Daredevil #345

Title:"Inferno Part 1"
Writer:J.M. DeMatteis
Penciler:Ron Wagner
Inker:Bill Reinhold
Cover:Ron Wagner/Bill Reinhold
Colours:Christie 'Max' Scheele/Malibu
Letters:Jim Novak
Editor:James Felder
Assistant Editor:Sid Brown
Date:Oct. 1995
Cover Price:1.95,2.75


Foggy Nelson
Jack Batlin
Karen Page
Melinda Dennis

Daredevil #344

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Bill Reinhold
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J.M. DeMatteis
Volume 1 - 344 345 346 347 348 349 350
Volume 2 - None
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Ron Wagner
Volume 1 - 344 345 346 347 350
Volume 2 - None
Volume 3 - None
Volume 4 - None
Volume 5 - None

Issue Summary

Summary written by Cliff Strickland

Daredevil's hold on his sanity is rapidly slipping. After Karen briefly sees Daredevil wearing the yellow tights outside her window, an armored-suited DD arrives at a crime scene where a woman was thrown out a skyscraper window. He finds her assailant and gets his butt kicked by a villain known as Sir. Then the yellow-costumed Daredevil visits with Foggy, telling him the old DD is back and that the armored DD is an impostor. Later, tormented by dreams, Jack Batlin (Matt Murdock) wakes up to find his armored costume in shreds. He dons his red tights and visits Matt Murdock's grave. Just as he discovers that Hellspawn is still dead and in Murdock's grave, Karen stumbles into him and he flees.

Guest appearances:


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