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08/04 - Latest DAREDEVIL News

Lots of things to report, so here we go...

The new JUDGE DREDD movie poster was released online this week and lots of people noticed it looked a lot like the DAREDEVIL poster from 2003... but have you seen the KRRISH poster as well?

Mark Waid spoke with Diamond Comics about his work on DD. Check out the video interview!

CABIN IN THE WOODS director Drew Goddard spoke with Collider about WORLD WAR Z, but also revealed his love for Daredevil!

If you collect variant covers, there were 3 covers for AvX #9 that featured Daredevil:

David Mack and Bill Sienkiewicz have been sharing some process pics from the DAREDEVIL: END OF DAYS series coming in October!

David Mack on Facebook
Bill Sienkiewicz on Facebook

Dustin Nguyen dreams up his own Batman/Daredevil crossover: DeviantArt

The AVClub analyzes Daredevil: AVClub

DAREDEVIL #16 came out last week, and the DAREDEVIL ANNUAL ships next week. Be sure to also pick up DAREDEVIL #17 a week later, as Mike Allred draws an issue as guest-artist!

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