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02/12 - Recent Daredevil Appearances

Daredevil completists take note, this week has several appearances you may want to check out...

1. First up is the DAREDEVIL BY BENDIS & MALEEV V2 OMNIBUS, which has a new printing. It collects DAREDEVIL 61-81, WHAT IF? KAREN PAGE, ULTIMATE MARVEL TEAM-UP #6-8.

2. Next is a very minor appearance in IMMORTAL HULK #31. A preview is available here.

3. And then there is another very minor appearance in HAWKEYE: FREEFALL #3 which is a set up for the full appearance that will happen in issue #4. A preview is available here.

4. And finally there is an appearance by Daredevil in MARVELS X #2, which also has two covers with DD on them. This is the DD in the "Earth X" continuity. A preview is available here.

There was also an appearance in TAROT #2 a few weeks back (minor appearance) so be sure to pick that up too.

As always, updates to shipping are on the main page and also on Twitter. Happy collecting!


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