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Fan Fiction

Assassins #2

by Tim Williams (

Untold Tales of Amalgam Presents.....
Volume 1, Issue 2
Written by: "Nilescable"
9 Lives part 2
"Deadly Games"

February 1996:
Dare lies unconscious after the Big Question pulled the horns out of her head, which put her out of commission, but not for long. After Catsai defeated the Big Question she came back to get Dare and take her out of the building.

"How are you doing Dare?" questions Catsai who has the Big Questions blood all over her.

"The yellow 'goo' is still causing pain but it's not as bad as it was when it first happened, and I just found out that my radar sense is gone."

"We have to hit the road now" Catsai throws Dare on her shoulder and runs out of the building.

Dare then feels a wet liquid on Catsai, "Catsai are you bleeding?"

"NO!! I'll talk more about it later," says Catsai as she's carrying Dare on her shoulder through an alley way. She then gets to her house which is in New Gotham City.

In the shadows a man watches as he has a newspaper in hand as he looks at the Assassins he says, "Catsai, so it was you who killed the Big Question. Your day in 'barbecue city' is coming real soon Catsai, real soon*." (See Villains Redux: Blackstone- Nilescable)

In the apartment, Catsai drops Dare on the bed in Catsai's bedroom, and goes into the bathroom, runs the water in the sink and wets a washcloth, and walks back to the bed where Dare is. She places the washcloth on Dare's forehead and cleans the 'goo' off her head. "You feel better?"

"The pain is almost gone it doesn't bother me much now. So where'd the blood come from?"

"It's the Big Question's blood," Dare was struck in silence.

"So did you get the money?"

"Of course," Catsai opened a bag and threw the money on Dare, "We just hit it rich."

January 1998:
Dare and Catsai have been living together for almost two years now, she notices that Catsai left to go the New Year's parties, which Dare didn't go to since being blind didn't help much. But unknown to Catsai is that Dare's radar sense is back better than ever. Dare opens the curtains and stands as she feels the warm sun touching her face, "Catsai left at night something must have happen to her."

The TV was left on and on the news a reported says, "The world renown as Assassin Catsai has been sent to the New Gotham Hospital, after an attack that she received from mob henchman' Blackstone." Dare then goes into a room and pulls out the weapons she's going to need.

"Blackstone your time is going to be short, real short."

Fisk Tower:
Blackstone sits watching a TV, "What!!! They just called me a 'mob henchman?'" Blackstone fires a blast of electricity at the TV causing it to explode. "If they knew how far my power reaches they wouldn't call me a henchman."

"Don't worry about what the press says, they are idiots, if you were simply a henchman could you have been able to take out the Assassin known as Catsai? They don't know you're deeper in the game then you are."

A grin comes to the face of Blackstone as he thinks, "Neither do you Big Question, neither do you."

New Gotham City Hospital:
Catsai is on a gurney being lead by one doctor and pushed by assistants who are trying to get the wounded assassin to an Emergency room.

Outside the hospital:
Two mob members are outside of the building preparing an attack, one which has a screen which gives a picture of the area they want to fire. "Are they at the point yet?"

"No boss, they aren't there yet," says his flunky who looks at the camera, "They Reached the Point!!!!"

"Fire, the cannon."

Another person shot a high-tech cannon which sent an energy blast that went through the entire hospital at that one point where the cannon was blasted. The "boss" turned to his men and said, "One stay, the rest of you go to the van, I'm going in the hospital."

Inside the hospital:
The blast killed doctors, assistants, and people who were already injured, it also injured a lot of people also. The "boss" walked into the building with a shotgun in hand he aimed it at the assistants who were trying to aid Catsai to the ER, "Back up, you guys make one move to try and get me you'll be dead on your doorsteps tomorrow," he says as he picks Catsai up off the gurney and carries her out the building.

He meets his man when he left through the hole as they were running to the escape van, "What are you going to do with Catsai?"

"CrimsonRose does not reveal the deck until it's time for it to be dealt," they then got to the van threw Catsai in the back and jumped in the side door, "go now!!" the van pulls off.

Downtown New Gotham:
Dare walks looking for the man known as Blackstone, she doesn't know who Blackstone is but she thinks that he works for the Big Question (which couldn't really be wrong, could it?- Nilescable). A cool wind brushes across the face of this femme fatale as she notices this is not noon anymore, by the way she feels the surroundings she figures out that it's around 7 p.m. With her radar she locates Arkham Tower, when she saw it she fired a grappling hook, then she immediately started scaling the building.

30 minutes later she was at the top, of the building, "Place brings back deadly memories," says Dare as she was trying to get in the top of the building, "I'm not fighting through 'Mercs Deluxe' a group of second rate mercenaries hired by the Big Question." She then finds an entrance way into the building, as she opens the door it immediately closes causing her to fall. She gets up slowly from her fall and uses her radar to scan the room, "Damnit!! I forgot about Dr. Strangefate being on the top floor of Arkham Tower!!"

"It's impossible for you to think that isn't it Dare, this would be the ultimate ending to the press' story 'Dare kills Big Questions mob members, Dr. Strangefate's plan works."

"You're insane aren't you?" asks Dare who is one the ground trying to back away from Dr. Strangefate, "So since you are insane, are you pulling Big Question's strings?"

"The question should be am I controlling you? What do you think kept you alive after the horns were pulled out of your head? How is your radar increased? And, Why is Catsai the one who's dead?"

"She's not dead, I know she's not" states Dare.

"Not so long ago the fatale known as non other than Catsai was taken from the New Gotham City Hospital and murdered, now you should go home and worry about other matters"

"I won't listen to your rumblings anymore," she the goes closer to Strangefate, "Transport me to the Big Questions place."

"Why of course anything for you to finish you mission," after his last words he sent Catsai into the Big Question's lair.

Big Question's Lair:
"Looks like we have an uninvited guest," says Blackstone as he looks at Dare, "And the uninvited guest happens to be none other than Dare."

"Enough of the talk Blackstone, dispose of her now," screams the Big Question, "I should have sent her flying out of the window."

"So you're the Blackstone I've been hearing about, I have some serious beef with you," she charged at Blackstone with her sword in hand she slashed Blackstone with it, he grimaced.

"You seriously think you can hurt me?" asks Blackstone, "Just look at what you just did," he rips his shirt, "What I'm bleeding? How's that possible?"

"What? Dare got first blood?" asks Dare as she leg sweeps Blackstone causing him to hit the ground, she automatically jumps back off the ground, and continues slashing at him with her sword. The cuts were deep on Blackstone as he was on the ground.

"I've had enough of you Dare!!" yells Blackstone as he releases an electric blast towards Dare, she narrowly misses the blast.

"Try again next time tough guy," she punches Blackstone in the face, but before she had a chance to jump back Blackstone grabbed her.

"I don't like you but I'll admit, you're tougher than your partner. It's said that I beat you and Catsai the same way," he attempts to throw Dare at the wall but Dare rolls with the throw and lands shy of the wall.

"Don't count you kills before they're dead," she grabs her sword again charging toward Blackstone but instead of striking him again with the sword she kicked him and sent him flying through the window closed window. Blackstone soon was sent to the ground where he hit and bounced. She glanced over toward the Big Question, "You want some fat boy? You said 'you should have thrown me through the window' but instead I put a henchman out of his misery," the Big Question stared at her and sat down.

"Your day is not today, but it will be soon, because revenge is always worse than the initial attack." After those words Dare left.

On the New Gotham Streets:
Blackstone lies on the ground unconscious as the van that BloodRose took Catsai ran away in pulled up, and BloodRose steps out, "It's a sad thing isn't it another one of my father's projects fails miserably in he gets to see it right in front of his face, what a coward," BloodRose kicks Blackstone, "Still out huh? My father's going to have the worst time of his life." He turns to the van and, "Go to the base I'll be at the base later."

When BloodRose walked into the building he walks by Dare he gives her an uneasy look as he continues up the steps. Dare walks out of Arkham Tower and smells the air, "A car just left I can smell it. But something is strange why would a vehicle be at stop here, and who was that guy who went into the building?" she puts her sword back and runs down the street, "I'm just going to have to find out," Dare starts down the street after the van.

To Be Continued...


"The girls are back in town," okay, okay those aren't the words but they work for this title, the femme fatales Dare and Catsai are back with some a mix of new and old villains. You might have some of the following questions after reading this work:

Q.) Why'd CrimsonRose take Catsai out of the hospital
A.) See issue #4

Q.) How'd Dare beat Blackstone so easily?
A.) Dr. Strangefate hinted that he upped her power

Q.) How did Villains Redux: Blackstone fit into the Assassins chronology, and this is following the summary for Assassins #2 from Assassins #1?
A.) Everyone has there lucky day.

If you want to see a mercenary, assassin, or other character you want to see in my title, e-mail me at, or


Assassins #2- Continues after Villains Redux: Blackstone, Catsai is in the hospital but some breaks her out, who did it? Dare Vs Blackstone, who's going to win? All this and CrimsonRose is going after the Big Question.

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Judgment League: Champions Revisited #1- The team that was considered a joke but had an All-Star roster the team that consisted of Angelhawk, Speed Demon, Maxi-Man, and Iceberg but what can possibly happen in LA, I thought everything happen in New Gotham or New York?

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Big Question [Riddler/Kingpin]
Catsai [Catwoman/Elektra]
Dare [Deathstroke/Daredevil]
Blackstone [Black Lightning/Tombstone]
CrimsonRose [Bloodsport/Rose]
Dr. Strangefate [Dr. Fate/Dr. Strange, Professor-X]
Punisher [Steve Trevor/Punisher]
JLA [JLA/Avengers]
JL: Champions [JLA/Championships]
Angelhawk [Hawkman/Angel]
Speed Demon [Flash/Ghost Rider]
Maxi-Man [Maxi-Man/Hercules]
Iceberg [Ice/Iceman]
Ra's A-Pocalypse [Ra's Al-Ghul/Apocalypse]
Uncle Universe [Uncle Sam/Captain Universe]
Steel Cage [Steel/Luke Cage]
Conglomerate for Hire [Conglomerate/Heroes for Hire]

Disclaimer: This story and any other story that I write is property of Tim Williams who is known on the net by many other names (CrimsonRose, Nilescable, etc.), but in some way this story is owned by Marvel and DC comics because their characters were used. Blackstone, CrimsonRose, JL: Champions, Maxi-Man, Uncle Universe, Steel Cage, and Conglomerate For Hire were created by me, JLA was renamed by Tombraider. This story is made for non-profit entertainment purposes.

Issue #3

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