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09/26 - Reckless Geeks Daredevil Fan Film Teaser

Reckless Geeks presents the first teaser trailer for their upcoming short film "The Devil Is In The Details" which pits the man with no fear up against one of his greatest foes...but there's a twist. "The Devil is In The Details" is the first in a series of fan-shorts that Reckless Geeks will be putting out all dealing with the grittier nature of some of Marvel's favorite heroes. "This series takes some of the heroes we grew up reading about and loving and puts them up against a common and powerful foe who wants a little something from each of them. Who is this villain? You'll have to watch and find out!" The new series focuses a ton of it's production value on props, costumes, vfx, and fight choreography and even has a few comic writers helping with scripts such as Aaron Duran of "Geek In The City" and the comic .La Brujeria.. "Heroes Of Cosplay's" Jesse Lagers, who owns Midnight Armor, is also helping construct props and costume pieces along with Matt Moews. "The Devil Is In The Details" will premier at Stan Lee's comic convention known as Comikaze in early November and hit the interwebs shortly after. A full trailer launches mid-October.

Reckless Geeks just made their channel debut and is part of Fullscreen Inc's network on Youtube. The Portland, Oregon based studio, W1N Digital, is helping produce the series and other channel content as well.


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