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Fan Fiction

Ultimate Daredevil

"Devil's Night Out"

By Nathan Charles (

A figure clad in silver armor stands on the sidewalk next to the Commodore Building, reaches through the window of the 30th floor, grabs a safe full of money and laughs delightfully. His extremely long legs decrease until he stands, at a somewhat normal in height, on the street.

He is the Stilt Man, high tech master thief.

Calmly walking off with tonight's gain, his thoughts are interrupted by a billy club smacking the thick glass shielding that covers his head. The Stilt Man turns around, startled that someone would try to end his moment of glory for the night sooner than he would like.

A mass of bright red lands in front of him and the billy club rolls to the man's feet. The man in bright red smirks and picks up the projectile.

"Who in the bloody blazes are you?" the Stilt Man asks.

"I'm Daredevil." the man replies, the smile never leaving his lips, "Now, who are you?"

"I'm Carl Kaxton," Stilt Man answers, "but you can call me the Stilt Man!"

"Whoa!" exclaims Daredevil, "Kaxton? The inventor of the hydraulic ram? You must have a serious mental problem then."

"Why do you say that?" Stilt Man asks, a look of bewilderment on his face.

"Well," begins Daredevil, "who would give their real name to the guy who's going to put them in prison?"

"A man should know the given name of his destroyer." Stilt Man says, his legs in increasing in length.

The Stilt Man towers above Daredevil, looking down with a really evil smile on his face.

"Prepare to be stomped to oblivion!" shouts the Stilt Man raising his foot and lowering it with tremendous speed towards the still smiling Daredevil, who backflips out of the way. Another foot hurdles towards Daredevil, who dodges again, still smiling. The Stilt Man and Daredevil continue their deadly dance around the Commodore Building as Stilt Man stomps and Daredevil flips. The smile on Stilt Man's face has quickly faded into a look of frustration and extreme anger, but Daredevil's smile has grown wider and he has begun to laugh uncontrollably.

"Stop laughing!" shouts the Stilt Man, "I, the Stilt Man, demands for you, Daredevil, to stop laughing!"

"But I can't!" says Daredevil, avoiding Stilt Man's foot once more.

The Stilt Man reduces his size to that of a normal man again; his facial expression is one of pure rage. He looks at Daredevil, leaning against the building, laughing. Stilt Man walks over and looks Daredevil right in the eye.

"What are you laughing at!?!?!" screams the Stilt Man.

Daredevil stops laughing, but continues to smile.

"I'm laughing you, Stilt Man." Daredevil replies, "You and your uncreative attempt to 'destroy' me."

The look of rage becomes a look of insanity and the Stilt Man rears his fist and launches it forward. Daredevil puts his hand up to catch the Stilt Man's fist. There is a loud crash as Daredevil flies through the wall of the building, the Stilt Man casually steps through the hole.

"You see, Daredevil, this suit not only allows me to become a mechanical giant, but it increases my strength and speed as well!" the Stilt Man brags, "And now, I hope you have learned never to laugh at Stilt Man!"

"You talk too much." Daredevil says, trying to stand, "You need to be more creative too."

The Stilt Man lets out a scream of anger and charges the man without fear.

* * *

Manhattan General Hospital.

The man known as Ben Pondexter has woken up from a coma he had been in for two weeks. He makes a startling discovery upon opening his eyes.

"I... I can see!" shouts Pondexter, "My God, I can see!"

A doctor rushes into the room.

"Ah, I see you're awake!" says the doctor, "How do you feel?"

"I... I can't describe it," says Pondexter, "I feel an urge to do something, I just don't know what."

"Well, that's common for people who come out of a coma." the doc replies, "To see loved ones or..."

"I ain't got nobody." Pondexter answers.

"Well, perhaps regaining your sight will be something to replace that." the doctor responds, "Well, I'll go get the nurse to examine you and maybe you'll be able to leave today."

"I know I'll be leaving today." Pondexter assures the doctor.

"That's one hell of a confidence level, son." the doctor says and turns to leave the room.

Pondexter looks at the table next to his bed and sees a scalpel, picks it, up and aims for the back of the doctor's head. He imagines it as one big target and throws the sharp object. The doctor is killed instantly. The scalpel hits right where Ben Pondexter envisioned the bullseye.

Some woman in the hospital hallway screams and several doctors, nurses and security guards rush to Pondexter's room only to find an open window and no sign of Pondexter.

* * *

The Commodore Building.

The Stilt Man raises Daredevil above his head and chucks him out of the building and into the street. A garbage truck stops to make a pick up on the block. The Stilt Man comes out of the building a taunts Daredevil.

"Now," the Stilt Man says, "I'll finish what you started!"

The Stilt Man's legs extend again, Daredevil manages to get up and wrap the billy club cord around Stilt Man's right leg. The scared garbage men throw the garbage into the truck rapidly and Daredevil chucks his billy club in the back of the garbage truck just as the doors close. The garbage truck takes off, going as fast it can and the billy club cord goes tight. The Stilt Man's right leg is ripped off and he tumbles from the sky, screaming. Daredevil walks over to the Stilt Man, whose head shielding has been broken, and tears off his mask.

"You aren't Carl Kaxton!" Daredevil shouts, "I don't even know who you are! Who the hell are you? I want the truth!"

The Stilt Man lies there, a very frightened expression on his face.

"I asked who you are!" Daredevil shouts, "Tell me now!"

"I... I... I... I'm Wilbur Day!" stutters the Stilt Man, "I w... w... was an employee of Kaxton, but he wouldn't give me a raise after fifteen years of working for him. He fired me the first time I asked for one. So, I broke into Kaxton Industries and stole a hydraulic ram. I used it to create this suit. I needed money so I had to steal. I'm so sorry. Please don't kill me!"

"I... I won't kill you." Daredevil says, before hearing the sirens of police cars and running off into the night.

* * *

The firm of Nelson & Murdock in Hell's Kitchen, the next day.

Matt Murdock enters the office and is greeted by his friend Foggy Nelson.

"Hey, Matt!" shouts Foggy, "You know how we've been talking about getting a secretary and all?"

"Yes." said Matt.

"Well, I have someone I want you to meet. I hired her this afternoon for the job." Foggy says, "You can come one out, Miss Page."

A beautiful blond steps out of Foggy's office.

"Hi!" she says, "I'm Karen Page. And I assume you're Matt Murdock."

"That I am, Miss Page." Matt says, "I'm pleased to meet you."

"And I you, but you can call me Karen." Karen says.

They shake hands.

Next issue: You may wonder what the mysterious Kingpin has been up to. In the next installment, we will see two of his operatives in action. Plus, more of Ben Pondexter and, not to mention, Daredevil.

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