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DD Book Club: Lone Stranger
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Humanity's Fathom

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 13, 2016 9:30 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

My reviews of these last two issues has been delayed due to a recent death in my immediate family. Still, i wanted to give my quick impressions on these issues.

#269 - I quite enjoyed this issue. Being a long-time X-fan, Nocenti, as part of the X-offices at this time, really captured the friction and friendship of Blob and Pyro, something that harkens back to their days in the Brotherhood of Mutants. The pair bulldoze into this poor town and essentially run roughshod over it in their mission to find this hidden mutant.

Matt's heroic nature shines more brightly here as he seeks to rescue this mutant girl from the duo. Romita does great in depicting his fight against Pyro and especially Blob. But it's also how Matt slyly works against the pair, using Blob's jealous nature against Pyro and even trying to get Blob drunk should he have to fight him in the end.

It was a simple story, but a fun one. Four stars.

#270 - For a story about the long-term evil of men helping to give birth to a pure force of evil, I've always considered Romita to be the star of this issue. His art is elevated here, from the opening stark scenes of the hilltop, briars, and thorns to the dark depiction of Blackheart, his 'father' Mephisto, to the fierce team-up of DD with Spider-Man. My favorite shot is the first scene with DD, flipping on the roller-coaster. It's an unusual pose for an action shot but Romita gives a strong sense of power and grace within it.

As for the story itself, Blackheart is an interesting character. Nocenti sets the scene well with the opening montage and narration. How evil lingers and grows with each passing occasion, finally giving birth to Blackheart. His childlike demeanor and questioning was interesting as was how Mephisto sought to mold him more into a more subtle agent of chaos.

I could understand Matt's change of mood here. The road trip seems to have worked it's magic for him, helping to cleanse his thoughts and mood of recent tragedies. But Blackheart's arrival and influence brought those feelings back into the forefront. I can even see where DD considering to 'kill' him as being an extension of the evil that helped create Blackheart in the first place whereas Peter thought DD was acting devil-may-care.

Peter was a haphazard appearance here though. An interesting morality story which earns three stars but the fantastic art pushes this issue up to four stars for me.
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Mike Murdock

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 14, 2016 7:46 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Sorry for your loss Sad

I agree about Romita. I honestly didn't really like his art in Daredevil at first. Everyone just looks way too 80s for my tastes. However, getting a chance to digest every issue and look at it for composition, pacing, etc., Romita and the colorist Max Scheele impress me a lot.
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