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04/23 - Kevin Feige confirms Daredevil back at Marvel

As all Daredevil fans know, late last year, FOX had to get a new movie into production before their rights expired for the character. Director David Slade had to drop out of the project for HANNIBAL, and director Joe Carnahan pitched his own 70's version of DD which couldn't be made before the deadline. Several media outlets mentioned that the rights would revert back to Marvel in October. That deadline passed without an official confirmation from Marvel... until now...

At the Iron Man 3 press junket, Newsarama was able to ask Marvel Studios' Kevin Feige if this information was true. He replied with a simple "To Daredevil? Yes."

No word on if/when a DD project is in the works, and there's also the question of where the Elektra rights lie as well, as FOX may still have them.

What do you think? A DD movie, or a DD TV show?



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