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Fan Fiction

Assassins #3

by Tim Williams (

Untold Tales of Amalgam Presents......
Volume 1, Issue 3
Written by: "Nilescable"

"Fathers and Sons"

CrimsonRose calmly walked up the steps to Fisk tower with a shotgun in hand to protect himself from the Big Question's wannabe assassins. He walks up flights of stairs like they were no problem, because he had something to say to the "Kingpin" and no one will ignore CrimsonRose ever again. He thought about the man known as Blackstone who he saw on the ground, does the Big Question do that to all his flunkies? Finally he gets to where Big Question resides in Fisk Tower.

"Hello Dad," says CrimsonRose, "Long time no see, you know ever since I went to jail I saw you once and dad that one time is today!!" His voice echoes throughout Fisk Tower.

The Big Question stands up and gets in CrimsonRose's face, "I don't even know who you are, and if you would notice my son is dead he died, he never went to prison! I repeat he never went to prison!"

"Is that so Dad? Then who is it under this mask?" CrimsonRose grabbed the mask and pulled off of his face and looked at the Big Question, the who else could I be Enigma Fisk, besides the son you tried to lead into this game and not help him out when caught. You know me Dad, little Robert Fisk the next Kingpin, it has been my destiny to overthrow you and that destiny will be fulfilled now!" CrimsonRose sent a violent punch at the face of the Big Question, sending the Big Question over his desk and onto the floor. "Shall I send you through the window like, you watched what happened to Blackstone?"

The Big Question pulled his body up as he looked toward his son, "You want to know why I never helped you out of Stryker's Island? The reason is that you never did have the 'killing stroke' that's needed in this business, and you talk to much." The Big Question picked up his desk and lunged it at CrimsonRose sending him to the floor, "And I hoped you didn't think I was helpless did you?" When the desk hit CrimsonRose it sent him straight to the ground, and shattered on top of him.

Dare is following the van that stopped at Fisk tower, "I don't believe what Dr. Strangefate said about Catsai, she has to be alive. And without her I won't get the cash flow that I got with her." She holds the sword that she used to kill Blackstone and puts it away. "I've got this feeling that today will be the longest day of my life," states the femme fatale.

She follows the trail and she gets so far and she notices that the smell of exhaust from the van has dissipated, using her radar sense she can 'see' 360 degrees around her self, she notices to her left there is a door. She goes up to the door and tries to open it with brute force, but to no avail the door doesn't open. She even pulls out her sword and tries to pry it open but that doesn't work. She faces up as a cool breeze passes by, by using her radar she notices a window up about 100 feet up. She pulls out a grappling hook and fires it. And it grips onto the window frame, she scales the walls and then opens the window, and climbs in.

On the other side of the window CrimsonRose's men were waiting for there boss to arrive as they hear a noise at the window, one of them says, "That must be him," he takes a look back, "How did you get in here?!?" The six men in the room begin to attack Dare.

She dodges one, kicks another, and four of them are still standing, "You really thought I couldn't follow a truck."

"But how do you know about Catsai?" the question was asked and Dare and the men stood in silence.

"Do I know what about Catsai," her voice started quiet and as it reached her last words of the statement she was screaming words, "If you did anything to her I swear I'll kill everyone of you!!" She made an example of one of the men by throwing him into the wall, "Anyone else want some?"

The man stayed quiet and started to back away from the Assassin, "No we don't want anything to do with you. We promise we'll stay out of your business you won't see us again," the man whimpers as if his life was on the line.

Outside of the Room a man stands watching Dare's actions, Dare can't detect him because he blocked himself out of her radar. He begins to talk to himself, "Dare, I see without your partner you are very disoriented without your partner. My attack on you will be very painful, because you attempted to kill the Warlord's mom, Cassidy Pryor. You will pay Dare, so says Blaze." The Nuclear powered hero took flight and left the spot where he was.

Back at Fisk Tower:
CrimsonRose lies on the ground in pain as his father stands above him, "You actually thought you could beat me? Without your men you are nothing, without mine I still run New Gotham."

CrimsonRose lies on the ground and slowly pulls himself up, "As much as you dislike it dad, I will be the new Big Question. Little Robert Fisk, the person you raised to become a flunky. If you taught me the game I wouldn't mind but you didn't want your son to become big."

The Big Question looks at his son who is basically crying. The two men circle around each other, leaving Robert in front of the window standing looking at the Big Question. The Big Question looks past CrimsonRose into a window a building across from it, and he nods his head. A shot was fired as a bullet when through the windows of both buildings , CrimsonRose hits the ground holding his shoulder. "I guess you just felt my wrath, son and you wonder why I never let you become a player in the game."

Blood gushes from CrimsonRose's shoulder, as he lies on the ground holding his shoulder crying, he never felt pain like this, he was never this close to the action in his life, he reaches his hands in his pocket and activates a teleportation device. CrimsonRose disappears.

At CrimsonRose's base:
Dare stands in front of CrimsonRose's flunkies, as she senses a new being arriving in the room, the CrimsonRose's Mafia stands waiting, then CrimsonRose appears lying on the ground. He then stands up and sees his men and turns around and sees Dare, "Oh you again, how did you find us?"

"Dr. Strangefate told me she was dead, but I didn't believe him. Now I have a reason to believe you have my friend."

"I'm not sure who 'she' is but I think I have a job for you Ms. Assassin," the room goes silent as CrimsonRose tries to get his point across.

"What's the job," she questions scared that it would be to hunt her partner down and murder her.

With his mask and hand CrimsonRose's eyes glare at the face of the blind beauty as CrimsonRose says the following words, "I want you to kill my father, I want you to kill the Big Question."

Dare was silent for a second while she noticed that CrimsonRose was actually waiting for an answer, "As much as it hurts to say this, No, I'm not committing suicide 'again' by going after the Big Question. I am especially not going into the kamikaze mission without my partner."

CrimsonRose grabbed his mask and placed it back on his face, "You'll regret this a lot Dare, opportunities like this only come once."

"The way your breathing patterns are not as stable as they were earlier, I think it'll be you who will regret this not me." A smirk comes across Slade's face as she noticed that this is the only time that she didn't take a job, and what made it pleasing was that CrimsonRose was hurt, very badly.

CrimsonRose bent down and attempted the pick up a sword and swing it at Dare but he drops the sword with pain, the room goes quiet and you hear the blade of the sword bounce off the floor. "I think it would be wisest for you to leave," he struggles to breath with each breath, "or you will have hell to pay."

"Well that's better than me being paying paid by a demon to kill the devil," she grabs the grappling hook she had placed on the window sill before she goes down the wire she says, "And remember Rose, I'm leaving because I feel sorry for you, not because you intimidated me," she then slid down the wire and started walk away.

She gets onto the ground and begins to go on with her business by heading 'home' but the being known as Blaze flies high above the ground looking down at Dare, "Was the attempted murder on Nathan Pryor's mom necessary Dare? Lucky for you she paid you off, but Nathan never liked the way you treated her, so I'm here to take care of business." The man known as Blaze flies away into the night sky leaving a thick smell of ozone.

Dare smells the scent of ozone in the air, "What could that be? I guess I'll leave it be since this is a city filled with superheroes. It's almost dawn and I have to get some sleep."

Meanwhile on rooftops near where Dare is walking is an assassin who was 'hired' to kill Dare, the assassin watches above licking her lips in anticipation to take on, "Don't worry Dare," says the woman, "This time I won't hold back, not at all."

Back with CrimsonRose:
With the arm that was shot at his side limp he walks to his men and says, "How's the process going?"

The man looks towards CrimsonRose and states, "It's going well, boss. The stuff we got from Dabney Donovan awhile back is really helping on this project."

"Good, but if we want to have a real successful attempt on this we need someone to find this place known as 'Cadmus'."

To Be Continued.

Next Issue- Someone is "stalking" the femme fatale known as Dare, but will she find out who? CrimsonRose's plans are finally reveled and more about the enigmatic Blaze.


It's almost school time for all the young heroes around the amalgam universe and the boy known as Pietro Allen might find a girl that he has the hots for who just happens to be a superheroine, more information on this in later issues of Mercury.

The much awaited Purple Palmetto/Booster Bishop mini-series is going to be written in the fall by yours truly Nilescable, which will take place after the current JLX-Factor story as the two heroes are pulled into the future.

And regarding this issue if you want to know what CrimsonRose is up to you might be surprised, you might not be, it's all the way you look at it, and it's getting closer to showing his reason for capturing Catsai.

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Assassins #3-Dare finds the base of CrimsonRose at the same time CrimsonRose encounters his father, the Big Question. Also, Dare confronts CrimsonRose's men.

Trevor Castle: Punisher #2-After the results in the last issue, Trevor is alone and he goes on a job to take out Parkade but instead he gets trapped in the Murder Lounge will the Punisher be able to get out or will he be killed like all others?!

JL: Champions Revisited #2-The JL: Champions encounter the Spider-Boy villain Elephant who usually operates on the east coast and is known to get paid off. And Angelhawk is known to have some money, did Warren Hall pay Elephant to fight the JL: C?

What Else?!?: JLX-Factor- In a world where they are not needed the team known as the JLX-Factor becomes the new secret service, the team protects the president as much as possible but what is their real agenda?

Steel Cage #2- In New York City, Steel Cage encounters an anti-hero named Heart-Attack, who kills corrupt business men. Can Steel Cage change his ways? Or will the two battle it out throughout the Big Apple?

Disclaimer: This story and any other story that I write is property of Tim Williams who is known on the net by many other names (CrimsonRose, Nilescable, etc.), but in some way this story is owned by Marvel and DC comics because their characters were used. Blaze was created by EdgeofRage; Purple Palmetto was created by Crazy Ivan; Parkade, the Murder Lounge, and Elephant were created by Omegabeast; all other characters either created by me or were mentioned in the real Amalgam books. This story is made for non-profit entertainment purposes.

Issue #4

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