Daredevil #509

Title :"In the Shadows: Part Two"
Writer:Andy Diggle/Antony Johnston
Penciler:Roberto De La Torre
Inker:Roberto De La Torre
Cover:John Cassaday/Laura Martin/J.M. Ken Niimura
Colours:Matt Hollingsworth
Letters:Virtual Calligraphy's Joe Caramagna
Editor:Stephen Wacker
Assistant Editor:Tom Brennan
Cover Price:2.99


Dakota North
Foggy Nelson
Iron Fist
Luke Cage
Master Izo
The Hand
Typhoid Mary
White Tiger (Angela Del Toro)

Daredevil #508

Daredevil #510

Andy Diggle
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Antony Johnston
Volume 1 - None
Volume 2 - 505 506 507 508 509 510 512
Volume 3 - None
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Volume 5 - None
J.M. Ken Niimura
Volume 1 - None
Volume 2 - 509
Volume 3 - None
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Volume 5 - None
John Cassaday
Volume 1 - None
Volume 2 - 0.5 508 509 510 511
Volume 3 - None
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Volume 5 - None
Laura Martin
Volume 1 - None
Volume 2 - 508 509 510 511
Volume 3 - None
Volume 4 - None
Volume 5 - None
Roberto De La Torre
Volume 1 - None
Volume 2 - 501 502 503 504 508 509 511 512
Volume 3 - None
Volume 4 - None
Volume 5 - None

Issue Summary

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A lone Hand guard watches over the castle, when he is impaled through the head by a sai. Elektra and Master Izo make their way through a sewer pipe to gain entry to the castle. Elektra thinks that The Hand has grown complacent.


The members of the Snakeroot learn that the Zugaikotsu scroll has been stolen from the Black Temple in Kobe (See SHADOWLAND #2 for info on this), and many ninja have been slain. They are not worried. Even if their enemies are able to summon the Zugaikotsu warrior, it would be no match for who they serve.

They use a green orb to talk with White Tiger, who is in New York. They learn that Matt Murdock has taken the final step... namely killing Bullseye (see SHADOWLAND #1). "At last!" they say. The pure adept has been corrupted by his own hand... fertile soil for the black flower to take root.

Above, Izo and Elektra hear this. Elektra is shocked to see the Snakeroot and she knows why they have chosen Matt. Izo realizes he should have learned about this sooner. He tells Elektra she must go to New York.

White Tiger is told to hunt down all of Daredevil's friends. None must survive.


Foggy is still passed out because of the accident from last issue. The ninja approach Dakota. She pulls out a gun. Ninja stars fly, bullets fly. Dakota is hit, a ninja is hit and dissolves. Another ninja is about to swoop down with a deathblow, but the car gas tank explodes. Another ninja kicks Dakota and grabs her. He is ready to slice her neck when Luke Cage and Danny Rand announce their arrival. The two men make quick work of the remaining ninja. Foggy comes to, and the rest try to figure out if the ninja are Matt's Hand ninja or not. Foggy says Matt wouldn't send his ninja after them... "We're his friends". Danny and Luke decide it's best if they go talk to Matt.


Several ninja are after Izo and Elektra. As they make their way through the forest, Izo tells Elektra to go to New York and find Matt... and then do what "you know what you have to do". Up at the top of a chasm now, Izo defends their tree crossing above while Elektra makes her escape. Izo chops the tree bridge down, sending himself and the ninja hurtling down.


A woman approaches the door to Shadowland. She wants to talk to Matt Murdock, but the guards tell her to go away. Suddenly they burst into flames. She is knocked to the ground by a billy club. Daredevil shows up and declares "only you would be crazy enough to attack me here". It's Typhoid Mary. She says she is "here to join you, not fight you".

Inside, Mary explains her recent experiences with the Initiative and her treatment to have only one personality. She's heard DD wants fighters, and she doesn't think anyone else would want her now. DD is still suspicious of her.

A Hand ninja tells DD that a delegation of superhumans... DD's friends... are at the door. DD says he has no friends, and to bring them in under heavy guard. He tells Mary to stay inside for now out of sight... he doesn't think the others would understand if they saw her there.

Elsewhere, across from Shadowland, Dakota and Foggy are in hiding at a safe house, lent to them by Detective Kurtz. They talk about the delegation that is now on its way to Shadowland. Dakota doesn't know what to believe anymore. Did Matt send ninja after them? Foggy doesn't believe it.

Suddenly, a giant BOOM! startles them and a fireball erupts from the castle in Shadowland...


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