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11/06 - Ellie Pyle Joins Vertigo Comics

Current DAREDEVIL editor Ellie Pyle revealed on Twitter today that she is leaving Marvel to accept a job in California as editor at Vertigo Comics.

"Over the last 4 years [at] Marvel, I have gotten to work with some of the best talent and editors and (therefore) on some of the best books but I will be heading west in a few weeks to join [Shelly Bond] and her team as an Editor at Vertigo! Very excited for the great books to come! You all know I love to hear from readers, and that will continue to be true wherever I am, and whatever I'm working on! And fear not I'll be leaving Daredevil, Spidey, Silk, Black Widow and 2099 safely in the editorial hands of [Nick Lowe] [Sana Amanat] and [Devin Lewis]. but I better get back to work so they have less to blame me for when I'm gone!"

Pyle started as assistant editor on DAREDEVIL volume 3 working with editor Stephen Wacker. With volume 4, Pyle was promoted to editor, for a run that will approach 50 issues.

Best of luck to her on this move. She has always been a great supporter of my site and I was glad to help out with the anniversary issue #1.50.

So who's taking over? Sana Amanat, who you may know as editor of MS. MARVEL, ELEKTRA, HAWKEYE and more, will be taking over DAREDEVIL.

If you've never seen this, here's a TED Talk by Amanat where she speaks about the Ms. Marvel comic origins and her own experiences that led her to comics.


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