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12/29 - 7 Things Entertainment Weekly learned about Marvel's Daredevil

You've no doubt seen the latest Entertainment Weekly piece from Dec. 18th, but today the magazine revealed some more information about the Daredevil show through showrunner Steven DeKnight, producer Jeph Loeb and actor Charlie Cox.

Make sure you visit the site for more details, but here is the list of 7 things they learned:

1. Daredevil will be a uniquely localized Marvel story.
2. Daredevil will feel like a crime story, not a superhero show.
3. BUT Thor and Iron Man will still exist in the same world as Daredevil.
4. This Daredevil is not a "man without fear."
5. Daredevil will have more graphic content than Marvel's other TV shows, and perhaps its movies as well, but will still feel relatively family friendly.
6. Kingpin's story will be almost as important as Daredevil's (and almost as sympathetic).
Contrary to previous online reports, Bullseye MIGHT be in the series (but not this season).

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