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January 2015


01/29 - Rachael Taylor cast as Patsy Walker

Marvel has announced more casting for the AKA JESSICA JONES show, as actress Rachael Taylor will be playing best friend Patricia "Patsy" Walker.

Comics fans will know that Walker is also Hellcat, but in the show the character will be a talk show host, former model and TV star, who will help Jessica Jones on a dangerous case.

Taylor joins the already announced Krysten Ritter (Jessica Jones), Mike Colter (Luke Cage) and David Tennant (Kilgrave). AKA JESSICA JONES will premiere later in 2015 following DAREDEVIL.



01/27 - Charlie Cox talks Daredevil costume

E!Online recently spoke with Charlie Cox on the red carpet at the SAG Awards, and the Daredevil actor had some revealing details about the costume he had to wear in the series.

"They've done such a great job. I can't wait for fans to really see it. But put it this way, there is no world where you change in a phone box. It takes four people and about 45 minutes."

He also talked about what happens when nature calls...

"You get three zippers. You zip them all up, but when you have to wee, you just have to zip one down -- the wee zipper."

More details at E!



01/26 - David Tennant cast as Purple Man

When the AKA JESSICA JONES series was announced, fans of the Alias series were anxious to hear if Killgrave the Purple Man would be a part of the show.

Today Marvel announced that actor David Tennant (Doctor Who) has been cast as the persuasive villain, who made his first appearance in the pages of DAREDEVIL in 1964, and recently had an appearance in the latest series by Mark Waid & Chris Samnee.

Tennant joins the already announced Krysten Ritter and Mike Colter. AKA JESSICA JONES will premiere later this year on Netflix.



01/19 - DAREDEVIL April 2015 Solicits

April 2015 solicits are now on the site, and we've got two issues of DAREDEVIL, and the advanced solicit for the Marvel's Daredevil Slipcase HC.

DAREDEVIL April 2015 Solicits


01/16 - DAREDEVIL #15.1 coming in April

If you follow artist Peter Krause on Twitter (@petergkrause), you may have noticed some Daredevil artwork he's been posting recently. Yesterday I asked him when this project was going to be announced. He promised it would be today, and writer Marc Guggenheim would also be involved...

Fast forward to today, and we have the announcement from Marvel and an interview at Newsarama as well.

DAREDEVIL #15.1 will be a special issue shipping in April, which will feature a story by Guggenheim and Krause, a few pages by Mark Waid, and another new story written and drawn by Chris Samnee!

Newsarama has an interview with Guggenheim and Samnee, where the writers reveal both stories will be about Matt's early days as an attorney. Guggenheim, who currently writes for the ARROW show, is a former attorney and details how much of a DD fan he is. Samnee will be writing & drawing a Marvel story for the first time.

Newsarama also has an interview with Guggenheim and Krause. They talk about the courtroom case and how it goes back to the days of the yellow Daredevil costume.



01/16 - 19 Years of

I'm writing this on the eve of January 16th. Nineteen years ago, I took a stab at learning HTML by making a site about my favourite comic character. And I kept updating the site...

I wanted to quickly say Thank You to all of you. I have been very lucky. I really do appreciate all the emails and comments, and I really do like helping Daredevil fans and helping new readers become Daredevil fans.

We've got a lot to look forward to this year!

April 10th! The Netflix show.

Who's taking over from Waid and Samnee?

Who's going to stay awake for 13 hours straight to watch the whole season? Don't say you didn't think about it yet.

Thank you once again.

Is my site old enough to drink now?

-- Kuljit Mithra


01/13 - Nelson and Murdock Promo Pic

Marvel released a new promo pic from the Daredevil show today and it features something Daredevil fans should know and love... the sign for the offices of Nelson and Murdock!

Hopefully this means a trailer is coming soon.

There was also a brief commercial that aired during the night's episode of Agent Carter. Thanks to nami_1104 for the video.


01/10 - Shade VFX working on effects for Daredevil

In a press release announcing the hiring of producer Camille Geier (formerly of ILM, Rodeo FX and more) to oversee projects in their New York office, it was revealed that the company is working on visual effects for Marvel's Daredevil on Netflix.

Geier will be in charge of all work in the New York studio. Shade's other office is in Santa Monica. Their New York office opened in 2014.

For more details:


01/08 - DAREDEVIL #12 Preview


Here's a preview of DAREDEVIL #12 which continues the story from last issue with Stunt-Master!

DAREDEVIL #12, by Waid, Samnee and Wilson ships January 14th.

DAREDEVIL #12 Preview


01/07 - Marvel's Daredevil coming April 10th

It's official! Marvel's Daredevil on Netflix is coming April 10th.

We had been hearing rumours of a May 1st release, but it was announced today that we are getting Daredevil earlier. Just over 3 months away.

Season 1 will premiere at 12:01AM Pacific Time in all regions where Netflix is available. All 13 episodes will be released at that time.

Marvel released a motion poster for the series and here's a static image and the video below it.

Earlier in the day, there was also a feature on the USA Today website that had a new image from the show of Charlie Cox as Daredevil.

USA Today


01/01 - HULK 10 Preview

In case you didn't know, Matt Murdock will appear in HULK #10, that ships January 7th.

Here's the complete solicit:


. MATT MURDOCK VERSUS DOC GREEN in an oral argument.

. RED HULK VERSUS DOC GREEN in the opposite of the first disagreement.

. Something bad happens at the BEEHIVE. (Hint: see above)

HULK #10, by Duggan and Bagley, ships January 7th. Check out the preview in the link below.


December 2014


12/31 - Upcoming DAREDEVIL Variants

I wish all of you a Happy New Year for 2015!

If you haven't seen these yet, here are a few sneak peeks of upcoming variant covers for DAREDEVIL.

The first is by Salvador LaRocca and is part of the "Welcome Home" variant series of interlocking covers.

DAREDEVIL #12 "Welcome Home" variant

The second one is by Phil Noto, which is part of a series many covers drawn by Noto for a whole slew of titles in February.

DAREDEVIL #13 Phil Noto variant

Happy New Year to everyone! See you in 2015.


12/29 - 7 Things Entertainment Weekly learned about Marvel's Daredevil

You've no doubt seen the latest Entertainment Weekly piece from Dec. 18th, but today the magazine revealed some more information about the Daredevil show through showrunner Steven DeKnight, producer Jeph Loeb and actor Charlie Cox.

Make sure you visit the site for more details, but here is the list of 7 things they learned:

1. Daredevil will be a uniquely localized Marvel story.
2. Daredevil will feel like a crime story, not a superhero show.
3. BUT Thor and Iron Man will still exist in the same world as Daredevil.
4. This Daredevil is not a "man without fear."
5. Daredevil will have more graphic content than Marvel's other TV shows, and perhaps its movies as well, but will still feel relatively family friendly.
6. Kingpin's story will be almost as important as Daredevil's (and almost as sympathetic).
Contrary to previous online reports, Bullseye MIGHT be in the series (but not this season).

When you're done reading, head on back and discuss on the message board.


12/26 - Netflix Daredevil Hardcover

If you've been checking out the early listings on Amazon for Daredevil-related books, you may have seen something a few months ago called "Marvel's Daredevil Slipcase".

It looks like the title has now changed and a description of the book has been added.

Now the book is called "Marvel's Daredevil: Defender of Hell's Kitchen: Season One"

Marvel's Daredevil follows the incredible journey of Matt Murdock, the Man Without Fear. Blinded in a tragic accident as a boy and imbued with extraordinary senses, Murdock has a mission to clean up his gritty city. He sets up practice in his old neighborhood of Hell's Kitchen, New York, where he fights against injustice as a respected lawyer by day and masked vigilante at night. In this new collectible volume in line with Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D: Season One Declassified, see the costume and set designs that bring the hero to life. Packed with stunning set and production photography, as well as exclusive interviews, this beautiful showcase reveals the details of the set and script of Marvel's Daredevil through the eyes of the makers.

The hardcover will be 200 pages and is scheduled for release on May 26, 2015, which suggests the rumoured May release of the show may be true.


12/22 - Mike Colter cast as Luke Cage

We learned this week that the Daredevil show has wrapped up production and now we have the long wait until the rumoured May release of the 13 episodes on Netflix.

Today Marvel announced that actor Mike Colter has been cast as Luke Cage, and he will first make his debut in the AKA Jessica Jones show with Krysten Ritter.

Colter will, of course, star in the Luke Cage show on Netflix, and then also the Defenders.


12/18 - Entertainment Weekly Daredevil Pics

The latest issue of Entertainment Weekly is a 2015 Preview issue, and Film Divider posted some new Daredevil pics that appeared.

We've got Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock, and another look at the actor dressed in the all-black Daredevil costume!

Make sure you pick up the issue, as there is more information on the show. Daredevil Netflix gallery


12/18 - DAREDEVIL #11 Preview


Here's a preview of DAREDEVIL #11, and it looks like the return of a past DD villain.

And what kind of stories is Matt trying to tell Kirsten and Foggy, and how much of it is true?

DAREDEVIL #11, by Waid, Samnee and Wilson ships December 24th.

DAREDEVIL #11 Preview


12/17 - SUPERIOR IRON MAN #3 Preview


Comic Vine has an exclusive preview of SUPERIOR IRON MAN #3, and if you've read issue #2, you know that Daredevil is appearing in this first arc.

If you haven't read it yet, there are SPOILERS! Really!

SUPERIOR IRON MAN #3 by Taylor and Cinar ships December 24th.



12/16 - DAREDEVIL March 2015 Solicits

March 2015 solicits are now on the site, and it's only one issue, as ELEKTRA ends its run in February. DAREDEVIL #14 has a mysterious cover and looks like more trouble ahead for Matt Murdock.

DAREDEVIL March 2015 Solicits


12/15 - Daredevil News From The Week

It's been a busy week with Daredevil news, so here's a quick rundown of links that were posted on the site's Twitter feed at @manwithoutfear.

12/15 - History of Daredevil Part 35 -

12/15 - Daredevil #12 Welcome Home Variant

12/12 - DD#12 Preview page - CBR

12/12 - The Line It is Drawn: Daredevil Team-Ups - CBR

12/10 - The Comic The Saved Marvel - Sequart

12/09 - History of Daredevil Part 34 -

12/09 - Sneak Preview of Daredevil statue - PressGanger

12/09 - Daredevil Wraps Filming This Week - ComicUI

12/09 - Comics Are My Religion: Daredevil Born Again -

12/08 - She-Hulk and Daredevil Do Not Know California Trial Procedure - The Legal Geeks


12/12 - ELEKTRA #9 Preview


ELEKTRA #9 by Blackman and Del Mundo ships December 17th.

ELEKTRA #9 Preview


12/07 - Sergio Cariello Daredevil Interview

I've posted a new interview with former DAREDEVIL artist Sergio Cariello, whose first Marvel work was on DAREDEVIL 328.

Cariello also spoke about his work on Annual #10 and his recent work with Lee Weeks on DAREDEVIL: DARK NIGHTS.

Hope you enjoy the interview and many thanks to Mr. Cariello!

Interview with Sergio Cariello


12/04 - Krysten Ritter cast as Jessica Jones

It appears Marvel has cast its next leading actress.

The Hollywood Reporter is confirming that Krysten Ritter (Breaking Bad, Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23) will be Jessica Jones in the next Marvel Netflix series.

Ritter apparently tested well with actor Mike Colter, who is rumored to be playing Luke Cage (and will also be in his own series on Netflix).

As fans know, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist will all team together as the Defenders on Netflix as well.

More details:

Hollywood Reporter



12/04 - Alan Brennert Daredevil Interview

I've posted a new interview with former DAREDEVIL writer Alan Brennert, who wrote issue #192, a tale about Ben & Doris Urich.

Brennert revealed some interesting information about his story and he had some great insights about his favourite character.

Hope you enjoy the interview and many thanks to Mr. Brennert!

Interview with Alan Brennert


12/03 - Mark Waid Interview at CBR


Mark Waid sat down with Dave Richards at CBR and they discussed the return of a past DD villain to the pages of the title.

They also briefly touched on the future of the book, with news of Waid & Samnee leaving next year.

There are also some preview pages from DAREDEVIL #11 by Samnee & Wilson, so make sure to head on over...



12/01 - Nocenti talks "A Beer With The Devil"

Former DAREDEVIL writer Ann Nocenti posted a revealing story on the 13th Dimension web site today about her acclaimed "A Beer With the Devil" story with John Romita, Jr. from the 80's.

The story is based on a real-life visit to the Billy's Topless club in NYC on Christmas Day.

More details...

13th Dimension

November 2014


11/30 - Steven DeKnight Answers Fan Questions

DAREDEVIL showrunner Steven DeKnight took to Twitter again to answer questions from fans about the show and he hinted at a second season.

He also revealed he is directing the final episode and shared a pic.

[Read more]


11/26 - Rosario Dawson talks Daredevil

MTV sat down with actress Rosario Dawson, where they tried to get more details out of Dawson about her role in Daredevil, but Dawson kept tight-lipped because she didn't want to get in any trouble.

"Can't talk about it though," she said. "Not even a little bit. I can tell you that you will find strange people lurking in dark corners of your house if you keep persisting. Marvel is a beast."

She did express interest in appearing in other Marvel shows or movies. More details in the video:

Get More: Music News



11/25 - Mark Waid Reddit

DAREDEVIL writer Mark Waid took to Reddit today and answered fan questions about his work on many titles, including his work on the current volume.

Some highlights:

Really, it came from the fact that when I took the gig, I warned them that dark and broody wasn't something I was good at writing. Readers seem to have responded because I didn't just shift Matt's personality to my whim; he very clearly is covering up some depressive issues, and if you're still reading, they're coming back to bite him in the upcoming issues. Poor Matt. You can't fake it 'til you make it forever, you know...
And when asked who was taking over DAREDEVIL when Waid leaves the title next year...

I honestly don't know who's slated to take over DD next--whenever that happens, he said cryptically--but the last guy I'd recommend would be Charles [Soule], because I'd much rather be followed by someone who really sucks and can make me look that much better by comparison. Charles? I don't need the competition.



11/20 - SUPERIOR IRON MAN #2 Preview

CBR has an exclusive preview of SUPERIOR IRON MAN #2, which continues the Extremis story that also features Daredevil.


There's also an interview with Rick Remender, writer of AXIS, who touches on the storyline.

The idea of Tony selling Extremis was then taken by ["Superior Iron Man" writer] Tom Taylor and further developed where it became one of these premium things. Once Extremis makes you beautiful and perfect, you then have to start paying your daily hundred dollar upgrade.

It seemed like something that a modern day pirate and somebody who had the technological savvy of Tony Stark and was rotten would do. Then, obviously, Daredevil is in San Francisco now, so that puts him front and center to be the hero to deal with the crime wave that is ensuing as people try and get the money together to remain beautiful using this Extremis app.


Just a reminder, Daredevil appeared in AXIS #6 which shipped November 19th.

SUPERIOR IRON MAN #2 ships November 27th.


11/18 - DAREDEVIL February 2015 Solicits

February 2015 solicits are now up on the site! ELEKTRA is coming to an end, but are we also seeing the beginning of the end of the Waid/Samnee team on DAREDEVIL?

DAREDEVIL February 2015 Solicits


11/13 - DAREDEVIL #10 Preview


DAREDEVIL #10, by Waid, Samnee and Wilson ships November 18th.

DAREDEVIL #10 Preview


11/06 - Ellie Pyle Joins Vertigo Comics

Current DAREDEVIL editor Ellie Pyle revealed on Twitter today that she is leaving Marvel to accept a job in California as editor at Vertigo Comics.

"Over the last 4 years [at] Marvel, I have gotten to work with some of the best talent and editors and (therefore) on some of the best books but I will be heading west in a few weeks to join [Shelly Bond] and her team as an Editor at Vertigo! Very excited for the great books to come! You all know I love to hear from readers, and that will continue to be true wherever I am, and whatever I'm working on! And fear not I'll be leaving Daredevil, Spidey, Silk, Black Widow and 2099 safely in the editorial hands of [Nick Lowe] [Sana Amanat] and [Devin Lewis]. but I better get back to work so they have less to blame me for when I'm gone!"

Pyle started as assistant editor on DAREDEVIL volume 3 working with editor Stephen Wacker. With volume 4, Pyle was promoted to editor, for a run that will approach 50 issues.

Best of luck to her on this move. She has always been a great supporter of my site and I was glad to help out with the anniversary issue #1.50.

So who's taking over? Sana Amanat, who you may know as editor of MS. MARVEL, ELEKTRA, HAWKEYE and more, will be taking over DAREDEVIL.

If you've never seen this, here's a TED Talk by Amanat where she speaks about the Ms. Marvel comic origins and her own experiences that led her to comics.

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