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06/13 - Killgrave Fan Film

King Lee star and WatchWorks Studio turn to a Super Villain to get the attention of Marvel Studios.

The Watchworks Studios team, producers of the upcoming feature "Iris" and "King Lee" star Nathan Faudree have joined forces with a notorious super villain to get the attention of Marvel Studios. The comic book and movie giant has begun a collaboration with Netflix to release 4 original series based on their comic book properties, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist. The local team have written and produced an original adventure of the comic book villain, Killgrave: The Purple Man, in an attempt to get involved. This is job seeking in the 21st century,

"It's always been a dream of mine to be involved in the superhero genre and I'm just looking to get an audition for the series.", says Nathan Faudree. " I read Alias, the comic that Jessica Jones is based on and thought the villain would be fun. I end up playing the villain alot.". The Actor, most recently known for playing Lee Alexander in the local film "King Lee", then approached Chris Steinberger, the mastermind behind Watchworks Studios with a script. "When I read the source material, I knew Purple Man was one of the most messed up characters Marvel has ever written. If Nathan isn't perfect for it, then I don't know who is.", said Steinberger who jumped in with both feet to produce and direct the short film.

"One of the best things about living in the 21st century is that we are no longer beholden to "the coasts" for film making.", says Faudree. "The technology exists to get a message out to the world, even if that message is, "Hey, let us work with you"". The team is releasing their short film and intends to do whatever they can to get it into the hands of Steven S. Deknight ( @stevendeknight ), the show runner for Daredeveil and Jeph Loeb, Marvel's Head of Television. To that end they are starting a Kickstarter like campaign but instead of money the team is asking for "Shares", retweats and "Views" on social media, using the #killgrave. The film will be posted on their website www.WatchworksStudios.com/unlimited.html on June 18th. "Marvel is really pushing the envelope in the ways that they are presenting their content, so we figured we'd push the envelope on how we approached them for a job."

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UPDATE: Here's the final product, released on June 18th!


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