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March 2020


03/31 - Daredevil Shadowland Sideshow Figure

The Sideshow Daredevil Shadowland sixth scale figure is now available for order.

The limited edition of 400 pieces sells for $235 (US) and ships in 1-2 business days from Sideshow.

Pics and order details below!



03/30 - DAREDEVIL #20 Delayed

While comics fans knew print comics were not coming out this week, there hadn't been any official word from Marvel about digital comics... until now.

Newsarama has posted a statement from Marvel's Dan Buckley that was addressed to comics retailers.

Buckley says:

To all our partners in the retailer community,

Thank you for all your notes, discussions, and the absolute resolve we have heard and seen from you over the past weeks. This situation has been challenging for everyone, and the safety and well-being of you, your families, and your communities continue to be at the front of our minds.

As you know, unfortunately there will not be any new print titles available at your shops this week. Marvel will also not be releasing any new comic book titles digitally on April 1. This is a fluid situation with details changing every day, so we appreciate your patience and understanding as we all navigate our way through this. As soon as more information is available, we will outline our longer-term plans and opportunities to support you and the industry.

If you have any questions in the meantime, please continue to reach out and share your feedback. Revised release dates for our April 1 titles will be shared in the coming weeks.

Please stay safe and well.

Dan Buckley President, Marvel Entertainment

At this time there's no word when Marvel will release new comics. Keep checking back for more updates and stay safe!


03/28 - 1982 Proposed Daredevil Cartoon

If you've been a long-time reader of the site, you've no doubt visited the CARTOONS section and seen some images from the proposed Daredevil cartoon from 1982.

We learned this week why the proposal never turned into a TV cartoon show...

It has to do with this cover:

Marvel's Tom Brevoort commented on a tweet from Spinner Rack this week...

So, we didn't get this cartoon because the TV studio didn't like that Daredevil was associated with a threatening image of a gun.

If you've never seen the images before, here they are again... Daredevil with his trusty friend, Lightning the dog!


03/27 - Shadowland Sideshow Figure

Sideshow has a new sixth scale Daredevil figure coming soon, and if you join their Facebook group you can get more details.

Here's a quick look at the figure. Looks like a redo of a previous DD one. No details on price yet.



03/26 - Grey Matter Daredevil Print

Grey Matter Art has a new Daredevil print by Mark Chilcott available in a special limited run of 75.

You could also get an original Daredevil or Venom drawing as well by Chilcott.

More details:

Grey Matter


03/23 - Diamond Halts All New Shipments

Steve Geppi, Chairman & CEO of Diamond Distributors posted an official message on Diamond site in response to the COVID-19 outbreak.

The major step that will affect every comic shop is:

Product distributed by Diamond and slated for an on-sale date of April 1st or later will not be shipped to retailers until further notice.

At this time, re-orders may still be fulfilled, but no new products will be available. Many stores are already closed due to government mandated closures.

This first week affects DAREDEVIL on April 1st, as issue #20 was scheduled to ship. There is no official word from Marvel if their comics will be rescheduled or if the issues will be available digitally (which brings its own problems for comic shops if fans get a digital copy instead of a physical copy).

What will the comic industry look like once the COVID-19 outbreak is under control?

Shipping dates on the main part of the site will be adjusted to reflect "to be determined". The full statement from Geppi is below:



03/19 - DAREDEVIL June 2020 Solicits

June Marvel solicits have been released and we have a very curious cover for #22. Francesco Mobili returns on art, with Marco Checchetto providing the cover. We also have the Last Rites Epic Collection coming.

DAREDEVIL June 2020 Solicits


03/18 - MARVELS X #3 Preview

The Earth X prequel continues and this version of Daredevil continues his appearance from last issue...

(W) Alex Ross, Jim Krueger (A) Well-Bee (CA) Alex Ross
There's something hunting the last boy on Earth. Something that doesn't want him to be the cure and restoration of humanity. And no matter what Spider-Man or Daredevil or even Doctor Strange do to try to protect him, they can't save him from an entire world of monsters. Alex Ross, Jim Krueger and Well Bee continue this fantastic prequel to the EARTH X Trilogy.
Rated T


03/16 - Chip Zdarsky Interview

DAREDEVIL writer Chip Zdarsky spoke with the Speech Bubble podcast about many of his past & present projects.

He talked about how he pitched the title at the Marvel retreat and also some comments on his favourite DAREDEVIL runs.

Zdarsky talks about DD about half-way through the podcast.

Speech Bubble


03/15 - Elodie Yung Interview

Actress Elodie Yung was a guest at the Middle East Film & Comic Con, and she sat down with the Gulf News tabloid for an interview about her work as Elektra on the Netflix show.

She also talked about the show's cancellation and her new show coming on Disney+.

Gulf News


03/13 - Daredevil News From The Week

Daredevil's Battle Against a New Foe

New Armored Marvel Legends Figure Coming?

Daredevil Corner Boxes

Greatest Daredevil Story Ever Told

Daredvil Scientific Lecture

New Prop Store Auctions


03/08 - Nyla Skin Returns

Remember Nyla Skin? She appeared in Ann Nocenti's run when Matt had amnesia. She hasn't been seen once Matt's memories returned.

Well, she has returned, and she is back in a surprising title: CONAN: BATTLE FOR THE SERPENT CROWN.

Three issues have shipped so far, by Saladin Ahmed, Luke Ross, and Mahmud Asrar.

If you want to have a look at the covers and previews, visit the link at the Diamond site.

Will she make her next appearance back in DAREDEVIL? Did she ever make the connection between the Blind Boxer and Daredevil?

Diamond Comics


03/07 - HAWKEYE FREEFALL #4 Preview

Daredevil tips Hawkeye off to the formation of a new task force. They have one mission: to stop the dangerous new Ronin before he tears the city apart. Clint joins up, but he can’t help but notice that Ronin gets results. Whose side is he really on? And as Hawkeye’s own hunt for the Hood intensifies, he’s about to find himself in the sights of one of his most dangerous foes of all time…
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99


03/04 - DAREDEVIL Sketches

DAREDEVIL #19 came out this week (and if you haven't read it yet, go read it!). Some special villains make an appearance and Marco Checchetto has shared a few sketches online:

Checchetto also shared some black and white pages from the issue:

February 2020


02/28 - DAREDEVIL #19 Preview

• Hell’s Kitchen is hanging by a thread—and that thread is Daredevil!
• Owl makes his play while Mayor Fisk watches from the sidelines.
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99


02/20 - DAREDEVIL May 2020 Solicits

May's solicits have been released and we've got the ANNUAL that is only described with "One More Day", the return of the red costume in issue #21 and the next Epic Collection!

DAREDEVIL May 2020 Solicits


02/20 - DAREDEVIL Sales Data

DAREDEVIL's sales data has been updated from August to January, and while it has dipped below 30K, it's been pretty consistent up and down 1.5K each issue. Hopefully with the new promotions with the costume and the annual, sales will increase.





Coming in May is a special DAREDEVIL Annual written by Chip Zdarsky and drawn by Chris Sprouse.

The cover is drawn by Zdarsky and it's curiously titled "One More Day", which will no doubt bring up memories of the Spider-Man story with the same name.

Is something similar happening with DD?

Zdarsky spoke briefly with Newsarama, promising that "everything changes" and the story will affect both Matt Murdock and Wilson Fisk.

More details at:



02/17 - DAREDEVIL Inferno

Daredevil fans know that the final issue of the "Through Hell" arc comes out this week, and the "Truth/Dare" arc starts with issue #21... so what's going on with #19 and #20?

Here's your first look at the final cover for issue #19 by Julian Totino Tedesco, which comes out March 4th. There will be a two-parter "Inferno", and colourist Mattia Iacono comes onboard. Artist Marco Checchetto also returns.


02/14 - DAREDEVIL #18 Preview

• Variant by PAOLO RIVERA
• The war in Hell’s Kitchen builds as Owl takes his stab at Wilson Fisk, formerly the Kingpin of Crime – now Mayor of New York!
• Matt must come to terms with what Daredevil truly means.
• And he better do it soon, as a new and deadly foe makes a decisive return…
32 PGS. Rated T+ …$3.99


02/12 - Recent Daredevil Appearances

Daredevil completists take note, this week has several appearances you may want to check out...

1. First up is the DAREDEVIL BY BENDIS & MALEEV V2 OMNIBUS, which has a new printing. It collects DAREDEVIL 61-81, WHAT IF? KAREN PAGE, ULTIMATE MARVEL TEAM-UP #6-8.

2. Next is a very minor appearance in IMMORTAL HULK #31. A preview is available here.

3. And then there is another very minor appearance in HAWKEYE: FREEFALL #3 which is a set up for the full appearance that will happen in issue #4. A preview is available here.

4. And finally there is an appearance by Daredevil in MARVELS X #2, which also has two covers with DD on them. This is the DD in the "Earth X" continuity. A preview is available here.

There was also an appearance in TAROT #2 a few weeks back (minor appearance) so be sure to pick that up too.

As always, updates to shipping are on the main page and also on Twitter. Happy collecting!



If you've been waiting for a hardcover of the DAREDEVIL: THE MAN WITHOUT FEAR series, Marvel will be releasing an edition as part of the "Marvel Select" line. Here's the updated cover image and solicitation.

(W) Frank Miller (A/CA) John Romita, Jr.

Continuing the series of graphic novels handpicked by Marvel Editorial to showcase pivotal storylines written and drawn by some of Marvel's most acclaimed creators! A fire burns deep within Matt Murdock. He was raised by a single father, an over-the-hill prizefighter with one last chance to make it good - a chance that cost him his life. Taunted and tormented by the other children while growing up, Matt's life was irrevocably altered after he was blinded by radioactive materials while saving an old man's life. The payoff? Though his sight was gone forever, his other four senses had become superhumanly enhanced - and his difficult childhood had instilled in him a keen intelligence and an unbreakable will. Matt Murdock's story is one of love, pain, disappointment and strength. Witness the tour de force origin of Daredevil, the Man Without Fear, by industry legends Frank Miller and John Romita Jr.! Collecting DAREDEVIL: THE MAN WITHOUT FEAR #1-5..

Rated T+
In Shops: Jul 15, 2020
SRP: $24.99


02/06 - DAREDEVIL Back In Red


Chip Zdarsky and Marco Checchetto continue their acclaimed run on the man without fear!

New York, NY— February 6, 2020 — Chip Zdarsky began his run on DAREDEVIL last year by having Matt Murdock hang up the suit and his super hero alter ego after tragedy struck. This May, Matt will suit up in his iconic costume once again when a lawless Hell’s Kitchen needs his help like never before in the new story arc, “Truth/Dare.”

Zdarsky’s refreshing takes on classic Daredevil elements and characters have made DAREDEVIL one of the most acclaimed comic books hitting stands today! And after a three-part story with guest artist Jorge Fornés, May’s DAREDEVIL #21 will reunite Zdarsky with comics superstar Marco Checchetto – making it sure to stand out as one of the most explosive and stylish books coming this spring. Don’t miss the new chapter of the book that called “A magnificently complex super hero comic… one of the best super hero comics to be found” this May!


02/05 - DAREDEVIL #19 Spider-Woman Variant

Coming in March is a "Spider-Woman" variant for DAREDEVIL #19 by artist Mike Del Mundo!

Click on the image for a larger version. The issue by Zdarsky, Checchetto, Woodard and Tedesco ships March 4th.

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