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Original Sin tie-in
Accessible Netflix Project
Will show have audio description?
Deborah Ann Woll cast as Karen Page
Joins the Daredevil cast
Harvey Awards Nominations
Congrats to Daredevil team
Peter Shinkoda joins Daredevil
Cast as Hachiro
October Daredevil Solicits
Filming has started
Video from New York set
Ships July 9th
Daredevil Quick Links
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DAREDEVIL 6 First Look
Original Sin Tie-In
DAREDEVIL 0.1 Preview
Printed version of the Infinite comic
Elden Henson is Foggy Nelson
Joins the Netflix Daredevil show

July 2014


07/18 - DAREDEVIL #6 Preview


DAREDEVIL #6, by Waid and Rodriguez ships July 23rd.

DAREDEVIL #6 Preview


07/17 - Deborah Ann Woll cast as Karen Page

True Blood actress Deborah Ann Woll is the latest actress to join the Daredevil cast, as Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Woll will play Karen Page.

Woll joins the growing cast of Charlie Cox (Matt), Vincent D'Onofrio (Fisk), Rosario Dawson (not yet revealed), Eldon Henson (Foggy) and Peter Shinkoda (Hachiro).

The Daredevil Netflix show is currently filming in New York City and will premiere in 2015.

Entertainment Weekly


07/17 - Advocating for audio description on Daredevil show

With the Daredevil show currently filming in New York, I've heard from many DD fans who are excited about what is ahead.

I've been in touch with Robert Kingett, who is looking to Netflix to provide audio description for the new Daredevil show. It would certainly make sense for them to consider it. The Daredevil DVD in 2003 had this same feature.

He's hoping to catch Marvel and Netflix's attention to get something in motion.

Check out some of the links below:

What is audio description?

Audio description example

Robert's post on Netflix's Daredevil

About the project

About Robert

Audio description on demand pages


07/16 - Peter Shinkoda joins Daredevil

More Daredevil casting news, as Deadline is reporting that actor Peter Shinkoda (Falling Skies) has been cast in the role of Hachiro.

It is not yet apparent if this character is a new original character, or could be an existing Marvel character.

You can follow the actor on Twitter at @PeterShinkoda.



07/16 - Daredevil Harvey Awards Nominations

The 2014 Harvey Awards final ballot has been released today and DAREDEVIL is well-represented!

The nominations for DAREDEVIL include:

* Best Writer - Mark Waid

* Best Artist - Chris Samnee

* Best Cover Artist - Chris Samnee

* Best Continuing or Limited Series - DAREDEVIL

Best of luck to the DAREDEVIL team! We'll find out in September if DD can add to its awards collection.

Harvey Awards


07/15 - DAREDEVIL October 2014 Solicits

October 2014 solicits are now up on the site! DAREDEVIL #9 sees continue his story with some strange children. ELEKTRA #7 also ships, as well as a DD appearance in SHE-HULK #9!

DAREDEVIL October 2014 Solicits


07/09 - Daredevil Filming Has Started

Latino Review has posted an exlusive first look at pictures and video from the set of Daredevil, that is currently filming in New York City.

Apparently filming under the name of "Bluff", the set in Harlam is recreating an important scene from DD's history... check out the video and link for all the details (and spoilers!)

Latino Review

Comic Book Movie has also found some audition videos for the show, which contain lots of spoilers but do hint at the tone of the show...

Comic Book Movie


07/03 - Daredevil Quick Links

Lots of links from the week, so here we go...

Daredevil vs She-Hulk:

Daredevil sketch by Chris Samnee:

Alex Ross will have a DD print on sale at Comic-Con

Daredevil: Target cover?

Check out my new Elektra print from Mondo, by Craig Drake - manwithoutfear Instagram

Interview with Mark Waid - Den of Geek

Hell's Kitchen: A Weird setting for Netflix's Daredevil - BadAssDigest

Coming in September, this new DD T-Shirt based on Gene Colan's cover to DD#31 - Previews

Meet every character Rosario Dawson is definitely playing in Daredevil at Comics Alliance


07/03 - DAREDEVIL #5 Preview

DAREDEVIL #5 ships July 9th and here's a small preview.


DAREDEVIL #5, by Waid, Samnee and Rodriguez ships July 9th.

DAREDEVIL #5 Preview

June 2014


06/30 - DAREDEVIL #6 First Look

Sins of the Murdocks Revealed in DAREDEVIL #6 – An Original Sin Tie-In!

This July, the truth about Matt Murdock’s parents comes to light in DAREDEVIL #6 – an Original Sin Tie-In! After nearly 30 years, the untold story of Matt Murdock’s mother will finally be revealed, courtesy of Eisner award-winning writer Mark Waid and critically acclaimed artist Javier Rodriguez! Raised in a broken home, Matt Murdock made peace with his mother’s absence long ago, even though he never knew why. Now, thanks to the events of Original Sin, the Man Without Fear will be set on a path that will send her crashing back into his life! Only their meeting won’t be exactly as he imagined! What is the dark secret that tore apart the Murdock family? How did Matt’s mother become Sister Maggie? Matt Murdock’s journey to the truth begins as Original Sin opens the Man Without Fear’s eyes this July in DAREDEVIL #6!

DAREDEVIL #6 (MAY140783)
Written by MARK WAID
FOC – 06/30/14, On-Sale – 07/23/14


06/27 - DAREDEVIL #0.1 Preview

Here's the preview of next week's DAREDEVIL #0.1! This is a printed version of the Infinite Comic that came out earlier this year.

DAREDEVIL #0.1, by Waid and Krause, ships July 2nd!

DAREDEVIL #4 Preview


06/26 - Elden Henson is Foggy Nelson in Daredevil Netflix show

Matt Murdock's best friend and law partner Foggy Nelson has been cast, and it's actor Elden Henson.

Henson has appeared in several films, but is probably best known for his role in the Mighty Ducks and the forthcoming Hunger Games sequels.

"Elden plays one of the most important characters in the world of 'Marvel's Daredevil,' and we're thrilled to see Foggy Nelson brought to life by such an incredibly talented actor," said Jeph Loeb, Marvel's Head of Television. "He perfectly captures the heart and soul of this series, bringing an added resonance to Matt Murdock's fight against the injustice in their great city."



06/20 - Rosario Dawson joins cast of Daredevil Netflix show

More Daredevil TV show news today, as it was announced that actress Rosario Dawson has joined the cast in an as-yet unnamed role.

"Rosario Dawson will play a dedicated young woman whose quest to heal the wounds of Hell's Kitchen brings Matt Murdock unexpectedly crashing into her life, while her own journey forever alters the course of his battle against the injustices of this broken city."

Is she Echo? Milla? Maybe Jessica Jones? Lots to speculate here. Who do you think she will be playing?

The Daredevil Netflix show will begin shooting in July in New York City.

Dawson joins the previously announced Charlie Cox and Vincent D'Onofrio.



06/17 - DAREDEVIL September 2014 Solicits

September 2014 solicits are now up on the site! DAREDEVIL #8 sees DD against... some strange children?! ELEKTRA #6 also ships, with Blackman and Del Mundo's second arc.

DAREDEVIL September 2014 Solicits


06/13 - Killgrave Fan Film

King Lee star and WatchWorks Studio turn to a Super Villain to get the attention of Marvel Studios.

The Watchworks Studios team, producers of the upcoming feature "Iris" and "King Lee" star Nathan Faudree have joined forces with a notorious super villain to get the attention of Marvel Studios. The comic book and movie giant has begun a collaboration with Netflix to release 4 original series based on their comic book properties, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist. The local team have written and produced an original adventure of the comic book villain, Killgrave: The Purple Man, in an attempt to get involved. This is job seeking in the 21st century,

"It's always been a dream of mine to be involved in the superhero genre and I'm just looking to get an audition for the series.", says Nathan Faudree. " I read Alias, the comic that Jessica Jones is based on and thought the villain would be fun. I end up playing the villain alot.". The Actor, most recently known for playing Lee Alexander in the local film "King Lee", then approached Chris Steinberger, the mastermind behind Watchworks Studios with a script. "When I read the source material, I knew Purple Man was one of the most messed up characters Marvel has ever written. If Nathan isn't perfect for it, then I don't know who is.", said Steinberger who jumped in with both feet to produce and direct the short film.

"One of the best things about living in the 21st century is that we are no longer beholden to "the coasts" for film making.", says Faudree. "The technology exists to get a message out to the world, even if that message is, "Hey, let us work with you"". The team is releasing their short film and intends to do whatever they can to get it into the hands of Steven S. Deknight ( @stevendeknight ), the show runner for Daredeveil and Jeph Loeb, Marvel's Head of Television. To that end they are starting a Kickstarter like campaign but instead of money the team is asking for "Shares", retweats and "Views" on social media, using the #killgrave. The film will be posted on their website on June 18th. "Marvel is really pushing the envelope in the ways that they are presenting their content, so we figured we'd push the envelope on how we approached them for a job."

For more information

UPDATE: Here's the final product, released on June 18th!


06/13 - ELEKTRA #3 Preview

Here's the preview of next week's ELEKTRA #3 by Blackman and Del Mundo. There are also variant covers by Tim Sale and Amanda Conner!

ELEKTRA #3 ships June 18th.

ELEKTRA #3 Preview


06/12 - DAREDEVIL #4 Preview

Here's the preview of next week's DAREDEVIL #4!

DAREDEVIL #4, by Waid, Samnee and Rodriguez ships June 18th.

DAREDEVIL #4 Preview


06/10 - Vincent D'Onofrio cast as Wilson Fisk/Kingpin

Actor Vincent D'Onofrio has been cast in the new Netflix Daredevil show as Wilson Fisk, who you all know better as the Kingpin of crime.

D'Onofrio is best known for his roles on Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Men in Black, Full Metal Jacket, Homicide and many, many more.

"We're incredibly proud to have an actor with the gravitas and versatility of Vincent joining 'Marvel's Daredevil' in such an integral role," said Jeph Loeb, Marvel's Head of Television. "Wilson Fisk is an iconic villain whose cunning and power make him the dangerous equal of our hero."

Full press release is up at the Marvel site. What do you think of this casting? Watch for more casting announcements very soon, as the series will begin filming in July!



06/10 - Javier Rodriguez leaving DAREDEVIL

Current DAREDEVIL colorist (and talented artist as well) Javier Rodriguez will be leaving the title in the coming months.

Today he took to Twitter to reveal he had colored his last issue of DD and will be focussing on full-time comic book artwork.

Best of luck to him! Rodriguez will be drawing the Original Sin tie-in issues #6 and #7.

And to let you in on a little secret, expect Matthew Wilson to be named the new colorist in the coming days.

May 2014


05/27 - Charlie Cox cast in Daredevil Netflix Show

Former BOARDWALK EMPIRE star Charlie Cox has been cast as Daredevil in the Netflix show that will premiere next year.

Latino Review was first to post the rumour online, trusting their sources enough to publish their scoop.

Latino Review

Hollywood Reporter and Variety both checked with their sources and also confirmed the news hours later.

Hollywood Reporter


So what do you think? I can honestly say I've never seen any movies or shows with Mr. Cox, so maybe that will be a good thing... he will just be Matt Murdock to me.


Look for official confirmation soon from Marvel.

UPDATE: And just like that, Marvel has sent out the official word. Charlie Cox is Daredevil. Welcome aboard!



05/24 - Steven S. DeKnight takes over Daredevil Netflix Show

With news of the depature of director Edgar Wright from ANT-MAN still fresh in people's minds, the curious news that Drew Goddard had left the Daredevil show on Netflix was also shocking today.

Latino Review was first to report that Goddard had left DD... but no reason why.

Latino Review

Then news came quickly via Hollywood Reporter that former Spartacus showrunner Steven DeKnight was taking over on DD, while Goddard would remain as consultant. Goddard would focus his time on the new Sinister Six movie being developed at Sony.

Hollywood Reporter

DeKnight has also worked on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Smallville.

Marvel was quick to confirm the news as well:


Marvel is proud to announce that acclaimed writer, director and producer Steven S. DeKnight ("Spartacus," "Buffy: The Vampire Slayer," "Angel") has joined "Marvel's Daredevil" as Executive Producer & Showrunner on the all-new 13-episode series premiering on Netflix in 2015. Drew Goddard, who also wrote the first two episodes, will continue to serve as Executive Producer on "Marvel"s Daredevil" as he writes and preps Sony's "The Amazing Spider-Man" spin-off film, "The Sinister Six."

On Twitter, DeKnight posted this shortly after:

I welcomed him aboard, and he replied!

So what do you think?


05/21 - DAREDEVIL August 2014 Solicits

August 2014 solicits are now up on the site! DAREDEVIL #7 sees the conclusion of the Original Sin storyline. ELEKTRA #5 also ships, along with an early solicit for the first TPB from this volume of DAREDEVIL.

DAREDEVIL August 2014 Solicits


05/20 - New Daredevil Fan Films

Some Daredevil fan films to share... one is brand new and the other is from a few months back that you may have missed...

First up is the film "Without Fear" by Good Enough Films. Daredevil takes his fight against crime right to the Kingpin. Check out this great video by Josh Martin and James Snyder.

And next we have a great animation from JimA73 entitled Lego Daredevil: The Man Without Fear - Episode 1: "Pilot".

Some pretty good effects here!


05/16 - ELEKTRA #2 Preview

Here's the preview of next week's ELEKTRA #2 by Blackman and Del Mundo. There is also a variant cover by Chris Samnee!

ELEKTRA #2 ships May 21st.

ELEKTRA #2 Preview


05/16 - DAREDEVIL #3 Preview

Here's the preview of next week's DAREDEVIL #3. You also get your first look at the variant cover by Jerome Opena.

DAREDEVIL #3, by Waid, Samnee and Rodriguez ships May 21.

DAREDEVIL #3 Preview


05/09 - Joe Quesada reveals more about Netflix Daredevil show

In the latest Axel-in-Charge column at CBR, Joe Quesada returned for a special Cup O'Joe and revealed some more Netflix Daredevil news.

"Let me be clear, we're not going into this show with the idea of trying to erase the memory of anything that came before or really any preconceived notions whatsoever. We're going into the show trying to create something that's incredibly exciting, incredibly engaging, and will give our fans something that they love, something that's unexpected, something that's going to keep them coming back for more. That's really, ultimately, the goal of this: How do we produce a "Daredevil" TV show on Netflix, that's going to be viewed the way that people view content on Netflix, in a way that's going to be compelling, feels unique, while bringing something that is not only true to the character, but providing something unexpected as well."

Quesada also revealed that the entire 13 episode show will be released at the same time.

More info and quotes in the link below!



05/08 - Sideshow Daredevil Premium Format Statue

Expected to ship in March 2015, the Daredevil Premium Format figure from Sideshow Collectibles is now available for pre-order.

The figure will retail for $379.99.

From Sideshow:

From Marvel Comics, Sideshow Collectibles is proud to present the Daredevil Premium Format(TM) Figure. By day Matt Murdock is a successful criminal attorney, but by night, he guards the neighborhood of Hell's Kitchen in New York City as the masked vigilante, Daredevil! With heightened senses, the Man Without Fear charges past the broken ruins of a Lady Justice statue and into the night to combat the injustice he cannot tackle in the courtroom. The sleek and muscular hero is disguised in his fantastically sculpted iconic red costume with raised 'DD' logo and fabric details, wearing an expression of intense concentration under his distinctive horned mask. Skilled in combat and armed with his signature billy club weapon, Daredevil will do whatever it takes to protect and defend the innocent. The Daredevil Premium Format. Figure is an outstanding addition to any collection, perfect for any Marvel display.



05/05 - Chris Samnee Retcon Punch Interview

Retcon Punch interviewed DAREDEVIL artist Chris Samnee and they discussed all things about issue #1 in the new volume. Samnee comments on his panel layouts, inspiration, and offers some behind-the-scenes details.

Retcon Punch


05/02 - SHE-HULK #4 Preview

Matt Murdock makes an appearance in this month's SHE-HULK #4, by Soule, Pulido and Vicente! Make sure you pick it up.

SHE-HULK #4 Preview


05/01 - Daredevil Quick Links

Lots of links from the week, so here we go...

Board member "Bratface" made a special dress based on her favourite hero, which is featured here:

There's a new Sideshow statue coming... check out the preview next week, but here's a first look:

A new pint glass is available for order in the latest Previews, based on Joe Quesada's DAREDEVIL: FATHER artwork.

Will Devokees returns with his final audition trailer for a role in the DD show.

Kenneth Gorman is another actor who wants a shot at a DD role as well...

The History of Daredevil continues at the Marvel site, with Part 2 and the intro of the red costume!

TotalXBox tells us why it's time for a Daredevil video game

Mike Mitchell showcases Marvel characters at his show, including Daredevil...

April 2014


04/27 - Netflix Daredevil Show Part of MCU

Joe Quesada was a guest on Kevin Smith's podcast and he gave some more details about the Daredevil Netflix show.

Some details:

* All the episodes will be released at the same time

* There will be interconnectivity between the MCU movies and Agents of Shield

* This will be the "street level noir" of the MCU

More info and quotes in the link below!

Yahoo UK


04/26 - Original Sin News From C2E2

Marvel promised news about the Original Sin teaser posted on the 21st at C2E2, and today we got it...

DAREDEVIL #6 and #7 will feature a story about Sister Maggie.

For more details, please visit the links:

"The story will focus on Sister Maggie -- the nun who helped raise young Matt Murdock when his mother left -- who is currently in prison and holding on to some secrets that will redefine how Matt views himself. The story will be drawn by regular series colorist Javier Rodriquez who also drew a forward-looking story in "Daredevil" #1.50 which the writer said is key to where he and Chris Samnee are taking the book going forward."

CBR (Original Sin panel)

CBR (Spidey panel)

Newsarama (Spidey panel)

Newsarama also had a chance to speak with writer Mark Waid about Sister Maggie's story in DAREDEVIL #6 and #7.

"It was actually a suggestion by Joe Quesada, a good one," reveals Waid. "A reveal about the Murdocks' past that's very surprising. And, frankly, very, very challenging to write."

Newsarama Interview with Mark Waid

UPDATED: CBR also had a chance to speak with Mark Waid about the story as well.

"We do learn a lot more behind the reasons Grace Murdock (nee Sister Maggie) left her family. And it's not what you and Matt might expect. In fact, the reveal just about wrecks poor Matt."

CBR Interview with Mark Waid

UPDATED: also spoke with Waid about the story...

"I think there's a reason Matt's mother has been used so sparingly, and that's because no one wants to be the writer who screws her up. But I think we have a strong hook that tells us a lot more about her than we'd previously suspected." Interview with Mark Waid

UPDATED: Not Original Sin related, but also spoke with about the printing of the Infinite Comics series DAREDEVIL: ROAD WARRIOR...

DD: ROAD WARRIOR Interview at


04/26 - Daredevil & Elektra by Jaze Cosplay

Aime and Lance Jaze debuted their new Daredevil & Elektra cosplay at Wonder Con, and here are some pics from the show.

You may remember Lance from his DD pics that were posted here on the site in 2012. Here he returns with his wife Aime portraying the movie versions of DD and Elektra. Some pretty great costumes!

Also thanks to Gordon Johnson who sent me one of the pics and let me know about this great cosplay he saw at the show.

Jaze Cosplay


04/24 - ELEKTRA #2 First Look

Who is Cape Crow? Your First Look at ELEKTRA #2!

This May, the Marvel Universe's deadliest assassin braves new dangers in ELEKTRA #2 -- from critically acclaimed creators Haden Blackman and Mike Del Mundo! After the shocking events of the first jaw-dropping issue of Elektra, the psychotic killer Bloody Lips is closing in on Marvel's deadliest femme fatale. If she's going to survive, she'll first have to fight her way through the dangerous Monster Island in search of the elusive assassin known only as Cape Crow! What untold terrors lie on Monster Island -- and is Elektra's first mission back set to be her last? Blackman and Del Mundo weave another gorgeous issue about honor and redemption that has to be seen to be believed! Don't miss the hauntingly beautiful ELEKTRA #2 when it hits comic shops this May!

ELEKTRA #2 (MAR140658)
Art & Cover by MIKE DEL MUNDO
Variant Cover by CHRIS SAMNEE (MAR140659)
FOC . 4/28/14, On-Sale . 5/21/14


04/23 - DAREDEVIL July 2014 Solicits

July 2014 solicits are now up on the site! There will be two issues of DAREDEVIL, and we'll find out more info about #6 at C2E2 this weekend. There's also a collection of DAREDEVIL: ROAD WARRIOR published as DAREDEVIL #0.1, ELEKTRA #4 and more!

DAREDEVIL July 2014 Solicits


04/23 - Daredevil Quick Links

Lots of links from the week, so here we go...

Should Foggy Nelson be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe? CBR certainly thinks so!

Mark Waid sat down with CBR at Wondercon and discussed DD, Thrillbent and Hulk

Daredevil gets a workout in the "By the Numbers" column at

Check out Chris Samnee's variant cover to ELEKTRA #2 on Twitter

Former DD editor Stephen Wacker talks all things editing and more with Let's Talk Comics


04/21 - Original Sin

Original Sin -- Daredevil Has One.

This July, the secret is out. Find out more this weekend at C2E2.


04/21 - History of Daredevil Part 1 has a new feature which chronicles the history of the man without fear.

Part 1 is now up, which details the first five issues of DD, with Fixer, Owl, Electro, Matador and more!

History of Daredevil Part 1


04/18 - ELEKTRA #1 Preview

Here's the preview of next week's ELEKTRA #1. There are also several variants, by Rivera, Young and Sienkiewicz!

ELEKTRA #1, by Blackman and Del Mundo ships April 23rd.

ELEKTRA #1 Preview


04/17 - DAREDEVIL #2 Preview

Here's the preview of next week's DAREDEVIL #2. You also get your first look at the variant covers by Frank Cho and Alex Maleev.

. Daredevil's in over his head in his new hometown, which isn't at all as he remembers it!

. New threats, new obstacles...and a forgotten Marvel hero steps from the shadows to make him feel MOST unwelcome!

DAREDEVIL #2, by Waid, Samnee and Rodriguez ships April 23.

DAREDEVIL #2 Preview


04/09 - DAREDEVIL #1 Sales and 2nd Printing

DAREDEVIL #1 is a few weeks old and sales information has been released for March comics.

Issue #1 was the 2nd best-selling Marvel title for March and was #6 overall with sales of 76K, a 44.5K increase over the last issue of Volume 3.

The last time any issue of DAREDEVIL sold over 70K was for issues #500 and #100, and before that the early issues of Marvel Knights.

If you missed DAREDEVIL #1, a 2nd printing is available for order and will ship May 7th. Use code FEB148307 at your comic store.

If you want to see how DD has fared in the marketplace since 1997, please check out the link below.



04/07 - Michael C. Hall talks Daredevil Rumors

If you remember back in March, there was a rumor that former Dexter star Michael C. Hall was the frontrunner for the new Netflix Daredevil show.

Vulture caught up with Hall at his show on Broadway and asked him about DD.

While he had heard the rumors, he said that's all they are at this point, but he would consider it...



04/03 - DAREDEVIL #1.50 Preview

DAREDEVIL #1.50 ships April 9th and here's the full lettered preview!

There are some pretty major spoilers in this preview, so please be warned.

Mark Waid and Javier Rodriguez have the first story, and Karl Kesel & Tom Palmer, and Brian Michael Bendis & Alex Maleev have the others.

Paolo Rivera has drawn the cover, which showcases names of many of the talented people who have worked on the book (more on that below). There are also variant covers by Chris Samnee and a set of 5 by Marcos Martin!

As I mentioned above, Paolo Rivera drew the names (and images) from many past and present DAREDEVIL creators.

Here's a list of everyone who appears on the cover... at my count there are 158, but if I missed anyone please let me know.

Alan Brennert
Alan Smithee
Alan Weiss
Alex Maleev
Alexander Jubran
Amanda Conner
Andy Diggle
Ann Nocenti
Antony Johnston
Ariel Olivetti
Arthur Byron Cover
Arvell Jones
Barry Windsor-Smith
Ben Raab
Bill Everett
Bill Mantlo
Bill Sienkiewicz
Bob Brown
Bob Gale
Bob Powell
Brian Denham
Brian Michael Bendis
Carmin Infantino
Cary Nord
Chris Bachalo
Chris Claremont
Chris Samnee
Chuck Patton
Clay Mann
Cully Hamner
Dan Jurgens
Danny Fingeroth
David Aja
David Finch
David Mack
David Mazzucchelli
David Michelinie
David Ross
Denny O'Neil
DG Chichester
Don Heck
Ed Brubaker
Ellie Pyle
Fabian Nicieza
Frank Miller
Frank Quitely
Frank Robbins
Fred van Lente
Garry Friedrich
Gene Colan
Geof Isherwood
Geoff Darrow
George Tuska
Gerry Conway
Gil Kane
Glenn Alan Herdling
Greg Capullo
Greg Horn
Greg Rucka
Gregory Wright
Ivan Valez, Jr.
Jack Kirby
Jae Lee
James Owsley
Jason Copland
Javier Rodriguez
Jim Shooter
Jim Starlin
Jimmy Palmiotti
JM DeMatteis
Jo Duffy
Joe Caramagna
Joe Kelly
Joe Orlando
Joe Quesada
John Buscema
John Byrne
John Cassaday
John Harkness
John Lucas
John Romita
John Romita, Jr.
John Rozum
Jonathan Barron
JP Leon
Karl Kesel
Keith Giffen
Keith Pollard
Kevin Hall
Kevin Kobasic
Kevin Smith
Khoi Pham
Kieron Dwyer
Klaus Janson
Larry Hama
Lee Bermejo
Lee Elias
Lee Weeks
Len Wein
Louis Williams
Luke McDonnell
Manuel Gutierrez
Marco Checchetto
Marcos Martin
Mark Bagley
Mark Gruenwald
Mark Waid
Marko Djurdjevic
Marv Wolfman
MC Wyman
Michael Fleisher
Michael Golden
Michael Lark
Mike Allred
Mike Carlin
Mike Oeming
P. Craig Ruseell
Paolo Rivera
Pascual Ferry
Patrick Zircher
Paul Azaceta
Phil Hester
Phil Winslade
Raphael Grampa
Rich Buckler
Richie Acosta
Rick Leonardi
Rob Haynes
Roberto De La Torre
Roger McKenzie
Ron Garney
Ron Lim
Ron Wagner
Roy Thomas
Sal Buscema
Sam Kweskin
Scott Lobdell
Scott McDaniel
Sergio Cariello
Shawn McManus
Stan Lee
Stefano Gaudiano
Steve Dillon
Steve Ditko
Steve Epting
Steve Gerber
Steve Wacker
Syd Shores
Todd McFarlane
Tom Grindberg
Tom Lyle
Tom Morgan
Tonci Zonjic
Tony Isabella
Wally Wood
Warren Ellis
William Johnson

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