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04/03 - DAREDEVIL #1.50 Preview

DAREDEVIL #1.50 ships April 9th and here's the full lettered preview!

There are some pretty major spoilers in this preview, so please be warned.

Mark Waid and Javier Rodriguez have the first story, and Karl Kesel & Tom Palmer, and Brian Michael Bendis & Alex Maleev have the others.

Paolo Rivera has drawn the cover, which showcases names of many of the talented people who have worked on the book (more on that below). There are also variant covers by Chris Samnee and a set of 5 by Marcos Martin!

As I mentioned above, Paolo Rivera drew the names (and images) from many past and present DAREDEVIL creators.

Here's a list of everyone who appears on the cover... at my count there are 158, but if I missed anyone please let me know.

Alan Brennert
Alan Smithee
Alan Weiss
Alex Maleev
Alexander Jubran
Amanda Conner
Andy Diggle
Ann Nocenti
Antony Johnston
Ariel Olivetti
Arthur Byron Cover
Arvell Jones
Barry Windsor-Smith
Ben Raab
Bill Everett
Bill Mantlo
Bill Sienkiewicz
Bob Brown
Bob Gale
Bob Powell
Brian Denham
Brian Michael Bendis
Carmin Infantino
Cary Nord
Chris Bachalo
Chris Claremont
Chris Samnee
Chuck Patton
Clay Mann
Cully Hamner
Dan Jurgens
Danny Fingeroth
David Aja
David Finch
David Mack
David Mazzucchelli
David Michelinie
David Ross
Denny O'Neil
DG Chichester
Don Heck
Ed Brubaker
Ellie Pyle
Fabian Nicieza
Frank Miller
Frank Quitely
Frank Robbins
Fred van Lente
Garry Friedrich
Gene Colan
Geof Isherwood
Geoff Darrow
George Tuska
Gerry Conway
Gil Kane
Glenn Alan Herdling
Greg Capullo
Greg Horn
Greg Rucka
Gregory Wright
Ivan Valez, Jr.
Jack Kirby
Jae Lee
James Owsley
Jason Copland
Javier Rodriguez
Jim Shooter
Jim Starlin
Jimmy Palmiotti
JM DeMatteis
Jo Duffy
Joe Caramagna
Joe Kelly
Joe Orlando
Joe Quesada
John Buscema
John Byrne
John Cassaday
John Harkness
John Lucas
John Romita
John Romita, Jr.
John Rozum
Jonathan Barron
JP Leon
Karl Kesel
Keith Giffen
Keith Pollard
Kevin Hall
Kevin Kobasic
Kevin Smith
Khoi Pham
Kieron Dwyer
Klaus Janson
Larry Hama
Lee Bermejo
Lee Elias
Lee Weeks
Len Wein
Louis Williams
Luke McDonnell
Manuel Gutierrez
Marco Checchetto
Marcos Martin
Mark Bagley
Mark Gruenwald
Mark Waid
Marko Djurdjevic
Marv Wolfman
MC Wyman
Michael Fleisher
Michael Golden
Michael Lark
Mike Allred
Mike Carlin
Mike Oeming
P. Craig Ruseell
Paolo Rivera
Pascual Ferry
Patrick Zircher
Paul Azaceta
Phil Hester
Phil Winslade
Raphael Grampa
Rich Buckler
Richie Acosta
Rick Leonardi
Rob Haynes
Roberto De La Torre
Roger McKenzie
Ron Garney
Ron Lim
Ron Wagner
Roy Thomas
Sal Buscema
Sam Kweskin
Scott Lobdell
Scott McDaniel
Sergio Cariello
Shawn McManus
Stan Lee
Stefano Gaudiano
Steve Dillon
Steve Ditko
Steve Epting
Steve Gerber
Steve Wacker
Syd Shores
Todd McFarlane
Tom Grindberg
Tom Lyle
Tom Morgan
Tonci Zonjic
Tony Isabella
Wally Wood
Warren Ellis
William Johnson


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