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Fan Fiction

Assassins #5

by Tim Williams (

Untold Tales of Amalgam Presents:
Volume 1, Issue 5
Written by: "Nilescable"

Dead Ends part two
"All around the murdering bush"

His name is Blackstone, and until recently, he was employed by Edward Fisk a.k.a. the Big Question* [* JLA Unlimited #2 - Naughty Niles*]. He was given a certain location by an anonymous source, that he was wanted, and since he needed the money he came and he came fast. He finally reaches the location, he knocks on the door the given number of times, and the door is opened. He instantly hears a voice.

"So, Blackstone, it seems that you are late. Maybe the Big Question would have accepted this, but I won't do so, next time you are late you will be considered late to everyone on the planet because you won't have a life." Blackstone begins to attempt to talk, "I didn't tell you to talk. I saw you in action, and it seems now that you have a little rivalry with Catsai and Dare."

Across town Catsai and Dare are on a rooftop on lookout for the Grinning Goblin. "Elektra, since we are just waiting for something to happen, I was wondering exactly what happened in that entire CrimsonRose situation."

In an instant Catsai snaps at her, "Well, Slade maybe he just helped me when I was injured, it didn't seem that you cared."

"Well, me asking shows that I cared didn't it? Didn't it?!" She receives no response. A maniacal laugh breaks the silence. With all the goblins flying around New Gotham, it's hard enough to decide which one is which.

"What are Catsais made of? Sugar, spice, and everything nice? I think not! Catsais are made of whips, chains, and things that bust brains." He begins to let loose another insane laugh, "And Dare, you are… I seem to have run out of rhymes for your blind counterpart."

"Don't worry, I have something special for you." She grabs her grappling hook and attempts to shoots a grappling hook towards Grinning Goblin's Goblin Glider, but he moves as the grappling hook falls down to the side of the building.

"Sorry I can't stay and play kitties, adios muchachas." All of a sudden, glass is heard being broken below Catsai and Dare. A man is seen climbing from the window below on to the rooftop, then another man follows. Their attempt stealth, failed miserably.

"I cannot believe this, you actually tried to climb up from beneath of us, hired help these days." Catsai sent a kick to the face of the man who plummeted to the concrete where he created a disgusting splatter sound.

On the other hand, Dare didn't finish so quickly, the henchman sent a punch towards Dare, she catches his hand and twists his arm. She then immediately sends a spin kick towards his jaw knocking him onto his back.

Meanwhile: Deadeye and Blaze continue their search for the Assassins in down town New Gotham. Then Deadeye gets an idea. "You know something Blaze, with me being the best shot in the world, my mind isn't dull which means, I pick up on something's that others, miss out on."

"Like what? You know what Nate's plan is? Is that what your hinting towards." The red energy form of Blaze pulses as his question was asked.

"When I'm around Nate, it feels like something's messing with my mind, but that's not what I'm talking about. I know that Catsai, and Dare hide in the shadows making the shadows a great place to look. See that alley, there's a chance that they are in it." The two make there way into the alley, seeing a homeless man laying in there way, they step over him, but Blaze accidentally touches him with his form.

"Ahhhhhhh!!!!" The homeless man screams.

"Pain, huh. You think this is the time to be messing with bums well it's not. We are trying to find the fatales." Blaze then notices something in the far end of the alley, a set of glowing red eyes.

"Deadeye, I think I found one of the fatales." Deadeye looks and wonders where, and then he hears a growl.

"So I see that one of them has became more viscous from what I hear. So come on kitty come on." The voice then quickly responds as they know it's not who they believed.

"I'm no kitty, but that doesn't mean I can't kill the rats." The voice gets closer and closer, and then two sets of three illuminated claws pop out. "After I fix the past, New Gotham, won't be this bad in the future." He constantly continued to walk towards them.

"Wh… wh… who… are… you?!?" Deadeye asks with a large sense of fear, so large that his cold mercenary heart has fell and now he's a simple coward.

"Haven't heard of me huh? Well the names Dark Claw!!" He jumped forward at Deadeye, but is met by an energy blast of Blaze.

"You just seem to think your too hot don't you, and I know what Dark Claw looks like, you look like a reject from somewhere in the future."

Dark Claw quickly rebounds and hops on to his feet, "Oh how right you are, you may call me the Dark Claw of Tomorrow." He again charged but this time at Blaze, he slashed him with his claws. The strike of the claws had an unforeseen effect, it reverted Blaze to his human form as Blaze screams a horrible scream. "Guess my claws countered your power buddy."

Instantly after Dark Claw Tomorrow's response he hears a finger on the trigger, "You think your so rough Dark Claw, I heard about the other people who are in the past from the future, but you won't get your return ride home." Deadeye pulls the trigger and the bullet travels at amazing speeds, and the bullet doesn't make it through Dark Claw's high-tech armor.

"Care to try again?" Dark Claw tackles Deadeye to the ground, "Without the likes of you, New Gotham would be like Metropolis, but you had to be the way you are." Dark Claw pulled his claws back in, then he grabbed Deadeye's head and placed his fist under it. He popped the left claw, "One for the money," he pop out the right claw, "Two for the show," and he gets ready to pop the middle claw but he hears a voice.

"Dark Claw, you must not do this? What you do is not doing anything except ruining the Time Space Continuum even more." Dark Claw drops Deadeye's head on the concrete and he then stands up and approaches the man.

"Time Prophet, you don't know what it's like, if I never have to deal with these kind of people, maybe I can lead a regular life, yeah superheroing is fun, but I don't want to turn out like my dad."

"The evil you destroy now, will just allow an even larger evil to appear. Dark Claw… what's happening to you?" Dark Claw begins to vanish right in front of the eyes of Time Prophet, "Grab on!!" Dark Claw extends his hand but before the two can touch, he is gone. "Did he return back to his time? Or is someone of great evil doing this? I must find out at any cost." Time Prophet then runs off*. [*You can follow Time Prophets mission in JLA Unlimited #4, written by the Nilescable-Hyper-Niles*]

In Arkham Tower, sits the man known as Edward Nigma Fisk. He has been through much lately, fought his son, his right hand man departed from his side. His entire world is beginning to crumble down, but will his performance stumble? Not at all, Enigma performs best when he is under pressure. He sits in his desk, tapping his cigar so the ash can fall into his ashtray, then he places down the cigar, and looks at the man standing next to the door. "Tell them to bring him in."

"OK sir," was all the man replied, he opened both doors that entered into the room and signaled someone to come in, but what was unexpected was that it was a group of men, and they were holding someone, who works from Hell's Slum. They were holding the Hellbuster.

"So if it isn't the Hellbuster, or shall I say Jose "Delgado" Murdock, the thin one, it's good to know that you didn't go by the name Delgado because those who would know what it means would laugh in your face. But I have something for you Hellbuster and that is to take out Catsai and Dare, the femme fatales."

"I'll never work for you Fisk. You always have some evil scheme that you try to execute to take over someone, or something. But you know one thing? I would never follow you, you hear me, never!!!"

"Such strong words, but I have a riddle for you, 'What do you call a blind mouse in city full of cats?'" You give up so quick Hellbuster? Well that answer is very easy, you want to know? The answer is dead!! And that's exactly what you will be. But you know, I have seen your sister Slade around, I actually have seen her in action right in front of my face."

"What are you talking about? I haven't heard from Slade in ages," a wide smile opens on the face of the Big Question.

"What a coincidence, because I see her all the time. I have an important fact to reveal to you, the assassin known as Dare is blind, and her hair is white, that might mean something to you."

"You mean Dare is…" Hellbuster begins to hesitate, "Dare is Slade?" "You are beginning to impress me Murdock, you are picking up things faster than I thought you would. I need you to do me a favor, defeat Dare and Catsai and I will give you back your vision, and you get to meet your long lost sister. Do you except?"

Hellbuster begins to think, does he really have a choice and for the first time in his life, he submits to the opposition, "Yes, I will do it, just so things once again can be normal between Dare and I."

"You have made a smart decision Hellbuster, and for that you will be rewarded." The Big Question turns around and smiles and thinks "but you don't exactly know the reward."

Back where Blackstone was being questioned, "You will be my front line of attack, I am the only one who knows of everything that is going on, because I have all of the answers."

"Now since I agreed with all of the other stuff, can you tell me who the hell you are?"

"Since names are so important to yourself… I am Moses Promagnus, and you really don't have to go after Dare, I just want Catsai, for what she did to me** [**In Judgment League Avengers #12, Catsai double crossed Promagnus - No Good Niles**]. So wait, until this entire commotion is over, then you Attack… when they least expect it."

To be continued.

Next Issue- Will Deadeye and Blaze be able to start back on their mission? Or is it a loss by countout? Hellbuster is trying to make ever thing right again by getting his sister back. CrimsonRose has a mission that causes him to go solo. And where Moses Promagnus' hands play, does Ra's A-Pocalypse have total control? And who or what will jump in on the "merry-go-round" of action next?

Issue #6 coming soon!

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