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Fan Fiction

Devil's Reign - The Beginning

By TheBadGrimace

   As the rain falls on Hell's Kitchen, New York, at night, a man in a black suit and dress pants, blue shirt with a red tie walks to his car and passes by a dark alley, where he hears sudden cries of: "RAPE!" and "HELP! I AM BLIND" he rushes over to see what is going on only to notice a big man holding down a blind beautiful woman ready to take her clothes off! He pulls on the big man's back as hard as could, but he wouldn't budge.

   "Get off now..." he yelled as he was on the man's back trying to get him off, still, "I am an attorney!"

   "Oh yeah..." said the big man still trying to pull off the blind woman's clothe's but can't since he is being attacked. The man looks a big yellow bucket of toxic waste on a truck parked. "I hate attorneys!"

   "My name is Matt Murdock, attorney at law!" He gets off the man and backs off as he gets out his cell phone, dialing 9-1-1. As the operator gets on, he puts him on hold, and that very second, the big man decides to get off the blind woman, who now only has a braw on, and picks up Murdock!

   "Compliments of The Kingpin," the big man said as he threw Murdock into the truck! Hitting the yellow bucket of toxic waste, some of it pours on Matt's eyes, and then the whole bucket jumps drops on top of him, too heavy to handle, he falls unconscious!

   The big man helps up the woman. They walk off hand in hand....

   The Ambulance rush him off to a into the Emergency of Hell's Kitchen Medical Center, and after 2 days in a coma, he awakens...

   "Matt... Are you okay man?" Matt feels a hand on his forehead and recognizes the voice.

   "Foggy!" Matt tries to take off a bandage on his face, but one was already taken off about an hour ago, "My eyes... They feel very funny!? What's wrong with them!" Matt begins to cry, but it unbearably burns, so he holds back in pain, a pain he has never felt before, not that greatly at least. He begins to panic a lot, but Foggy runs to him and calms him down.

   "Terrible news man..." Matt has the look of devestation on his face!

   "I'm blind..." he says swiftly, its pretty obvious, "Will my sight ever return?"

   "No, but the doctors made an amzing discovery I thought you should know about!"

   "What?" Matt was eager and hopeless.

   "Well, you see Matt, when the toxic waste rid you of your sight, it increased every other sense..."

   "Yeah, that's what always happens!"

   "But this time, all of your four other senses increased phenomenally, like they work so well, you can 'see' in your mind, you know, when you imagine things, you can see it in your thoughts. Now, you have to learn to read brail, because if you do, you will be able to feel the letters in a book, and just from the ink, you'll be able to read it right away!"

   "Amazing...ummm... Where is father?" he changed the subject worried.

   "He's in Boston, doing some buisness, I called him on his cell, he's coming later today, he's apparently getting a job as a bodyguard for a man named Wilson Fisk," Murdock realized something but couldn't say it for some reason, "Hey, didn't you go against him in a case a month ago, and you beat him, he's in jail now, but I heard from a guard that he'll be getting out in about a month, appearently one of his men bribed the Judge with some money to shorten the sentence."

   "Matt!" In the doorway stood Jack "The Devil" Murdock, he rushed over to his son, and hugged him hard, "I heard the news, I'm so sorry son!" He began to cry, all three of them did.

   "Look, I came to pick you up, get dressed, we are going to Wilson Fisk's men in his jailcell." Matt looked worried, Jack helped him find his clothes, then he handed him a cane and smiled.

   "I know you put him away, but he's getting out soon anyways, he's been to jail before, plus, since I'm his new bodyguard, he'll forget about it."

   Matt got ready and Jack checked him out of the hospital and Foggy went to his car and left, as Matt and Jack went to their car. At the jailhouse, Matt seemed too worried, as he passed a Mr. Owlsley, he smelt familiar, but couldn't put a finger on it, since he was a big man. And he saw a woman, who sounded familiar as she said "Hello." They approached Fisk in his cell, "This is just like Silence of the Lambs," Matt thought. Fisk looked evily at Matt...

   "So this is your son, Matt, we have met then! Owlsley!" He yelled in anger, so furious, he didn't even know he was Jack's son, "I won't forgive you!" Matt fell back in fright and lost his cane, Owlsley picked it up and broke it, all of a sudden Matt smelt gunpowder close by and heard a shot as something wet got on him, he smelt it and began to cry, but it hurt too much. Matt tired to run out of there but he kept falling.

   "Father, no!" He finally found his way to an exit and felt it up until he felt the handle to it and he ran out, Foggy was outside in his car. "Foggy open the door, let's leave now!" Owlsley and Fisk appeared outside as Murdock got in the car and drove off fast, they shot at the car but missed. They were going to in the car, but Owlsley's fingerprints were on the gun that destroyed Jack's life. So they went back in to clean up the mess before a guard came in and killed them.

   "What the hell happened?" asked the confused Foggy.

   "Fisk is The Kingpin, a criminal lord, and a man in their, an Owlsley, was the man who threw me into the bucket of toxic waste, that women was his, you see, the whole thing in the alley 3 days ago was revenge for putting Fisk in jail!"

   "Oh my god, what happened to..." Foggy saw Matt in pain trying to cry.

   "It hurts to cry... they killed him, that's why their is blood on my shirt, it isn't mine."

   "I'm so sorry," Foggy rubbed Matt's shoulder and then reached into his suit pocket and pulled out a pair of red shaded sunglasses, "Wear this all of the time, it keeps the sun from your eyes, soon enough, any eye pain will quit."

   "I know what I must do, I must revenge my dad's death, and put a stop to the Kingpin and his men, as well as all the other crime I cannot fight in the courtroom, with my new found powers, I can stop anyone."

   Foggy got to Matt's apartment and told him before he left "Matt, there is this man, his name is Stick, he is blind as well, and he can train you in the ways of martial arts to aid, we can see him tomorrow after work."

   Matt smiled and put on his shades, "You know, back when I was a kid, I was a nerd, a bookworm, and unfriendly, people used to call me Daredevil, now I know I can put it to use, when I am finished training from Stick, I will have no fear, at all..."

   "Here comes Daredevil, the man without fear, nice," Foggy looked at him as left the car, "Hell's Kitchen needs a devil!"

NEXT: Training with Stick and a new love interest!

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