Finding the Way by Michael Purdy

 Part 1


Matt found himself on his knees in a dark grimy alley way surrounded by a group of young thugs. 


 "You must be getting old red", one of the thugs sneered.


"Oh man! We got the fucker now", chimed in another.


Matt lifted up his head. Blood was dripping from his mouth and nose forming a small pool under his feet.

I got to get it together either that or these punks are going to kill me.  Matt kneeled there on the ground gathering himself, centering himself. 


"Man this is way too easy", as the thug said this he raised his bat and swung down towards DD's head. 


Matt just waited until the bat was inches from his head.  Then in a blur he rolled to the side and kicked out at one of the gang members at the periphery of the circle.  The thug at the periphery was temporarily distracted by the show that was going on in front of him and thus was caught unaware.  With a bone shattering crack the thug crumpled to the ground with a destroyed knee.  He just laid there on the ground howling in pain. 


Matt had a little trouble getting back on his feet.  The thug with the bat turned towards him.  Another pulled out a wicked looking knife and yet another pulled out a gun.  Matt slowly positioned himself in front of the gun and making sure that someone was behind him.  Matt stopped moving and was motionless.  He extended his senses and waited.  He smelt the sweat and oil, heard the rapid breathing, the increase in heart rate.  Matt waited patiently as the hammer of the gun cocked back in preparation to fire.  With a click the gun was fired, Matt felt the disturbance in the air as the bullet was coming towards his head.  With the speed of thought matt dropped down to the ground.  The bullet speed over his head and hit someone else behind Matt; the thug with the bat.  His face exploded. 


In shock as what to just happened the shooter was stunned.  That was all the time Matt needed.  From the ground Matt threw his Billy club.  The club sailed through the air catching the shooter in the throat.  With a strained gurgle he fell to his knees clutching his throat.


  The thug with the knife dived towards DD endeavoring to skewer him.  Matt tried to roll out of the way but could not make it in time.  The knife sliced across Matt's ribs.  Steeling himself against the pain Matt did not make a sound.  Instead he grabbed the thug at the wrist and at the elbow twisting until wrist, elbow and shoulder were dislocated.  The thug let out a scream as he dropped the knife.  Matt got back to his feet and front kicked the whimpering thug in the face sending him into unconsciousness. 


Matt waited around until the police arrived; he explained to the cops that these thugs were selling drugs. 


Matt dragged himself through the skylight of his brownstone.  Aching and bleeding, Matt sprawled himself on the floor utterly exhausted.  Sitting up he closed his eyes. 


[ When are you going to give up this game of yours my love?]* Translated from Japanese

On hearing Yuriko's voice, Matt smiled


[You know me, I am never willing to grow up]


[Seriously Matt, when is enough, enough]


[ Seriously enough is enough when there is no more crime out there in the Kitchen]  Matt was getting a little irritated at the t urn of the conversation. 


[ Why do you still torture yourself about your father, Elektra, Karen and Milla?]


[You can not atone for some else's deeds.]


[Be that as it may, there is a lot that I can still do.]


[I think that it is time for you to move on.  If Stick completed your training you would not be in this snake pit.]


[What the hell has Stick has to do with this!] 


[He has been dead a very long time] 


[It is obvious that his teachings are likewise dead] 


Matt went silent at this.  He got up and limped to the bathroom.  Yuriko remained silent  letting the gravity of the situation sink into matt. 


Matt took off his Daredevil suit.  He stood naked in front of the mirror running his fingers along the suit.  Matt smiled to himself, Yuriko was right, this Daredevil thing is kind of childish.  He could hear Stick's words about running away from his problems by becoming someone else.  That his problems would never leave until he actually dealt with them and faced them.  Stick told him his reaction of putting on a costume and running around fighting crime was a response that a child might give to a situation that was too painful to deal with.


 "Matt you have to grow up", Stick would often say. 


"This daredevil thing is going to kill you, not necessarily physically but spiritually and psychically" 


Matt had no idea what his Master meant at the time but now Matt had a glimmer.