Spider-Man/Marvel Knights

By Jean Paich

Plot: The Owl wants to take the streets of New York City. Owl has hired the sinister 6 lead by Doctor Octopus. Men working for Doctor Octopus are Shocker, Chameleon, Mysterio, Hobgoblin and The Vulture. Also working for Owl is Tarantula, Electro, Stegma, Ultron, Mr. Fear and Typhoid Mary. Spider-Man teams up with Daredevil again. Spider-Man and Daredevil team up with Black Widow, Moon Knight, Iron Fist and Luke Cage. Spider-Man and Daredevil first hire Luke Cage to deal with the sinister 6. Nick Manolis also hires Luke Cage to bring down a crime syndicate lead by Owl.


In New York City at night. Doctor Octopus with Shocker, Chameleon, Mysterio, The Vulture and the Hobgoblin terrorize Times Square. Doctor Octopus: "Spider-Man is out here somewhere. Let's go split up. Daredevil is out there too. Chameleon. You can pose as Spider-Man or Daredevil or Luke Cage. I know that Luke Cage was hired to assist Spider-Man and Daredevil." They split up.

On the streets of New York City. Spider-Man and Daredevil are swinging down the city. Luke Cage is jumping from buildings. Spider-Man: "I hired Luke Cage here to help us bring down the sinister 6. I know that they are working for Owl." Daredevil: "Then Spider-Man. You, Luke and I will split up." They split up.

Somewhere on the streets of Manhattan. Spider-Man is in the locker room at Madison Square Garden. Spider-Man: "I know you are out there Mysterio. Come on out from hiding." Spider-Man searches for Mysterio. Spider-Man is back on the streets. Mysterio shoots projectiles at Spider-Man. Spider-Man uses his spider leap. Mysterio misses. Mysterio: "For years I wanted to shut this mouth of your's. I wanted to kill you for years." Mysterio vanishes and reappears behind Spider-Man's back. The spider sense goes off. Spider-Man finds Mysterio. Spider-Man double kicks Mysterio and knocks him down. Spider-Man ties him up with his webbings. Spider-Man finds Hobgoblin just as his spider sense goes off. Spider-Man swings gets on the goblin glider using webbing. Spider-Man gets on the goblin glider. Hobgoblin: "Spider-Man. You will die." Spider-Man punches the hobgoblin and takes control of his glider holding Hobgoblin on his back. Spider-Man ties him up in his webbing with Mysterio.

Nearby a bank on the streets of New York City. Luke Cage sees Shocker. Shocker: "Luke Cage. You're the hero for hire." Shocker shoots volts at Luke Cage and nothing happens. Luke Cage: "You see. I am invincible to almost anything. Maybe even Kryptonite. I am not Kryptonian." Shocker doesn't buy that. He shoots more and Luke Cage gets in pursuit of Shocker. Luke Cage jumps on the street and Shocker falls down. Luke Cage throws Shocker against a wall.

Nearby a music store. Chameleon is disguised as Spider-Man. Daredevil picks up Chameleon on his radar scan and visualizes Spider-Man. Chameleon: "Daredevil. It's me Spider-Man. I caught everyone else. Doc Ock is caught." Daredevil listens to a heart beat change. Daredevil: "There's one thing." Daredevil on with his radar sense finds the thing on Chameleon's belt and touches it and punches him in the face. Daredevil: "You're not Spider-Man." Daredevil picks up Chameleon.

Spider-Man is in patrol swinging down Time Square. Spider-Man's spider sense goes off as The Vulture appears. Spider-Man and The Vulture get into a fight. The Vulture: "It's pay back time Spider-Man." The Vulture pulls out a gun as Spider-Man gets onto a Manhattan rooftop. Spider-Man shoots webbings onto The Vulture's gun. The Vulture attacks and Spider-Man with a single punch knocks out The Vulture. Spider-Man also ties up The Vulture.

Over to an alley. All 5 members of The Sinister Six working for Doctor Octopus are tied up in webbings. Spider-Man, Daredevil and Luke Cage are there. Luke Cage: "There's one more guy left. That's Doctor Octopus." The 3 heroes go in search of Doc Ock. They find him outside Madison Square Garden. Doctor Octopus attacks the heroes with his tentacles. Luke Cage is still standing. Luke Cage: "I am invincible to your tentacles. We caught your 5 minions." Doctor Octopus: "Curses." Luke Cage grabs the tentacles and throws Doctor Octopus into a telephone booth. Daredevil and Spider-Man get back up. Daredevil jump kicks Doc Ock and Spider-Man shoots web onto his tentacles. Daredevil hears police sirens. Daredevil: "The police are on the way for you and your sinister 6." The heroes leave. The cops show up. Captain Nick Manolis gets out of his car. Manolis:(to the other officers) "The others are in an alley. Get them there." (To Doctor Octopus) "You're going back to prison. You and your members of the sinister 6 are rounded up." The cops all put shackles on the entire Sinister Six.

Later on outside Josie's Bar. Hell's Kitchen. Turk is walking outside. Daredevil shows up. Daredevil: "Turk." Turk: "Daredevil. After all this bothering me I want to see what's on your driver's license." Daredevil: "Come on Turk. I don't have a driver's license and never had one. I was 15 when I became blind. You know that I am blind." Turk: "I get your point. What do you want?" Daredevil: "You know the usual. Information." Turk: "Oh yes. The Owl has hired the sinister 6 to help him on his scheme to take the streets of Hell's Kitchen into his hands. Mr. Fear, Tarantula, Typhoid Mary, Ultron, Stegma and Electro are all working for The Owl." Daredevil: "Nick Manolis has hired Luke Cage to help him bring down the Owl." Daredevil leaves.

The Next day at the Daily Bugle. J. Jonah Jameson is sitting at his desk with Ben Urich in his office. Jameson: "Spider-Man with Daredevil and Luke Cage must be destroying the city." Urich: "Spider-Man took down criminals. He's a hero. Daredevil had gotten me to quit smoking cigarettes by slapping my hand as I was going to light up." Joe ‘Robbie' Robertson comes in Jameson's office. Robbie: "Spider-Man with Daredevil and Luke Cage last night caught the sinister 6. You need to get it into your head. Spider-Man is the good guy." Jameson: "I believe you now. Urich you cover the Spider-Man story."

At the Owl's headquarters. In an office is The Owl. Bullseye is seated at a table. Owl: "Bullseye. Turk has betrayed us. Turk is helping the heroes bring us down. Can you go kill him?" Bullseye: "yes." Bullseye is holding a pair of scissors in his hands. Owl: "Then Bullseye. Do you know how you kill a man without fear or a web swinger?" Bullseye: "Yes. You put fear in a man without fear and you cut a web swinger and squash him." Owl: "Turk is at some dock. Go kill him." Bullseye leaves Owl's office.

At the bay in NYC. Turk is nearby boats walking. Bullseye shows up. Bullseye is seen by Turk. Turk pulls out a knife. Bullseye has a pair of scissors going after Turk. Turk approaches Bullseye and stabs him in the belly. Bullseye falls into the water. Turk put his knife away.

At the home of Peter Parker with his wife Mary Jane. Mary Jane Watson Parker is 6 months pregnant. Peter: "Nick Manolis needs me to take down The Owl. We hired Luke Cage." Mary Jane: "I am going to retire my modeling and action career for raising children." Peter walks out the door.

At the law offices of Murdock and Nelson. Matt Murdock is there with his partner Foggy Nelson. They are talking. Foggy: "The sinister 6 is going to be indicted this time I hope. Owsley is still standing." Matt: "Spider-Man, Daredevil and Luke Cage took out the sinister 6 last night. It looks like Elektra is being hired to kill the Al Queda. She is being hired to kill Osama Bin Laden." Foggy goes over to the file cabinets to pull stuff out of the drawers.

Somewhere else in Hell's Kitchen. Nick Manolis is talking to Luke Cage. Iron Fist, Black Widow and Moon Knight are accompanying Luke Cage. Manolis: "Luke. I am hiring you to bring down the crime syndicate. I want to also end corruption. The Kingpin is out of the picture. I want to put all those criminals back into The Vault." Luke Cage: "It will be done Captain Manolis." They leave.

On the streets of Hell's Kitchen. Black Widow, Moon Knight, Luke Cage and Iron Fist are walking down the streets of New York City. Black Widow: "We need Daredevil and Spider-Man with us." They walk on.

At the Owl's headquarters. The Owl has his thugs together with various villains. Those who are working for The Owl are Typhoid Mary, Stegma, Ultron, Electro, Tarantula and Mr. Fear. Owl: "You people. The Sinister Six was captured by Spider-Man, Luke Cage and Daredevil. We can kill them all. Luke Cage is a bullet proof person. You men can attack the heroes and aide all those other super criminals with you." They are gathered up. Everyone leaves. Owl: "I'll be with you all. Captain Nick Manolis is useless against us. You boys can hang out some where else." The Owl's thugs go some where else on the streets of NYC.

Later on in Hell's Kitchen. Spider-Man, Daredevil and Black Widow are swinging down the streets of New York City. Moon Knight is flying. Iron Fist and Luke Cage are jumping from building to building. The heroes see all those criminals. Black Widow takes on Typhoid Mary. Iron Fist takes on Ultron. Moon Knight takes on Tarantula. Spider-Man takes on Electro. Daredevil takes on Mr. Fear. Luke Cage takes on Stegma. The Owl watches. The heroes and villains split up. Electro: "Spider-Man. It's payback time for what you did to me." Electro shoots volts at Spider-Man and Spider-Man swings on his web and kicks Electro behind the back and knocks him down and ties him up with his webbing.

Over to Iron Fist vs. Ultron

Ultron: "Target Iron Fist." Ultron targets Iron Fist with his hands. Iron Fist kicks Ultron. Iron Fist: "You're going back to the vault Ultron." Iron Fist with his iron hands punches Ultron hard and knocks him down. Iron Fist: "As I said before. You're going back." Spider-Man with his webbing ties up Ultron. Iron Fist: "Thank you Spider-Man." Spider-Man: "I'll tie them all up with my webbing."

Over to Luke Cage vs. Stegma

Stegma: "Ha. You're powerful. I could kill you if I took your powers away." Luke Cage: "In your dreams or should I say nightmares." Luke Cage punches Stegma and bangs him hard on the ground. Spider-Man aids Luke Cage and webs Stegma.

Over to Moon Knight vs. Tarantula

Tarantula with his claws swings at Moon Knight. Moon Knight throws a punch on Tarantula. Tarantula: "Moon Knight. I will kill you. The Owl now has New York City." Moon Knight: "Not for long. We're turning all of you over to the police." Moon Knight has Tarantula's claws in his face trying to stab him and Moon Knight punches Tarantula in the face and knocks him down.

Somewhere else on the streets of Hell's Kitchen. The police show up with Nick Manolis in charge. All of the Owl's thugs are standing out there in the streets. Nick Manolis and the other NY PD officers show up and set pursuit of those thugs. Manolis: "You're under arrest." The thugs start running. Manolis's officers draw their guns. Captain Manolis grabs 2 thugs on each of his 2 hands by their shirts. All the others are grabbed by the other officers. They are all handcuffed. Manolis: "Get them out of here. Call for back up. You people have the right to remain silent. You have the right to an attorney. If you can not afford one we will provide you one. Anything you say will be used against you in the court of law." Manolis leaves with some other officers after The Owl and those other super villains.

Back to the other place in Hell's Kitchen over to Black Widow vs. Typhoid Mary

Typhoid Mary kicks Black Widow in the stomach. Typhoid Mary: "Feel that Widow. I will kick your butt." Black Widow punches back. Black Widow: "Not with my free hands." Black Widow and Typhoid Mary beat each other up. Black Widow defeats Typhoid Mary.

Over to Daredevil vs. Mr. Fear

Mr. Fear and Daredevil beat each other up. Mr. Fear: "I will put fear into New Yorkers and bring people to their knees in terror just as I destroy you." Mr. Fear throws his fist at Daredevil and Daredevil high kicks Mr. Fear back. Mr. Fear is knocked down. Daredevil: "You're going to the Vault Fear." Mr. Fear is down. All those other villains are tied in webbings by Spider-Man. The Owl attacks the super heroes. Daredevil delivers a flying kick to the Owl. The Owl pushes Daredevil aside. The Owl scratches Luke Cage and no damage on him. Luke Cage punches The Owl just as Spider-Man ties him up in webbings. The super heroes all leave. Moments later the police show up with a DOC truck Nick Manolis also shows up from his car. Manolis: "Al right. Get them out of here. You people have the right to remain silent. You have the right to an attorney. If you can not afford one we will provide you one. Anything you say will be used against you in the court of law." The cops leave with the criminals captured.

Spider-Man and Daredevil with Black Widow are swinging down the streets of Hell's kitchen just as Luke Cage and Iron Fist are swinging and Moon Knight is flying. Spider-Man: "I think that we'll all go home." Daredevil: "The police have caught our enemies. I can hear it with my heightened senses."