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DD Brubaker/Diggle Era (2006-2010)

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 20, 2020 2:32 pm    Post subject: DD Brubaker/Diggle Era (2006-2010) Reply with quote

Just in time for the bookclub, here's my map/collection for the Brubaker/Diggle era by story chronology:

Daredevil #81-87 ("The Devil in Cell-Block D")
Daredevil #88 ("The Secret Life of Foggy Nelson")
Daredevil #89-93 ("The Devil Takes a Ride")
Fallen Son: Death of Captain America #1*
X-23: Target X #1-6
White Tiger #1-6
Daredevil Annual #1 ("Devil May Care")
Daredevil #94 ("Our Love Story")
Daredevil #95-99 ("To the Devil, His Due")
Daredevil #100-105 ("Without Fear")
Daredevil #106 ("Sympathy for the Devil")
Daredevil #107-110 ("Cruel & Unusual")
Amazing Spider-Man #565-567 ("Kraven's First Hunt")
Daredevil: Blood of the Tarantula #1
Daredevil #111-115 ("Lady Bullseye")
Daredevil/Captain America #1 ("Dead on Arrival")
Amazing Spider-Man #587 ("Character Assassination")*
Amazing Spider-Man: Extra! #1 ("The Spartacus Gambit")*
Deadpool: Suicide Kings #2-5*
Astonishing Tales #4 ("Demons")
Wolverine: First Class #13-14 ("Hand in Hand")
Daredevil #116-119, #500 ("The Return of the King")
Daredevil: Dark Reign - The List #1
Daredevil #501-504 ("The Devil's Hand")
Daredevil #505-507 ("The Left Hand")
Daredevil: Cage Match #1
Daredevil: Black & White #1
Daredevil #508-512 / Shadowland #1-5
Shadowland: After the Fall #1
Daredevil: Reborn #1-4

Daredevil: Battlin Jack Murdock #1-4

Daredevil Noir #1-4
Magdalena/Daredevil #1
What If? Daredevil in Feudal Japan #1
What If? Daredevil vs. Elektra #1

Daredevil Saga by Brubaker #1
Marvel Spotlight: Marvel Knights 10th #1

Things in italics are minor appearances for those that want to skip them. Things that are starred belong to larger storylines. Once again, this map doesn't include cameos.

I've excluded the Shadowland tie-in's (for now). The only three where DD makes a significant appearance are Bullseye #1 (7pp), DOTS #1 (5pp) and Moon Knight #2 (6pp).

I've also excluded the Marvel Events from this period (i.e. Civil War, Secret Invasion, World War Hulk, Siege) since DD doesn't play much of a role outside of some cameos.

Thoughts and spare change welcome!
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