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04/26 - Original Sin News From C2E2

Marvel promised news about the Original Sin teaser posted on the 21st at C2E2, and today we got it...

DAREDEVIL #6 and #7 will feature a story about Sister Maggie.

For more details, please visit the links:

"The story will focus on Sister Maggie -- the nun who helped raise young Matt Murdock when his mother left -- who is currently in prison and holding on to some secrets that will redefine how Matt views himself. The story will be drawn by regular series colorist Javier Rodriquez who also drew a forward-looking story in "Daredevil" #1.50 which the writer said is key to where he and Chris Samnee are taking the book going forward."

CBR (Original Sin panel)

CBR (Spidey panel)

Newsarama (Spidey panel)

Newsarama also had a chance to speak with writer Mark Waid about Sister Maggie's story in DAREDEVIL #6 and #7.

"It was actually a suggestion by Joe Quesada, a good one," reveals Waid. "A reveal about the Murdocks' past that's very surprising. And, frankly, very, very challenging to write."

Newsarama Interview with Mark Waid

UPDATED: CBR also had a chance to speak with Mark Waid about the story as well.

"We do learn a lot more behind the reasons Grace Murdock (nee Sister Maggie) left her family. And it's not what you and Matt might expect. In fact, the reveal just about wrecks poor Matt."

CBR Interview with Mark Waid

UPDATED: Marvel.com also spoke with Waid about the story...

"I think there's a reason Matt's mother has been used so sparingly, and that's because no one wants to be the writer who screws her up. But I think we have a strong hook that tells us a lot more about her than we'd previously suspected."

Marvel.com Interview with Mark Waid

UPDATED: Not Original Sin related, but Marvel.com also spoke with Marvel.com about the printing of the Infinite Comics series DAREDEVIL: ROAD WARRIOR...

DD: ROAD WARRIOR Interview at Marvel.com


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