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DAREDEVIL #8 Preview, Reviews and Discussion

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Kuljit Mithra

Joined: 29 Jul 2004
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Location: Canada

PostPosted: Fri Jul 12, 2019 8:43 pm    Post subject: DAREDEVIL #8 Preview, Reviews and Discussion Reply with quote

DAREDEVIL #8 by Zdarsky, Sharma, Leisten and Tartaglia is shipping July 17th and here's a preview!


Please use this thread for all discussion when the issue ships!
Kuljit Mithra
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Mike Murdock

Joined: 08 Sep 2014
Posts: 1385

PostPosted: Wed Jul 17, 2019 7:16 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

First off, I love this cover. This issue went in a very unexpected direction. I wasn't expecting it to basically be people in relaxing situations having conversations. Still, by the end, things look to be taking a very different direction soon.

Regarding Matt hitting on the librarian - frankly I'm glad the book is taking her side. Seriously, all he did is mistake kindness for attraction. Her husband seems like an ass, though. The direction with the family was unexpected. I think it's a good opportunity to play off Matt's perspective about the law and helping people and the nuances that come with it. That being said, it's quite talky and took me a while to get through. The pace picks up a bit during the shooting, but just for a moment.

The Kingpin story is an interesting direction for the character. With the shift to political corruption but nothing outright illegal, he becomes less of an antagonist and more of a supporting character with his own agenda. It's not like he's any worse than the governor in this issue.

There's a great callback to Playing to the Camera, which I love.

Four Stars. The conversation was too long. But I like where this is going. I wonder if Matt essentially has to go back to being Daredevil to prevent copycats.
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Parts of a Hole

Joined: 16 Feb 2006
Posts: 1147
Location: Toronto

PostPosted: Fri Jul 19, 2019 7:35 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

While I agree that the conversation was perhaps too long, I really did enjoy it. I enjoy it when two highly intelligent characters discuss their philosophies to the peak of their intelligence. It was an odd situation in which Matt found himself, but it made for a fascinating scene.

As for Fisk's scene with the Governor, it seems weird that this scene was about pot. Chip Zdarsky, like me, is from Toronto, where pot has become legalized and the first legal dispensaries have opened up. This seems so pedestrian, and so unlike Fisk. Maybe this scene is here to show how Fisk is going... straighter. Still... pot?

It was also weird to see Matt's reaction to news of Fisk going straighter. It was as if he heard something horrific. I don't know if Zdarsky and Lalit Kumar Sharma correctly depicted Matt's mood.

I found the panels describing the shooter confusing, because North is describing someone wearing a Daredevil mask, but that's not what Sharma drew. Is this deliberately off?

Throughout Zdarsky's run, I really didn't know where he was going with Matt's attraction to Mindy. I never would have predicted it would resulted in this issue, and that's a great thing. The dinner scene, which may be overlong, is a very special thing. That's why I'm giving this a four.
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