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Fan Fiction

Burn Victims

by Daniel Coyle

Burn Victims-File 1
A Daredevil Fan fiction by Daniel Coyle
The following Fan Fiction takes place following the events of issue #360, after the fight with the Absorbing Man. Note that this story contains some brutal violence and a death or two, and Daredevil does not come out unscathed at the end. Originallly I ha d planned it to be a one-shot; but now it will be the first story in a continuing series that diverges from the current stories, but will incorporate elements from them too. think of it as "Untold Tales"-style.

So , w/o futher ado, the beginning of:
BURN VICTIMS: copyright 1996 by Daniel Coyle. All characters are property of Marvel comics unless otherwise noted. Based on Characters created by Stan Lee, Bill Everett, John Romita Sr., and Ann Nocenti. Characters used w/o permission, and this story can be published as long as no profit is made from it.

Prologue: A Conversation Between two Old Friends
MADRIPOOR, One month ago

The hotel room was inconspicuous; not the kind the man had been used to. But he had learned to take things a little less fancier than they had been in his previous life, back in New York, when he had been Wilson Fisk, spice merchant, and Wilson Fisk- Kingpin. It seemed ages ago. He thought often of Murdock's last words to him, before Daredevil had taken him to the police station.
"I forgive you."
Fisk often chuckled at this thought. What kind of a fool did Murdock take him for? The accursed lawyer had taken everything away from him, everything-his empire, his money, his social status, even his beloved Vanessa. Even when it had looked as if Mu rdock had died, he had seemingly risen from the very grave Fisk had spat in to haunt him again. No, Fisk would never, ever, accept Murdock's forgiveness-his wounds ran too deep for that. Both their wounds.
Fisk had some time to plan his revenge, but lately his new criminal empire had been growing through his secret control of Stark-Fujikawa, and he found himself less and less concerned with Murdock's activities. But he knew a few things, like the reun ion of Murdock and his lover, Karen Page. Page. She had taken Murdock back into her arms; would Vanessa--
The Kingpin slammed his fist against the wall. Why, oh why, he thought, must HE find happiness, and the Kingpin always left alone. Well, he had someone to correct that. A knock on the door, and a voice: "Sir, Your 'Old Friend' is here." The door open ed and Fisk see this eyes on the individual before him.
"Hello, Willie. I didn't think you'd ever ask for me again. You must think very highly of me."
"Were you informed of the assignment?"
"Yes. Some of disagreed vehemently with what you had requested, but I...convinced them that this would be beneficial to us. It would resolve a long-unresolved situation. Besides, I'm in control and what I say goes as far as the others are concerned."
"This assignment will require that you do not, I repeat, DO NOT kill Daredevil. You can kill anyone including the requested party, but LEAVE HIM ALIVE."
"I understand. I will not disappoint you."
"Do well, 'Old Friend,' and this will secure you a place in my new...organization."
Fisk's assassin turned and reached for the doorknob. The Kingpin spoke one more time: "Oh, and take all the time you need. Make it slow. I. Want. Him. To. Suffer."

Chapter 1

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