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Fan Fiction

Assassins #4

by Tim Williams (

Untold Tales of Amalgam Presents:
Volume 1, Issue 4
Written by: "Nilescable"

Dead Ends part one
"Assassin Vs Assassin"

The femme fatale known as Dare has gone through much during her life, but one name was written on the majority of what she went through, and that name is the Big Question a.k.a. Enigma Fisk, the "Kingpin" of New Gotham. In her many encounters with Mayor of New Gotham she has learned to hate him. The most recent person she has met from the Mafia was the Big Question's son, CrimsonRose, she declares that he's a sick person, instead of trying to follow his father he wants to overthrow him, to be the monarch of the Underworld and of New Gotham city.

The time is 10:40 a.m. Eastern Standard Time, her alarm on her alarm clock has rang since 10:00 this morning but she hasn't noticed it until now it's beginning to annoy her, she raises her hand and slams it into the clock or did she? She focuses on the alarm clock with her radar and notices a sai sticking out from the alarm clock. "What how's that possible, I didn't feel that in my hand. And I never used sais, only Catsai uses-." she immediately restrains from speech and thinks, "Catsai?"

At CrimsonRose's base in New Gotham he thinks of a plan on how to find this place known as Cadmus, "Ok, I don't have an idea on how we will put together this plan to find Cadmus, but I know that without the technology from there are attempt on making this clone will be unsuccessful."

"CrimsonRose, I heard about this place called the Baxter Building, it's in New York and I heard that that's where the Challengers of the Fantastic hail from."

"Hmmmm," says CrimsonRose, "and according to Donovan, the Challengers of the Fantastic have ties to Project: Cadmus. I'll send you guys, but not alone, I have a friend a would like you guys to meet," he paused and pointed back to a shrouded figure, "The Grinning Goblin, he will lead you on your mission into New York."

The Grinning Goblin began to start a crazed laugh as he stepped from the shadows, and looked at CrimsonRose's men, causing fear to ooze from them, "It appears that hiring second rate thugs, is hereditary." The villain laughs as CrimsonRose looks towards him.

"There is no time for comment Goblin, and you are on a clock, if you don't get the job done, you don't get paid." CrimsonRose stood with his mask covering his face, and his arm heavily wrapped from his run in with his father.

A smile crosses the face of the Grinning Goblin as he turns and leads CrimsonRose's men out of the building.

Across town the being known as Blaze who was following Dare as she ventured across town, was walking in mid town New Gotham in his human form, by the looks of him he was a Asian male in his mid 20's. He walked pass an alley and he hurriedly tried to escape his current location, but he was grabbed up by a hand in the alley which pulled him in.

"Why have you been following her?" the female assailant stood above Blaze holding his collar breathing hard, "What in the hell do you want with her."

Blaze struggles in his speech, "Hey, what are you talking about, I'm trying to catch the bus."

"Bus? Your not trying to make a bus, you are the being that's been hunting down Dare, and you can't do that because, 'that' is my job."

"Oh so I don't have to hide myself, you know about me," after that, Blaze activated his powers, and he began to glow with radioactivity, his form looked like a red form of Super Soldier, "Now, I would like to continue this dance on Un-level fields."

He shot a blast of energy towards her but she flipped over it, she landed on her feet and grabbed and reached for her sais, "Damn, where's my other sai!" she paused and thought, "I guess I can beat you with just one of them."

"Sure, Ms. Catsai, you are well known for having more guts than you will ever have friends," Catsai attempts to swipe Blaze with her sai but it passed through him, "Thanks kitten that really hurt."

"Never call me, KITTEN!!" Catsai withdrew a circular device from her "utility belt", and she pressed a button on the top of it, "I don't know exactly what this is but here's for hoping it works!" The device flew from her hands and began to coil itself around Blaze starting at his feet and ending at his head.

"What's this supposed to-do!!!" he began to scream as Catsai's new equipment began to glow around Blaze, "," Blaze began to compile all his energy together and blasted out of the area.

"Well, sorry Dare, your time has come," with that the assassin known as Catsai left the scene.

Dare finally suits up into her "killing suit", and she equips herself with the sword that had the blade, that was capable of cutting the skin of Blackstone. She is still living off of the "kill" of the Big Question, but the amount she received is beginning to run low, and she has a need to pay the bills. "I wonder if I can begin working for the Hellhouse? Catsai told me once about working there, but I don't want to work with that Deathpool character," she talks to herself trying to take the place of the missing companionship of her partner.

Dare takes a path from her apartment and exits on the roof, she readied herself as she ran to the edge of the roof and prepared to jump until she "saw" a familiar form standing behind her, but she pretended that she could not sense it.

Catsai attempted to land a kick on the back of Dare's leg to knock her off of her feet, but Dare flips over the head of Catsai. "Catsai, please stop now, I don't want to hurt you."

Catsai turned around and look at Dare, "Then, Dare, I guess you make a great assassin," Catsai laughed about a assassin that doesn't want to hurt others, "CrimsonRose helped bring me back to my best condition after my encounter with Blackstone* (*As seen in Villains Redux: 9-Lives, Nilescable), I thought that my best friend would at least attempt to help me through the healing process, but I saw no sign of you, but CrimsonRose helped me."

Dare reached in her "pouch" and pulled out Catsai's trademark weapon the sai, "CrimsonRose? I ran into him Catsai, and I'm telling you, he's no good, he's worse than his father, I'm telling you."

"-And all I have to repay him with is to return him the head of Dare," Catsai charged Dare, Dare tried to jump over Catsai but instead was tackled and driven hard onto the rooftop.

Dare struggled to breath and Catsai pulled herself up slowly, Dare's radar bounced off of Catsai allowing Dare to notices her next move, Catsai slams the sai into the rooftop where mere seconds before Dare lied. "The attempt on my life you just made is what you will regret if you don't stop this now," Dare reached, and then grabbed her sword.

Dare rolled and stood on her feet, she drew the sword from her behind her back. Catsai in a fit of rage ran towards but Dare sidestepped her. Dare sent a punch to the face of Catsai causing her to fall back. Dare swings the sword in hopes that in some way it draws contact onto Catsai, but then Catsai ducks, grabs Dare's arm and flips her over causing her to drop her sword.

The two continued to brawl until they heard a laugh and they looked up and saw a goblin, Dare turned around saying, "Two-faced Goblin? What's he doing here?"

"Two-faced Goblin?" he laughed, "No, Harv doesn't possibly have the time to come here, it's just little old Grinning Goblin. But I guess I'll leave you guys alone, since the plan is going excellent," the Grinning Goblin began to fly away on his Goblin Glider.

Dare tried to run after the Grinning Goblin but then she suddenly stopped and looked over the edge of the roof noticing a van that began to move, then Catsai looked, "That's the van I was picked up in when I was taken from the hospital."

Dare immediately forgets about the battle the two just waged, "I told you that he was no good."

"Something's going on, I wonder what he's doing with the Grinning Goblin, I suggest that we follow them."

A man sits who's appears to be about 27 years old but he should only be 7 in this plane of existence, he's name is Nathaniel Pryor, he's the son of Cassidy Pryor and the JLX member Apollo. He sits and ponders on a situation that he played on, a scarlet form appeared in front of Nathaniel Pryor.

The formed appeared as a man who was on his knees, "Nate, I was going to take her on today but-."

"Enough of your excuses Blaze, I know I didn't create you, but you willing followed after I found you, you were just a man who's DNA had some of Super Soldier's bonded to it. Causing you to form into what you are now at the same time Super Soldier turned electric. "

"I know Nate, I know, and I telling you I unsuspectingly ran into Catsai, and I was beating her until she used a new device that can feed off of my electrical state."

Nathan Pryor arches his eyebrow towards Blaze, "I took all this time to put myself in the Mafia and I find an unstoppable henchman who gets beat by a petty assassin. But don't worry Blaze, you will still be of good use to me, only because I need your powers."

Nathan Pryor pointed behind Blaze and a shadowed figure walked forwards, "I think I remember him."

"Of course you would remember him, he is the only assassin who never misses his mark, he is-.."

"-.Deadeye! I owe Catsai a favor anyway, last time I ran into her and her friend, a sword pierced through my spine, but they can't do it this time with my Adamantium skeleton."

To Be Continued.


I apologized for how late this issue is coming out, but school is very hassling and I'm trying my hardest to make sure I can get out my titles in some way or form.

The Assassins are getting to their high point as three different groups are going head-to-head, Catsai and Dare who we aren't sure that they are really working together fully, Grinning Goblin and Crimson Rose's henchmen who are attempting to get some technology from Cadmus, and last but not least, Deadeye and Blaze.

If you liked the surprises of this issue, you might like the other surprises even more, and where CrimsonRose's hands are could Big Question be far away? I think not! And what of Blackstone? He hasn't drawn an alliance with anyone after breaking from the Big Question, and who was he talking about when he said he was employed by someone higher-up?

And be on the lookout for the up and coming Purple Palmetto mini-series.

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Steel Cage #3-Disaster in Skataris! Steel Cage arrives to help, but can he, and Ka-Zar defeat Saurosite, and the recently released from the Belle Reve Vault Aztek: The Pterodactyl Man.

Disclaimer: This story and any other story that I write is property of Tim Williams who is known on the net by many other names (CrimsonRose, Nilescable, etc.), but in some way this story is owned by Marvel and DC comics because their characters were used. Blaze was created by EdgeofRage; Nathan Pryor was created by Suzenne Campos; Deathpool was created by Crazy Ivan, and Omegabeast; Saurosite was created by Omegabeast; Weapon Omega Effects, and Belle Reve Vault were created by Crazy Ivan, all other characters were either created by me, or were in the Amalgam comics. This story is made for non-Entertainment purposes.

Issue #5

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