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12/01 - Zdarsky & Checchetto Interview

This week's DAREDEVIL #25 promises to have some big surprises (really, there are big developments in the issue, so be warned of spoilers already out there!).

Chip Zdarsky and Marco Checchetto were interviewed by Newsarama, and they discuss what's ahead (without getting into spoilers).

Some comments:

Checchetto: "Every one of Chip's pages is a challenge and I like when he writes "Ok Marco! A talking heads scene." When I read that, I know I can breathe for a couple of pages. [Laughs]

Issue #19 and #20 were difficult. The entire battle and the rendition of the 'new' radar sense were very challenging… but I know where we are going now and those issues are just a drop in the sea in comparison."

Zdarsky: "I'm really excited to show everyone what we've been cooking! The next year is going to be huge for Matt and the cast, and I can't stress this enough: regular readers should tell their shops to put issue #25 aside for them so speculators don't snatch them up.

Just trust me."

Really, he's not kidding. If you can avoid spoilers, try to do so.



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