Elektra Team Ups


Plot Summary: Elektra teams with Dead pool and The Punisher in battle against The Hand. Then Elektra teams with Daredevil and The Fantastic 4 against Dr. Doom and The Rose. Elektra after she killed Osama Bin Laden finds out that there was no betrayal by The Rose. There was a set up. There were doom bots posing as Stick and US soldiers. The Rose just wanted to help with Elektra to kill Osama Bin Laden. The Rose was in league with Dr. Doom. The Rose and Dr. Doom were setting up a conspiracy to have Osama Bin Laden killed. Dr. Doom hires Bullseye to kill The Fantastic Four and Daredevil. Elektra teams with Daredevil and The Fantastic Four in battle against Dr. Doom and The Rose.




In a hut in Japan. There is Kirigi with his band of ninjas. Typhoid Mary is there too. They are meeting up. Kirigi: "I just sprung Typhoid Mary from her prison and hired her. She will kill Elektra Natchios for us." Typhoid Mary: "Daredevil is still alive. I will kill him next." Kirigi: "Let's go everyone." They depart.


Outside somewhere else in Japan there is Elektra with Stone and Claw. Also there is Dead Pool. Stone: "Dead Pool here could team with us against the Hand." Dead Pool: "I am impossible to kill." Stone: "Elektra. Stick is long dead. He was killed by The Hand along with Shaft. That was someone in disguise. Richard Fisk was always against Osama Bin Laden. Richard Fisk wanted both us and Al Queda terrorists dead. The Rose had to get to Osama Bin Laden. Kirigi killed Tsurayaba to take leadership of the Hand. Stick might be reincarnated in the body of Little Karen who will one day join us in the chaste. You are the new leader of the chaste." The Punisher also shows up. Elektra: "The Punisher." Punisher: "I am here to team with you against The Hand. I heard that they hired Typhoid Mary to kill Elektra. Daredevil took her down. Daredevil took down the Kingpin." Claw: "There's The Hand. They killed me before. I am back now." The Hand shows up. Kirigi: "Get them and kill them. There's The Punisher too. Kill him as well." They attack with swords. The Punisher and Dead Pool shoot some members of The Hand. Claw stabs a ninja. Stone cuts up a couple of the ninjas. Elektra gets into battle with Typhoid Mary. Typhoid Mary: "It's Elektra Natchios. I will kill you. Daredevil took me down." There is a sword fight. The Punisher shoots some more members of The Hand. Dead Pool gets into a sword fight with Kirigi. Dead Pool: "Kirigi. I will kill you." Kirigi: "If you keep killing me I will keep coming back." Claw and The Punisher and Stone with their weapons kill off the rest of the Hand ninjas. Typhoid Mary swings her sword at Elektra and Elektra blocks Typhoid Mary's sword with her's. Elektra cuts down Typhoid Mary. The swords of Dead Pool and Kirigi are clashing into each other's. Kirigi cuts down Dead Pool in the sword fight. Kirigi: "Now I have killed Dead Pool." The Punisher pulls out a beretta. Kirigi makes the move to kill The Punisher. Punisher: "I am the punisher and the guilty will be punished." The Punisher with the beretta shoots and kills Kirigi. Dead Pool gets back up. Dead Pool pulls out a grenade and drops it onto Kirigi. Elektra with her team runs away. The Hand is blown up. The whole team is seeing the Hand dead. Eletkra: "Stay dead this time."


1 week later. At Dr. Doom's mansion at night time. There is Dr. Doom with Richard Fisk. There is the doom bots. Dr. Doom: "You have done well faking your capture." Rose: "Without those robots Elektra would've brought me down. We both want Osama Bin Laden dead. My father is in prison for the rest of his life." Dr. Doom: "One of my robots was disguised as Stick leader of The Chaste." Rose: "They were in disguise of people all along. They even posed as US soldiers. Captain America and his avenger team is dealing with Red Skull right now. Also The X-Men are dealing with The Brother Hood. We'll have the world." Rose: "I faked my betrayal over America to put Elektra at war with the Al Queda and then I tried to set them up to kill each other."  There are the men working for Richard Fisk who shows up too. Rose: "You men are here. Get me Bullseye to kill Daredevil." Dr. Doom: "And Bullseye will kill the Fantastic Four."


At the law office of Murdock and Nelson the next day. There is Matt Murdock at his desk with Susan and Reed Richards. Matt: "The Kingpin is in prison for the rest of his life. Daredevil beat him in a good fight." Reed Richards: "Dr. Doom is back. You get close to Daredevil. I could use your help." Sue Richards: "Our son is in battle against The Brother Hood lead by Mr. Sinister." Matt: "Elektra killed Osama Bin Laden. Richard Fisk also wanted The Al Queda terrorists dead because he is American. I dated Elektra Natchios back in college."


At the Baxter Building there is The Fantastic Four. Daredevil shows up swinging by. They meet up. Daredevil: "Daredevil is here to help you out in battle."


Later on at Dr. Doom's mansion. There is Dr. Doom. Bullseye is also in there. Dr. Doom had just hired Bullseye. Dr. Doom: "Bullseye. You have deadly objects. You are a good shot. I need you to kill The Fantastic Four. Reed Richards got my face messed up. It's pay back time." Rose: "Also kill Daredevil." Bullseye: "Daredevil must've thought that I was dead. Turk stabbed me and I fell off of the bridge." Bullseye departs.


At the Fantastic Four's headquarters. There is the Fantastic Four somewhere out there. There is also Daredevil. Thing: "There's this Bullseye." Daredevil: "Bullseye always tries to kill me." Bullseye shows up. Bullseye throws his stars. Invisible Woman blocks them with her invisible force field. Johnny Storm: "Flame On!" Johnny Storm transforms into the Human Torch. Daredevil throws his billy club into Bullseye's forehead. Daredevil: "I have taken you down many times before Bullseye. I'll take you down again." The Thing jumps onto Bullseye. Thing: "It's clobberin time!" Bullseye pulls out a gun. Invisible Woman shoots invisible balls onto Bullseye. Invisible Woman: "I got him." Sue Richards goes invisible. Invisible Woman: "You can't hit me now Bullseye." Daredevil: "He usually can't miss his targets." Bullseye gets back up with a pair of scissors. Bullseye: "I'll find you easily Invisible Woman."  Elektra shows up. Elektra throws a sai into Bullseye. Elektra: "Die Bullseye!" Bullseye pulls the sai out of his back. Daredevil with his billy club ties up Bullseye. Mr. Fantastic makes a boxing glove out of his hand knocking out Bullseye. Mr. Fantastic: "I have knocked him out." Daredevil: "He should be held there till the police come."


Later on There is Dr. Doom at his mansion with The Rose (Richard Fisk). Rose: "Bullseye failed." Dr. Doom: "Then let's go. We'll go after Daredevil and the Fantastic Four and this woman named Elektra." Dr. Doom and The Rose with their men and robots depart on airships.


At the Baxter Building. There is Dr. Doom's airships appearing. Elektra with Daredevil and The Fantastic Four go to check it out. Elektra: "I joined the Hand and fought against The Hand. I am joining you to go after The Rose. He is in league with Dr. Doom. Dr. Doom hired Bullseye to kill you all." Daredevil: "How do you know?" Elektra: "I know on what Bullseye is up to." The airships land. The villains get out of the ship. The Doom Bots go and attack the team. Thing: "It's Dr. Doom. It's clobbering time!" The Thing clobbers some doom bots. The Human Torch is fired on by Dr. Doom's Robots. Elektra cuts up the doom bots who posed as soldiers with her sword. Mr. Fantastic makes a hammer out of his hands bashing some doom bots. Daredevil fights with the Rose's thugs martial arts fighting. Invisible Woman throws an invisible shield like Captain America and US Agent do knocking down the rest of them. Dr. Doom comes out and attacks. Mr. Fantastic: "Us Fantastic Four will deal with the rest of the robots. You Daredevil and Elektra deal with The Rose and Dr. Doom."  Elektra takes on Dr. Doom. Daredevil takes on the Rose. Rose: "You are the one who brought my father down." Daredevil: "Yes. I used a car to hit onto the walls and fight your father The Kingpin. I don't even have a driver's license since I don't get around driving because my eye sight isn't good enough for driving." A doom bot who posed as Stick jump kicks The Thing. Robot posing as Stick: "I will destroy you all." The Thing throws a hard punch destroying this robot's head off. Dr. Doom throws a punch on Elektra. Dr. Doom: "You must be Elektra Natchios." Elektra: "That is me. I heard all about you Dr. Doom." Elektra throws a kick onto Dr. Doom. Elektra: "I was well trained by Stick." Daredevil fights the Rose hand to hand. Daredevil stands on his hands and throws a kick knocking out The Rose. Elektra takes her battle staff and strikes Dr. Doom with it. The FF finishes off the rest of the doom bots. Elektra next pulls out her 2 3 prong daggers. Elektra is about to unmask Dr. Doom aiming her daggers at both Dr. Doom and The Rose. Elektra: "I will look into the eyes of both of you as you die." Daredevil: "Elektra don't." Mr. Fantastic: "If you kill Dr. Doom and The Rose you are a murderer." Daredevil and the Fantastic Four stop her from trying to kill the villains. Elektra pulls her sais off of those 2 villains. Dr. Doom: "Fool. You won't be able to kill me with your weapons. I have on a metallic suit." Daredevil: "Let's leave them to Captain Manolis."


At the Baxter building on the rooftops. There is Daredevil and Elektra with the FF. Daredevil is standing there on the prowl. Daredevil: "Nick Manolis arrested Dr. Doom and The Rose." Elektra: "My work here is finished. I am going back to Stone." Mr. Fantastic: "We are going to with Silver Surfer deal with Galactus and the scrolls." Daredevil and Elektra jump down New York City.