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My ideas for the Daredevil reboot
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Flying Blind

Joined: 26 Apr 2010
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PostPosted: Wed Jun 24, 2015 8:11 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I don't think he did. I even considered Chuck Norris for Stick. I believe I saw all Walker Texas Ranger episodes and have seen every Chuck Norris film. It would've been cool to have the governors as chaste ninjas.
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Flying Blind

Joined: 26 Apr 2010
Posts: 45

PostPosted: Mon Aug 01, 2016 8:27 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Here's a link below for all those ideas to the DD saga.


I did consider real martial artists for ninjas of the Chaste.

Robin Shou who played Liu Kang in the Mortal Kombat films as Master Izo the founder of the chaste also blind and trained Stick.

Byron Mann who played Ryu in the 1994 Street Fighter movie starring Jean-Claude Van Damme as Ikari leader of the Hand.

Cynthia Rothrock as Trahn a ninja of the chaste.

Don "The Dragon" Wilson who played the glowing face gang leader in Batman Forever as Chaste Ninja Shaft.

Ray Park who played in Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace as Darth Maul, original X-Men film as Toad and GI JOE movies as Snake Eyes as Chaste Ninja Claw

Donnie Yen as Takashi a memeber of the Hand.
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Flying Blind

Joined: 26 Apr 2010
Posts: 45

PostPosted: Sun Jul 01, 2018 4:31 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

The ideas wiki link is below here...


There's also a link to my profile... There should be a Heroes for Hire series in either 2020 or 2021.

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Flying Blind

Joined: 26 Apr 2010
Posts: 45

PostPosted: Fri Sep 14, 2018 4:42 pm    Post subject: The Ideas for movies and TV shows with Daredevil in them Reply with quote

§ Heroes for Hire Miniseries (Netflix) (released in 2020)

Daredevil, Trish Walker the Hellcat, Luke Cage and Iron Fist recruit She-Hulk and Moon Knight on the Defenders team. The Kingpin is now back in business and rivaled to Lee Owlsey the Owl who wants to kill him for killing his father as he figured it. The Kinpgin has the Enforcers and Paladin working for him. The Kingpin is the main villain of that season. Stick could appear from the afterlife to those who were fighting against the Hand. The new recruits on the Defenders take on the Enforcers while Daredevil takes on Paladin on an episode. They defeat those villains. She-Hulk and Moon Knight for some time join the Defenders team lead by Daredevil, Iron Fist and Luke Cage. She-Hulk and Moon Night with Luke Cage and Hellcat on an episode take on the Enforcers and they defeat them on the episode called "The Enforcers” while there is an episode called “Gang War parts 1 and 2”.

It’s in the Hand 2 part at the end Moon Knight fights the Owl and he defeats him. The Owl is arrested as he put back the Hand gathering survivors of the Hand to plot a hit on Wilson Fisk noticing he killed his father Leland. There could be flashbacks when Ikari and his ninjas killed Flame, Wing, Trahn (a woman) and Arrow. They grew up in NYC as did Stick, Shaft and Claw. Master Izo went by Chaste who was the first warrior against the Hand who was believed to be dead all those years as classic ninjas of the chaste are killed. Claw was a pupil of Stick who left the chaste in 2010. There could be showing when Master Izo gave up his eyes in founding the chaste. It's Master Izo that trained Stick to fight. Master Izo hires the original Defenders team along with Moon Knight, She Hulk and Hellcat. There could be an episode called Return of the Hand. Master Izo was long ago born and raised in China and went globe trotting. Master Izo was thought to be dead all those years after shot off of a cliff by a hand ninja Tyler. Claw at Matt Murdock’s apartment building kills Tyler a woman that was from the season 2 finale of Daredevil with a stab of his claw in battle. It's the episode guest starring Daredevil before the apartment battle when Brian and Mary are defeated by Daredevil and Iron Fist. Those are the Chaste and hand survivors at Matt Murdock’s apartment just as Daredevil and Iron Fist team with Master Izo and Claw against survivors of the Hand who are working for the Owl. They meet up with Master Izo and his pupil Claw. Claw is an Asian America who grew up in New York City and raised there. Tony Jaa for Claw and Chow Yun Fat should play Master Izo and Donnie Yen as Ikari. There is Tyler a woman played by Maya Rosewood on the Daredevil 2 season finale in Manhattan with Joy Meachum, the Bridge of Spiders Alessa, Scythe, Andrei Veznikov and Grigori. Specialist is also there. Specialist should be shown in Flashback killing Stone. Iron Fist with Master Izo and Claw take them on as do Daredevil and Iron Fist just before Moon Knight fights the Owl. Those are survivors of the Hand who work for The Owl. Master Izo in battle kills Joy Meachum. Daredevil defeats Ikari without killing him. He ties him up.

There could be guest villains that are enemies of those heroes and others out of prison or in return. Misty Knight and Colleen Wing fight Jet and Spit of the Wildboys. There could be an episode called Wildboys . Other villains could be Dragon Man, Leap Frog and Mr. Fear working for the Kingpin while the Daughters of the Dragon with the Wildboys could guest star on an episode just as they take on the Wildboys and the Defenders men take on those super villains in league with the Kingpin. The Daughters of the Dragon vs. the Wildboys with Daredevil, Iron Fist and Luke Cage fight Mr. Fear, Leap Frog and Dragon Man. The episode in the season Wilson Fisk the Kingpin faces The Punisher guest starring just as he fights the Kingpin and almost kills him by shooting him on the pier. This should be episode 6 when Daredevil guest stars just as Daredevil faces Bengal while Iron Fist faces Taskmaster while the first episode with the Defenders back and episode 2 of season 2 is called “The Enforcers” while episodes 3 and 4 are the battles of survivors of the chaste vs. survivors of the hand as the Hand survivors work for the Owl in rivalry to the Kingpin. Master Izo and Claw were part of the Order of the Crane Mother. There could be appearances of Stick as a spirit on the show to meet up with Daredevil and Iron Fist. Then an episode 5 called “(other fans could come up with the title idea)”.

Episode 6 there are Dragon Man, Mr. Fear, Leap Frog and The Wildboys with the Daughters of the Dragon guest starring. Episode 7 Moon Knight and She-Hulk fight Ammo and Bullet with guest starring Crossbow as Daredevil faces him just as the Kingpin is to have appearances in that episode with other guest villains. Maybe Episode 8 called be called Assassins and Kingpin hires Typhoid Mary and Bullseye if they are no on the season 2 of Jessica Jones or Season 3 of Daredevil just as Luke Cage and Hellcat face those 2 Daredevil assassins while Daredevil faces Bushwhacker. Dolph Lundgren should play Bushwhacker. Also if Barracuda and the Russian aren’t in the Punisher season 2 then they could guest star as well. DMX as Barracuda. Iron Fist takes on the Russian while Moon Knight takes on Barracuda. This is the season 2 finale when the Punisher meets with the Defenders founding members in the end of that episode stating that he killed Wilson Fisk/The Kingpin.

· Sinister Six (Spider-man Homecoming part 3) 2021 Movie should be July 30

Also those villains but happens to be them recruited by Gustav Fiers/The Gentleman as he hires Shocker and the Vulture. In the beginning of the film Gustav Fiers/The Gentleman meets with 6 super villains defeated by Spider-Man in going for Revenge and Spider-Man meets Agent Phil Coulson of Shield. Spider-Man meets with Daredevil. The Gentleman hires Adrienne Toomes. The Vulture and the Hydro-Man hire Scorpion, The Shocker and Mysterio just as other villains were before defeated by Spider-Man just as Chameleon is hired by those villains and there should be comic book preludes with origins of Hydro-Man and Chameleon if they aren’t in Spider-Man Far From Home. Gustav Fiers/The Gentleman declares the Sinister Six with the co leader Mysterio. Spider-Man having team with him are Daredevil with Cloak and Dagger. Spider-Man also has Phil Coulson to team with costumed heroes hunting down the Sinister Six just as the Defenders have split again. They defeat them. In the end Spider-Man swings off into the city. In that story Peter Parker meets Mary Jane Watson who was the real MJ. She is kidnapped by the Sinister Six and rescued by Spider-Man after he defeats the Sinister Six. To even the odds Phil Coulson has with him against the Sinsiter Six Spider-Man, Daredevil, The Prowler, Cloak and Dagger. Peter Parker falls in love with Mary Jane Watson just as they are going onto college and graduate high school in the end. Just after high school graduation Peter Parker talks of giving up being Spider-Man and this leads to Miles Morales becoming the next Spider-Man as he’s talked of a radioactive spider bite. The other heroes go their own ways. The NY PD Detective Nick Manolis and Neil Garrett arrest Gustav Fiers/The Gentleman who hired the Sinister Six and the Tinkerer as he didn’t get defeated in Spider-Man Homecoming at the office of Gustav Fiers. This one should be called Spider-Man: Sinister Six. Spider-Man and team fight the Sinister Six at the Daily Bugle building while Phil Coulson fights Chameleon in an attempt to kill J. Jonah Jameson and frame Spider-Man for it. Phil Coulson defeats Sandman by striking striking water things with a as he finds a valve in the 6 on 6 battle as he figures a way to defeat that villain and that washes out the Sandman but he survives somehow. Jean DeWolfe with NYPD officers arrest the Sinister Six members. This is where Sony and Marvel Studios/The Disney company signed an agreement and license each other for those. Other Fans could come up with ideas on how they defeat the Sinister Six like Dagger defeating Shocker without killing him and Cloak striking Rhino with his cloak and tone down the violence of Daredevil taking on Scorpion. The Prowler shoots gas knocking out Mysterio. Shield agents could also help arrest the Sinister Six. For the Daily Bugle battle there should be MJ held captive on the rooftop of the Daily Bugle by the Sinister Six.

Battle Plan of 6 on 6

Spider-Man vs. The Vulture

Cloak vs. Shocker

The Prowler vs. Mysterio

Daredevil vs. Scorpion

Dagger vs. Hydro-Man

Agent Phil Coulson vs. Chameleon

(other fans could write in more ideas)

· Defenders 2022 Released movie to be released July 29

Spider-Man might as well be brought into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. There needs to be Marvel/Disney and Sony Pictures to sign an agreement. There could also be in the prelude comics that Richard Fisk takes Wilson Fisk's company believing him dead. In prelude comics while Miles Morales has a bite by a radioactive and the Jester is the first super villain he faces. He defeats him. Also in the prelude comics with the founding members of the Defenders team Daredevil, Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Hellcat and Iron Fist take on the Circus of Crime lead by Ringmaster and they defeat them. Hellcat defeats Princess Pyhton. Iron Fist and Luke Cage defeat the The Great Gambonnos. Daredevil defeats Bruto the Strongman while Jessica Jones defeats The Clown. At the end of the prelude comics The Defenders of the television show meets with Spider-Man. Moon Knight goes his own way after he defeated Cannonball. No more of the Sinister Six. There could be a Sandman origin prelude comic book. Miles Morales a middle school student is now Spider-Man. Spider-Man meets the founding members of the Defenders team. Punisher teams with the Defenders team that consist of Dr. Strange, Sub-Mariner, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Hellcat to take down Richard Fisk/The Rose helping Spider-Man and the Defenders team. The original Defenders recruit Spider-Man along with Dr. Strange and Sub-Mariner with the Punisher as a part timer on the team and Jessica Jones is back and her friend Hellcat is also is helping the Defenders team as the Sinister Twelve is formed.

They split up just as Turk gave information on the Richard Fisk son of Wilson Fisk. The Rose is taking the Kingpin’s place. There could also be in the prelude comics when The Punisher kills the same person who killed Uncle Ben while Black Widow incapacitates Roscoe Sweeney's gang and she zaps Silke. Also Miles Morales starting at as Spider-Man takes on Dr. Octopus and he defeats him. Also if Ma Gnucci is not in the Punisher season 2 then there’s a Punisher prelude coming book showing him whacking out Ma Gnucci and the gang after killing Dennis Carradine.

In the beginning there is Richard Fisk is talking to Smythe and Eel and Squid with Hammerhead the leftover of Ma Nucci's gang. They should be in prelude comics if not appearing on the Punisher season 2. Ma Nucci was responsible for the murder of the Castle family and she was killed by the Punisher as he killed her gang. The Punisher could cameo and the Sub-Mariner with Dr. Strange joins the Defenders team. He sends them after the heroes. Daredevil defeats Squid just before the forming of the Sinister Twelve.

A battle starts off with Jessica Jones defeating Eel while Daredevil is defeating Squid. Spider-Man defeated Alistair Smythe and the spider slayers with the help of Iron Fist and Luke Cage as that's the real beginning battle on the streets of Harlem. There talks of Peter Parker as a college student working as a photographer of the Daily Bugle. After the failure to kill the Defenders founding members with Spider-Man and his allies The Rose forms the Sinister Twelve. Razor Fist, Live Wire, Chemistro, Impase, Lightmaster and but for enemies of Spider-Man hires Sandman, Hobgoblin, Rhino, Shriek, Speed Demon, Hammerhead and 8-Ball.

On the Sinister Twelve in total are Chemistro, Live Wire, Razor Fist, Impasse, Lightmaster, Shriek, Hobgoblin, Sandman, Speed Demon, Hammerhead, The Spot and 8-Ball. Spider-Man has teaming with him against the Sinister Twelve Hellcat, Luke Cage, Iron Fist and Daredevil. Somewhere nearby Spider-Man takes on Sandman. He defeats him with a hose on the docks or the water system on the docks.

The rest of the Sinister Twelve are nearby in Times Square just as the Defenders team takes them on. The entire Defenders team without the Punisher with them show up. . Also there are the Dr. Strange, Sub-Mariner, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist with Daredevil. Trish Walker the friend of Jessica Jones joins the Defenders team just as they are together on the team. The heroes defeat the Sinister Twelve. In a final battle The Punisher takes on the Rose/Richard Fisk in a gun fight at the Fisk tower on the outside. Richard Fisk thinks his father is dead. The Punisher shoots and kills the Rose/Richard Fisk in a gun fight at the Fisk Tower. In the end it is talked about most of the Sinister Twelve are sent to Ravencroft. Daredevil and Spider-Man swing off into the city on the city and meet with survivors of the Chaste and find the long thought to be dead Master Izo still alive. Claw and Master Izo don’t appear in this until the Heroes for Hire Movie. This is to follow some of the Marvel shows and maybe even the Defenders miniseries along with the Daredevil Netflix show. Crossover of the Punisher, Spider-Man and the Defenders Netflix show but an idea for a theatrical movie. There could be talks of a mugging attempt that The Punisher killed the killer of Uncle Ben Parker Dennis Carradine in a mugging when he tried to stop him and then in the end of the Punisher prelude comics to the Defenders movie he kills Ma Nucci and her gang if they don’t appear on the Punisher season 2.

Battle Plan after Spider-Man defeats the Sandman and battle against the Sinister Twelve

Luke Cage vs. Rhino

Sub-Mariner vs. Chemistro

Dr. Strange vs. Hobgoblin

Hellcat vs. and Razor Fist and 8 Ball

Jessica Jones vs. Impasse

Iron Fist vs. Hammerhead

Daredevil vs The Spot and Speed Demon

Spider-Man vs. Lightmaster and Shriek

After those villains are defeated and tied in webs Spider-Man and Daredevil face 8-Ball, Speed Demon and Shriek in Times Square while The Punisher has the showdown with the Richard Fisk. Sandman is with Daredevil and Spider-Man in Times Square showing up in redemption after Spider-Man defeats Lightmaster the Sandman takes on 8 Ball with making a pool stick with his hand while the other hand makes a hammer striking the Spot. Sandman is next blasted at by Shriek but he strikes her with a sand storm. Spider-Man ties up all those defeated super villains with his webs. Daredevil with billy clubs defeats Speed Demon while Spider-Man with webs ties up Lightmaster with the Punisher killing Richard Fisk/The Rose and Hellcat sends a roundhouse kick striking on Razor Fist. Miles Morales goes to classes in time as a scene could be cut out to shorten running time or a Turk scene could be cut out to shorten running time with talks of the entire Sinister Twelve caught.

· Heroes for Hire/Marvel Knights 2023 Released Movie that should be the year after the Defenders Movie.

This is the idea of a film with Sony and Marvel to sign an agreement.

· Heroes for Hire/Marvel Knights 2023 Released Movie that should be the year after the Defenders Movie.

This is the idea of a film with Sony and Marvel to sign an agreement.

There could be prelude comics to when Spider-Man defeated Carrion. There should start out with Spider-Man fighting Tombstone who works for the Kingpin while Howard the Duck joins the alliance by Daredevil. Spider-Man just as Luke Cage and Iron Fist are hired to join forces with Spider-Man and they learn the Kingpin survived after Howard the Duck came to Earth while Daredevil and Shroud as he’s a new member of the team and Black Widow takes on Typhoid Mary, Stilt Man (Turk took the costume from Season One of Daredevil) and Bullseye nearby the Daily Bugle. Bullseye and Typhoid Mary are hired to kill the Defenders founding members and The Punisher as Wilson Fisk is out for blood on Richard Fisk his own son killed and there is also the Hand lead by Roshi in league with the Kingpin. When those villains fail there comes the Sinister Seven to work for the Kingpin. Nearby the Chaste headquarters is where the Hand is fighting other heroes in the return.

Jessica Jones and Luke Cage had a baby and is watched over by Frank Castle just as Turk is responsible for kidnapping and 2 assassins are used to kill the Defenders team. Tombstone was also put in prison as are Bullseye, Stilt Man/Turk and Typhoid Mary. Also Those are all ideas not shown in the movies. In the beginning of the movie Dexter Bennett and Neil Garrett are kidnapped along with pretty actress Mary Jane Watson. The Kingpin of Crime Wilson Fisk hires other villains. The Kingpin Wilson Fisk is running a crime syndicate. There is Typhoid Mary, Stilt Man/Turk Barrett and Bullseye as he's hired to kill Daredevil in league with him arrested along with Tombstone. There were in the very beginning to be sent after the Daily Bugle to how Spider-Man with Daredevil and Black Widow and Shroud.

Yelena Belova is the Black Widow. Also there Hand is lead by Master Roshi with a brief battle. Daredevil and Spider-Man meet up with Master Izo the leader of the chaste. Black Widow is with them. They go to rescue those kidnapped by The Kingpin. Shang Chi takes on the Hand with Master Izo and Claw. Master Izo slices down some ninjas. Master Roshi kills Claw in battle. Shang Chi in return defeats Master Roshi with a roundhouse kick. The beginning battles should be back to back of the Heroes for Hire to when Master Izo hires them to take down the Kingpin. Iron Fist, Shroud a blind person who joined the Heroes for Hire team, Luke Cage and Spider-Man together defeat Tombstone, Stilt Man Typhoid Mary and Bullseye while they rescue the cop and reporter and Spider-Man rescues Mary Jane Peter Parker’s girlfriend who he met in college while Daredevil defeats Bullseye in a martial arts fight just as Daredevil blocks the playing cards with his billy clubs and Black Widow defeats Typhoid Mary. Master Izo goes his own ways. Those villains are arrested just as Shang Chi defeated Roshi and he’s arrested.

Daniel Beckhart is the new Mysterio taking the place of Quentin Beck. Abner Jenkins is the Beetle. Dr. Curt Connors has become the Lizard. He’s recruited by the Sinister Six lead by Mysterio to form the Sinister Seven. Also on Mysterio’s team are Scorpia, Boomerang, Overdrive and Electro. The Sinister Seven is in league with The Kingpin. There’s the Fisk Tower they meet at. Matt Murdock and Miles Morales being successor to Peter Parker learned somehow of each other’s identities as Daredevil and Spider-Man. They with Black Widow forming a Marvel Knights team recruit Iron Fist, Shang Chi and Shroud. It is talked of it that Claw went his own ways before the Chaste was wiped out by the Hand and order of the crane mother that Claw was a part time member of with the Chaste.

Spider-Man and learn the plans of the Kingpin and the Sinister 7 by Master Izo as they run into him. Black Widow, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Shang Chi, Shroud, Daredevil and Howard the Duck go to Central Park after the Sinister Seven while Spider-Man goes to the News place after the Kingpin as he’s after Karen Page. It’s Black Widow, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Shroud, Shang Chi and Daredevil are teaming with Howard the Duck against the Sinister Seven. They defeat them. Luke Cage turns the Lizard back into Doc Connors while the other members of the Sinister Seven are put in Ravencroft just as Howard the Duck defeats Mysterio with quack fu. The Lizard after his defeat is back to Dr. Connors and then given a prosthetic arm. Spider-Man defeats the Kingpin with webbing him to the News building and Karen Page appears. just as the veteran cops arrest him. There is the team when they meet in civilian forms. This should end with Daredevil and Spider-Man swinging off into the night. Neil Garrett arrests Wilson Fisk and talks that Jessica Jones killed Purple Man just as the other cops like Brett Mahoney arrest other super villains. Karen Page has a news report on them just as she’s Matt Murdock’s long time girlfriend.

Crossover of Spider-Man, the Avengers and the Defenders. There could be talks of after Roscoe Sweeney does life in prison and Black Widow incapacitated hit men of the Fixer and Silke as it was Natasha Romanovia the original Black Widow. There are Luke Cage and Iron Fist hired by Spider-Man and some others on the team to form the Marvel Knights and they take on the Sinister Seven. Black Widow talks of recruiting some villains for clemency that were defeated by other heroes. This is the film to have the prelude comics with Natasha Romanovia becoming Black Widow fighting Silke and other henchmen to Roscoe Sweeney. Yelena Belova is the Black Widow in this one.

(other fans could write in more ideas)

Sinister 7 Battle Plan

Howard the Duck vs. Mysterio/Daniel Beckheart

Luke Cage vs. the Lizard

Black Widow vs. Scorpia

Shroud vs. Electro

Shang Chi vs. Overdrive

Iron Fist vs. The Beetle

Daredevil vs. Boomerang

Spider-Man then faces the Kingpin. Those are battles that should be back to back as the final battle just like Obi-Wan Kenobi vs. Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader and Yoda vs. Emperor Palpatine/Darth Sidious in Star Wars Episode 3 Revenge of the Sith.

This is where Sony and Marvel Studios owned by the Disney Company sign the agreement and license each other to them.
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Flying Blind

Joined: 26 Apr 2010
Posts: 45

PostPosted: Mon Sep 17, 2018 6:36 pm    Post subject: Crossovers of Star Wars and 2099 films Reply with quote

The titles of stories with Daredevil are in bold and underline.

Here comes to 2099 movies to conclude the MCU before being rebooted. They should be released in at least 2030 or early 2030’s.

· World of Tomorrow Movie

Tiberius Stone should be the main villain of the story. Fiona is working for him. Mutagen is one of the villains of the story. There are Alchemex robots. Miguel O’Hara had become Spider-Man. There is now John Eisenhart is the Hulk of that time. Roberta Mendez had become Captain America in that time. Also teaming with them is Sonny Frisco the Iron Man of that time. They defeat those villains. Captain America takes on Fiona and she defeats her. The Hulk defeats Mutagen while Spider-Man and Iron Man of that time defeat robots. Spider-Man with his webs captures Tiberius Stone and he’s arrested. The heroes each go their own ways. This should start out on New Year’s Day in 2099 as of the beginning of that year.

· Punisher 2099

Jake Gallows is now the Punisher in that time. Jigsaw of the future is the main villain and New York City gang leader. There could be other 2099 villains to make up as of villains for the Punisher 2099 film.

· Secret Wars 2099 movie

There’s the beginning of the Avengers formed in that year. Spider-Man Miguel O’Hara joins the team. Iron Man and Captain America of that year get back together. Tanya becomes Black Widow. She also joins the new Avengers team. Also there’s the Black Panther of that year. They are at war with the Chain Gang. The main villain of that film should be the alien Avataar who came to Earth and met with the Chain Gang. Also there is the Board of directors for Alchemex. They defeat those villains. Black Panther defeats Avataar while the Black Widow, Iron Man and Captain America defeat the Chain gang and Spider-Man defeats Scorpion of that time and the rest of the team take on the Board of directors after defeating those villains. There are talks of a person becoming Daredevil of that time who was a warrior in the Order of the Crane Mother as of another warrior becoming Iron Fist. Spider-Man and Black Panther give up on the Avengers and go their own ways.

§ The Defenders 2099

There could be prelude comics with origins. On the team are DaredevilThe Hulk of that year, Iron Fist (it’s unknown who he is) and Jennifer D'Angelo. Master Izo as he gave up his immortality dies of old age and Matt Murdock is living in a retirement home as a very old man and is blind for the rest of his life. Those Defenders members of learned the history of the chaste became costumed superheroes. The main villain is Takashi leader the hand. There's the Defenders against the hand with those who won't stay dead. Daredevil faces Takashi. He defeats him.

· Spider-Man 2099 Movie

This is to conclude the MCU before rebooting it. Miguel O’Hara is almost half a year of being Spider-Man. There’s a woman going by Dr. Octopus working for Alchemy. The owner is Walker Sloan. Spider-Man of then takes on those villains and the company. Fear Master is one of the villains that Spider-Man defeats after defeating the Doctor Octopus of that time. Those villains with Walker Sloan all go to prison.

§ Avengers 2099 Movie

On the team are Thor (the female version) Iron Man, Black Widow, Captain America and Hawkeye (not known of that Hawkeye but maybe descended from Clint Barton). Captain America of that time is a woman. The main villain is Tyler Stone a dictator. There could be prelude comics with the origin of the heroes. They also face Electro and Vulture of that time. There could be villains in the prelude comics to make or other wise Marvel having the legal rights to them. The Captain America of that time defeats Tyler Stone just before the New Year’s Ball drops on 2100.

Others fans could put in more ideas for the Marvel 2099 movies on the prelude comics. 2030 should be the year of World of Tomorrow and the Punisher. 2031 The Secret Wars 2099 and The Defenders 2099. 2032 Spider-Man 2099 and The Avengers 2099.

Fans could write in ideas for other 2099 films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the other ideas for shows and movies proposed or ideas by fans.

Fans could write in ideas for X-Men movies and Fantastic Four movies if Disney buys Fox by 2020. We could write in more ideas for Netflix shows coming soon and more seasons of Marvel shows like Agents of Shield.

Many of us contributing to here could put in ideas for more television shows or movies in the MCU. Also Disney is owning 21st

There could be Jack O’Lantern on Cloak and Dagger with Shreik, Demogoblin or Carrion as villains other wise in Black Cat movies or Venom films. Someone had the idea of a Fantastic Four film taking place a year after another one. Maybe then the offsprings of Susan and Reed Richards battle those Inhumans villains that aren’t defeated.

What's proposed and for future seasons are Spider-Man Homecoming 2, Spider-Man Homecoming 3 (idea for a Sinister Six), Cloak and Dagger (ideas for future seasons), Defenders movie, Defenders television series (season 2), The Punisher (season 2 to be a Punisher crossover), 3 2020 Marvel movies untitled, Doctor Strange 2, Guardians of the Galaxy 3, Luke Cage season 2 and Avengers 4.

What's not written by writers to make a living and thought of by fans is a sequel to the Defenders movie as both films, Star Wars crossover trilogy, She Hulk series and Mid Night sons television series. There are movies proposed to be cancelled as of television shows on Netflix like the Daredevil reboot, Iron Fist and the Luke Cage. They should have them in movies like a Heroes for Hire movie as Daredevil could be in both Defenders movies. Nick Fury and Black Widow are a couple of proposed Marvel movies. Sub-Mariner and Deathlock are a couple of them proposed. There might as well be proposed television shows. Others fans could write in other ideas as there could be Spider-Man villains off limits to Marvel Studios that they could be replaced by Iron Fist or Luke Cage villains or even She-Hulk villains to make up a Sinister 7 and Sinister 12. Sony Pictures should've signed an agreement with Marvel Studios. Stick is likely to return but could as a spirit as his body was cremated after he died.

Fantastic Four could just be a television series other wise there are 16 MCU movies by the ideas of the creator of this page. The Fantastic Four film ideas could go into the TV series with various villains and still Fantastic Four/Star Wars crossover comes in between seasons.

They should have them in movies like a Heroes for Hire movie as Daredevil could be in both Defenders movies. Nick Fury and Black Widow are a couple of proposed Marvel movies. Sub-Mariner and Deathlock are a couple of them proposed. There might as well be proposed television shows. Others fans could write in other ideas as there could be Spider-Man villains off limits to Marvel Studios that they could be replaced by Iron Fist or Luke Cage villains or even She-Hulk villains to make up a Sinister 7 and Sinister 12. Sony Pictures should've signed an agreement with Marvel Studios. Stick is likely to return but could as a spirit as his body was cremated after he died. Also if Peter Parker is not in the Avengers 4 then he’s the Spider-Man in the Defenders movie and then retires passing on the mantle of Spider-Man to Miles Morales. Definitely Miles Morales is the Spider-Man of the Heroes for Hire Movie.

Star Wars Crossover of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

· Part one of the MCU/Star Wars Crossover Trilogy

Defenders/Marvel Knights Crossover with Star Wars film saga should be released in 2025

There the founding members of the team with Dr. Strange and Spider-Man. There should be prelude comics when Harry Osborne is the next Green Goblin to who is defeated by Miles Morales Spider-Man. Kagenobu Yoshioka is the leader of the Hand. There’s also the Wrecking Crew. The younger heroes like Daredevil, Spider-Man, Jessica Jones, Dr. Strange, Iron Fist and Luke Cage take on the Wrecking Crew. Wrecker is leader of the Wrecking Crew. A woman is now Bulldozer taking the place of a Hood’s gang member. Also there are Piledriver, Excavator and Thunderball on the Wrecking Crew. They defeat them. They also battle Hand ninjas that won’t stay dead. With Doctor Stephen Strange the scientist they discover a futuristic galaxy far away. Jessica Jones and Luke Cage have a child born. That Marvel Knights team ends up in this far, far away galaxy. They discover history of jedi and sith. Kagenobu Yoshioka is there. They explore the galaxy. Storm troopers are brought back to life. They are on Coruscant the capitol planet of the galaxy. Jim Antilles the descendant of Wedge Antilles is now chancellor of the republic. They learn the history of the first galactic empire and the new republic. There are descendants of the original movie characters. Bruno Skywalker is the descendant of Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade just as in the canon Mara Jade and Luke Skywalker had at some time just dated. There’s Wingdor who wants to be the new galactic emperor. He had sith training from Darth Plaguies the Wise as a sith ghost and was bringing him back to life. Dantius Wingdor plots to kill the Chancellor of the current republic. Wingdor has the leader of the Hand in league with him. The heroes take on storm troopers while Bruno Skywalker direct descendant of Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade battles Dantuis Wingdor the sith leader. Sith followers take on the other heroes while Daredevil faces Kagenbou Yoshioka. Daredevil defeats the leader of the hand while some other jedi present defeat sith followers and other heroes defeat new storm troopers. Bruno Skywalker defeats wannabe Emperor Wingdor killing him. The Marvel Knights team return home. They tell others of this galaxy. We could leave the door open for sequel like another Marvel Cinematic Universe/Star Wars crossover like learning that galaxy was a true story. Sith followers in sith sorcery had managed to bring Darth Plaguies The Wise back to life. The Defenders team splits up going their own way after they returned from the Star Wars galaxy and to New York City.

· Part 2 of the MCU/Star Wars Crossover Trilogy

Guardians of the Galaxy/Star Wars Crossover Movie 2027 Should be release year

On the Guardians of the Galaxy team are Mantis, Nova, Rocket Raccoon, Groot and Nebula as she might’ve been thought to the be dead the originals of that team going to the Star Wars Galaxy from the original film. Sam Alexander is the Nova member teams with the Guardians of the Galaxy and ends up in Star Wars. They are in the beginning going up against The Universal Church of Truth that traveled to another galaxy. It is lead by Mar Vel. The Guardians of the Galaxy defeat the Universal Church of Truth while Mantis takes on Mar Vel. She defeats him. Ultimus is in a distant galaxy after his galaxy had a visit by Darth Plaguies the Wise. He is the sith apprentice to Darth Plaguies the Wise. In league with Ultimus are Great Dormammu, his sister Umar and the Collector. They work together to bring back the empire and Darth Plaguies states long ago he was killed by his apprentice before becoming Emperor of the galaxy. This was Darth Sidious real name Sheev Palpatine. The Guardians are on the space ship are brought into the very far away galaxy that the Defenders had been in. Acolytes of the Beyond are out there in this day. Chancellor Antilles’s daughter Dana is the jedi apprentice of Bruno Skywalker. They meet the original Guardians of the Galaxy. They battle storm troopers while some disciples of the beyond are thrown against the walls knocked out by Bruno Skywalker. Republic soldiers capture the Collector as they see him in league with the dark lord of the sith Darth Plaguies. Dana Antilles takes on a disciple. Bruno Skywalker in a light saber duel takes on Darth Plaguies. Nova Sam Alexander battles Ultimus. The others take on Umar and Dormammu. Dana Antilles cuts down storm troopers there were brought back to life. Nebula and Mantis take on Dormammu and Umar. Rocket Raccoon and Groot battle imperial officers of today. Darth Plaguies is killed by Bruno Skywalker. Nova Sam Alexander ends up killing Ultimus. Dormammu and Umar are defeated and arrested along with the Collector. The Guardians return to their galaxy. The spirit of Darth Bane is out there to rule the galaxy and bring the empire back in power.

Part 3 of the MCU/Star Wars Crossover Trilogy

The Avengers/Star Wars Crossover Movie to be released in 2029

Spider-Man in NYC is facing Jack O’Lantern. He defeats him. He joins the Avengers team of that time. He ties him up in webs. He goes into Avengers tower. On the Avengers team are Thor a female who has taken the place of the male and Captain America that’s the successor to Steve Rogers Harley. Skaar son of the Hulk, US Agent, Spider-Woman Jessica Drew, Sentry, Wonder Man and Miss Marvel on the team. That Spider-Man on the Avengers team is Miles Morales. Over in the Star Wars Galaxy Darth Sidious had been sent by Anakin Skywalker the former Darth Vader to the Hades and founded the Galactic Empire but Darth Bane is brought back to life by sith magic. Merto Torri now going by Darth Rage is given the path of immortality by Darth Bane. He’s his apprentice and leader of the sith cult. Dana Antilles has become a jedi knight and she defeated the spirits sith lords and others in the sith rule of two before him with the help of jedi spirits Mace Windu, Yoda, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Qui-Gon Jinn and Anakin Skywalker with his own son Luke when Darth Bane the first sith master in the Rule of Two was being brought back to life by Merto Torri as to restore the sith. Red Skull is with his daughter Sin also known as Mother Superior who’s real first name is Cynthia. On Red Skull’s team to bring the empire back in power and make Darth Bane the Emperor of today are Dreadknight, Hypnotia, Whirlwind, Living Laser, Grim Reaper, Grey Gargoyle and Blizzard. Darth Rage with the enemies of the Avengers come to New York City while Darth Bane stays to rule the galaxy and maybe his apprentice could rule Earth and other living worlds there. Dana had felt the empire and sith apprentice coming to Earth and there should be Spider-Man saying he was in the Star Wars galaxy to the others on the Avengers team. Sometime later Dana Antilles ends up in New York City at the Avengers tower with a freedom fighting squad. She meets up with the current Avengers team members. Darth Rage with storm troopers and Red Skull with his team come to NYC. Storm troopers show up on the Avengers and Dana Antilles. Spider-Man tells the other members that she’s a jedi. They fire on the avengers. Thor blocks the blasts with her hammer while Dana Antilles deflect blaster shots with her light saber. There are republic soldiers taking on storm troopers in the Star Wars galaxy. For the final battle Spider Woman takes on Sin. Miss Marvel takes on Hypnotia. Captain America takes on Red Skull. Skaar takes on Grey Gargoyle. Wonder Man takes on Whirlwind. Sentry takes on Dreadknight. Thor takes on Grim Reaper. US Agent takes on Living Laser. Spider-Man takes on Blizzard. Modern republic of the galaxy soldiers take on imperials of today while Dana Antilles takes on Darth Rage a jedi who turned to the dark side at the empire state building. Bruno Skywalker takes on Darth Bane over on Coruscant. There are jedi vs. disciples or the dark side. There’s an epic battle. Those battles are back to back. Captain America ends up killing Red Skull on the Empire State Building knocking him to his doom. The others on the Avengers defeat those villains. Bruno Skywalker kills Darth Bane slicing him in half. The jedi spirits like Anakin Skywalker the former apprentice to him long ago take Darth Bane spirit to the underworld. Darth Rage gives up and the light saber battle stops. There are villains redeemed while Earth super villains are arrested by NY PD and the soldiers of Dana Antilles take Darth Rage as a prisoner as he felt the defeat of Darth Bane. There is at the end some jedi in New York City with a celebration. Jim Antilles the chancellor is there with his guards and some republic soldiers. The Chancellor is kidnapped as Darth Bane the founder of the sith rule of two came back to life. Bruno Skywalker comes to rescue the chancellor teaming with Dana Antilles teaming with the Avengers in NYC. Also Dana Antilles and her mother are in NYC with the Avengers team. Jedi spirits like Mace Windu, Qui-Gon Jinn, Yoda, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker and Luke Skywalker who brought the jedi back managed to come all the way to Earth in celebration of the defeat of the sith There are talks of the Red Skull followers arrested and incarcerated. The jedi spirits are seen at the very end with the jedi killed by the galactic empire in the afterlife in NYC. The celebration is at Central Park with Dana Antilles and Bruno Skywalker 2 of the jedi with the soldiers who came to Earth where the Avengers are at. Spirits of Anakin Skywalker and Luke Skywalker have come to Earth with the offspring of Luke also a jedi who was trained by Rey. The spirit of Rey is also there. Back on the celebration on the Naboo shore there is Chancellor Jim Antilles the father of Dana is there with soldiers and guards and other jedi who serve Bruno Skywalker with the jedi spirits of Qui-Gon Jinn, Yoda, Mace Windu and Obi-Wan Kenobi as peace reigns in the galaxies.

Fans could come up with ideas for comics in between the movies like the crossovers of Inhumans like with Lockjaw, Crystal, Black Bolt, Triton or even other character from Inhumans in the Star Wars galaxy that could flash back between episodes 1 and 2 to fill in the gap as they explore this galaxy. Also there could be flashbacks in Marvel Cinematic Universe crossovers with the Avengers or Guardians of the Galaxy and flashbacks in various times like pre the Phantom Menace era on the characters of the prequel trilogy. Maybe the Defenders meet the Inhumans teaming learn of this galaxy with flashbacks in the Old Republic era to in between The Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones. This is the person who created this page with other fans to write in ideas for future films with books, comics and television shows. We work together on them. We could also work together on putting in ideas of years of Marvel movie releases. Maybe by then Marvel should have the legal rights to Fantastic Four. It should be a comic book short time series with the Inhumans and the Fantastic Four teaming up against Dr. Doom and other villains like Blastaar, Trapster and Stergon and Auran with re activating separatist battle droids as prequel to the crossover trilogy. The Fantastic Four and Inhumans defeat those villains just as those villains are captured by the republic solders of today. There should be a bit of space battles in each of the movies and the comics that are prequel to the movie when Darth Plagueis in spirit is training Dantuis Wingdor in the sith arts before coming back to life. The space battles in the comics are the republic ships fighting droid ships while in the movies the republic ships are fighting tie fighters brought back all in the Star Wars galaxy. Also pre beginning with Spider-Man on the Defenders team in the comic book preludes after Dr. Doom and team are defeated.
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