Disclaimer: I do not own any part of Daredevil nor do I own any of the characters who

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P/L: Telic, a mysterious mutant confronts and captures Bullseye and forces him to listen

to her tales of misfortune and abandonment.  The basic telling of why some people turn

to evil ways.

                                       Daredevil/X-men              12 novembre, 2002  

Of Malevolent Intents


       Dogged be he who stands for what he believes in and won't stop until he wants to

begin.  Scurrilous is those who cast him out for wicked deeds of which themselves did

inflict on his hapless needs.  Malicious he turns and bitter he burns.  Why did these

cursed beings (oh cursed spite!) cast him out upon seeing their right?  What rights have

they (that cannot see our uniqueness) to wretch the world from our grasps and abandon

us by night and day?  None at all.   None that I can see by (which is why I sentence them

all to die.)


       Telic stalked sulkily down the fairly active street in New York City.  Her dusky

cotton cloak hid her maroon undergarments and the hood of the cloak kept hidden Telic's

dark strip of orange hair.  But even still, Telic's cold, dark blue eyes showed a deep flame

of hatred and resentment towards the people on the street in that New York City.  A deep

frown wore heavily on her thin lips.

       The sullen female strolled by a newsstand.  She paused, spying the latest headline

of The World: "Spiderman Stops Malevolent Mutant".   Telic gave a soft laugh and

commented under her breath, "Nice use of alliteration," and then continued on her way.

       Around her, people stopped and stared at Telic, noticing the hint of orange hair

that hid beneath the cloak.  Some people purposely walked down the sidewalk and made

sure that Telic couldn't pass, forcing her into the street.  Then Telic had to dive back onto

the sidewalk to avoid being hit by people on bikes not wanting to stop or go around the


       As Telic leapt back onto the sidewalk for a third time, she was roughly run into by

a girl two years younger than her.  The young adult that had run into Telic gave the

mutant a look of contempt and hatred.

       "Why don't you watch where you're going freak!" the girl yelled angrily.

       "My apologies," Telic grumbled, trying to sound apologetic.  Telic continued on

her way.

       "I'm not done with you freak!" the girl continued, coming in front of Telic.

"You're not dismissed yet!"

       Telic gave the human an annoyed sigh and stated, pushing past her, "I don't have

time for this."

       The girl blocked Telic's path and roughly shoved her down.  The girl yelled, "I

know what you do freak!  You're a menace to society!"

       "People who think they're better than everyone else is a menace to society," Telic

remarked, standing up slowly.

       "No, it's freaks like you who give us a bad name!"

       "What do you mean?" Telic inquired in a surprised voice. "Are you a mutant


       "Of course not!" the girl protested forcefully. "I am a human!  The one true race

of this planet!  What I meant was that freaks like you give Americans bad names!"

       "Because we're different than you?" Telic demanded angrily. "You think that

because we've got these supernatural powers that we don't have feelings too?"

       "You actually feel?" the girl laughed harshly. "I would hardly think that freaks

were capable of having human emotions."

       Telic gave an impatient, agitated sigh.  Out of the corner of her eye, Telic saw

people gathering.  She saw police rushing over towards her.  Telic thought to herself,

"Now I really don't have time for this."  To the girl, Telic stated, "Well, I must really be

going now.  Have a nice day and enjoy your harsh prejudice against other races while you

still have a brain to operate with."

       At that Telic continued on her way, avoiding the girl's hands as the girl tried to

capture her.  The girl demanded, "Are you threatening me?"

       Telic wasn't about to answer but suddenly the crowd gave a surprised yell.  Telic

then heard a male voice answer for her, "No, she's telling you!  Now move out of my

way Small-fry before I make you eat your foul words."

       Telic stopped and turned around to see who had spoken for her.  She saw a young

man dressed entirely in the nightly color.  Telic recognized the scar the man wore so

plainly on his forehead.  The shaved head, the thick and dark eyebrows, and the dark

beard all were symbols of the most feared criminal Telic knew of.  Telic muttered

gravely, "Bullseye.  What is he doing here?"

       Backing away, Telic hoped the criminal wouldn't make eye contact with her.  Just

then Bullseye looked directly at her.  Panic seized Telic.   She turned on her heels and ran

down the street.  Behind her, Telic heard Bullseye call out her name.

       Telic ignored him calling for her and continued on her path.  Telic looked for a

place to hide and found an extremely narrow alley way.  Running down a bit, Telic

leaned against the wall and tried to catch her breath.  She then felt the presence of

someone next to her.  Glancing over her right shoulder, Telic saw a blue covered human

with orange hair and yellow eyes standing just a couple feet away from her.  Telic leapt

away from the wall and gave a surprised gasp.

       "Don't run away child," the mutant told her warmly. "We're not going to hurt


       "I've heard that one!" Telic exclaimed. "I don't trust anyone Mystique.  You

should know best of all."

       Mystique nodded.  She said, "I'm sorry about what happened to Nuka.  I really

am."  Mystique stepped forward, continuing, "But what's done is done.  You cannot

change the past.  You can only go forward with your life."

       Telic growled, "I've already got one, thank you very much."

       Just then Telic bumped into somebody behind her.  Telic turned and saw that she

had run into Bullseye.  Telic recoiled in fear, giving Bullseye a distasteful eye.

       Bullseye smirked, "I'd hardly call getting annoyed by meaningless peasants a life


       "Well look who's speaking, human," Telic hissed.

       Mystique chuckled at the two.  Mystique told Telic, "We've come to make a

proposition to you."

       "Actually," Bullseye said, "I wanted to make a proposition with you."

       "I want nothing more to do with any of you!" Telic hissed.  At that she used her

telekinetic skills to throw Bullseye against the wall.  Telic held him there and waited for

Mystique to make her move.  But Mystique moved none.  Instead, the blue mutant

laughed at the scene.

       Bullseye looked at Mystique and grumbled, "I see nothing funny in this."  He

gave Telic a glare before returning back to Mystique.  Bullseye said, "Um, a little help


       "You're doing just fine where you're at," Mystique chuckled.

       Telic became annoyed with the two.  She slightly brought her thumb and pointer

finger together.  It was a choking process that made the esophagus close on itself.  The

reaction was immediate.  At once Bullseye began to feel the pressure on his throat.  He

gave Telic a look of amazement.

       Telic's eyes had become fiery and her breathing matched her agitated state.  Telic

began in a dark tone, "It is because of people like you that makes life difficult.  It is

because of people like them," Telic gestured with her free hand towards the busy New

York street and continued, "who make it impossible to live."

       Mystique came forward slightly, watching Telic with understanding eyes. 

Mystique said, "But there is a way to live."

       "I tried that road once," Telic interrupted angrily. "But there's nothing one can do

when that person is a mutant.  People hate you.  Humans hate you, mutants hate you! 

The whole world is against you!  You try to stand up for your rights but you're

immediately knocked down!  Humans think they're better than everyone else and because

we're different, we must be treated like scum!

       "Why, it was just yesterday that I got shoved down on the sidewalk and was told

that 'a peasant should never meet the gaze of his better."  Telic paused and shook her

head, her throat welling with hatred. "And the person who did that to me was no older

than a child.  His father had pushed me down but it was the child who thought himself

better than me."

       Bullseye struggled against Telic's hold.  He gasped, "Let those filthy vermin rot

in hell!"

       "How you speak, human," Telic hissed, glaring at Bullseye. "Your special kind is

another reason why I hate you, you and your pathetic band of rebels fighting against the

truth and justice of the world.  No sense of moral rights; just wrongs. 

       "I tried your way once, not so long ago.  At one point we almost went over to the

good side.  But then we were betrayed and I lost my entire family!"

       Mystique commented softly, "I truly sympathize with your feelings.  I truly do. 

Those X-men shall suffer for their injustices as well."

       Telic gave Mystique a glare.  She continued, "Society has done this to me.  No

matter what I do I cannot be acceptable to them.  I try living my life as a productive

citizen but what do I get in return?  Nothing!  I try to turn against those malevolent beings

and I wind up losing people I love by people I thought I could trust!"

       "You poor creature," Bullseye softly whispered.  He struggled for better breaths

of air as he fought against Telic's hold.

       "What?" Telic questioned, turning to Bullseye. 

       "I said, 'you poor creature," Bullseye replied. "Society is definitely to blame for

what they have created."

       "Yes," Telic agreed, nodding. "Society created you.  Society created the villains. 

They have turned the unfortunate wretches of the civilized world who were cast out by

supposedly their superiors into who they are today.  And yet those high and mighty

people demand that we all should be destroyed because we are a menace.  But we are

only the results of what they as a society has created."

       "We are the same then, sister," Bullseye remarked, looking Telic in the eyes.

       Telic removed her hold on Bullseye and watched him drop to his knees.  Telic

sniffed, turning from him, "You and I are nothing alike."

       "You still are welcome to join us," Mystique told Telic. "You are still welcome to

be my sister.  Magneto says that your past is only fuel for our revenge against the human


       "Then what's with him?" Telic inquired darkly, pointing at Bullseye.

       Mystique replied, "He's a special case.  He came to us on his own and became our

newest brother."  Mystique gave Telic a sideways glance and asked, "What choices have

you got now Telic?  Which path will you take?  Which side will you join?"

       "Come," Bullseye offered, standing up and extending his hand to Telic. "Come

join us and become our sister.  Together we can destroy those who cannot see past their

static judgments and together we can found a new life for people such as ourselves."

       Telic stared at Bullseye in contemplation.  A small smile spread across Telic's

lips.  She gripped Bullseye's hand and agreed, "All right then, brother" she turned to

Mystique and acknowledged, "Sister."