Daredevil #346

Title:"Inferno Part 2"
Writer:J.M. DeMatteis
Penciler:Ron Wagner
Inker:Bill Reinhold
Cover:Ron Wagner/Bill Reinhold
Colours:Christie 'Max' Scheele/Malibu
Letters:Jim Novak
Editor:James Felder
Assistant Editor:Unknown
Date:Nov. 1995
Cover Price:1.95,2.75


Ben Urich
Foggy Nelson
Jack Batlin
Karen Page

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Bill Reinhold
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J.M. DeMatteis
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Ron Wagner
Volume 1 - 344 345 346 347 350
Volume 2 - None
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Issue Summary

Summary by Cliff Strickland

The classic-costumed yellow Daredevil continues around town spreading the word that the "original" DD is back, this time to Ben Urich. Meanwhile, Sir, the demented, woman-hating killer from the last issue, decides that he must confront Daredevil and "absorb" his strength and power. Batlin/Murdock's identity crisis worsens and as a red-tighted Daredevil provokes fights. Instants later, the yellow-costumed DD shows up at a diner where Karen and Foggy are having breakfast. Curiously, this "good" Daredevil kisses Karen to silence her. With a promise to see her again, he's off and the red-suited Daredevil is patrolling the town again. He's ambushed by Sir and gets his butt kicked again. While DD is unconscious, Sir decides the power is from the costume and not the man, so he rips the costume off and leaves him alive, but buried under shipping crates.

Guest Appearances:


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