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P/L: During the assassination of Dr. Damian Zanus, Bullseye is mortally wounded by

Wolverine and must be cared for by the very mutants Bullseye has tried to avoid.


                                     Daredevil/X-men                28 novembre, 2002  

Trying to Relate/First Kiss


       The days passed rapidly.  Each day started with the usual bicker over coffee that

would almost inevitable wind up into a mad-dash race to the Gay Sixty-Niners Café.  But

after the calming of nerves by the fresh coffee, the two would settle down and socialize

peacefully with one another.

       Gradually, Telic began separating herself even more from the human world and

centered her anger and hatred for them with each murder she helped Bullseye

accomplish.  Telic no longer pitied the fool on the street, begging for food to survive. 

Instead, Telic used the person's suffering as fuel to her rage against the harsh society she

knew that existed in New York.

       Often, Bullseye had spoke of traveling back to Los Angeles to seek payment for

his killings.  But, as the days grew on to weeks, Bullseye began speaking less and less of

traveling away from the Big Apple.  Telic began to suspect that it was because of the

constant battle between two worlds that kept the super villain enthralled with the city.

       The only damper in their vigilante acts were the occasional appearance of

Spiderman or a member from the X-men.  But these bothered Telic and Bullseye none for

they each watched out for one another.  Telic always managed to freeze their attackers

before Bullseye was harmed and thus, Bullseye made a constant watch for any thugs

trying to attack her.

       The two had their fights and arguments but none of those ever resulted in any

long-time damage.  In the end, they both seemed to come to an agreement and forgive

one another.  They didn't realize it then, but they were both falling in love with one


*      *      *      *      *      *      *

       "Pick-up," Telic called.  She turned back to the register and saw Bullseye

drumming his fingers on the counter, looking expectantly at her.

       Telic casually strolled over to Bullseye.  She stared into his bored, but rapt eyes. 

The drumming continued.  Finally, Telic put her hand quickly over Bullseye's hand and

hissed, "Enough!  What do you want!"

       Leaning in close to her, Bullseye stated, "I need coffee!  Now!"

       "Yeah," Telic smiled, "You and every New Yorker that comes in through here.  

Tell me something I didn't know!"

       Bullseye smiled, "You have grease on your name tag."

       Telic leered at him playfully and shook her head, murmuring, "You scat!  Get out

of here before you get me in trouble!"

       "I thought you were on lunch break now," Bullseye stated questionably. 

       "Oh yeah, that's right," Telic remembered, looking at the clock.  She took off her

apron and hung it on a rack.  She came around the counter and said, "Let's go somewhere

away from here!"

       "How does Dennis Crobobble's office sound?"

       "Ohh," Telic grinned mischievously. "Did Kingpin make a call today for him?"

       "That malicious muffin will never make a bad deal with Kingpin again," Bullseye

stated.  He looked at Telic as he pushed open the door and stepped outside, "Or anyone

else for that matter."

*      *      *      *      *      *      *

       Telic stood outside the Crobobble office.  A broad, pleasant smile spread across

her lips as she tried to look peaceable to the two burly body guards standing across from

her.  The guards didn't return her smile.  Instead, their frowns of suspicion grew.

       A sudden yell erupted from the office and both guards quickly looked towards the

door, their guns pulled out.  They then felt their guns being pulled out of their hands by

Telic's telekinetic powers.

       Telic scoffed, "Uh-uh boys!  These belong to me, thank you very much!"

       Just then she felt a dagger slice into her body, digging in between her ribs.  Telic

gave a startled gasp that turned to a scream of pain when the dagger suddenly twisted and

broke in her ribs.  Gasping in shock, Telic looked at her assailant and saw a third body

guard.  Telic fell to the ground just as Bullseye came out of the office. 

       Bullseye saw his friend lying on the ground and quickly reacted to the guard who

had wounded her.  Bullseye threw his shuriken at the third guard, striking him in the

throat.  To the other two, Bullseye sent the shurikens through their hearts, killing them


       Kneeling next to Telic, Bullseye inspected her wound.  Then Bullseye picked

Telic up in his arms and carried her outside.  Prosperous was standing just outside the

door in the lobby.  Looking at Telic laying semi-consciously in Bullseye's arms,

Prosperous gave a sniff of annoyance.

       "Kill her, end it," was all the man had to say.

*      *      *      *      *      *      *

       Telic gave soft cries of pain as she felt Bullseye removing the last fragment of

metal from her ribs.  Telic squeezed her eyes shut and gritted against the excruciating

pain.  The mutant's breath was shallow and raspy.  Telic tried to overcome her feeling of

weakness and helplessness.

       For a few minutes Telic blacked out.  As she began waking up, Telic became

aware of someone gently stroking her hair and cheek.  Telic turned her head and saw

Bullseye lying next to her, half awake.

       "You're awake," Bullseye smiled. "I was worried that you weren't going to make


       "You we're actually concerned about me?" Telic questioned with a laugh.

       "I shouldn't be," Bullseye replied. "After all, you're not my responsibility.  And if

Kingpin had it his way, you'd be dead right now."

       "What?" Telic questioned in surprise.

       "I should of killed you," Bullseye told her in a low, hushed voice.  He tried to

avoid Telic's pitiful gaze.  Bullseye met her gaze anyways.  He continued, "But I

couldn't kill you, which is why I hate you."

       Bullseye gave Telic a hateful glare.  He fought back his confusion and anguish as

he continued, "I'm a trained assassin.  I can kill anyone Kingpin wants me to kill.  But I

can't bring myself to kill you even though Kingpin wants you dead."

       Then Bullseye lowered his eyes, gently picking up Telic's hand and squeezing it

tenderly.  Bullseye commented softly, "I never had a true friend until I met you.  And

from what I know, friendship should mean something more than this, which is why I

cannot bring myself to kill you.  I will not kill you Telic.  You're my best friend."

       Telic felt tears slipping down her cheeks as she listened to Bullseye speak.  Telic

gently brought Bullseye down and embraced him warmly.  Telic cried, "And you are my

best friend too, Bullseye."  She stroked his cheek and continued, "You're tired, just rest."

       Bullseye laid his head on Telic's chest and sighed deeply.  He wanted to stay with

her but he knew he had an assassination to take care of.  Bullseye whispered, "I cannot.  I

have to go."

       "Is it Damian Zanus whom you are going after this time?" Telic inquired.

       "Yes," Bullseye softly replied.

       "Be careful," Telic gently told him.

       Bullseye lifted his head and rested on his elbows.  He gazed down at Telic and

replied, "I will."  He bent down and kissed her gently on the lips.  For a little bit they

remained in their first loving embrace, each taking in the awakened passion they felt for

one another.  Then Bullseye pulled away, gently stroking Telic's hair.  He whispered,

"Stay here; get your rest.  And no secret rendez-vous now you hear!  I'll be back shortly."

Bullseye gave Telic a gentle kiss on the forehead before rolling off the bed and starting

towards the door.  Giving Telic one last wistful glance, Bullseye exited the room.

*      *      *      *      *      *      *

       Telic awoke with a start that night.  The room was hollow and empty.  The pain

that Telic had early felt in her ribs was replaced with sudden worry about where her

friend was.  Telic had spent the entire afternoon sleeping soundly in her bed while

Bullseye went to carry out the next assassination.  But where was he now?  Telic knew

for certain that Bullseye would have been back by now, seeing the clock hours ticking

past the eleventh hour. 

       With a panicky, desperate yearning to be reunited with Bullseye, Telic crawled

out of her bed and began her search for her friend.