Hell's Angel... Reborn

By kiri mel

They say that justice is blind, and you can say I'm both. I was twelve at the time, and was hitting nothing but the books, and at school, bullies taunted and mocked me with the name Daredevil, when I was helpless, misunderstood. One day a late eve, New York's horizon dimmed out as the sun went down, I was crossing Fifth and Seventh Street when suddenly, all I would ever see again would be a huge Mack truck skidding across 6th avenue carrying hazardous radioactive waste in barrels, the driver would of known that it was against the law to transport that through the city, but when one barrel sliced open with acid spraying in my eye sockets, I knew it was already to late to tell right from wrong. I woke up in an emergency room at the Queens Memorial Hospital, my eyes wrapped in oval pads. Jack Murdock, my dad, was sitting beside me, and in his heart I knew that he was so full of rage, that his vendetta against the law-breaking trucker was to rip his very soul into subatomic pieces.

"DAD!!! Can you hear it?"

"Hear what!"


I heard sounds of the traffic outside, commuters whispering from a block away, a dog whistle, the sound of oil on a hot breakfast stove, pebbles, a Nokia cell phone tune from a bypassing car, the scratch of a lead pencil on paper, even Jack's petrified heartbeat, I could also smell every possible sweat-beaten smell in Hell's Kitchen.

That night I went to sleep, took of my bandages, I COULDN'T believe it! Every single object in my room was outlined in bloodshot crimson red, I quickly darted out of bed and walking carefully I turned on the light switch, nothing CHANEGED! I still saw my room as it was in the dark, except now the background was emitted in semi-white red.

It was as if I got radar sense for super smell, hearing and… touch would be the last, so I immediately took out my science book, and once I opened it I could feel the ink of any letter, and once I felt something, the object would appear in my eyes. I figured that all my heightened senses make up my extraordinary radar sight. "I now know I am the man with no fear, I will take the name for granted…for I am Matt Murdock... the DAREDEVIL... the man who knows justice is blind, the man without fear!"