Finding the way-Part 2

Matt was exhausted after his nights foray into the streets of Hell's Kitchen. Any insights gleaned from last night were quickly lost in a cloud of drowsy sleepiness. When he awoke the next morning almost all was forgotten. Yuriko was already up; see always did that, was awake before him and he was never able to hear her get out of bed; that was an outstanding feat given Matt's hyper senses.

She was going through her usual morning routine of taichi quan forms and chi kung mediation. In many ways she was by far the more skilled in martial arts and in life but she refused to be Matt's mentor it was time Matt grew up and stood on his own two feet. She was content being Matt's lover. She had felt that when Matt was ready to move on he would let her know. She just liked to poke fun at his self-righteous stance on life; to kick him done from his moral high horse, to shake up the factious structure that holds his life together. Otherwise she granted him no piety or did not coddle him like some sort of mother figure that Matt so desperately wanted.

He slowly creaked out of bed; it took him a little while to get off the futon. Matt was stiff and sore as usual. He had not taken very good care of his body or his mind for that matter over the years; 20 years of jumping across buildings and fighting costumed lunatics will have that effect on you. Matt never learned to listen to his body; he kept on pushing and pushing, well now he was paying the price for his deafness.

Matt slipped on his kimono and made his way downstairs to get himself a cup of coffee. Slowly sipping his coffee, he sensed Yuriko's movements; he loved being in her presence when she trained. She was always so calm and self-possessed but pregnant with incredible destructive power. He had once joked to her about the lack of martial effectiveness of taichi chaun, saying how are you going to defeat you opponent with those slow motion movements? Are you going to put them to sleep? She laughed with him at the time; and then gave him a lesson in the power of taichi chaun that he would not forget. She had been kind and only broke three ribs with her deceptive power; she later explained that in application the movements are to executed with the swiftness of a pouncing tiger, she definitely fit that image. After that incidence Matt never joked about her martial art again.

Her movements were slow and flowing that were immediately followed by lightning speed and thunderous power. Her movements also possessed a sensitivity that even rivaled Matt's hyper senses. Matt was amazed on how much she would sweat from moving so slowly; she later explained to him the reason being that a great deal of internal energy was being generated and circulated through out her body.

When she was done, she took a deep breath and collected herself. Matt could feel the energy ripple across the room and back again into her luminous body. She then opened her eyes and smiled at Matt. He came toward her and enfolded her in his arms. She firmly pressed her sweaty body against him. In that moment their energies mingled and Matt was complete. She tilted her head back and Matt's lips pressed firmly against hers; he could feel the electric spark in the back of his head when they connected. Their passion and lust was overwhelmingly powerful. That was the key to Yuriko s attraction to Matt; his irrational, pathological passions-at once his greatest strength and his greatest weakness. Matt still has not come to terms with this dichotomy. She was more controlled than that most of the time but had let herself be swept up in Matt's maelstrom of passion.

Some time latter Matt awoke again for the second time. Again he had not heard or sensed Yuriko leaving the bed. He relished in her lingering scent of light perfume and sweat. He smiled to himself and stretched languidly across the bed. Now all had been forgotten about last night's insights into his true nature but the seeds had been sowed.