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Fan Fiction

Daredevil: Man Without Fear

By James Reeves

"Ben Urich"

    Ben Urich had always enjoyed working at The Daily Bugle. The aroma of the ink, the dull hum of the printing press, and the muffled bickering of Jonah Jameson familiar to office number twenty. The office was Benís home. He had dedicated his life to The Bugle. Every morning he was greeted with the same; the early morning light pouring through the half drawn blinds, the fan turning at a smooth pace, circulating the stagnant smell of cigarette smoke, and a fresh cup of coffee cooling on the desk. For Ben, it was the perfect time to work.
    The floorboards creaked under the pressure of Benís feet as he made way to his desk. The briefcase he was carrying fell to the floor. There was a note on his desk that had caught his attention. It was written on yellow paper. Ben knew that Jameson had written it. During one of his tirades through the office, Jameson had announced that only he could use yellow paper. Jameson insisted that yellow paper attracted attention, and when he, the Editor in Chief of The Daily Bugle, needed attention; he better damn well get it. Benís stomach turned. He never liked dealing with Jameson The note read,

See me in my office Urich, as soon as you get this.

    Ben crumpled the paper in his palm, and trudged over to Jamesonís office. The door was open. Ben looked at him. The office smelled of trashy cigars. Jameson was too cheap to buy anything else.
    "Have you heard the news today Urich?" Jameson asked.
    "No, Sir I just got up less than an hour ago."
    "Well, it seems as though your friend, the Daredevil, shot some innocent person in an alley last night, and two kids found him in the street a few blocks away, all bruised, and battered. They said they knew it was Daredevil because he was dressed in red and as soon as they woke him, he sprinted off, probably afraid of being caught or something..." Jameson hissed, "But I donít have a story on it for the Evening Edition because my reporter got up less than an hour ago!"
    "Iíll get right on it, Sir," Ben responded.
    "You better Urich. I donít want to see your face in this office until that story is written, or youíre fired!" Jameson yelled as Ben hurried out of his office.
    "I will...I will."
    Ben pulled a cigarette from his pocket. He needed to smoke, to think. There was no way Matt Murdock, the Daredevil, had shot someone in cold blood. Hell, he was blind, he couldnít even aim a gun, much less kill a man with one. The story just didnít fit together. He would have to find Matt in order to get his article.
    On his way to the law offices of Sharpe, Nelson, and Murdock, Benís mind wandered through the endless conclusions that could be drawn. The sun burned Benís neck as he made his way to the doors of the building. He stopped, pulled the half burnt cigarette from his lips, and ground the butt of it into the sidewalk with his shoe. Matt hated it when he smoked, so Ben was always sure to leave a cigarette at the entrance every time he visited. It was his calling card.
    Inside, the room was cool, and dimly lit. The front desk was empty, but the quiet clicks of typing came from an office in the back. Ben followed the noise, until he found himself at the foot of the desk of Franklin Nelson, who sat, eyes fixed on a computer screen. Nelson had been roommates with Matt while he had attended Harvard Law School. After Harvard, they opened a law firm in New York. Nelson also knew that Matt fought crime as the Daredevil, and was used to working alone most days.
    "Hey Foggy, has Matt been in today?" Ben asked.
    "No, I havenít seen him," Franklin responded.
    Foggy was a nickname that Matt had given Nelson a while back.
    "Have you heard from him at all today?"
    "No, I havenít. Look Ben, all I know is that he better show up today because I canít handle all of this work on my own."
    "I wouldnít count on that Foggy..."
    Nelson looked up from his computer at Ben. The look on his face was inquisitive yet cocky, the kind of look only a lawyer could give. It was apparent that he had not heard the news.
    "Matt supposedly shot someone last night," Ben said.
    "With what?"
    "With a gun, what the Hell do you think."
    "Did it kill the person?"
    "Of course."
    "Wait a second," Nelson rested his face on his hand, "Did Matt supposedly kill him, or did Daredevil supposedly kill him?"
    "Daredevil," Ben replied.
    "Oh shit," Nelson murmured, "I bet Jonah is having a field day with this. Heís always hated the Daredevil. Now he is going to milk it for all itís worth. If thereís any evidence around the crime scene they could link it back to Matt."
    "Your right," Ben said as he headed for the door, "Iím going to Mattís apartment to find him before the cops do. Are you coming with me?"
    "I canít, Iíve got too much work to do," Nelson said, as he turned his attention back to the computer screen.
    Ben heard the soft clicking noise start up again. The cold office had refreshed his senses. As he stood outside the building, he lit a fresh cigarette. He was once again ready to work.

Copyright 2000 James Reeves
Daredevil and Bullseye Copyright Marvel

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