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11/25 - Mark Waid Reddit

DAREDEVIL writer Mark Waid took to Reddit today and answered fan questions about his work on many titles, including his work on the current volume.

Some highlights:

Really, it came from the fact that when I took the gig, I warned them that dark and broody wasn't something I was good at writing. Readers seem to have responded because I didn't just shift Matt's personality to my whim; he very clearly is covering up some depressive issues, and if you're still reading, they're coming back to bite him in the upcoming issues. Poor Matt. You can't fake it 'til you make it forever, you know...
And when asked who was taking over DAREDEVIL when Waid leaves the title next year...

I honestly don't know who's slated to take over DD next--whenever that happens, he said cryptically--but the last guy I'd recommend would be Charles [Soule], because I'd much rather be followed by someone who really sucks and can make me look that much better by comparison. Charles? I don't need the competition.



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