Daredevil #508

Title :"In the Shadows: Part One"
Writer:Andy Diggle/Antony Johnston
Penciler:Roberto De La Torre
Inker:Roberto De La Torre
Cover:John Cassaday/Laura Martin/Roberto De La Torre
Colours:Matt Hollingsworth
Letters:Virtual Calligraphy's Joe Caramagna
Editor:Stephen Wacker
Assistant Editor:Tom Brennan
Cover Price:2.99


Becky Blake
Dakota North
Detective Alex Kurtz
Foggy Nelson
Master Izo
The Hand
White Tiger (Angela Del Toro)

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Andy Diggle
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Antony Johnston
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John Cassaday
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Laura Martin
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Roberto De La Torre
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Issue Summary



Foggy, Dakota and Becky are watching a video that a police contact has given Dakota to view. It's of Daredevil stabbing Bullseye through the chest (see SHADOWLAND #1). Foggy can't believe it and says it's the Kingpin's fault and Matt had no choice. Becky says Matt always has choices and he just threw all of his away. Dakota believes The Hand have corrupted Matt, to become Hell's Kitchen's judge, jury and executioner. Foggy wants to talk to Matt... to help him find his way... and Shadowland is just the place to find him.

In Shadowland, atop a building, Daredevil is looking down at his new territory. White Tiger arrives to report on the progress of securing the streets... to make Shadowland unassailable. She also can't believe DD is on patrol, especially after what has happened with Bullseye. DD just tells WT to report. WT wants to talk about Black Tarantula... ever since he was appointed as Daimyo for South America, he has been distant. She wants DD to send him abroad to let him establish a base. DD says not yet. BT will be fine he says. "And what about you?" she counters. DD asks what that is supposed to mean. WT wants to talk about Bullseye. DD says there is nothing to discuss. As DD leaps off the building, WT smiles to herself.

Elsewhere, Detective Kurtz is leaving his apartment. He can't sit at home. He has been assigned to a new precinct as The Hand now control Hell's Kitchen. All he feels on the street is fear. The situation has become grim.

In an alley, 3 thugs try to rob a man. DD and his Hand ninjas descend from above and rough them up. The thugs are tied up and hung up from a lamp post with a sign of "THIEF".

Foggy and Dakota make their way towards Shadowland in their car. They notice the streets are very quiet. Dakota wonders if Matt has plans to make all of New York City be under martial law. She gets out of the car. Foggy says they should go back. White Tiger jumps down with some Hand ninja and says they should leave. Foggy wants to see Matt. White Tiger tells him that DD's proper name is Lord Daredevil and he doesn't want to see them. She threatens them. Dakota is not happy and tells Foggy to get in the car. He tells White Tiger to give Matt a message... that it's the Kingpin who is turning the screws on them, not Norman Osborn. "You will tell him, won't you?" he asks. White Tiger asks "Why wouldn't I?"

Back in Shadowland, a Hand ninja reports to DD. Suddenly, DD is not feeling well, and collapses to his knees. He tells the ninja to leave him. DD talks to himself... "God no, please, don't, don't... get out, get out of my--" and he lets out a yell. He repeats "no" multiple times as he claws at his mask. As he pulls it off, he says "yes", as something appears to be controlling his thoughts.

Foggy and Dakota are driving quickly out of the area, and arguing over what to do next. A ninja shoots an arrow at their tire, causing the car to swerve and flip over onto its roof. Dakota is able to free herself. Foggy is passed out, injured. Suddenly, multiple ninja, dressed in black, appear with swords drawn.


Master Izo sits in the mountain hideout of the Chaste, and he's talking to someone off panel. He has summoned this person mentally. The person is surprised to be called, and asks if he thinks Murdock doesn't know what he's doing. Izo says Matt knows, but is he in control? Last time he talked with Matt, he felt something below the surface. The mysterious person says Matt is trying to turn The Hand into a force of good... that's exactly what is expected. The next page reveals it is Elektra. Izo asks if she is as blind as the man she once loved...


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