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Fan Fiction

Devil's Reign Part 2 - A Man Without Fear

By TheBadGrimace

    At the Law Offices of Nelson and Murdock, the most successful law firm in New York, Matt and Foggy are leaving the Storefront.

     "You ready, Murdock?"
     "Of course Foggy, let's go," Stick is a school janitor, bullied everyday by Highschool punks, but with his buddhist concentration and strength, he puts up with it. He is a very patient man, Murdock is not, which is good and bad, training will not last very long.
     "We are here! Grab your cane, you need to get used to using it now."
     "Foggy," Murdock says while getting out of the car, "do you believe in god?" Foggy only smiles and answers "Yes." But his heartbeat is faster than usual and beating in patterns, not 1 beat at a time.

        What is this? Why is his heart beating like that? Where are we, I can smell perfume and dirty socks, like jock straps. Are we at a High School, only a few are hear, I can smell them, they are women, but they are not around. What is this? Murock thought.

     Red outlines of objects around him appear in his head, it won't go away, but Murdock just thinks it happens for a while after you are blind, but it will actually become his greatest power. He walks into a doorway, forehead first and he falls down backwards, and a hand helps him up by the shoulder.
     "Thank you..."
     "Stick," the man said, this is him, a 50 year old, 6'0'' man with a black hair and grey sticks, and a big scar on his forarm, from a blade, it is deep, very deep.
     "Nice to meet you, Mr. Stick."
     "Please call me Stick."
     "Okay Stick," Murdock was shocked on how cut and wrinkled his hands were, and from that he can determine his age and how active he is.
     "I am Matthew Murdock, attorney at law, call me Matt or Murdock, which ever you perfer," Stick smiled happily.
     "Sure Murdock! Let's get to work," Stick grabbed him by the arm and threw his cane to the side inside of the school cafeteria, and Murdock thrown down.
     "Easy there Stick, you don't to kill me," Murdock yelled while Foggy laughed hard. 
     Training began with simple blocking and punching, 3 hours late, Matt was kicking  high and dodging attacks left and right. But this was just the beginning...
     "Well Stick, shall we!" Murdock challenged him to a spar, not a good idea!
     "You are not ready good son, you need more training, but if you want, I will not argue." 
       Matt learned to use his 4 senses to track where Stick is at all times, and he is starting to get the images in his head, he knows now. Murdock smiled happily. So he and Stick shook hands, remembering Stick is also blind. And they ran at eachother, Stick blocked the first 3 punches from each hand, the first 2 kicks, and a head butt, all thrown by Murdock. Then Stick punched him in the side hard, bringing Murdock to his knees, it hurt too much, do to his superhuman feeling. He couldn't move just, on his knees, dove into Stick's right leg, knocking him down, but he got up 2 seconds after. He picked up Murdock slowly and told him so, he wasn't ready.
     "We have to get going, it is already 11 PM, we've been here 4 and a half hours, thank you Stick," Foggy said.
     "Thanks Stick, I hurt but it's fine, thank you," Murdock said, Stick just nodded and said "Same time tomorrow, now go, you need rest." Stick walked over to Murdock's cane and and threw it to him, Murdock caught it. They walked out, Matt limped, and Cane went out the back of the cafeteria. Then Murdock heard whispers on the rooftops and a strong scent, they have come for him.
     They all jumped down, dirty, rotten, henchmen in leather, with guns, they threw Matt up against a pole and took Foggy, one man was then attacked by someone else. Matt got up slowly and walked up to the... woman. She smelled pure and beautiful, beyond imagination, but there she was, her figure and structure was flawless, and Matt walked up to her and felt her arm, her skin was perfect and nothing was imperfect, the dream woman.
     "Thanks, I am Matt..."
     "Call me Elektra, there were 2 men, and one got away with your friend there, sorry," she said, she sounded high pitched, yet very smooth, a bit of an amazonian accent, it was sexy, as sexy as can be, even more, she is beauty in all of it's perfection.
     "We have to follow them, come on, he gave me his keys when he got carried away," he threw her the keys "please, drive for me, I am blind."
     "I know," she said, so they got in and drove away, to deliver justice...

NEXT! Murdock misses a day of work to find Foggy, will Elektra fall for him? AND Training with Stick, Part 2! Don't miss the next exciting chapter in Devil's Reign.

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