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March 2015


03/04 - DAREDEVIL 15 Variant

If you've checked out the solicits lately, you may have seen a variant cover listed as:


Marvel has announced that there will be over 20 variant covers celebrating the launch of HOWARD THE DUCK...

And they will all have the tagline of "What the Duck?!".

Here's the DAREDEVIL #15 cover, drawn by Marguerite Sauvage!


03/03 - Hell's Kitchen Promo

Another day, another promo for Marvel's Daredevil.

This time, a picture of some plans for Hell's Kitchen...


03/02 - New Vincent D'Onofrio Pics

Some new pics were released today, and we now get a better look at Vincent D'Onofrio as Wilson Fisk... who, of course, becomes the Kingpin.

USA Today has a feature on D'Onofrio, and it sounds like he enjoyed this role as Wilson Fisk.

"I wanted him to have an appearance of being super-powerful so that when he throws a punch, it's a major punch," D'Onofrio says. "There's a lot of weight behind it."
USA Today

February 2015


02/26 - Empire Magazine Pics

Empire Magazine has a new feature in their latest issue out today (with a Daniel Craig cover) and it's a great write-up of their set visit to Marvel's Daredevil.

Many thanks to reader "ricksltlsister" who sent me the pics which you can check out below. Make sure to pick up your copy, as there are many spoilers in there for those interested, including news of the costume(s) like this:

That's certainly good news for those worried about the black costume being "the only costume".

Here are the pics, which feature most of the cast and showrunner Steven DeKnight. Thanks again to "ricksltlsister"!


02/26 - New Daredevil Posters

The Daredevil news keeps coming today, as Marvel has released another motion poster today.

This one features Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock.

April 10th is almost here. Make sure you check out today's post with all the pics from Empire Magazine as well.

Here's another poster that was released today as well.

Check out the bloody knuckles.


02/26 - Daredevil Pop! Vinyls

One of the most common questions I get at the site is: When are we going to get a Daredevil Pop! Vinyl. I can finally tell you that not one, but two Pop! Vinyls will be coming this summer.

The first is Daredevil in his red costume, that will be an Underground Toys exclusive.

The second is an exclusive to Forbidden Planet, with Daredevil in his yellow costume!

Both will be available by June 30th. There's no word yet on distribution outside of Europe just yet, but I'll keep you posted!


02/26 - DAREDEVIL 16 NYC Variant

Newsarama has a sneak peek of four New York City variants that are coming in May.

Among the covers is DAREDEVIL #16 by former DD artist Alex Maleev.

Have a look at the link:



02/23 - Film Ink Daredevil Cover

Late last night, Australian movie magazine Film Ink released their issue shipping this month... and a new image from Marvel's Daredevil show featuring Charlie Cox was revealed!

The magazine also has a feature on Daredevil with many pics, but the majority are pics you may have seen already.

Thanks to aaronkaj who sent a quick pic of the interior pages:


02/23 - Marvel Mighty Heroes

There's a new game coming from DeNA and Marvel, and Daredevil is in the mix of characters that can be played.

You can pre-register today and have a look at the trailer below!

DeNA and Marvel Team Up for Real-time Co-op Brawler Marvel Mighty Heroes

Pre-register Today to Receive In-Game Rewards and Help Unlock a Special Hero at Launch

SAN FRANCISCO -- February 23, 2015 -- Today DeNA and Marvel Entertainment announced that Marvel Mighty Heroes, a real-time co-op brawler starring Superheroes and Supervillains of the Marvel Universe, is currently in development and will be launching soon for iPhone®, iPad®, iPod touch® and Android™ phones and tablets. Marvel Mighty Heroes features real-time cooperative, action-packed gameplay with up to four players, bringing strategic Super Hero action to mobile devices. Gamers and Marvel fans can pre-register by visiting to vote for Hulk or Rocket as a free special hero at launch for a limited time.

Marvel Mighty Heroes lets players choose their favorite Marvel comic book characters, including Iron Man, Groot, Captain America, Star-Lord, Hulk, Thor, Black Widow and Spider-Man, and dozens of their allies and nemeses. Players will build a dream-team of Superheroes and Supervillains, each utilizing different skills and special abilities to clobber, shoot, smash, and blast their way to victory. Multiplayer in Marvel Mighty Heroes will give players a chance to test their skills against competitors and earn a spot on the leaderboard or combine forces with friends to save the universe one battle at a time.

"Building off of the success of Marvel War of Heroes, our first Marvel-licensed title, Marvel Mighty Heroes is a fast and tactical battle game that will combine evolving Marvel stories with enthralling co-op and competitive multiplayer gameplay," said Barry Dorf, Vice President of Partnerships and Alliances at DeNA. "Marvel fans and gamers alike will have the chance to create the ultimate team of Super Heroes and Super Villains to take on waves of enemies from the Marvel Universe."

Marvel Mighty Heroes will be free to download for iPhone®, iPad®, iPod touch® and Android™ devices in 2015. To pre-register to receive updates and notices about limited time prizes at launch visit

Check out the trailer here: []

About DeNA

DeNA (pronounced "D-N-A") is a global leader of developing and operating mobile services including free-to-play games, e-commerce and other online offerings. Founded in 1999, DeNA is headquartered in Tokyo with offices and game development studios across the globe. DeNA Co., Ltd. is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange (2432). For more information, visit

About Marvel Entertainment, LLC

Marvel Entertainment, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, is one of the world's most prominent character-based entertainment companies, built on a proven library of more than 8,000 characters featured in a variety of media over seventy-five years. Marvel utilizes its character franchises in entertainment, licensing and publishing. For more information visit © 2015 MARVEL


02/20 - Battlin' Jack Murdock Poster

Marvel released another teaser promo pic on their Daredevil twitter account today, and if you look carefully, you may recognize the boxer listed on the poster.

Carl "Crusher" Creel, as Marvel fans know, is the Absorbing Man. The character made an appearance in this season's AGENTS OF SHIELD.

If you've read DAREDEVIL YELLOW by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale, you know there is some history here:


02/19 - Daredevil News From The Week

Here are some links to items I've posted during the week on Twitter (@manwithoutfear) that didn't get their own news article.


02/19 - DAREDEVIL #13 Preview


Here's a preview of DAREDEVIL #13 which starts the final arc for the Waid/Samnee team on the series.

DAREDEVIL #13, by Waid, Samnee and Wilson ships February 25th.

DAREDEVIL #13 Preview


02/18 - Miller Artifact Edition

IDW has finally solicited the forthcoming FRANK MILLER'S DAREDEVIL: ARTIFACT EDITION and it will be shipping in June 2015.

Stores will be able to order for the discounted price of $75 and it will features many covers and interior pages of DAREDEVIL.

Frank Miller's Daredevil: Artifact Edition

Frank Miller (w & a & c)

Frank Miller, multiple Eisner Award-winner, is one of the finest and most influential comics creators of his generation. From Sin City to Dark Knight Returns, to Daredevil: Born Again and Batman: Year One (both of which he wrote and collaborated on with David Mazzucchelli), his contribution to the art form is nearly peerless. But before these incredible works came his groundbreaking turn on Daredevil!

HC . BW . $75.00 net discount item . 144 Pages . 12" x 17" . ISBN: 978-1-63140-352-1

. This Artifact Edition will collect more than 20 Miller covers, and a staggering display of pages... all shot from the original art... including many from key issues such as the introduction of Elektra -- and the death of Elektra! Additionally, a selection of pages from Wolverine and Spider-Man will also be showcased. If you are a fan of Frank Miller's classic storytelling then this is the Artifact edition for you!

. Advance solicited for a June release!


02/18 - DAREDEVIL May 2015 Solicits

May 2015 solicits are now on the site, and we've got DAREDEVIL #16 and a reprint for NIGHT NURSE!

DAREDEVIL May 2015 Solicits


02/12 - Drea de Matteo joins Agents of SHIELD

Before we get into the latest cast announcement for Agents of SHIELD, Marvel released a new promo pic from the DAREDEVIL show:

Actress Drea de Matteo will be joining the Agents of SHIELD show this season as Karla Faye Gideon.

Now, Daredevil fans may recognize the name... the character made an appearance in the DAREDEVIL: REDEMPTION series in 2005, by David Hine and Michael Gaydos (go read it, it's good). Judging from the description in the press release, it's a departure from her character in this series, but will they somehow tie her back to Daredevil... and will Daredevil make an appearance in Agents of SHIELD?


02/11 - DAREDEVIL Shipping Delays

Some updates from Diamond this week, and three issues of DAREDEVIL appear on the Shipping Update list.

DAREDEVIL #14 by Waid and Samnee is pushed back one week and will now ship March 25th.

DAREDEVIL #15 by Waid and Samnee will now ship two weeks later than its original date on April 29th.

DAREDEVIL #15.1 by Guggenheim, Krause, Samnee and Waid is now expected to ship three weeks later than expected, into May on the 20th.

May solicits will be coming soon, so DAREDEVIL #16's ship date may be moving as well.


02/04 - Daredevil Teaser

The Daredevil teaser is finally online! I know you're not reading this, so go ahead and check it out!

IGN also got a chance to interview showrunner Steven DeKnight about several topics including:

  • Charlie Cox
  • The Catholic Devil
  • The Costume
  • The Kingpin
  • Karen and Foggy
  • Stick
  • A Hero who gets hurt

    So once you've finished viewing the trailer (multiple times), check out what DeKnight had to say.

    Exciting times ahead!


  • 2015-02-03-Daredevil-Teaser-Preview

    02/03 - Daredevil Teaser Preview

    The Daredevil teaser will premiere on Wednesday, February 4th at 9AM ET. Here's a sneak peek!


    02/01 - Podcast with Charlie Cox and Deborah Ann Woll

    The Scratch the Surface podcast by EJ Scott had some special guests today, as Charlie Cox and Deborah Ann Woll spoke about their Daredevil filming experience and many other topics.

    Cox spoke about his audition for the show and the pressure of being the lead for the project.

    Woll also joined the podcast to discuss working with Cox. Lots of cool information in the hour and a half chat. Have a listen at EJ Scott's site.

    January 2015


    01/29 - Rachael Taylor cast as Patsy Walker

    Marvel has announced more casting for the AKA JESSICA JONES show, as actress Rachael Taylor will be playing best friend Patricia "Patsy" Walker.

    Comics fans will know that Walker is also Hellcat, but in the show the character will be a talk show host, former model and TV star, who will help Jessica Jones on a dangerous case.

    Taylor joins the already announced Krysten Ritter (Jessica Jones), Mike Colter (Luke Cage) and David Tennant (Kilgrave). AKA JESSICA JONES will premiere later in 2015 following DAREDEVIL.



    01/27 - Charlie Cox talks Daredevil costume

    E!Online recently spoke with Charlie Cox on the red carpet at the SAG Awards, and the Daredevil actor had some revealing details about the costume he had to wear in the series.

    "They've done such a great job. I can't wait for fans to really see it. But put it this way, there is no world where you change in a phone box. It takes four people and about 45 minutes."

    He also talked about what happens when nature calls...

    "You get three zippers. You zip them all up, but when you have to wee, you just have to zip one down -- the wee zipper."

    More details at E!



    01/26 - David Tennant cast as Purple Man

    When the AKA JESSICA JONES series was announced, fans of the Alias series were anxious to hear if Killgrave the Purple Man would be a part of the show.

    Today Marvel announced that actor David Tennant (Doctor Who) has been cast as the persuasive villain, who made his first appearance in the pages of DAREDEVIL in 1964, and recently had an appearance in the latest series by Mark Waid & Chris Samnee.

    Tennant joins the already announced Krysten Ritter and Mike Colter. AKA JESSICA JONES will premiere later this year on Netflix.



    01/19 - DAREDEVIL April 2015 Solicits

    April 2015 solicits are now on the site, and we've got two issues of DAREDEVIL, and the advanced solicit for the Marvel's Daredevil Slipcase HC.

    DAREDEVIL April 2015 Solicits


    01/16 - DAREDEVIL #15.1 coming in April

    If you follow artist Peter Krause on Twitter (@petergkrause), you may have noticed some Daredevil artwork he's been posting recently. Yesterday I asked him when this project was going to be announced. He promised it would be today, and writer Marc Guggenheim would also be involved...

    Fast forward to today, and we have the announcement from Marvel and an interview at Newsarama as well.

    DAREDEVIL #15.1 will be a special issue shipping in April, which will feature a story by Guggenheim and Krause, a few pages by Mark Waid, and another new story written and drawn by Chris Samnee!

    Newsarama has an interview with Guggenheim and Samnee, where the writers reveal both stories will be about Matt's early days as an attorney. Guggenheim, who currently writes for the ARROW show, is a former attorney and details how much of a DD fan he is. Samnee will be writing & drawing a Marvel story for the first time.

    Newsarama also has an interview with Guggenheim and Krause. They talk about the courtroom case and how it goes back to the days of the yellow Daredevil costume.



    01/16 - 19 Years of

    I'm writing this on the eve of January 16th. Nineteen years ago, I took a stab at learning HTML by making a site about my favourite comic character. And I kept updating the site...

    I wanted to quickly say Thank You to all of you. I have been very lucky. I really do appreciate all the emails and comments, and I really do like helping Daredevil fans and helping new readers become Daredevil fans.

    We've got a lot to look forward to this year!

    April 10th! The Netflix show.

    Who's taking over from Waid and Samnee?

    Who's going to stay awake for 13 hours straight to watch the whole season? Don't say you didn't think about it yet.

    Thank you once again.

    Is my site old enough to drink now?

    -- Kuljit Mithra


    01/13 - Nelson and Murdock Promo Pic

    Marvel released a new promo pic from the Daredevil show today and it features something Daredevil fans should know and love... the sign for the offices of Nelson and Murdock!

    Hopefully this means a trailer is coming soon.

    There was also a brief commercial that aired during the night's episode of Agent Carter. Thanks to nami_1104 for the video.


    01/10 - Shade VFX working on effects for Daredevil

    In a press release announcing the hiring of producer Camille Geier (formerly of ILM, Rodeo FX and more) to oversee projects in their New York office, it was revealed that the company is working on visual effects for Marvel's Daredevil on Netflix.

    Geier will be in charge of all work in the New York studio. Shade's other office is in Santa Monica. Their New York office opened in 2014.

    For more details:


    01/08 - DAREDEVIL #12 Preview


    Here's a preview of DAREDEVIL #12 which continues the story from last issue with Stunt-Master!

    DAREDEVIL #12, by Waid, Samnee and Wilson ships January 14th.

    DAREDEVIL #12 Preview


    01/07 - Marvel's Daredevil coming April 10th

    It's official! Marvel's Daredevil on Netflix is coming April 10th.

    We had been hearing rumours of a May 1st release, but it was announced today that we are getting Daredevil earlier. Just over 3 months away.

    Season 1 will premiere at 12:01AM Pacific Time in all regions where Netflix is available. All 13 episodes will be released at that time.

    Marvel released a motion poster for the series and here's a static image and the video below it.

    Earlier in the day, there was also a feature on the USA Today website that had a new image from the show of Charlie Cox as Daredevil.

    USA Today


    01/01 - HULK 10 Preview

    In case you didn't know, Matt Murdock will appear in HULK #10, that ships January 7th.

    Here's the complete solicit:


    . MATT MURDOCK VERSUS DOC GREEN in an oral argument.

    . RED HULK VERSUS DOC GREEN in the opposite of the first disagreement.

    . Something bad happens at the BEEHIVE. (Hint: see above)

    HULK #10, by Duggan and Bagley, ships January 7th. Check out the preview in the link below.


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