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Fan Fiction

Daredevil: Man Without Fear

By James Reeves


Bullseye dipped his fingers in the warm blood,
brought them to his mouth,
tasted the salt,
tasted death.

The man had been in the way,
no one gets in the way,
not Daredevil,
not anyone.

    The needles of rain fell onto the back of Bullseye as he stretched over the corpse. He quaffed such an aroma of death, drawing every aspect of the agony through his senses. The smell, the feeling the taste, of death had become a drug for him.     The guard at the prison tasted death. The was an obese black man in his late forties. Bill Campbell was his name, he had been working ant the prison for twenty years. He never understood how bullseye had pulled his gun; he never knew the favor Bullseye did him. It was only one quick shot through the ear. Bill probably never even felt it.     Bullseye now turned his attention to the body of Daredevil. Smiling, he put the gun to the crimson man's temple.


    Daredevil felt the gun lift from his face, and heard the steps of bullseye fade into the rain. Blood shot through his throat. Bullseye hadn't killed him. He layed on the ground reflecting on what had occured. The asphalt was still warm from the heat of the day. The rain trickled over Daredevil's body. It diluted his blood. It cleansed him.

    Why was Daredevil alive?

    He knew the answer.

It would have been too easy.
The smells of death,
the tastes of death,
would have spoiled.

    The walk back to the apartment was a harsh suffering. Daredevil been bruised and broken. He stopped to spew out some blood that had surfaced in his mouth. It fell on the street in a putrid spray. Drips of the remaining beaded to the corners of his mouth. The entrance to his home, a rusty fire escape, was only a block away, but he could no longer move. His knees buckled, and he fell to the ground. The asphalt pressed against his face. The rain pierced his wounds like a thousnad needles. He layed there, happy to be alive.

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Copyright 2000 James Reeves
Daredevil and Bullseye Copyright Marvel

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