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Fan Fiction

Captain Ultra's Night Out

Storms. Thunders. The hero stands imponently on a rooftop. Suddenly, a yell is heard through the night - Danger! In Ultra-speed he races with his flowing cape... an d dives in a flight to stop the malefactors.

Oh, damn! I'm talking about myself in the third person again. I feel like a comic book character. And these gloves are tight. Why did I get them, anyway?

Wait. Crime is afoot! Woo-hoo! It looks like a job for (what an original phrase) me! Captain Ultra!

And now our hero (gotta stop this third person thing) dashes in the direction of... ouch! Yowza! Wow! I tripped. But not just a single trip. I fell on the other building's roof. Unbelievable. At least the hoodlums are no longer menacing that young lady. They must have been scared by my sight.

(Side note from author: the punks actually just heard a siren)


Where is Doctor Doom when you need him?

Here there's a powerful and stylish super-hero ready to battle the forces of evil and there is absolutely not a single super-villain to tackle.

There. That one swinging and jumping over there looks dangerous. All clad in scarlet, he looks like a devil or something. He is probably out to destroy the world. Now, here I go. Ultra-flight, don't fail m e now.

What?! I missed him?! I can't possibly have missed him. I have Ultra-accuracy. Where is he?

There. He is now confronting me (he is not laughing). He is probably I am some underpowered (Yipe! No laughs!) superhero wannabe, but he's wrong. I am (the first not to laugh in months! Turner D. Century laughed but he isn't!) Captain Ultra!

And now, with a single ultra-punch from our hero the malicious villain is laid to... what?! How the h ell did I miss again? Again and... nothing. He must have devilish speed or something. But nothing compar ed to my Ultra-rapidity.

Ouch! Now I've had it. He's gonna take one right in the middle of his... Damn! My glasses. He broke my goggles. I must run away and protect my secret identity. Tomorrow I'll chase him. No, wait. Tomorrow's no good. Ms. Spring asked me to fix her sink tomorrow. But the day after tomorrow I'll chase him. Then he'll feel the mighty hand of...



By Francisco Araujo da Costa

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