he retired. He made an attempt on the Kingpin to kill him one year before I fought the Kingpin. He tried to kill Fallon when I was 13 years old."


On an animal farm in Lowville, New York. There is Skip Ash in his ranch. Also there is Marylyn Ash Skip's wife and Skip's teenage daughter Brandy Ash. Skip hangs up on the phone. Skip Ash: "Brandy. You are going to the homecoming dance. Bring Matt Murdock there. I lived in NYC years ago. Daredevil a year and a half before he brought down the Kingpin for the first time fought Eric Slaughter's gang. The Kingpin tried to kill Eric Slaughter years ago." Brandy takes her set of car keys and leaves the house. Skip has his shot gun pulled out.


Outside there are 3 hand ninjas hiding out there. Brandy goes over to her blue jeep. There are some hand ninjas that appear. Brandy drives off to New York City in her jeep. Hand ninjas show up. Skip aims his shot gun at the hand ninjas. Skip Ash: "Don't move. Get out of here now or I will kill you 3." 2 of them pull out their swords. Skip shoots and kills those 2 ninjas of the Hand. Another ninja pulls out his ninja stars. Skip next shoots down that ninja of the Hand. Tekagi shows up with another ninja. Tekagi: "He's the farmer with the military training. Kill him." One ninja pulls out a knife. Skip Ash shoots down that ninja. Tekagi takes a pitch fork from the farmer. Tekagi: "You'll die by your own pitch fork. You make dairy products. We'll kill you." Tekagi makes the move to stab Skip Ash with the pitch fork. Skip Ash shoots down and kills Tekagi. All those hand ninjas vaporize into green dust. Skip Ash: "I know about them. They must be the Hand."


In New York City. There is Brandy Ash driving by in her jeep. Matt Murdock is walking down the street. Maya Lopez walks by. Maya Lopez approaches Matt Murdock. Maya Lopez: "Are you Matt Murdock?" Matt: "Yes. You must be the daughter of George Lopez. I am working on the Eric Slaughter case." Maya Lopez: "I am Maya Lopez. I am going to testify against Eric Slaughter. He killed my father." Matt: "Your father must've been owned by Fallon years ago." Maya Lopez: "My father was working for Fallon just before a masked vigilante hunted down Fallon and his gang wearing black clothes." They meet. Brandy comes by Matt Murdock. Brandy Ash: "Matt. It's me Brandy. I just got my driver's license." Matt Murdock tapping his cane gets into Brandy's jeep. Brandy drives Matt off to Lowville, New York. Matt: "I was blind since I was 12 years old." Brandy Ash: "There's going to be a homecoming dance. I need to take you to there." Matt: "I like even walking to places myself. You could drive me to your school. I get around by cabs sometimes and sometimes the subway." Brandy Ash: "Have you ever in your life had a car? I would assume that you never in your life had a driver's license." Matt: "I never even had a car. I probably would've in my life had a driver's license if I was always sighted. If I get my sight back I don't even want to drive. My father years ago worked for a mob boss and I was to testify against him. Stick took down Fallon. Stick ended up going after Fallon and his gang as his friend Captain Affleck as an officer of the NY PD. Kingpin murdered Captain Affleck."


At the Ash farm in New York. Brandy drives to the house. She parks her jeep there. There are cows and horses and goats out there. Brandy and Matt get out of the jeep. They go into the house. Brandy Ash: "Mom. Dad. I have Mr. Murdock with me."


Somewhere else in New York City. There is Elektra there. Gladiator shows up. Elektra aims her sais at Gladiator. Elektra: "Gladiator." She takes them off of him. Gladiator: "I am on your side now. I am reformed. I want to join you in the battle against the Hand." Elektra: "Abby Miller and her father just moved into here as her father met the DA here. They are dating now. I want to put the chaste back together. One of those hand assassins that I killed was part of the Chaste and was killed by Kirigi who killed my mother. I killed Kirigi. Black Widow just killed him." Gladiator: "Black Widow took me down years ago. Wilson Fisk became the new Kingpin of crime Daredevil and Stick took down Fallon years ago. 10 years after Daredevil took down Fallon he took me down and threw Mary out of the window." Elektra: "3 of those in the Chaste a few years ago infiltrated the Kingpin's gang. They helped Daredevil take down the Kingpin again. These 3 in the Chaste want to become cops someday. They are the only few of Stick's ninjas to be driving. Most of us ninjas don't drive. Almost all of us come from New York City." They walk over to the new law office of Murdock and Nelson.


Back to Skip Ash's animal farm. Inside the house. There are Skip and Marylyn. Brandy brings Matt Murdock over to Skip and his wife. Marylyn Ash: "Matt. It's been a long time. I heard that the man who killed your father was the Kingpin of crime in New York City." Matt: "Daredevil took down the Kingpin twice. Elektra Natchios the daughter of Greek ambassador Nikolas Natchios tried to kill The Kingpin. My father was working for a mob boss back than. He would've with me testified against Fallon and his gang. With my father dead the mob boss Eddie Fallon was set free. He died 10 years later. I know the masked man known as Daredevil. He doesn't drive because he has poor eye sight. He swings by. He might be coming to here after Eric Slaughter." Matt Murdock walks around the house.


At Eric Slaughter's turf. There is Paladin with Shot Gun. There are also Eric Slaughter's thugs. Paladin: "Matt Murdock the blind lawyer from New York City is here. He's talking to Skip Ash. Go kill them. Also kill Daredevil. He could as well be coming to here. Matt Murdock is blind so he can't drive. Someone drove him to here. He's the son of boxer Jack ‘The Devil' Murdock." Shot Gun leaves with Eric Slaughter's thugs.


In the guest room at Skip Ash's house. There is Matt Murdock there. Brandy Ash comes into the room. Matt: "I have to go. I will bring Daredevil over to here. Anything you are into being when you grow up?" Brandy Ash: "I am into being an animal rights activist." Matt leaves the place.


Outside there are Shot Gun and Eric Slaughter's thugs. Daredevil shows up. Stone and Claw show up next. Stone: "We are Daredevil putting the Chaste back. I was part of them until this woman who you knocked out of the window named Typhoid Mary killed me with her poison kiss." Daredevil: "I was wearing black clothes back than. She was the treasure. I was going after Fallon 10 years after his acquittal on racketeering charges. One of those chaste ninjas was friends with Stick who was part of the NY PD. I teamed with 3 younger ninjas joining the NY PD against the Kingpin and some other super villains working for him." Claw: "Just before I joined the Chaste Stone was killed by Mary's poison kiss and than brought back to life by Roshi. Stone was killed again by your ex girlfriend Elektra Natchios." Daredevil gets together with Stone and Claw. Shot Gun: "Here's Daredevil and 2 of the Chaste ninjas. Kill them all." Shot Gun shoots at the heroes. Stone gets in the way. Stone throws a punch onto Shot Gun. Stone: "I died twice." The 3 men get into hand to hand battle with Eric Slaughter's thugs. Claw round house kicks a thug. Stone bangs 2 of Eric Slaughter's gang members into each other. Skip and Marylyn Ash with their daughter Brandy come out. Skip has his shot gun. Skip aims his shot gun at Eric Slaughter's thugs and Shot Gun himself. Skip Ash: "I know that you named Shot Gun is an assassin working for Eric Slaughter. Don't move." Daredevil: "This is Skip Ash. His daughter is testifying against Eric Slaughter." Stone and Claw go over to Skip Ash. They meet up and shake hands. Stone: "I saw that you have killed some hand ninjas." Skip Ash: "One of those hand assassins tried kill me with my pitch fork. I killed him." Claw: "I am training some new ninjas. A few ninjas had their training by Stick sometime before he fought Roshi the old leader of the hand and thought to have killed him. Roshi is dead now. Someone else runs the hand." Daredevil: "We will take down the Hand."


Later on at night time at the school. There is a dance going on. Matt Murdock is brought to the homecoming dance for his investigation of Eric Slaughter. Brandy in her jeep is driving Matt Murdock to the high school. Brandy and Matt come out. Brandy's friend Jessica is parked next to her in her purple cobra. Brandy Ash: "Matt. Those are my friends Jessica, Christine, Ali, Patricia, Mark, Brian, Alexandra and Michael. Jeremy is coming too. We took driver's ed together last year and learned about stopping for blind people." Matt: "I was blind since I was 12 years old. This Eric Slaughter was a rival to Eddie Fallon who my father worked for years ago. Eric Slaughter tried to kill Eddie Fallon and than The Kingpin threw Eric Slaughter into the river. Eric Slaughter some how survived. I heard that he was making offers for you students here to join with his criminal gang." Jessica: "Yes. We won't join him." Matt: "A thug named Wilson Fisk killed my father. Fisk than became the Kingpin of crime and Daredevil took him down twice. Stick the leader of the Chaste took down Fallon on the docks where I lost my sight." Many of Brandy's friends are parked by her. Brandy is escorting Matt Murdock into the place just as Murdock taps his blind man's walking cane.


At Eric Slaughter's building. There is Paladin present. Mister Hyde is there too with Jackal. Paladin: "You 2 will go with me to the high school of those kids testifying against Eric Slaughter. We'll kill them all." They leave for the city.


In New York City. There is Echo out there with her face painted with a red hand on it. She has a pistol with her. Elektra and Gladiator show up. Elektra aims her sword at Echo. Elektra: "Identify yourself." Echo: "I am Echo. I am on your side. I am too after Eric Slaughter." Elektra: "You'll than join us. You could join with the Chaste. They are volunteered ninjas fighting against the forces of evil." Echo: "Sure thing. You must be the new leader. Stick fought many of Fallon's thugs when Daredevil had fighting training from Stick." Gladiator: "I am reformed now. His bodyguard named Slade I heard joined the hand and was killed by Black Widow The Russian CIA American." Elektra takes her sword off of Echo. Elektra: "I recruited Gladiator into the chaste. I have most of my ninjas from New York City." They go after Eric Slaughter and the Hand.


At the homecoming dance in the school gymnasium. Brandy and her friends Jessica, Ali, Christine, Brian, Mark, Patricia, Alexandra and Michael are escorting Matt Murdock to a table. A boy named Jeremy comes by. Jeremy: "Mr. Murdock. Jeremy Johnson. I had a few friends and myself given offers to work for Eric Slaughter. I refused to join with him. So did they." Matt: "They could kill you. My father was a boxer before you were born. He was killed for not throwing a fight. Only I could testify against him with friends of mine. He got acquitted. Daredevil took down this guy who killed my father. Daredevil started out with my father's criminal gang. He's from New York City." Patricia: "A few men in Eric Slaughter's gang were passing out flyers to the school. We had 2 boys in class with me who are seniors expelled from school as they joined Eric Slaughter's gang." Matt: "I will go now. I walk allot. I have friends from New York City pick me up." Matt goes to talk to Jeremy. Matt leaves the place.


Near the school. There is Paladin present with Jackal and Mr. Hyde. Paladin: "I will go crash this homecoming dance. A few people are in juvenile hall who got recruited by Eric Slaughter." They go after the people there. Paladin goes into the school gym. Daredevil shows up next. Daredevil radar scans for Mister Hyde and the Jackal. Daredevil: "You 2 must be working for Eric Slaughter. He's trying to take over New York City and that's why Matt Murdock was sent to talk to those kids." Jackal: "I will kill you Daredevil." Jackal goes after Daredevil. Daredevil throws his billy club striking the Jackal. The Jackal swings his claws at Daredevil. Mister Hyde: "I got your back Jackal." Mister Hyde goes after Daredevil. Daredevil throws Jackal into Mr. Hyde just as Daredevil finds him on his radar scan. Daredevil jump kicks Mr. Hyde. Daredevil double kicks the 2 villains as they try to attack him next. 20 year old Abby Miller shows up with Stone and Claw. Stone: "I was part of the Chaste a year and a half before you brought down Wilson Fisk the Kingpin of crime. I fought Kirigi and Typhoid Mary and than Typhoid killed me with a poison kiss. We're bringing back the Chaste. We'll hold those 2 felons. You go after Paladin." Claw: "We might even get to recruit some students of this school into the chaste." Daredevil goes into the school gym.


In the school gym. There is Paladin going to the tables. Paladin: "I work for Eric Slaughter. I will waste you kids now." He lifts them up. Daredevil shows up. Daredevil: "Where's Eric Slaughter?" Paladin: "You'll have to face me to get an answer." Daredevil on his radar scan finds Paladin. Daredevil pulls out his billy club. He goes after Paladin. Paladin jumps onto Daredevil. Daredevil sends a round house kick onto Paladin. The 2 men are beating each other up. Abby Miller shows up with her new warrior beads. Abby: "Daredevil." She comes to aid Daredevil. Paladin: "The girl in the chaste." Paladin goes after Abby Miller just as he throws Daredevil aside. Abby strikes Paladin with her warrior beads. She is beating him up. Paladin clobbers Abby Miller. Paladin: "I will kill you both." Daredevil next smacks Paladin with his billy club. He knocks him out. Daredevil: "Call the police. Tell them that the masked hero from New York City called Daredevil has captured the felons here."


Later on outside. There are cops out there. The police are loading the Jackal, Mister Hyde and Paladin into the police squad cars. There are Stone, Claw and Abby standing there with Daredevil. Also there is Brandy Ash with her friends. Abby: "Elektra trained me in the fighting arts. She could recruit any of you into the Chaste. I just moved into New York City." Daredevil: "I am going to back to New York City after Eric Slaughter."


The next day in New York City at Jo's café. There is Matt Murdock eating there with Maya Lopez. Also with them are Foggy Nelson and Rosaline Sharpe. There is also DA Kathy Malper. Abby Miller is eating there too. Also there are Stone and Claw in civilian clothing. Kathy Malper: "I had Matt Murdock go to the farm owned by Skip Ash." Stone: "Daredevil with Claw and I brought down Eric Slaughter's criminal gang." Claw: "Last night at a high school dance I held 2 felons with my claw."


Later on at the office of Murdock and Nelson. There are Matt and Foggy in their office. Reformed criminal Melvin Potter shows up. Melvin Potter: "It's me Matt. Your father worked for Fallon just before Daredevil took him down. I was one of Fallon's men not found.. I was working for Fallon and than Fisk after the death of Fallon." Matt: "Melvin Potter. Black Widow took you down before I defeated the Kingpin. The Kingpin murdered my father." Melvin Potter: "I wanted to start seeing you as I am reformed now. Usually convicted felons can't be trusted." Matt: "It's ok than." Foggy: "I stayed behind Matt since I didn't even know of Eric Slaughter. You never had a driver's license."


At night time on the statue of Liberty. There is Tsurayaba present with his band of ninjas and his head ninja America Samurai. Eric Slaughter is there too. Eric Slaughter: "Stick a few years ago here I heard fought Roshi and thought to have killed him." Tsurayaba: "I knew that Master Roshi wasn't dead. We age slower as Roshi took leadership of the Hand onto why Typhoid was so younger looking."


In an alley at night time. There are Turk & Grotto present. Daredevil shows up. So does Elektra and Abby Miller. They are getting information. Daredevil: "I Turk killed the old leader of the Hand. You saw me slice down Roshi. They have a new leader. You were illegally possessing fire arms but than you saved us from the Hand." Turk: "Eric Slaughter is meeting at the statue of liberty with the leader of the hand."  Echo is standing on a roof somewhere. Echo goes down to there. Echo goes over to the heroes. Elektra: "This woman here is joining with the Chaste. Her name is Echo. Eric Slaughter killed her father." Daredevil with Abby, Echo and Elektra leave for the statue of liberty.


On the statue of liberty. There are a few hand ninjas out there. Daredevil shows up with 3 females. Stone and Claw show up with Gladiator. Claw: "We have come to join you in battle Daredevil. There are so many ninjas of the hand out there since American Samurai has risen them." Stone: "The Chaste didn't find me dead. They found out that I was dead just after Roshi brought me back to life and he recruited me." Gladiator: "I am joining with you too Daredevil." American Samurai has risen up many ancient hand ninjas using dark kemogori. A few hand ninjas swing their swords at Claw. Claw swing his claw at those ninjas. Abby has her warrior beads with her. Elektra: "I will deal with Tsurayaba as the rest of you deal with Eric Slaughter and the ninjas of the Hand." Tsurayaba is standing at the top of the statue of liberty. Elektra jumps to the top of the statue of liberty. Stone has his sword with him. Stone and Claw are battling hand ninjas in a blade fight. A hand ninja makes the move to slice Gladiator. Gladiator with his wrist saws slices that ninja of the Hand. Stone: "I won't come back to the Hand."  Echo shoots a hand ninjas and he vaporizes into green dust. Echo throws a ninja star into a ninja of the Hand. Eric slaughter shows up. Eric Slaughter pulls out his gun. Echo: "Drop the gun Eric Slaughter or I kill you." Echo and Eric Slaughter fight each other in a gun fight. They are shooting at each other. Daredevil takes swords from ninjas of the Hand. Daredevil and Gladiator with Claw and Stone slice down ninjas of the Hand. Daredevil: "They better stay dead."


At the top of the statue of liberty. Elektra and Tsurayaba are fighting each hand to hand. Elektra: "I am leader of the reborn chaste now." Tsurayaba lays a kick onto Elektra. Tsurayaba: "Not as long as I kill you. Stone betrayed the Hand. I will kill him and Claw and than I'll recruit Claw. No Stick because he was the leader of our rivals." Elektra kicks the Hand leader on the knees. They continue fighting each other hand to hand. Elektra kicks Tsurayaba at the end of the torch. He falls many floors into the river.


Back to Daredevil with Stone and Claw. American Samurai shows up. American Samurai: "I was Daredevil the one who brought back many dead criminals. With Eric Slaughter here I won't bring back Eddie Fallon. You threw Typhoid Mary out of the widow when you went after Eddie Fallon." Daredevil: "That was an accident. All of those in league with Eric Slaughter have been taken down as has the Hand." Abby gets into a hand to hand fight with American Samurai. They are beating each other up. Daredevil and Gladiator with 2 former Chaste ninjas are killing the Hand ninjas. They vaporize into green dust. American Samurai throws a kick onto Abby Miller. American Samurai: "I will kill you all." Abby takes a sword from a dead hand ninja. She stabs American Samurai in the chest with it. American Samurai falls dead and there's green dust around Abby's sword. Abby: "I made my first kill. He tired to kill us." Elektra: "That should be the end of the hand now. I killed the leader." Elektra jumps down from the statue of liberty.


A few days later at an empty building in New York City in the day time. There is Elektra present. Also there are Stone and Claw. With them are Abby Miller and many other men and women various races. There are Echo, Rosanna, Louis, Omar and Gladiator there too. Elektra: "I have brought back the Chaste. I am the leader now. No more of the Hand. Gladiator here is known as reformed mobster Melvin Potter. 3 of the ninjas here were trained to be in the NY PD. We'll fight other evil out there." The chaste is back together.


In an alley at night time. There is Gwyneth running with Baby Karen in her arms. Daredevil is swinging by. Daredevil drops by. Daredevil: "You have to be out of here Gwyneth. Those men are after your baby." Gwyneth: "What do you know Daredevil?" Daredevil: "I get information from the reformed hoodlum named Turk." The woman and the baby leave the site. There's a car going by. There is Mister Gabriel driving the car. There's a few of Nicholas McCabe's thugs. Daredevil radar scans the car. Daredevil throws his hand through the windshield. The car crashes into a pole. Those thugs get out of the car. Daredevil pulls out his billy club. A thug draws a gun. Daredevil throws his billy club onto this thug knocking the gun out of his hand. Some thugs run up to Daredevil. Daredevil throws some kicks and punches onto those thugs. Those thugs knock down Daredevil. Mr. Gabriel: "We'll make him delusional. He will think that the baby is the anti Christ." One of them injects him with something. Those thugs leave the sight.


The next day at the law offices of Murdock and Nelson. There is Matt Murdock at his desk. Foggy walks in with his girlfriend Lydia McKenzie. They are walking around the office. Foggy: "Matt. This is my girlfriend Lydia. Where have you been last night?" Matt: "Working. Maya left me. It was her who was a vigilante with a hand painted on her face. She and Eric Slaughter fought each other in a gun fight. Maya Lopez killed Eric Slaughter because Eric Slaughter killed her father. I fought his criminal gang." Rosalyn Sharpe comes in with some papers. Sharpe: "Matt. Franklin. Nicholas Macabes might be in cahoots with The Kingpin. Wilson Fisk is out there again. He is still alive." Matt: "Elektra tried to kill him. She thought to have. She killed Tsurayaba the new leader of The Hand. Daredevil fought hand ninjas. New ones tried to kill Turk and Grotto and Daredevil. They just don't stay dead. The Chaste has been broken up." Foggy: "What's the chaste? What's the hand?" Matt: "The Chaste is an organization of ninja warriors fighting against the forces of evil. For many years they have been at war with The Hand. The Hand is a criminal empire started in Japan."


Across town in Manhattan at the Fisk tower in Nicholas Macabes's office. There's Mister Gabriel and his gang in there. The Kingpin walks into the office with Nicholas Macabes. Mr. Gabriel: "Daredevil showed up. He is guarding the baby." Kingpin: "Daredevil is blind lawyer Matt Murdock. He beat me twice. You men are capable of killing him. I killed his father when I was working for Fallon. I took Fallon's place after he was arrested and started a new crime syndicate in my business with those left over. Stick battled Fallon and defeated him. I killed the old leader of the Chaste Stick's friend Captain Ben Affleck who arrested Fallon and his gang. Daredevil fought one of Fallon's bodyguards at a gym." Macabes: "This baby we are after is believed to be a reincarnation of the old blind man named Stick who was the leader of the Chaste. Shaft temporally took leadership then Stone who was a part of the Hand who died and came back to life lead the Chaste. They broke up. They could one day recruit this baby.




Later on at night time in an alley. There's a woman being mugged. Tough Mugger: "Get down and don't make a peep. Give me your purse and for your wallet."  Daredevil is swinging by. That man is threatening the woman with a knife. Daredevil swings by. Daredevil jumps onto the mugger. Daredevil: "This is the last person you mug." Tough Mugger: "You must be the man who took down the Kingpin and The Owl and many other of those criminals in Hell's Kitchen." Daredevil throws punches onto him. They fight each other hand to hand. Daredevil defeats this mugger. Daredevil: "Call the police. Tell them what this man did to you." Daredevil swings off into the night.


Later on at the Fisk Corp building in the Kingpin's office. There is the Kingpin. Mysterio is in The Kingpin's office too. They are seated at a table. Kingpin: "You have done well. Daredevil will think that this baby is the anti Christ. He took me down twice. Daredevil is Matt Murdock the blind lawyer." Mysterio: "Yes Kingpin. Daredevil will think that he is in hell." Kingpin: "I don't know his father." Mysterio: "I have the power of illusions. I could help kill Daredevil that way."


The next morning. There's Gwyneth at the meat packing district holding Baby Karen. A bunch of angels appear.


Later on in the morning at the office of Murdock, Nelson and Sharpe. There is Matt Murdock with Foggy Nelson and Rosalyn Sharpe. Gwyneth appears with Baby Karen. She gives her to Matt Murdock. Gwyneth: "Watch over my baby for me. Keep her safe." Matt: "Yes. I know Daredevil. I talk to him. He will be the guardian devil." Gwyneth leaves the place.




At Matt Murdock's apartment at night time. There is Matt Murdock there with Black Widow. Matt Murdock gives Baby Karen to Black Widow. Matt: "Take the baby. The baby is in danger. We suspect that Nicholas Macabes is after her. Nicholas Macabes is in league with the Kingpin too I think. The Kingpin is crime boss Wilson Fisk. He killed my father for not throwing the fight." Black Widow: "One of those who worked with The Kingpin that you and Stick brought down joined The Hand. I killed him." Black Widow swings out.


At the office of Murdock and Nelson. There is Matt Murdock at his desk. He is on the phone with Kim. Kim (OS): "Mister Murdock. Your 10 o'clock is here." Matt: "Send him in." Nicholas Macabes walks in. Matt Murdock is reading his messages in Braille. Nicholas Macabes gets seated at a desk. Macabes: "I am Nicholas Macabes. The man suspected of trying to kidnap the baby. I am not what you think. People think that I am a devil worshipper. I believe that you have a child." Matt: "Then are you from Social Services? We suspect that you are working for The Kingpin." Macabes: "That's nonsense. This baby is the Anti Christ and is here to end the world." Murdock gets mad. Murdock grabs Nicholas Macabes. Matt: "What the heck is going on here?" Macabes: "Release me counselor and I'll tell you."  He lets go of him. Macabes: "We are in a world of people with super powers. I have heard about a woman who controls the whether. Another man shoots lasers out of his eyes."


There's a flash back of when Matt Murdock lost his sight on the docks after he his father rough up one of Fallon's men.


Back to now. Macabes: "The angels won't protect you from harm. The devil has called to Armageddon." Macabes leaves the office. Foggy walks in. Foggy: "This man has got to be connected to the Kingpin. Did you pick up on your lie detector?" Matt: "No. But I will find out the truth."




Later on there is Matt Murdock walking down the street. There are 4 men walking by Matt Murdock. One of them has a knife. 2 have chains. The man with the knife holds it at Matt Murdock's neck. Street Mugger 1: "Be cool. Give me you money. If you say anything I will slice your throat blind man." Matt Murdock from behind kicks that thug. Matt throws that thug into the 2 men with chains. One mugger runs up to Matt Murdock throwing a punch. Murdock hits that mugger with his walking cane. Murdock jump kicks a mugger. Matt Murdock incapacitates those 4 men with his walking cane.


Later on there is Gwyneth somewhere on the streets of New York City. There are cars following her. There is Mister Gabriel with his thugs. They are chasing Gwyneth. Gwyneth is fleeing. Those thugs and Mister Gabriel get out of the car. Mister Gabriel abducts Gwyneth. Gwyneth: "Let me go." Mr. Gabriel: "You are coming with us. We want your baby." Those thugs get back in the car and leave.


Later on at the rooftops. There's Black Widow holding Baby Karen. Daredevil is there too. Black Widow swings off holding the baby. Daredevil gets in pursuit of Black Widow. Daredevil jumps onto Black Widow. Black Widow: "What are you doing?" Daredevil: "He's the Anti Christ. He's here to end the world." Black Widow: "It's a girl. She might be a reincarnation of Stick who trained you in martial arts mastering. She could one day be a warrior in the Chaste." Daredevil gets off of Black Widow. Black Widow swings off into the night. Daredevil is left on the roof top. Daredevil runs into someone. That person is Baal. Daredevil visualizes this person. Daredevil throws a billy club. Daredevil and Baal fight each other hand to hand. They stop fighting. Daredevil: "Who are you?" Baal: "I am your guardian angel. They call me Baal. I have been watching over you since you have become Daredevil. 10 years after your father was killed. It was years after his boss's trial." Daredevil: "Fallon was acquitted. I chased him and his gang down when I started."




At Karen Page's Apartment the next day. There is Karen Page looking at the pictures of herself and Matt Murdock. Karen Page is chewing bubble gum original flavor. She hears a knock on the door. Karen blows a bubble medium size and sucks it back into her mouth. She goes over to the door. She answers it. It's Nicholas Macabes. Macabes: "I am Nicholas Macabes. I am acquainted with Matt Murdock. I need to talk to you about your unfortunate situation. I know that you are Karen Page." She escorts him in. Karen is chewing on her bubble gum. She blows a golf ball size bubble. Karen closes her bubble and chomps on it. Karen escorts Nicholas Macabes around her apartment. Karen Page: "I don't work for Matt Murdock and Franklin Nelson of Nelson and Murdock anymore. I got a job in acting for me policies." Macabes: "You could save the world. Kill the baby."  Karen blows a bubble the size of a tennis ball and sucks it back into her mouth. Karen Page: "I will not kill a child." Macabes: "What about the lives of innocent people you'd want to meet and love? Evil spreads like a virus. We know how viruses spread from one person to another." Karen Page: "You are crazy." Karen and Macabes are walking around the apartment. Macabes leaves the place. Karen goes onto the couch. Karen blows a huge bubble and it pops and lands all around her mouth. Some of her gum lands on her nose and chin.


Later on in the city. There is Daredevil and Black Widow on the roof tops. Black Widow hands Baby Karen to Daredevil. Black Widow: "You can take her to the Clinton Mission Shelter. Her name is Karen." Daredevil: "Where will you be?" Black Widow: "I am investigating the Macabes person. I am formerly CIA." Daredevil swings off with the baby. Daredevil heads off to the Clinton Mission Shelter where is mother is a nun. Daredevil gets to the church.




Later on at the office of Nicholas Macabes. There is Mister Gabriel there with his employer Nicholas Macabes and his thugs. They are seated at desks. Macabes: "Mr. Gabriel. Summon Bullseye our assassin. The end game is fast approaching Mr. Gabriel."


The next day at the church. There is Matt Murdock asleep somewhere. Sister Maggie walks by holding Baby Karen. Matt Murdock gets up. He is walking around the church with his mother. Matt: "Where's my costume?" Sister Maggie: "I washed it. It's hanging in the closet." Matt: "There is evil out there. I am fighting to save the world." Sister Maggie: "Matthew. I am your mother. I had you told that I was dead. Us nuns aren't allowed to be married or dating." There are other nuns there too. There are some women and men there going for service. Karen Page walks in. She gets in front of the candles and kneels. Matt: "Karen." Karen Page: "Where's the baby Matt?" Matt: "Upstairs. Why?" Karen Page: "I'm better suited than the nuns to take care of the baby."


At the office of Nicholas Macabes. There is Bullseye seated in front of Macabes. Mister Gabriel is in there too. Mister Gabriel is holding a book. Macabes: "I will need you to kill Daredevil. Bring me this baby." Bullseye: "Daredevil. He has defeated me twice. He always makes me miss. I never miss." Macabes: "Go kill Daredevil those who get in the way and then bring me the baby." Bullseye throws a paper clip through the book. Bullseye leaves the place.




Outside of the Clinton Mission Shelter. There is Bullseye walking to there nearby. Bullseye enters the place.


In the church. Matt Murdock disappears. Bullseye comes in. There's Sister Theresa nearby. Sister Theresa: "You can't just come in here." Bullseye throws a punch onto Sister Theresa shoving her nose through her brain. Bullseye shoots throwing starts onto 6 people at the Clinton Mission Shelter. Bullseye throws a kick not deadly onto Sister Maggie. Bullseye grabs a fork from someone eating. Bullseye throws a fork into that person. Bullseye grabs a cane and throws it into another nun. Bullseye pulls out his gun. He shoots 2 more people. Daredevil shows up. Daredevil throws his billy club at Bullseye hitting him in the face. Daredevil: "We meet again Bullseye." Bullseye: "I'll kill you this time." Daredevil and Bullseye fight each other throwing kicks and punches. Bullseye throws Daredevil to the ground. He takes his billy clubs. Bullseye: "You dropped something." Karen Page grabs the pistol from Bullseye. She aims it at his forehead. Karen Page: "Hold it right there." Bullseye clobbers Karen Page. Bullseye: "You should never empty this weapon." Bullseye takes Baby Karen. Bullseye throws the billy club to Daredevil. It goes through Karen Page's chest killing her. Bullseye leaves with the baby. Daredevil: "No!"


Later on. There is yellow police tape there. There are coroners there too. There is Nick Manolis. Ben Urich shows up. Manolis: "You again Urich." Urich: "I am covering the story for the Post. How many were killed?" Manolis: "There are 12 in total. One of those 12 is Karen Page who was a secretary for Nelson and Murdock. She was also Matt Murdock's girlfriend." There are cops all around the church. Sister Maggie comes over to Nick Manolis. Sister Maggie: "Lt. Manolis. A man came in and killed Sister Theresa." Manolis: "A nun here has a nose thrown threw her brain. One guy was killed with a fork. It had to have been this Irish assassin who calls himself Bullseye. I have a massive homicide to investigate."


Later on at Matt Murdock's apartment. There is Daredevil coming to his secret closet. He takes off his mask. Matt Murdock is angry. He is trashing his place.




The next few days at a church. (they should play the song called My Immortal by Evanescence for this scene) There is Father Everett at the alter. There is the casket with Karen Page in it. There are many people attending. Matt Murdock is seated in the front row. Many men and women are seated at the service for Karen Page. Also there is Turk and Grotto. There is Franklin Nelson and his mother Rosalyn Sharpe. Ben Urich is also somewhere at the service. Father Everett is preaching the service. Father Everett: "Lord let us pray. We gather together to lay to rest your daughter Karen Page. We ask you welcome her into your heavenly kingdom, and give repose to her soul. Through Christ, Our lord amen. I ask that her ex boyfriend Matt Murdock come up and speak." Matt Murdock gets up and goes over to the alter. Matt: "Karen was a secretary of mine who Foggy and I met when we were going to law school. Some men thought that she was really pretty and tried to grab her on the streets. A blind ninja came in and stopped them. I'll miss you."


Later on in the day at Josie's Bar and Grill inside. There is Turk and Grotto seated at a table with some friends. There are many men and women at the bar. Turk: "I went to the funeral service for the blind lawyer's ex girlfriend. She was his secretary turned actress." Grotto: "Daredevil is still alive. We teamed with him against ninja assassins who tried to kill use because we give Daredevil information." Turk: "They call themselves The Hand. Daredevil  killed their leader named Roshi. I killed assassins and ninja warriors of the Hand." Male Bar Patron 1: "I was one of those in the Chaste. You know about us." Grotto: "Turk and I are reformed criminals." Daredevil shows up. Daredevil goes to Turk and Grotto. Daredevil: "I need information Turk." Turk: "It was Nicholas Macabes who hired Bullseye. He's responsible for the murder of Karen Page." Daredevil: "Karen sacrificed her life for me when Bullseye tried to kill me." Grotto: "Nicholas Macabes is in league with The Kingpin." Turk: "Macabes is headquartered at The Kingpin's building." Daredevil: "It's Fisk Corp. I took down The Kingpin twice there." Turk: "Bullseye might be found at the Empire State Building. Also Baby Karen is at the building with her mother. The father is unknown." Male Bar Patron: "I know that you and Stick teamed together when Typhoid was a prostitute guarding Gladiator who's now on our side.  when you went after him. You and Stick teamed together hunting down Fallon and his gang." Turk: "Also Mysterio is working for Wilson Fisk. Mysterio is the master of illusions. He was an actor and stunt man. He's Quentin Beck." Daredevil: "Black Widow killed Typhoid Mary."




At the Fisk Corp building at night time. Daredevil shows up there. He is on the hunt for Nicholas Macabes. There's a thug somewhere in the lobby. He pulls out a gun. Daredevil throws his billy club onto that thug knocking the gun out of his hand. Daredevil throws a kick onto that thug incapacitating him.


In the office of Macabes. There is Nicholas Macabes sitting at his computer. There are switches that say ‘door 3', ‘white noise' and ‘hell'.


Back in the lobby. The Hand shows up. Daredevil visualizes The Hand ninjas. Daredevil is fighting Hand ninjas now. Daredevil: "Not you guys again. Stay dead." They have swords. Daredevil fights them using his billy clubs. Daredevil throws punches and kicks onto the Hand ninjas. He incapacitates them all. Daredevil goes into the elevator. Those Hand ninjas were just illusions of Mysterio. Nicholas Macabes back in the office pushes a button that says ‘hell'. Daredevil falls into the fiery pit. Daredevil in the pit finds Karen Page. Karen Page: "Matt. Help me. Help us all." Daredevil: "Karen." It's really a demon. Daredevil battles this demon. Daredevil falls through a door. Baal appears. There are thugs in suits. They have guns. Daredevil and Baal with hands fight those thugs. Baal stabs a thug killing him. Daredevil and Baal go up the stairs. Baal: "Be thankful I am your guardian angel. Come. We haven't much time to stop Macabes." Daredevil: "Is the baby still alive." Baal: "Yes. Black Widow is on the rescue." Baal: "We must come." Daredevil: "You aren't my guardian angel. You are a phony." Baal makes the move to attack Daredevil. Daredevil throws a hard punch knocking down Baal. Daredevil discovers that Baal is a robot. He pulls the circuits. Daredevil goes after Nicholas Macabes. Daredevil goes into the office. There's Mysterio. Mysterio: "Always make an entrance Man without Fear." Daredevil throws his billy clubs to Mysterio. Daredevil runs after Mysterio. Mysterio gets back up. Mysterio: "I am Mysterio. Black Widow is going to rescue the baby."  Mysterio has his gun. They are going after Mister Gabriel, Nicholas Macabes and their thugs.


Somewhere else in the building. There is Mister Gabriel and his thugs. They have guns. Mr. Gabriel: "It's Daredevil. You Mysterio have betrayed us. Kill them both." They shoot at Daredevil and Mysterio. Daredevil jump kicks a thug. Daredevil runs after Mister Gabriel. He jumps on him. Mysterio shoots down the rest of those thugs. Mister Gabriel throws a punch onto Daredevil. Daredevil throws a punch back. Mysterio comes up to Mister Gabriel. He shoots him. Mysterio falls to the ground dying of a brain tumor. Mysterio: "I am dying of a brain tumor. Go with Black Widow and bring down Macabes." Mysterio throws off his helmet. Mysterio has a bald head with a breathing device under his nose. Daredevil: "Turk gives me info. He gave Black Widow the location of the baby and the mother." Daredevil leaves the place. Mysterio shoots himself.


Outside there is Black Widow swinging by. She has Gwyneth and Baby Karen. Gwyneth: "Thank you for rescuing us." Daredevil: "I am going after Bullseye and Macabes. Then I am going after the Kingpin." Daredevil and Black Widow swing off after Bullseye.




At the Empire State Building rooftops. There is Bullseye hanging out at Empire State Building. Daredevil and Black Widow are swinging by. Bullseye sees Daredevil and Black Widow. Bullseye: "I get to kill you both." Bullseye throws his shooting stars at them. Daredevil blocks them with his billy clubs. Daredevil throws his billy clubs onto Bullseye's forehead. Daredevil: "I brought you down twice before Bullseye. I defeated Mysterio." Black Widow throws a punch onto Bullseye. Bullseye throws a kick onto Black Widow. Daredevil and Bullseye fight each other hand to hand. They throw punches onto each other. Black Widow gets back up. Daredevil grabs onto Bullseye. Daredevil: "You will testify against Nicholas Macabes as your employer and you are going to prison for the rest of your life. Where is Macabes? Where is Fisk?" Bullseye: "Wilson Fisk is at Josie's Bar. Nicholas Macabes is at Madison Square Garden." The NY PD shows up. Nick Manolis gets out of one of the cars. Ben Urich follows them. Ben Urich's car is a mustang. Ben Urich gets out of his car. Nick Manolis's officers put the handcuffs on Bullseye. Daredevil: "Nicholas Macabes is at Madison Square Garden. The Kingpin Wilson Fisk is at Josie's Bar. I'll take The Kingpin. Black Widow here is going back to San Francisco." Manolis: "I'll arrest Macabes at Madison Square Garden." Nick Manolis and some of his officers head off to Madison Square Garden after Nicholas Macabes. They get into the cars and leave. Daredevil heads off to Josie's Bar. Black Widow swings off too.


At Madison Square Garden in the bar. There is Nicholas Macabes sitting at a table there. He has a glass of wine. There are bartenders there too. There's a television on broadcasting a New York Yankees game. There are many people in the background. Nick Manolis shows up with some of his officers. Manolis: "Nicholas Macabes. NY PD. You are under arrest for abduction of a baby girl and for the murder of 12 people in the Clinton Mission Shelter. Get up." They have guns drawn. Nicholas Macabes pulls out his gun. MSG Cop: "He's got a gun." Manolis: "Everyone get down." MSG Cop 2: "Drop the gun or we will shoot you." Everyone gets down. He makes the move to shoot Nick Manolis and his officers. Nick Manolis shoots Nicholas Macabes in the chest and a few more cops shoot Nicholas Macabes. Macabes falls dead. The cops put their guns away. Manolis: "It's safe now. Daredevil might need help. He's at Josie's Bar."


At Josie's Bar. There are many men and women there. There is also Wilson Fisk Kingpin of crime. There is also Josie at the bar tending.


Outside of Josie's Bar there is Daredevil. He swings into the place.


Back to the Kingpin and many bar costumers. Daredevil swings in. Daredevil throws his billy club onto the Kingpin's face. The Kingpin throws a punch back onto Daredevil. Kingpin: "Daredevil. The man with out fear. I'll kill you this time." Kingpin throws Daredevil into a pool table. The Kingpin goes over to Daredevil. Kingpin throws some kicks onto Daredevil. Daredevil kicks Kingpin on his legs. Daredevil gets back up. Daredevil: "You're going to prison for the rest of your life." Kingpin: "I hired Macabes into my business. You have been butting in on my business for far too long. You have brought me down twice. This time I will bring you down." They beat each other up. Daredevil throws some punches onto Kingpin. Daredevil picks up his billy club. Daredevil hits The Kingpin in the face with his billy club. Flash back of Jack Murdock murdered in an alley outside of the Olympic Civic Center. Back to now. Daredevil throws a very hard punch knocking out the Kingpin. Daredevil shows everyone the beaten Kingpin. Daredevil: "This was your kingpin of crime. This man named Wilson Fisk is going to prison for the rest of his life. I am the new Kingpin of Hell's Kitchen and I fight to make the city crime free. This was your kingpin of crime." Daredevil leaves the place. Police sirens are going off.




The next few days outside the law offices of Murdock, Nelson and Sharpe. There is Matt Murdock with Foggy and his mother. There is also Gwyneth holding Baby Karen. Gwyneth: "Thank you for watching over her." Matt: "Lt. Manolis killed Nicholas Macabes in self defense. Daredevil for the 3rd time took down The Kingpin at Josie's Bar and she should never come back. My girlfriend's killer is brought to justice by Daredevil."


Later on at night time. There is Daredevil swinging out in Hell's Kitchen. Daredevil is on the prowl out to stop crime in the city of New York.