What if Bullseye had killed Kingpin when he had the chance? (refers to issue 172)

By: Luke Clark

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Part one

                        On the tenth story of an office building in New York, Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin of crime, took his seat in front of a large rectangular table. Around this table sat the new leaders of the criminal empire in Hell's Kitchen. "You still have Bullseye. That is why I am here." Kingpin said. As he spoke Bullseye snuck in close behind and held a handgun to the back of his head. One of the new leaders spoke out, "Right. That's right. We still got.." Kingpin raised his voice above the smaller man's," You hired him to kill me. Right now, he would not find that difficult. However, Bullseye's intelligence far outweighs his loyalty and by now he must reali…" Bullseye fired his gun; the bullet sank down deep into the Kingpin's skull. A maniacal smirk came across the assassin's face. "That should shut him up."


                                                                Part two

                        Bullseye took Kingpin's place at the table. He raised his gun in the air as he declared, "Kingpin was right you know. I have no loyalty to you." He stood up and pointed his gun at the closest crime lord he found. "This is how it's gonna go. You're going to give the mob leadership to me. You're gonna walk out of this room and tell all your men they answer to Bullseye now." The men shifted in their seats. Bullseye pointed to his gun. "I wouldn't try anything if I were you. I have more than enough bullets to kill you all and as you know, I never miss." Out of the corner of his eye Bullseye caught one of the crime lords reaching for a gun. He quickly raised his own gun and fired a shot at the man's heart. The man fell to the floor; a puddle of crimson blood collected beneath him. "Let this be a lesson to you all. Resistance is futile." Bullseye stated, "Go."

                        The men raised from their seats in unison and walked past Bullseye out of the office doors. A minute later a voice came over the loudspeaker for the entire building. "Listen up! We have an announcement to make, we are turning leadership of the mob to…to…" Bullseye's voice came over the loudspeaker, "To me. From now on I will be managing the entire network of organized crime in Hell's Kitchen. Should anyone have a problem with that, they can come to my office and speak with me personally. I do strongly suggest, however that one refrain from taking such actions as there will be dire consequences."  Bullseye turned to the old crime leaders, "Get me your best men."

                        30 minutes later: Bullseye sat at his new desk and waited for the arrival of the men. A sharp voice came over the speaker in the office. "They're here." Bullseye pressed a small button next to the speaker on his desk and replied, "send them in."

                        Ten colossal men walked into his office. Bullseye smiled, "I have called you here today to inform you of your next assignment. You are to assassinate, Daredevil."

                                                                Part three

                         A loud voice came over the speaker in Bullseye's office, "Do you want to see them?" Bullseye replied, "Bring them to me." The voice spoke sharply from the speaker yet again, "Are you sure? Their wounds are…. I'll send them in."

                        Nine assassins limped into Bullseye's office. "Where is the other." One of the men stepped forward. "He beat us all and took Grotto to the cops for questioning." Bullseye glared at the assassins and said, "You failed!? You're not assassins, you're a bunch of amateurs!" Another man spoke, "We did all we could, but the Daredevil he's…. not human."  "No excuses," Bullseye exclaimed. He opened a drawer in his desk and pulled out ten throwing stars. "Failure will not be tolerated." The assassins begin running frantically for the door as Bullseye raised his hands and let loose nine stars from his fingertips. The stars imbedded themselves in the assassin's necks. They fell to the floor lifeless and unmoving.

                        Bullseye lifted the remaining star eye level and stared into it's glistening silver surface. "This one's for you, Devil."


                                                                Part four

                        Bullseye took his chair in back of a large rectangular table. Before him sat four men, each ran a small fraction of Bullseye's extensive criminal empire. "Find Daredevil. When you do don't let him out of your sight. Contact me, tell his exact location. Follow him closely until I arrive. If you are following him he, will no you're there. Just try to stay as inconspicuous as possible. Go." Bullseye said. The four men rose from their chairs and walked out the double doors to the front of the table. Bullseye reached to his right and pressed the button to activate his speaker. "I want constant updates on their progress. Any sightings are to be reported to me immediately. He's fast, so don't waste time getting me the message." A voice spoke out of the speaker, "Will do."

                        Two days later: Bullseye sat silently in his office when a voice came over his speaker, "Bullseye, sir, we've found him. He's on the rooftop of the old gym on 31st." Bullseye smiled, "Keep his position. I'm on my way."


Part five

                        Bullseye arrived at the gym on a red motorcycle 3 minutes later. Daredevil had stayed on then rooftop the entire time. Bullseye entered the old gym. It was completely deserted. To his right was a battered boxing ring, some of the ropes were broken and the ring floor was collapsed to the left side. To his right were four weight lifting benches. He made his way to the stares to the front of him and started up to the roof. While he was progressing up the stairs thoughts stirred in his mind, "By the looks of it no one has been in here for quite a while. Why would Daredevil be interested in a deserted gym."

                        The building was only a few stories tall; this made for a quick ascent to the roof. When Bullseye got off the last step Daredevil was sitting in front of him, with his back to him. Daredevil spoke, "We do this dance to often Bullseye." Bullseye smirked, "Yes, we do, but I assure you this will be the last."


          Part six

                        Daredevil jumped up from his place on the roof and pulled out his club. He flung it around and let it go sending it flying towards Bullseye, who miraculously caught the club in midair. He readied to throw, but it was too late; Daredevil kicked him across the face and sent him flying into the door that led to the roof. Daredevil leaped for Bullseye and raised both fists in the air. Bullseye quickly threw the club, which was still in his grasp, at his face. The club intercepted it's target directly on the front of his nose. Daredevil fell and hit the ground just a few feet in front of Bullseye. "Always overconfident." Bullseye said. Daredevil, however pushed himself high off the ground and slammed his right fist into Bullseye's chin. Bullseye was knocked to the ground by the force of the blow. "When I'm fighting you I have a reason to be." Daredevil stated. Bullseye pulled out a silver throwing star, the same star he had held in his office a few days before. "I've been saving this, for you!" Bullseye yelled as he hurled the star at him. Daredevil begin to move in an attempt to dodge the incoming projectile , but Bullseye had thrown it too fast. It sailed towards it's target and lodged itself in his neck.

                        Daredevil fell to the ground clutching his neck. He grabbed the throwing star and ripped it out. Red blood flowed from the open wound. He tried to take a breath, but no air would come; the throwing star had completely severed his jugular. "I told you Devil. This was our final confrontation."

                        Daredevil would have heard his foe speaking if his world had not already become dark. Dark, even for a blind man.


Part seven

                        Bullseye lifted himself off the ground and stepped toward his fallen adversary. He lowered his hand and lifted Daredevil's mask off his head. "Matt Murdock?! The blind lawyer of Hell's Kitchen. How could a blind man do all that. I had my suspicions, but this?" A voice came over Bullseye's radio, which he had placed in his left pocket upon leaving his office, "Sir, are you there?" Bullseye replied, " I'm here." The voice spoke again, "Did you do it? Did you take him out." Bullseye smirked, he stared down at Daredevil's lifeless body, "He's out, and he's not coming back. Spread the word, the Devil is dead. It's time to paint the town red, blood red."