Daredevil vs. Gladiator


Plot Summary: 10 years after the death of Jack Murdock Matt Murdock the Daredevil finds out that Melvin Potter is a member of Fallon's gang who now answers to Fisk The Kingpin of crime. Gladiator picks up a prostitute named Mary who is known as Typhoid as an assassin for The Hand. Stick has gone in competition with Roshi leader of The Hand as Stick and Roshi have taken leadership on their sides of the war. Stick's master has retired and Roshi killed his master for new leadership of The Hand. The Kingpin finds out that there are cops against him and has Gladiator kill them. Matt Murdock is going off to law school now. Daredevil meets his new enemy Gladiator. Captain Benjamin Affleck of the NY PD who once joined the Chaste and fought the war against The Hand and took down Fallon/The Fixer 10 when Daredevil began assumes that Wilson Fisk is The Kingpin. The Kingpin has left Fallon and the others taken down by Daredevil to rot in prison as Fallon was betrayed by those working for him that Daredevil didn't take down.




At the Fisk tower in the day time. There is Wilson Fisk in his office. Also present is Mary Walker. Gladiator walks in. Kingpin: "Gladiator. Take off your mask." He takes off his mask revealing himself as Melvin Potter who was another one of Fallon's thugs when Fallon ran the show. Kingpin: "This woman Mary Walker I have sold too you as I am pimping too." Gladiator: "My wife just recently left me. There is Daredevil here." Kingpin: "There's a cop who will have us brought down. It's Captain Benjamin Affleck. He arrested Fallon 10 year ago. Fallon died in prison last year of kidney failure. Stick who beat Fallon on the docks now leads a ninja warrior clan called the Chaste. He could bring me down. Stick and Captain Affleck joined the chaste when they were really young. Stick is blind. Go kill Captain Affleck." Gladiator leaves the office.


Somewhere else on the streets of New York City. There is Stick holding his walking stick. There is also Captain Benjamin Affleck. They are talking. Stick: "I now lead the chaste. Roshi killed his master and take leadership of the Hand. For 6 years I have been in competition with Roshi leader of the Hand as do leaders on both sides of the war." Captain Affleck: "You fought Fallon on the docks and defeated him. He died last year of kidney failure." Stick: "A prostitute named Mary Walker is being trained by the Hand and granted immortality. She is the treasure. A prodigy recruited as a weapon to the Hand." Captain Affleck: "We suspect that the hand killed the wife of Greek ambassador Nikolas Natchios.Stick: "I am training new members now. I have to go." Stick leaves the site. Gladiator shows up. Gladiator: "Captain Affleck. Die!" Gladiator activates the saws on his wrists. Captain Affleck pulls out his gun. Captain Affleck: "Freeze right there!" Captain Affleck shoots at Gladiator just as Gladiator jumps at him. Captain Affleck: "You are under arrest for assaulting a police officer." Captain Affleck throws kicks on Gladiator. Captain Affleck: "I served the chaste before I joined the NY PD. I will bring you down and who ever this Kingpin is." Gladiator: "Kingpin is a pimp and gangster. I must kill you before you expose him." Gladiator throws a blade into Captain Affleck killing him. Gladiator leaves the site.


On the streets of New York City. There is Matt Murdock walking through Times Square. Stick approaches Matt Murdock. Stick: "Matt. We need you again as Daredevil. I trained you in martial arts mastering. Captain Affleck was murdered. Captain Affleck arrested Fallon 10 years ago." Matt: "I know that Fallon died of kidney failure last year." Stick: "I lead the Chaste. Captain Affleck and I were members of the Chaste and fought in the war against The Hand. The Hand is a Japanese criminal empire. It's a yakuza that has ninja assassins. This prostitute Mary Walker is the treasure. This pimp is hidden." Matt: "Fallon or the accomplices to father's killer won't give up who ever killed my father. I am hunting down my father's killer. I will search through the Olympic Civic Center even though Fallon is out of the picture." Stick: "Roshi is the leader of the Hand. He killed the old leader of the Hand. Benjamin Affleck dropped out of the Chaste to go to college. He joined at 18 as did I and he dropped out."


Later on at night time. There is Daredevil in his costume. Daredevil's gloves and boots are red. Daredevil has on yellow pants and a yellow shirt and yellow mask. Daredevil is swinging down the streets of Manhattan.


At the Olympic Civic Center. There is Gladiator with Mary Walker. Mary Walker: "I was the treasure. I serve The Hand. Master Roshi is in competition with Stick who defeated Fallon 10 years ago." Gladiator: "Fallon and those taken down by this Daredevil will not give up The Kingpin. Fallon taken down by Daredevil and Stick let the Kingpin run the crime syndicate with Fallon in prison. He's dead now. The Kingpin even bribed our local cops. Daredevil could be coming after us." They go into there somewhere.


Somewhere else there is Daredevil swinging over to the Olympic Civic Center. Daredevil goes to the place.


Outside of the Olympic Civic Center. There are some street hoodlums. They have chains and baseball bats. Daredevil drops by. Daredevil: "I'll stop you all now." Those thugs charge at Daredevil. Daredevil jump kicks a thug. Daredevil pulls out his billy clubs. Daredevil throws his billy club into a thug's face. Daredevil back hands 2 more thugs. Daredevil incapacitates all those street hoodlums with punches and kicks. Daredevil enters the Olympic Civic Center.


Somewhere on the second floor of the Olympic Civic Center. There is Gladiator with Mary Walker. Daredevil shows up. Many of the prostitutes are there. They run after Matt Murdock. Matt Murdock has his billy clubs in his hands. Daredevil: "Don't even try to stop me. I am delivering a thug to the proper authorities. I suggest for you all to get out of here before you get beaten up."  They all leave the place. Daredevil radar scans for Gladiator. Daredevil visualizes Gladiator and Mary Walker. Gladiator: "You are Daredevil. I am Gladiator. Kill him Mary. You're the treasure." Mary Walker goes after Daredevil. Daredevil sends a kick onto Mary Walker by a window nearby. Mary Walker falls out of the window. Daredevil: "I think I killed her." Gladiator: "And you will pay for it." Gladiator jumps on Daredevil. Daredevil throws a kick back. Gladiator uses his saw on Daredevil now. Daredevil: "Who is the Kingpin? Who runs the show now taking Fallon's place?" Gladiator: "You will never find out this Kingpin. You have to go look. I won't give up my new boss. Fallon was proven guilty with many of the others you brought down on racketeering charges." Daredevil blocks the saw blades with his billy clubs. Daredevil blocks the saw blades with his billy clubs. Daredevil uppercuts Gladiator. Daredevil and Gladiator fight each other hand to hand. Daredevil defeats Gladiator. Daredevil grabs onto Gladiator and swings out of the window. Gladiator: "You'll pay for this Daredevil."


Daredevil outside drops off Gladiator. The police show up. Daredevil swings off into the night. Daredevil: "You should be left here until the cops come and get you."


The next day on the streets of NYC. There is Matt Murdock. Stick comes by again. Matt: "I knocked someone out of the window that was the treasure." Stick: "Somehow she survived. One day I will face Roshi the Hand's leader." Matt: "My friend Franklin and I are going off to law school. I just graduated college. One day my father's killer will be brought to justice. One day I will find out who killed my father. My father's killer's accomplices and Fallon won't give up on who ever did it and Fallon is dead now."  Stick leaves. Foggy Nelson shows up now. Foggy: "Matt. There's cab for us. Let's catch this one." Matt: "I was cleaning out the church. You and I just graduated from college." Matt and Foggy get into a cab to the airport with their bags.