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Fan Fiction

Bride of Bullseye


Lightening lights up the sky as rain falls on New York City. A pretty young woman in her twenties has a sad look on her face as she walks the sidewalks of New York. Her name is Crystal and her boyfriend is Bullseye. She has bad news for him and she's terrified about how he will take it. She finally finds her apartment building. Her blood then turns to ice as she walks up the steps. She enters the building and walks down the hallway to an elevator. She enters and presses the button "6". With that the elevator lurches upwards. Her legs are so wobbly she can hardly stand up. Finally which what seemed like hours but was only minutes the elevator stops and she gets off. She walks down the hall looking for her room number of "234." She then feels a hand on her shoulder and she screams. Crystal turns around to her seventy year old friend, Jack. Jack was a nice man but could be annoying at times. "Hey Crystal, how's it going?" Jack asks her in his booming voice. "I'm fine Jack, but I really have to go ok?" Crystal replies since she really wants to get the confrontation with Bullseye over with. "Ok but call me if you want to do something." He called to her while she was walking away. Crystal heard him but decided not to reply as she walked down another hallway towards her room. Finally she reached room number "234." She stood outside the door for a couple minutes thinking of how she was going to explain the terrible situation she has gotten him into.
Finally she knocked on the door and five seconds later Bullsye opened it. "Hey babe you look great." He said kissing her on the lips. After that she walked inside and just stood there. It was funny she has been dating Bullseye for six monthes but still he did not want to give her his real name untill they made a serious commitment to each other. Well now it looks like they have to. Crystal looks down at the floor and then back up at Bullseye who is dressed in a blue sweater and jeans. He looks so cute with that smile of his but she knew beyond that smile held a dangerous temper. She then turned around and looked in the mirror on the wall at herself. She was wearing a wet white gown from the rain and a beatiful necklace on her neck that Bullseye gave to her 3 monthes ago. "So honey what did the doctor say? Your not pregnant right?" He inquired as Crystal turned away from the mirror to face him.
That question hit her like a dagger through her heart but she knew he would find out if she lied so she might as well tell the truth. She lowered her head and murmured. "Yes I'm pregnant." Bullseye just stood there with a smile on his face. "That's okay honey I love you no matter what."
Crystal felt a wave of relief wash over her body as she embraced Bullsye with a tight hug. "I love you Bullseye." She said as tears started coming down her cheeks. "No matter what I will always love you." She then let go of him as Bullseye headed for the kitchen. "Honey I'm not going to force you to get an abortion we can have a family together instead." As Bullseye pulled a knife from the counter but he quickly hid it behind his back from Crystal. "That would be great." Crystal said still relieved. "Do you want to know my real name?" Bullseye asked from the kitchen. "I would love to." Crystal replied. With that Bullseye threw the knife right into Crystal's stomach and out her back. "Bingo!" Bullseye shouted as he walked towards Crystal as she fell on her stomach. Blood started pouring rapidly out of her stomach as Bullseye started to laugh. "Why, I thought you loved me?" Crystal painfully asked with her dying breathes. "I never loved you you're just another play toy, actually I think you make playtoy number 5." Bullseye replied. He then picked her up and through her out their six story window. She landed onto a parked car in the apartment building's parking lot. With that she died but then the four other women's restless spirits that were killed by Bullseye possesed her body. She then opened her eyes. As a smile formed across her lips.

Daredevil had been swinging around Hell's Kitchen all night and found no sort of crime being commited. Time to call it quits, Matt thought to himself. Work is early tommorow. Then he heard it. A loud crash and a sickening thud against a car. He could smell the sick smell of blood. Looks like I'm going to be busy after all. Matt thought as he swung towards the sound. When he got there he heard police and ambulance sirens. As cops were all over the parking lot with paramedics. Daredevil swung into the parking lot and heard a familar heart beat Spider-Man was here. Daredevil went over to him who was by himself standing by a car while the cops talked to one another and asked people inside the building about what happened. Anyway superheroes were so common nowadays the general public looked to them as just superpowerd cops. "What happened here, Peter?" Daredevil whispered to Spider-Man who was one of his best friends. "I don't know, Matt. It's really strange." Spider-Man whispered back. "Is the woman dead?" He asked even though he knew it would be a "yes." Spider-Man's heart skipped a beat. "Well that's the strange part." Spider-Man began. "Her body is nowhere to be found." Daredevil was utterly shocked when he heard this. "I'll keep a look out." Daredevil said as he disappeared into the shadows.

Bullseye had gotten away just in time. He managed to put on his costume just before leaving but now he had to find another woman to live with. It would not be an easy task. He had been living with women for a couple years now because he had suffered serious injuries in an explosion. Now he was almost healed up but it would take a couple more monthes. He didn't love any of those five women because in reality only won woman ever won over his heart and that was Emily but she's been dead for years. Bullseye then slipped into a nearby alley. I have to get off the streets, he thought. Make sure no one recgonizes me. He hid behind a cardboard box. Stay here for a couple hours, Bullseye thought. Then he heard someone breathing on his neck. Bullseye quickly spun around to see Crystal standing there behind him her white gown now a stained with blood. Bullseye who had been kneeling quickly stood up to confront her. "You want more, eh?" He asked her. Crystal then started to laugh. "I'll give you something to laugh about!" Bullseye angrily shouted as he punched her as hard as he could in the face. He heard her nose break but still she stood there laughing her nose badly broken. "My turn." She shouted. As she grabbed onto Bullseye's privates and flung him a couple feet into the air and on some garbage cans. Bulleseye emerged from underneath the cans with a garbage can lid he tossed it at her but she ducked it. She then tackled Bullseye in the stomach and started biting his cheek as Bullseye screamed into the night.

Daredevil had been swinging around town looking for the stench of blood. He wasn't lucky so far but then he heard a scream from an alley 3 blocks away. Daredevil arrived at the alley and looked inside it before stepping in. He could smell the stench of blood and the horrible smell of urine. He walked deep in the alley and heard Bullseye's heartbeat. He kneeled next to Bullseye and smelled the blood and urine. The smell was coming from Bullseye's chin and mouth. Appearently someone cut open his cheek and then urinated inside his mouth. He then heard Bullseye cough as urine seeped out out his mouth and onto the gravel. "Who could of done this to Bullseye? And what sicko would actually urinate inside his mouth?" Daredevil thought aloud. "Hi!" He heard a young female voice shout. That made Daredevil jump. He hadn't heard another heartbeat, breathing or smell. No person could sneak up on him without him knowing it. Daredevil then slowly turned around and tried to play it cool. "Do you know what happened here, miss?" Daredevil asked politely. Then he heard the woman vomit. He almost shivered from the coldness of the vomit when it collidded onto his mask and his chin and mouth which was exposed. He then heard laughing while he tried to spit out the vomit that had entered his mouth.
"I guess I can forget out about a quiet night." Daredevil said aloud. As the woman kept laughing and laughing.


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