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Ideas for Daredevil episodes

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Mike Murdock
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PostPosted: Sat Oct 11, 2014 5:52 pm    Post subject: Ideas for Daredevil episodes Reply with quote

Hey everyone. I actually wrote this a couple months back. With news from NYCC, it's becoming increasingly apparent that it is completely wrong. Therefore, I thought I would share it before it becomes absolutely clear that it's wrong. More broadly, if you were doing a Daredevil season, how what ideas would you have for episode stories?

As way of background, my idea is to incorporate flashbacks throughout the season (no, I'm not copying off of Arrow). The goal is to make the flashbacks thematic as opposed to chronological. In doing the flashbacks, I relied heavily on Frank Miller's The Man Without Fear miniseries, which was my first introduction to Daredevil's origin.

Episode 1 – The Man without Fear
Main Plot: Matt Murdock returns home to New York City after being away as a big firm lawyer in Boston. Some series of events (most likely the child prostitution storyline from Frank Miller’s story, although it doesn’t really matter) compels him to become Daredevil and save the day. At the end of the episode, he forms a law firm with Foggy Nelson to help people in the neighborhood.
Flashback: In the flashback, Matt is a young, nerdy boy. He stays indoors every day studying. The kids outside mock him and call him “Daredevil.” He wants to go out, but his father keeps telling him to study. He doesn’t get into a fights, but keeps getting picked on instead. At the end of the story, he sees a man crossing the street about to get hit by a truck. He saves the man’s life, but gets struck by toxic chemicals that blinds him.

Episode 2 – “Battlin’” Jack Murdock
Main Plot: Matt and Foggy start to put together the firm and get clients. They hire Karen Page as secretary and it is immediately apparent that there is chemistry between her and Matt. Matt is asked to help save Fogwell’s Gym, the local gym/community center that is essentially the only thing keeping the kids in the neighborhood out of trouble. It also happens to be the place that Matt’s father trained when he was alive. It turns out that a man by the name of Wilson Fisk claims that he has documents to prove he owns it, but the people in the neighborhood are convinced that the documents are fraudulent. Meanwhile, Matt as Daredevil continues to investigate the child prostitution ring and finds out it is being run by mob leader Eric Slaughter.
Flashback: The flashback is the story of Jack Murdock, has-been boxer. With his son now blind, Jack is trying to earn a living to help pay for his needs and education. He takes a job boxing for the fixer. However, when he refuses to throw a fight, he is murdered.

Episode 3
Main Plot: The story starts with a man named Melvin Potter talking to his psychiatrist, Betsy Beatty. Betsy is trying to calm him down and focus him on doing something productive. He talks about his costume shop, but he also seems to have violent fantasies – particularly involving Roman gladiatorial combat. After this, it returns to the life at the law firm of Nelson and Murdock. Nelson is working hard preparing the case to beat Fisk’s claim, but he grows visibly annoyed as Matt and Karen seem more focused on each other than the case. Meanwhile, a man named Melvin Potter, who calls himself “The Gladiator” successfully pulls off a string of robberies. The robberies are more noteworthy for the violence involved than the amount taken. It seems he is deliberately seeking out combat rather than caring about what he takes. Eventually, he takes over a mall and demands that the strongest fight him in combat. Among the people he kidnapped is his psychiatrist/social worker Betsy Beatty. Daredevil stops Potter but is shocked to find that Beatty comes to defend Potter. She tells him that he is mentally ill and needs help. Daredevil promises that he will do what he can.
Flashback: Once again, it focuses on Matt Murdock as a young boy. Only, this time, rather than take it lying down when bullies attack him, he fights back. When Jack Murdock finds out that he got into a fight, he goes into a drunken rage and hits Matt. Matt runs away crying. In some less expositional way than in the comics, he decides at that moment the importance of following the law – that there needs to be some kind of rules to prevent things like that from happening.

Episode 4 – In the Hands of Bullseye
Main Plot: Matt Murdock the lawyer is fighting in court with an insanity defense for Melvin Potter. Meanwhile, as Daredevil, he continues to take down Slaughter’s organization. Slaughter, in response, turns to the assassin known as Bullseye. During a lunch recess, as Matt and Karen are walking, some street thugs attack. Matt gets away, but Karen is taken hostage. Knowing that Daredevil got Nelson & Murdock’s firm to represent Potter, he tries to use Karen to lure out Daredevil. To make sure he gets the message, he takes over a television studio and broadcasts it live on television. Matt, of course, goes off to fight him. Unfortunately, it is in the middle of trial, forcing Foggy Nelson to close out the case, which he does brilliantly. As Daredevil confronts his deadliest foe, it is broadcast live on television. All of New York gets to see the heroic fight. However, they basically fight each other to a standstill when, suddenly, Bullseye grabs his head and falls to the ground, screaming in anguish. Daredevil grabs Karen and runs from the studio. Alone, Karen is terrified and grateful, but worried about what happened to Matt. To reassure her, Matt takes off his mask and they kiss.
Flashback: Matt Murdock has been freshly blinded by the toxic chemicals. With his super-senses, he can hear everyone around him pitying him while he’s on a hospital bed. Later, as he’s walking the streets, learning to adapt, he meets a man named Stick. Stick starts his training of Daredevil. The exact scenes don’t matter so much, but the last thing he’ll do is shoot a bullseye with an arrow (note, when I originally wrote this, I didn’t realize there was symbolism of a bullseye. I just figured it was from the original training story. However, I like the parallel).

Episode 5
After Matt’s success defending Melvin Potter, the law firm is busier than ever. Almost immediately, they get two new clients. The first is a man accused of murder. From his heartbeat, he can tell the man is telling the truth when he says he is innocent. The second is a local kid accused of selling drugs. It seems a new person is muscling into the area and recruiting people into gangs. He is planning a big turf war to take over Eric Slaughter’s territory. The kid doesn’t know the guy’s name, but knows he goes by “The Kingpin.” Unfortunately, while the Prosecutor is sympathetic, she won’t drop the charges unless the kid will testify against his higher-ups.
Daredevil reaches out to newspaper reporter Ben Urich, who tells him what is known of the Kingpin so far (unfortunately, not much). Then Daredevil goes on a rampage through the streets to get information. While he does not find out much about the Kingpin, he does find out that there is a witness who can acquit his client accused of murder.
Flashback: The training with Stick continues where it left off. Stick shouts “again” and “again” and Matt continues to hit the target (splitting the arrow in one shot). However, when walking the streets, Matt soon encounters the men who killed his father. In a rage, he uses his new skills to attack and seriously injure the men. Although he gets his revenge, Stick tells him that he cannot train him anymore because he is incapable of controlling his emotions.

Episode 6 – Elektra
Matt tries to track down someone who knows where to find the witness to the murder. When he gets there, he is attacked by a female assassin in red who he recognizes as Elektra. The plot pretty much follows Elektra’s first introduction exactly. Elektra is trying to track down the same witness to collect on a bounty. In the end, Elektra is captured and Daredevil shows up. Using their past history together, he is able to time it so Elektra and he spring into action at the same time and defeat Slaughter and his men. The witness is taken in and agrees to testify. Because of this, Slaughter’s entire organization is brought down. Elektra flees into the night, not having gotten her prize.
Flashback: The flashback is exactly the same as the comic as well. The only thing I’d add is the roof jumping/central park meeting parts from the Man without Fear version. Essentially, Matt falls in love with her. She’s extremely reckless and rich. Her father is kidnapped by terrorists. The two try to rescue him and almost succeed (using exactly the same move that’ll succeed in the episode). Unfortunately, her father is gunned down anyway.

Episode 7 – Devils
Matt is investigating who the Kingpin is. Unfortunately, Bullseye has escaped from prison. It turns out he has a brain tumor that is making him delusional (it was the cause of his breakdown last time). In his mind, every person he sees is Daredevil. And, since his goal is to kill Daredevil, he is pretty much trying to kill everyone he sees. Daredevil eventually tracks him down and they fight. Unfortunately, he goes into a subway station where Daredevil’s radar senses are useless. However, the man without fear charges in anyway. They fight until Matt gets the upperhand. He has him pinned down on the tracks when he hears a train coming. Rather than abandon Bullseye, he rescues him and brings him to safety. The police ask him why he did that, knowing that Bullseye could use the brain tumor for an insanity defense to get away with all his murders. Had he let him die, no one would have held it against him. Daredevil responds by saying that we live in a world of laws and that, as much as he wanted him to die, it is society that must punish him. He walks away, praying that he did the right thing.
Flashback: Honestly, I don’t have any ideas what to do with this flashback. The only thing I can think of is to continue last week’s story with Elektra. Essentially, it’ll be the funeral and her leaving. She’ll be the foil to Matt Murdock. While he says the laws matter the most, she responds that the laws have no meaning if they let her father die.

Episode 8 – Nothing to Fear
Matt continues to fight for the kid accused of selling drugs. He is constantly butting heads with a new prosecutor who took over the case, a man he knew in college named Larry Cranston. Even though the kid is willing to testify against others, the prosecutor refuses to offer any deals. Cranston says this is because there’s another dealer who says the kid is the ringleader. Matt is convinced Cranston is doing this for personal reasons because of their past together. As the trial begins, Matt has a shaky start as he becomes afraid to ask a witness crucial questions out of fear of what the answer would be. Foggy confronts him, wondering why he didn’t do more.
Meanwhile, a new villain calling himself Mr. Fear is going through the city committing petty crimes. As Daredevil tries to stop him, he once again finds that he’s lost his nerve and the villain escapes.
Flashback: Matt starts undergrad at Columbia University, studying pre-law. He finds and befriends Foggy Nelson. Nelson is trying to be part of one of the fraternities, who is making him do humiliating things. One of the tasks for Foggy is to crawl through a sewer pipe. Cranston plans to flood the pipe with water, but Matt stops him. Foggy makes it through unharmed and finds Cranston hung upside down tied by the hose he was going to use.

Episode 9 – Fear Itself
Matt figures out that Mr. Fear is releasing a toxic chemical that induces fear in individuals. Based on the compound, Matt is able to find a suspect – Zoltan Drago. He seeks out Elektra’s help in tracking down this suspect and stopping him. Karen is uncomfortable as Elektra begins to hang around the law firm. However, she puts aside her concerns to help with the case. Eventually, they hit a dead end when they realize that Drago has been in prison for the past five years. When Matt and Karen go visit him, they find him in a catatonic state, having gone completely insane. With Foggy’s help, they had managed to drag the case out to the weekend, but he is forced to resume it on Monday and it continues to go badly.
Eventually, Foggy Nelson overhears Matt talking about Drago to Elektra. He mentions that Cranston had defended him before he became a prosecutor. Matt realizes that Cranston must be Mr. Fear. Furthermore, he realizes that his poor performance at trial is due to the fear gas. Together Matt and Elektra hatch a plan and stop Mr. Fear. However, Matt has to intervene to prevent Elektra from killing him. With the prosecutor in the case implemented in a criminal enterprise, the Judge declares a mistrial.
The story ends with Ben Urich approaching Matt Murdock. He explains that he has discovered who the Kingpin is. What’s more, he’s discovered that one of the candidates for Mayor is working for him. He asks if Matt would defend him from a libel suit if he prints the story. Matt agrees. In the final scene, the newly in charge Kingpin approaches Elektra and offers to hire her to become his assassin.
No flashback. Instead, there is a sideplot where the underworld lashes back at Fisk to prevent him from cementing control, but he ultimately prevails (it’s basically the plot of The Kingpin Must Die and Gangwar). However, in the process a bomb seemingly kills Fisk’s wife Vanessa. Fisk’s retaliation is swift and brutal with the help of Elektra.

Episode 10 - Spiked
The story is from Ben Urich’s perspective, just like in the comic. He works to cement his proof of the ties between the mayoral candidate and Fisk. Unfortunately, he is being hunted by Elektra. While Daredevil tries to stop her, he is unsuccessful. Urich ends up in the hospital for a week. In the end, he decides to retract the story. In this story, Karen confronts Matt, arguing that his past with Elektra is clouding his judgment. While he may have known her in the past, it is obvious now that she’s just a cold-blooded killer. However, while she’s torn, she doesn’t reveal what she knows to Foggy.

Episode 11
As Ben is developing some pictures, he discovers one of Vanessa Fisk as a homeless person in the street. He tells Daredevil with the hopes of getting him to track her down. To do so, he shows him her picture. Meanwhile, Foggy uncovers the fraud in the documents for the gym case. What’s more, he discovers the whole scheme. It appears Fisk is trying to take over a large part of Hell’s Kitchen. Once his candidate becomes Mayor, the city will demolish the area and rebuild it – giving the profits to the Kingpin. When Kingpin catches word of this, he tells Elektra to assassinate Foggy Nelson. First Elektra takes Foggy out to lunch and they reminisce about college. She finds there are too many people around to kill him. She waits until later when he’s walking at night. She attacks him from behind, but is unable to deal the final blow. Instead, she runs away to Matt and tells him who she was working for. Furious, Matt tells her to leave him and never come back. Just at that moment, the news announces that Fisk’s candidate has been elected Mayor. Ben ends up finding Vanessa and brings her to Matt. Daredevil goes to the Kingpin and gets him to have his Mayor resign in exchange for getting his wife back.

Episode 12
Bullseye, now “sane,” is released from a mental hospital. The Kingpin approaches him and offers to hire him to kill Elektra for her betrayal. Meanwhile, Ben Urich begins investigating into Matt Murdock’s life, interviewing all the people who knew him growing up, learning about the accident, etc. He eventually confronts Daredevil; holding up the same picture of Vanessa Fisk he showed him earlier and demanding to know who was in the picture. Although Daredevil tries to deny it, he eventually admits it. Ben responds by tearing up the story he wrote and promising to keep his secret. Elektra and Bullseye fight an epic battle. Bullseye is successful and Elektra dies. However, not before she manages to crawl to Matt’s house and die in his arms.
Flashback: After the death of her father, Elektra goes on a journey where she meets up with Stick and the Chaste. However, they eventually refuse to accept her. In order to gain their favor, she decides to destroy their enemies, The Hand. In order to do so, she goes undercover and joins them, not realizing that she would be corrupted by them in the process. She starts her life as an assassin.

Episode 13
Daredevil is broken by the death of Elektra. Throughout the episode, he has his faith tested, as he has doubts that he can ever truly stop Bullseye. He pushes Karen and Foggy away from his life. He is haunted by visions of a woman, a nun, who visited him in the hospital when he was blinded. At one point, in the pouring rain, he digs up Elektra’s grave and confirms it really is her and breaks down crying. At that point, he is met by the nun, who he realizes is his mother. She gives him the encouragement to continue the fight. Eventually, he regains his faith and his courage. He goes out and confronts Bullseye. After an epic battle, he emerges victorious and drops Bullseye from a tall height. The episode/season/series ends with an ambiguous image of Matt Murdock as a “Guardian Devil” watching over the city with a church in the background.
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